danny phantom is a teenage boy who gets turned into a phantom.sam is the goth girls who is oh-so inlove with him but cant tell him in this episode a nasty plant ,undergrowth, has taken over amity park(dannys home). sam has risen from a rose purle with swirls becuse she is the new care taker of undergrowth garden. she has a spike necklace and anklet with a short short dress green and torn. tuker, dannys insanly techno dude friend, says greens a good color on u nervously. then she puts him to work danny has discovered his new ice power and has returned to save his city and his love.

danny: dang this place is recked and no life.
sam: danny? (echoing faintly)
danny falows the sond to a tree sourronded by purple "flowers"
sam: welcome back danny. (sam emerges from a shadow next to the tree.
danny we have to get u away from the mind vine.
at this piont her voice is un-normal but her voice was normal eyes blue again insted of green sam: yes danny please breack me away under growth: no! daughter! stay!
eyes turn green again sam:yes father.
danny: sam i think u can break any spell u broke mine! sam do it!
under growth:HA! (yes i know this is cheesy but..)only her true love can break the spell and she is highly toxic one kiss could kill the mere mortal who tried.
danny: (thought) mere mortal im a phantom not a human soo...

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