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Summary: They act like a married couple, they fight like a married couple, might as well treat them like one to solve their relational issues... C/S

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What Do You Shrink?

By SoFrost

I watch my old friend turning into a five year old boy again as he plays with the new spider I just offered him; one among so many others. I take a look around although I know each items of this office like it was mine. There are different dead things captured in jars – pig foetus, brain, kidney, heart…

Some might find that gruesome but just like my old friend, I find this fascinating. Essences of life, subtly captured into jars, like a perfumer would capture and recreate the most delicate and intoxicating scent.

I lift myself up from the corner of the desk I am perched on and walk to the bookcase observing one specific spider. I tap my finger against the glass of her terrarium gently.

"Betty doesn't seem so good" I state.

"I think she's been depressed lately," my old friend says concerned.

I take the cover off of the terrarium and take the trapdoor spider in my hand.

"Hey there beautiful. What's wrong? Are you bored?" I ask with a gentle voice as the spider walks into my opened palm and starts the ascension of my arm. "She might need company. You know… to cheer her up. Ever since Boop left she's been sad. If you want I can take her with me for a few days. I'm sure Lola wouldn't mind," I propose.

"I don't know. I don't like the idea of having her away from me. But I'll give it some thought."

Someone clears their throat at the door to catch our attention.

"Gentlemen, sorry to interrupt the meeting of 'the spiders friends', but I believe you paged me Griss," a blonde says looking at the spiders with a mix of disgust and fear.

She's petite, she has long strawberry blonde hair. She has piercing blue eyes, and her look is enough to kill anyone right on the spot. The least I can say is that she dominates the room. Her posture is straight and authority and power are oozing from her. She's fixing me with curiosity yet she's letting me know that whoever I am, I'm not intimidating her.

I return my attention to Betty silently. One more guest is missing.

"Yes I did. Come in Catherine and have a seat." Gil says still playing with his own spider.

"Did you think about a name?" I ask him still looking at Betty.

"How about Bella? She's truly beautiful," he says with a soft smile.

"Sorry I'm late but I had some results to pick up first," a second feminine voice says entering the room.

I look up and see a tall, lanky brunette coming in. She's less imposing than the blonde, yet there's something about her that is instinctively cold. As soon as she sees me her posture straightens up as if she was ready to fight. But I think she gets truly defensive once she acknowledges the presence of the blonde. Interesting.

She takes a seat and glances at me and Gil.

"I see you've made yourself a new friend," she says with a smirk, being purposefully ambiguous as to know whether she's speaking of me or the spider.

"Yes, her name is Bella she's a Grammostola Cala also called Rosy Tarantula…" Gil says too focus on his new friend to pick up on it.

"A new friend and a new spider… Boy, someone got lucky today," the blonde adds sarcastically, which makes the brunette chuckles.

Well, well, two sharp minds, working as one. Really interesting.

"Betty it is time for you to go back home." I say to the spider on my arm. I take it gently and put her back into her terrarium. "Bye gorgeous."

Grissom puts back Bella into her new home and then focuses on the two women in the room. The four of us stay silent, studying each other with interest. Then the blonde loses her patience first.

"Grissom, please tell me you didn't make us come here just to meet your new 'pet'."

"No that's not the only reason." He says while cleaning a bit his desk.

Once he finishes, he sits comfortably and looks at both the women silently. I know he's looking for the right way to announce the new to them. My personal opinion is that there is no such thing as a smooth way to tell this. Besides for the little I know of those women, I could bet my pay check that the pill won't be swallowed easily.

"Excuse me if I sound rude but I do have better things to do than sit here in silence," the brunette says harshly.

"Ditto," the blonde adds.

Gil takes a deep breath and decides to face hell.

"Since both of the teams have been somewhat reunited, it's my duty to make sure that we don't repeat the same mistakes from the past. That's why I think it's important for the both of you and the well being of the team that the two of you sort out your relational issues."

"Well we're getting along just fine and I think I'm speaking for the both of us when I say that in spite of our differences we've always managed to work together," the blonde provides.

"We might not be best friends…" The brunette starts. Both women snort at this. "Or friends at all," the brunette corrects herself. "But when it comes to work we are professionals. And if I might add lately we don't have relational issues."

"The last six years taught me that your truces rarely last. That's why I decided to fix the problem." Grissom answers.

"There's no problem to fix Grissom." The blonde repeats.

"Yet. There's no problem yet." Gil replies.

"Your point being?" The brunette enquires.

"The two of you have relational issues." Gil repeats his previous statement.

"Yes we do, but not any more than anyone else, we both have strong and opposite personalities so issues are bound to happen. But we do get along." The brunette provides.

"Out of necessity. Every one on the team has a great relationship with one another, at work and outside of it. Every one except the two of you that is." Gil says.

"Grissom, we're going in circles here. What's the point of this meeting? Why are we here?" The brunette says frustrated.

"Because I think it's time for the both of you to solve your issues from the past in order to have a brand new, healthy and balanced relationship. It's time for you to make a fresh start. It's time to make peace not just a truce."

"Translation?" The blonde says exasperated.

Here comes the bomb.

"The two of you are going to see a counsellor together."

There's a deafening silence due to the deflagration. The two women stare at Gil, too surprised to say anything just yet. They're trying to process his words and they're trying to find out if he actually meant them. They both do a nice imitation of a fish out of water. Then their looks change, in both pair of eyes I can see a fire being ignited. They are two fires from different kinds but animated by the same passion. The brunette has a cold stare yet intense whereas the blonde has this boiling inflamed glare. Ice and fire, so opposite and yet so alike.

I can predict the future and I'm positive when I say that in about two seconds, someone in this room is about to have their head chopped off. I give you a clue: it isn't me.

"Did you fall and hit your head when you woke up today?" The blonde ask in an aggressive tone.

"Catherine…" Gil tries.

"Well did you?" She replies.

"No I haven't and…"

"Oh so you woke up and decide to give up your position as a CSI to actually become a comedian, right?" The brunette asks seriously.

"Sara!" Gil protests.

"Grissom." She just replies.

"Counselling? Counselling?! What are you? Out of your mind?" The blonde starts. She takes a few breaths in order to get her cool back. "This has to be the most ridiculous, grotesque and… absurd idea you have ever had in the whole decade I've known you!"

"Catherine would you please calm down…" Gil tries but to no avail.

"No I don't get to do such a thing right now!" She snaps "Not when you're exposing me your last craze!"

Gil takes a deep breath. "Married couples get to counselling together to solve their issues and…"

"How lovely… I hate to break it to you but Sara and I aren't married!" The blonde cuts him off.

"Heaven forbid…" The brunette adds.

"True but you actually spend as much time if not more time together than a married couple." Gil says calmly.

"Well there is no way I'm going to counselling with Sara, when she's the one who has a problem with me in the first place!" The blonde says.

"Sara is still in the room for one and then,… uh " The brunette snorts "That's typical of you Catherine. Ever the mature adult, if you have a problem blame it on the others," the brunette answers coldly.

"Go to hell Sidle!" The blonde snaps. She turns her attention to Gil again angry. "I won't go, period. As a supervisor I don't take orders from you anymore."

The brunette snorts with a sweet smile. "You're pathetic."

"Ladies! This animosity you're displaying shows exactly why you need to see a counsellor together! You will go Catherine whether you like it or not. I have the high powers behind my back so if you want to complain be my guest! That goes for you too Sara," Gil shouts silencing immediately the blonde but not taming her anger. He marks a pause and composes himself again before adding. "Now, it's either the counselling either a record of each argument and incident between you in your file from now on. I decided that counselling was the best option for both your careers."

"Grissom, counselling also figures in the personal files so I don't see how it's supposed to be the best option," the brunette replies.

"It's going to be a strictly off record procedure." He announces.

That's where I come in.

"Catherine, Sara, I'd like you to meet Adam Stevenson. He's a friend of mine. He's a psychiatric and psychotherapist. He's going to be your counsellor. Now I want you to know that he will keep me posted on the progress of the sessions, so don't even think about getting out of this while I've got my back turned. Adam, meet Catherine Willows and Sara Sidle." Gil introduces me.

I nod in acknowledgement. "Pleasure to meet you both," I say.

They're not really happy to know who I am and I think they won't like me for a long time to come, but I can't say I blame them.

"How long is this going to take?" Sara asks to Gil. I take the liberty to answer.

"Well, that will depend on how cooperative you are," I state.

"You will have a one hour session three times a week after your shift, to start," Gil informs them.

"Wow, hold on. Time out, ok?! I'd like you to keep in mind that I still have daughter who I hardly see enough, and now you want me to take three hours on her time?! I'm sorry but this is not something I will concede. I'd rather take the record in my file or being fired," Catherine says firmly.

"Don't worry I already thought about it. The two of you will be clocking out early three times a week. With all the overtime you're pulling it won't be a problem, you won't lose anything on your paycheck."

Once again silence settles into the room. Both women though angry at Gil have accepted the fact that they won't escape this. And something tells me that if I could read minds I would hear each one of them enumerate me the different ways to get rid of a body without leaving traces.

"You have to understand that in a strictly practical point of view you will have to work solos or be paired up together." Gil adds.

"That's just great!" Catherine says flatly.

"Well it's not like it could get any worse." Sara adds. "Anything else?" She asks sweetly.

"I believe that's it for today," Gil says.

"Well I disagree. I think you might want to know that our first meeting is set tomorrow. Gil will give you the directions to my office. And… That's it." I say gently.

Both the women give me a death glare.

"You're free to leave." Gil tells them.

They stand up and walk out of the office silently, boiling rage still oozing from them.

Gil and I watch their departure. "So what do you think?" He asks me.

"It's going to be long and painful. Matter of fact it's going to be a hell of a ride but boy will it be fun…" I answer honestly with a smile. "I just can't wait to start. They're fascinating, and so… explosive."

"I know. Watch your back though, they know how to cover a murder and together they are a terrific item. So if something goes wrong even I won't be able to find your body or prove that they did it, " Gil says with a pensive tone.

I chuckle. "You're teasing me right?" I look at him but his expression is so serious that my smile fades. "Well, I'll keep that in mind then."

I stand from his desk and walk to the door.

"Oh, by the way, thanks again for Bella." He says while sitting back at his desk to work again.

"You're welcome."

"Adam." He calls me back. "Take a great care of them." He says seriously and he has that look that says 'if you mess up with them you'll have to deal with me' – well a look full of concern.

"You have my word, I will."

"Good luck then."

I smile at him and then leave his office. My mind is already on my two new patients. Two really eloquent, strong and intelligent women. Two women who seem so diametrically opposed and yet so much alike. Two pieces of a wonderful puzzle. Two riddles that I'm eager to solve.

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