Deidara slowly opened his eyes and looked at the figure laying next to him, a vampire that had killed his partner and tried to kill him. But he was still in love.

"Sasori un…" He whispered, moving in and kissing him on the forehead before slowly getting out of bed.

He loved him, but he needed to talk to Kakuzu before he let their love go any further. After all, keeping it a secret would definitely hurt him eventually.
He walked into his bathroom and started the shower, walking in and leaning against the wall as the water flowed across his body.


He walked out of the bathroom fully dressed, noticing Sasori had pulled the blanket over his head. The blond smiled before quietly leaving the apartment and heading to see his boss. It wasn't that long of a walk, certainly shorter than he wished it had been. He walked in, not bothering to stop and talk to anyone, not even the secretary, and walked right into Kakuzu's office.

"Kakuzu, I need to talk un…" He said before sitting down in front of his desk.

"Sure, what's the matter?" Kakuzu asked, leaning back in his chair.

"Last night…me and Sasori…I love him un…" Deidara muttered, worried of what Kakuzu would do. Since a couple seconds later his head was still attached he looked up to see his superior smiling.

"You're in love huh? Deidara, let me show you something." He said before pulling the picture in his desk out. He looked at it a second before turning it around so the blond could see. It was a picture of Kakuzu holding a shirtless man with slicked back silver hair bridal style.

"Who is that un?" Deidara asked as Kakuzu started looking at it again.

"His name was Hidan, he was a vampire too, and much more blood thirsty than Sasori. I was supposed to kill him, but we ended up falling in love instead. We had to keep it a secret, but eventually someone found out and he was killed. Deidara, I want you to go and be with Sasori, no matter what it takes, understood?"

Deidara nodded and headed back towards the door, though he was quickly stopped by the scar covered man.

"Deidara, I just filed the paperwork to have you promoted, so congratulations, you're the new second-in-command of this district."

"What? Why un?" He asked, not ungrateful just curios.

"Because you've proved that you have to love your enemy, and now you've got the closest ties to the vampire world. So good luck Dei, cause when I'm gone you're gonna be the new district captain." Kakuzu replied before waving Deidara out.

Deidara grinned to himself and walked out, since this was turning out to be an alright day. A new lover, a promotion, and Kakuzu was fine with everything and had a vampire lover himself! Deidara was now happy that he could get home quick and to his lover.

"Hidan…It's getting unbearable down here without you." Kakuzu said while slipping his picture into his pocket. "That's why I chose him, he knows what it's like, even though the vampire's his seme. Hidan, I've got someone to take over for me now, which means I can finally be with you, I'm coming Hidan, you here me?" Kakuzu said, getting out of his chair and down to his knees. He pulled his sword out of his cane and positioned it at his abdomen, staring up at the ceiling before plunging the blade through himself.
A small trickle of blood poured out of his mouth as he twisted the blade around, disemboweling himself before slowly pulling the blade back out and falling to the ground.
"Get ready Hidan…I'm comin' for ya babe!" Kakuzu groaned before dieing, a satisfied grin on his face.


"Sasori un, I'm back." Deidara said while walking into his apartment.

"Hey, where ya been?" Sasori asked, sitting and watching tv naked.

"Nowhere, so what you been up to un?" Deidara asked, walking over and sitting on his bare lap.

"Waiting on you Dei, I missed you." Sasori purred before nuzzling into the blonde's neck.

"Hmm, wait Sasori un…" Deidara moaned as said vampire started kissing.

"What's wrong Dei, am I making you uncomfortable?" Sasori asked as he pulled off.

"No Sasori, just promise you won't bite me unless I say you can, please?" Deidara asked, starting to gently rub himself against his Sasori's groin.

"Of coarse Dei, I wouldn't dare." Sasori replied, trying to suppress a moan as his cock slowly grew. "So I suppose this means you're horny?"

"I just got a big promotion Sasori, I wanna celebrate!" Deidara said before Sasori pushed him onto his back.

"Well if it's your celebration then you shouldn't have to do any of the work now should you?" Sasori asked before planting a deep kiss on the blond.