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I sat with Edward on the couch at his house, watching a movie. It was Saturday and I was plagued with a cold but Charlie was fishing and I came here to 'help help with healing', or at least that's was Alice had told Charlie. He didn't know I was here to spend time with Edward.

I pulled the box of tissues to me and took one out, blowing my nose for the umpteenth time. I still don't know what Edward sees in me… especially when I had a cold that caused my nose to be red and run constantly and I always coughed, bringing up lovely green stuff. I threw the now-snotty tissue into the trashcan by the couch and culled up next to Edward, the thick, soft, white blanket he made me use wrapped around my shoulders.

"Ugh," I complained, "I hate this!" Of course when I said this I sounded like a had a severe speaking-impediment and it came out all warbled but he understood me all the same.

Edward kissed the top of my head, "It's just a cold, it will pass." He chuckled at my tortured expression.

"Are you the one that has to deal with this stupid cold?" I muttered frostily. I unwrapped my hands from the blanket quickly and covered my face. Sneezing loudly. I felt another sneeze coming on and I pulled away from Edward's embrace and covered my face just in time.

"God bless you," he said with amusement. I faced him and glared with all the annoyance I could manage, which was actually quite a lot because I had been building up a great quantity of annoyance since this cold started. Yet, apparently my glare was just amusing because Edward laughed, a deep musical laugh that made me almost forget my anger. Almost.

I was about to retort when I felt another tug on my sinuses, I covered my face and sneezed hard. I then noticed, mid-sneeze, that my eyes were open and this caused a spout of water to leave my eye and hit Edward in the face. Once my sneeze was done I took my hands away and looked at his shocked and disgusted face.

The spout of water had landed smack-dab in the middle of his face. I doubled over laughing and fell off the couch with how hard I was laughing. I didn't even notice the minute pain that came with falling off the couch, I was too amused. I stopped chortling and saw him wipe his face with a tissue.

"So…" I started in a conversational way, "How did you like my eye-ball juice?"

AN-- Haha, I love this one almost as much as Vampire Boogies! And that actually DID happen to my friend once! She sneezed with her eyes open and a spurt of water came out of her eyes! Haha…. It was hilarious….

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