I Hate You. No. I Love You.

Chapter 3!

Aznpride: woot! Chapter 3!!

Ikuto: so do I die?

Aznpride: you'll see…

Amu: I'm kinda scared to find out…

Ikuto: aww is amu worried about me? -huggles-

Aznpride: wtf is a huggle?! XD


Ikuto: it's a really cute hug!!

Aznpride: alright then… enjoy…

Amu: Aznpride… Does… Not… Own… Shugo…Chara… And…I… Can't… Breathe!!

Ikuto: "Well?"

Amu: "Not Forever…"

Ikuto: "Amu… do you want me out of your life?"

Amu: "…"

Ikuto: "AMU LOOK AT ME!"

Ikuto gently lifted Amu's chin up so her eyes were met with his. Her golden honey eyes filled with tears, confusion, and hurt. He'd never seen so much pain in her eyes, never, and he didn't want to see it.

Ikuto: "Amu… I'll leave you alone… forever…"



Ikuto: "Amu?… AMU!!"

Her heart beat was slowing down! (is that what happens? Lol Idk! The machine thingy is the beep sound fyi) a doctor ran in and pushed ikuto aside, he checked her pulse and he called for assistance. Everything went by to fast, ikuto was shocked he couldn't believe it, amu had been taken in for surgery he impatiently waited. Then… the doctor came out.


Doctor: "Shes fine now, don't worry, it seems that shes been stressing herself so much that her heart was failing. Do you know what could've caused her to be in a lot of stress, or depression?"

Ikuto: "… can I see her?" he said ignoring the doctors question.

Doctor: "uh… of course…"

Ikuto nodded and walked into amu's room, and then he saw her. He saw her lying a bed a needle in her left arm, a breathing tube, she was sleeping. His sleeping beauty was suffering in pain while he was suffering of not being able to see amu's smile and blush but now, she looked pale and dull.

Ikuto: "Amu…"

Amu: -eyes open- "…I-kuto?"

Ikuto: "Amu!"

Ikuto ran over to her bed and sat on the side, he wanted to see her, he wanted to make sure she was okay.

Ikuto: "Are you okay? I'm sorry… I won't do it again, I'll leave you alone now."

Amu: "I'm fine… no! don't leave…"

Ikuto: "why?"

Amu: "I hate you… I hate you… but I don't hate you enough that makes me want you to kill yourself."

Ikuto: "Are you sure? I'll do anything for you amu."

Amu: "Anything?"

Ikuto: "…yes."

Amu: "Tell me you love me, seriously."

Ikuto smiled, this was easier then anything he'd ever done he could say it a million times and never get tired of saying it.

Ikuto: "Of course" he smiled "I love you Hinamori Amu."

Amu: "Now say it with how much you love me in your heart."

This was hard for ikuto, amu was almost all of his heart! He couldn't possibly give that much into one I love you. Then he thought of something… yes… it'll work…

Ikuto: -smirk- "I Love You And I Always Have."

Amu: "is that all I am in yo---"

Before amu could finish her sentence ikuto pressed his lips against hers and held her tightly, he might've not been able to put all of his heart into an I love you but he could put it into a kiss, he kissed her passionately and wouldn't let go until he'd given her all of his heart.

Ikuto: "I love you with all my heart Amu."

Amu was still stunned by the kiss, never had she felt so loved by a single person. She loved him, and he loved her could she finally realize it and believe him? Or did he just want her to stop hurting herself so he could tease her again? She'd find out.

Amu: "are you going to tease me again after this?"

Ikuto: "only if you don't smile and blush for me"

Amu: -blush- "s-so you a-are!"

Ikuto: "theres that blush! And I won't, but if you don't smile or blush then I have no choice."

Amu: "humph!"

Ikuto: "Or…"

Amu: "w-what? O-or w-what?"

Ikuto moved closer to amu… and tickled her!


Ikuto: -smile- "haha, so do you want me to tease you or tickle you?"

Amu: "OR!"

Ikuto: "Or? Well or is both so you want me to tickle you and tease you? Alright!"

Amu: "NO!!"

Ikuto: -looks at clock- "oh shoot! Its 11:00! You should go to bed amu, I'll come back tomorrow."

Amu: "no! wait… stay… please?"

Ikuto: "alright, but you have to go to bed!"

Amu: -nod- "Deal."

Ikuto moved a chair closer to her bed side but she stopped him and patted the empty side of her bed, motioning him to come sleep with her. Ikuto smirked and climbed in, amu rested her head on his chest and fell asleep, he watched her head move up and down as he inhaled and exhaled, he gazed at her angel like face soon he too fell asleep.

End of Chapter!

Aznpride: yay! Done!

Amu: yay! Ikuto didn't die!!

Ikuto: you don't want me too?

Amu: n-no…

Ikuto: amu loves me!

Amu: DO NOT!

Ikuto: what?! That hurt… -cries-


Ikuto: mwahaha!! So you do love me!!

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