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(p.s the letters in Italic is parts that gwne and trent sing or when the romances is going)

As the first band went on. The campers ware standing around, worried , since they didn't go over the plan of who plays what instrument, what song to play, when to go on, and who will sing."ok guys. Don't panic. I got a way to fix this." Gwen said."Girl, You crazy! We don't even know a song! How can we fix this?!"Leshawna yelled."ok. Trent and I will sing. Duncan your on guitar."gwen. said."whatever."duncan replied."tyler your on base."trent said."that big violin thing right?"tyler asked.

"Sadie, your on back up base. Katie, your on back up guitar."gwen told the two girls."yay."sadie and katie said hugging since they wanted to be in the show."Dj, your on drums." trent told the brick house.

"ok. but I never played before."Dj said putting down his pet bunny."harold, your on keyboarded. "gwen said."yess."harold said " Lindsay, your on the tambourine."trent said."ow yay!..what's a tambourine?"she asked stupidly."every one els is on lighting."gwen said."umm..Hello! We still dont have a song to play!"Courtney protested."just fallow are lead."gwen said. When it was time for them to go on. The pronouncer went on stage."Hello every one! Before we Close this counsert .DID EVERYONE HAVE A GOOD TIME!?" he shouted in to the Mick. Screaming came from the crowd.

"I said. DID EVERY ONE HAVE A GOOD TIME!"he shouted again. Louder screams. "ok. Welcome are next band. Strait From Canada! Welcome! The singing teens!"he said going back stage. The campers were now on stage. With a silent 3..2..1. The music started.

music slow

Gwen: For all we been to. For all we need to.

Trent: But Nothings right. Because of that fight..

music faster

Both: For all We cared. For all we loved. We sang a song. But for all we know. This could be


music slow again

Trent: You say the wrong things. At the wrong time.

Gwen: You maybe selfless. Maybe selfish.

Both: but I will love you. Till the end of time.

Trent: no madder what.

Gwen: No madder how.

music fast again

Both: For All we cared. For All we loved. We sang a song. But for all we know! This could be..


good-bye still going

Trent: for all we cared. For wall we loved. We sang a song. But for all we know..

good-bye over

Gwen: for all we know..

music slow for last time

Both: this could be good-bye..

song ends

after the song was done. Gwen and Trent pulled in to a kiss. aaaaawwwhhhhhh. The crowed said at the sight. When Trent and Gwen noticed they where not alone they quickly pulled apart. They were blushing a bright pink. Then they pulled into a longer kiss. The crowed cheered."aaaawwwwhhh. How sweet."sadie and katie said at the same time.

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