Title: Hot-N-Cold

Author: Tuesday.Night.Hardcore.Queen

Pairings: JerichoxOC

Summary: Don't ever let Chris Jerciho steal your iPod. He might just got a little nuts with it.

"Where the freak is my iPod?!" Jamie panicked. Her music was missing, and that was NOT a good thing. She had a match coming up and she was all dressed and everything. She was going to start her stretches, but she couldn't do it without her iPod to listen to.

The Canadian female began worrying. What if someone stole it? Or threw it away? Or worse, broke it? Sh exited her locker room and began searching around and retracing her steps. It had to be around here, somewhere close.


Chris, with his dufflebag hanging on his shoulder, entered into his own locker room. Inside, he hung it up on one of the hooks. As he unzipped it, he dug through it, getting out his ring gear, shower stuff and a fresh outfit for afterwards. And then...that's when he spotted something that was unfamiliar to him. ...It was an iPod! And seeing the colors pink and black, he knew right off the bat that it wasn't his, it had to be Jamie's.

But what was her iPOD doing with his stuff?

Ohhh...that's right! She gave it to him to hold on for the night. They were in a hurry when they left the hotel, so she stuffed it in his bag. But after Chris got dresed, he decided, why not listen to it? I mean, his was dead and in the car, and he was sure Jamie wouldn't mind...

He turned it on and flipped through the songs. There was Sash...Secondhand Serenade...Good Charlotte...lots of Fozzy (of course)...Evanescense...Peroxwhy?gen...Porcelain and the Tramps...Ugh! Chris wasn't satisfied! Didn't the woman ever listen to any metal?

But then! He came across a song that caught his attention. It was interesting. May be it wasn't metal, but it was definitely catchy. It was 'Hot N Cold' by: Katy Perry.

'You, change your mind.
Like a girl, changes clothes.
Yeah you, PMS, like a bitch.
I would know.
And you, overthink.
Always speak, correctly.
I should know, that you're no good for me!

Cause you're hot then you're cold.
You're yes then you're no.
You're in then you're out.
You're up then you're down.
You're wrong when it's right.
It's black when it's white.
We fight, we break up.
We kiss, we make up.'

He even started dancing to it. He couldn't help himself either, he was having so much fun with it. Oh, he was definitely going to like this...


"Have you seen my iPod?"


"Ughh!!" Jamie freaked. That was the billionth person she had asked. Then, that's when she spotted Beth walking passed.

"Hey, Beth, wait!"

The blonde Diva turned to her friend when she heard her name called. "Oh hey, what's up?"

"You haven't seen my iPOD anywhere, have you?" she asked her. "I didn't let you borrow it, did I?"

Beth shook her head. "No, I don't have it. Did you ask Chris?"

That was a bright idea! Damn, why didn't Jamie think of that in the first place? Duhh!

"Chris! Yes! That's a good idea!" Jamie said, positively. "Wait...where is he?"

Beth shrugged. And then, speaking of him, that's when she spotted him dancing along while he was walking down the hall. He ran, jumped up to Jamie, and started partyboying her. The Glamazon weirded-out face as he did and then ran off. She realized as he escaped, that he had two white earphones in his ears.

"Umm...I think I found him." Beth said, awkwardly.

Jamie blinked. "What the hell just happened?"

"You got partyboyed by your boyfriend."

"Yeah, I'm aware of that now." Jamie said. "Wait...lemme guess, he has my iPod doesn't he?"

Beth nodded.

"Damn... what should I do now?"

"Find out whatever song he's listening to and the make sure he never listens to it again." the older woman instructed her. "...Well once you get it back."

"Good idea..."