"So who is it we're going after tonight Deidara-sempai?" Tobi asked, as he and the blond walked down the sidewalk.

"He's called Sasori Akasuna un, he and a couple others have been living out of an abandoned warehouse for a few months." He replied, reaching inside his jacket for his machete.

"Is he important?" Tobi asked, as they approached the large building.

"From all I've heard he's a half breed, so most of the vampire world would shun him un."

Tobi opened up his case and took out his special crossbow, cocking and loading it before he and the blond entered. The place was full of crates and boxes, making it a literal maze for the two hunters.

"Come on out un, you can't hide here forever!" Deidara shouted trying to stir his enemies.

"Well, well…" A voice came from behind them, as they quickly turned to face it.

There was a figure in a stark black trench coat with cornrows, standing on one knee staring down on them. His facial expressions couldn't be read from behind his bandana, but he wouldn't be wearing it if was a vampire, would he?

"Relax un, it's not you we're after." Deidara said, before the man stood up, another figure walking up behind him.

This one had longer black hair, though he had on the same trench coat as the other one.

"You might be, we're after you." This one said, flashing his fangs at the two below, as the one from before pulled down his bandana.

"Shit Tobi, one of those things has gotta be Akasuna un, get ready!" Deidara yelled, puling his machete out as Tobi nodded and raised his crossbow.

"You kids don't stand a chance against us, why don't you just leave, you might even be allowed to live!" The one with cornrows said, as a pair of black wings extended from his back.

Tobi flinched a little staring up at the vampires, while Deidara stood perfectly still. The one with longer hair released his own wings, as they both began hovering above where they stood.

"No way we're leaving un, we came here to kill and we won't leave till you're both dead!" Deidara yelled, as the figures above them smirked and sped towards them.

"Tobi, shoot them un!!" Deidara yelled, as the masked boy shakily aimed and fired at the vampire with cornrows, firing a through and through into his wing.

They continued until the injured one landed behind Tobi and grabbed him.

"Little fuck, I'm gonna enjoy this…" He said, pulling out a stiletto blade and holding it to Tobi's throat.

"Tobi!! Let him go un!" Deidara yelled, pointing his blade at his enemy.

"Why should I? We've got you out numbered two to one." He replied, as The other one slowly approached. "Actually, three to one."

Deidara wasn't gonna fall for a dumb trick like that, he was a professional vampire hunter, so dumb tricks like that weren't gonna work.

"Hiruko, Sandaime, what's going on?" A new voice said, as Deidara felt a body pressed against his.

He glanced back to see a new vampire, this one a redhead. The new one draped his arm over Deidara's shoulder, and leant in to whisper to the blond.

"I'm Sasori, I want to know who you are and why my friends are attacking you." He said before kissing his neck.

At first Deidara figured he'd kiss him for a second then bight him, but after a few seconds without an answer he pulled off.

"I'm sorry, am I making you uncomfortable? Do you want me to stop?"

"No un…keep going…I'm Deidara…please tell him to let Tobi go…" he muttered before the redhead went back.

"I don't have that kind of control over him, you should say goodbye to your friend."

Deidara didn't care what the new vampire was doing, he wasn't losing his partner. He dropped his machete and grabbed Sasori's arm, flipping him over his shoulder. He grabbed his blade again, pointing it towards the redhead and glaring at Hiruko.

"Let Tobi go or he dies un!" The blond yelled, getting no reaction from his partner's captor.

Sasori took advantage of Deidara's lack of attention to him, spinning with one leg jutting out to trip the blond. He collapsed over, as Sasori got up and joined the others.

"Hiruko, hurry up and finish him so we can go."

Hiruko nodded before dragging the blade across the masked boy's throat, dropping him as the three released their wings.

"TOBI!!" Deidara screamed, rushing to the corpse as the vampires took off towards the ceiling, Hiruko smashing open a window and flying out with Sandaime.

Sasori lingered around, looking down at the blond regretfully, waving at him before flying out the window after his fellow vampires.

"About time, saying bye to your new boyfriend?" Hiruko said as they headed for their backup home, a different warehouse.

"Shut up, least I didn't get shot." Sasori replied, Sandaime giggling.


"Tobi…I'm not gonna rest until every one of those bastards is dead!!" Deidara cried, clinging to his lifeless body. "No one else around me is gonna die because of fuckin' vampires, never again!!"