I hate you. No. I Love You.

Amuto duh…

Chapter 1

It was a Saturday morning, ran, miki, and suu were trying to wake amu up.

Ran: "AMU-CHAN!!"

Suu: "WAKE UP!!"



Amu: "Ouch!" she said while rubbing her bum, she fell off her bed.

Ran: "amu-chan! Its Saturday! What do you want to do??"

Amu: "I'm not sure…" -yawn- "maybe more sleep…"

Suu: "no amu-Chan desu! To much sleep is bad! Desu!"

Amu: "fine fine… what do you want to do?"

Miki: "Drawing?"

Ran: "Sports?!"

Suu: "Cleaning desu?"

Amu: "… I'm not sure… I'm going to take a bath… you guys think of things to do…"

Amu put a tang top and a skirt on her bed and walked into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and waited for the water to turn warm/hot, then she undressed and stepped in.

Amu: "ahh… so relaxing…"

A little while later amu got out of the shower…

Amu: "dam… forgot to grab a towel! Well I guess I could go out there… no ones home… Ran, Miki, Suu! I forgot to grab a towel and my clothes are on the bed so I'm going to come out!"

Ran, Miki and Suu: "Alright!" they said while turning around

Amu walked out, hair dripping, body wet, then…

Ikuto: "like to walk around naked amu?"

Amu: "KYA!! DON'T LOOK!!" she said while trying to cover herself.

Ikuto: "haha there's nothing to see, you're still flat."

This made amu angry, she hated him! He'd always tease her, she had enough of him she wanted to let all of her anger out.


Amu grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom. She put her clothes on and sat in the corner and began to cry. Why? Why does he always tease me!? I know I'm flat… its not my fault, sorry I don't have a big chest! I hate him! I hate him I hate him I hate him!! She thought.

Ikuto: "Damn it!" he punched the wall

Ran: "ikuto… I think you should leave…"

Ikuto: "w-wha?"


Ikuto: "but I--"

Suu: "Ikuto-kun its best to leave… and never come back."

Ikuto: "n--"

Ran, Miki, and Suu: "JUST GO!! LEAVE AMU-CHAN ALONE!" they said while tears began to run down their cheeks.

Ikuto walked out of her room, head down bangs covering his eyes. He made her cry… and this time it wasn't like those other times… she seemed like she'd been holding so much anger in her that she let some of it out on him. He thought.


Suu "Ikuto-kun its best to leave… and never come back."

End of Flashback

Ikuto: "never go back?" he said quietly to himself

Back with amu…

Ran: "Amu-Chan hes gone… we made him leave, can you come out now?"

Suu: "Please Amu-Chan?"

Miki: "Amu-Chan…"

Although her charas tried to get her out of the bathroom she wouldn't come out… she had to much anger in her. They pleaded her to come out to at least eat but she refused, she wouldn't come out.

Ran: "I think we should tell ikuto to get her out… shes been in there for 2 days!" she whispered

Miki: "but he probably won't since we yelled at him…"

Suu: "and I told him never to come back desu…"

Then the three charas heard a faint scream.


Amu: "I'm fine."

The truth was for the whole two days she'd been in there she'd been cutting herself (emo yes), she was getting use to the pain. She let the blood drip from her wrist… she watched the blood drip one by one like tears…

Suu: "Shes cutting herself! This is bad! Really bad desu!"

Ran: "I know! We have to call ikuto!"

Miki: "Fine but how?!"

Ran: "call yoru miki, and tell him to bring ikuto over."

Miki: "-sigh- fine."

Miki called yoru and told him…

Miki: "hey yoru its me miki."

Yoru: "hey miki nya!"

Miki: "listen can you come over? Oh and bring ikuto!"

Yoru: "Why?"

Miki: "because we need to show ikuto something…"

Yoru: "what if he says no?"

Miki: "its about amu."

Yoru: "alright bye nya!"

Miki: "bye."

Soon enough ikuto came into amus room with yoru.

Ikuto: "what is it?"

R,M,S (stands for Ran, Miki, and Suu its to long to type.) : "amu has been in the bathroom ever since that incident, she won't come out, she won't even eat." they said

Ikuto: "I thought she wanted to be alone?"

R,M,S: "shes been cutting herself."

Ikutos eyes widened, shes been cutting herself!?

Its my fault…

Ikuto ran over to the bathroom door and tried opening it.

I'm sorry…

He tried to break the door down.

The truth is…

Ikuto managed to open the door, then saw amu… sitting in a corner something sharp in hand and her wrist filled with scars and blood, he ran over to her, threw the sharp object who knows where, hugged her and whispered in her ear…

Ikuto: "I love you…"

Amu pushed ikuto away, she didn't want to hear it, she didn't want to hear him toy with her heart and feelings. She got up and walked out.

Amu: "I love you too…" she said quietly to herself while a single tear ran down her cheek.

Ikuto: "Damn it! All this time… now she doesn't believe me anymore." he banged his head against the wall.

End of chapter…

Aznpride: yeah… weird I know… but I figured amu was tired of really being teased and instead of being calm after she burst out with anger! Okay so now that I read this over it sounds like there won't be another chapter but there will be!… I think xD