For Holly


"Come on, Fraulein, go on a date with me?"

"No. And my name is Ema."

"Fine, Ema. Go on a date with me?"

"The answer is still no."

And so the conversation continued, the touchy detective continuing to much on her never-ending bag of Snackoos. The vocalist of the Gavinners was trying in vain, once more, to ask the detective on a date. None of his previous attempts ever worked (and all resulted in him being showered with those infernal snacks of hers, and being threatened by security for harassing a detective)—so honestly, this attempt wasn't all that very different than the previous ones. It befuddled Klavier, it really did. After all, he was a rock star and a rock star prosecutor—and he honestly could have any female he chose to, but every attempt to win over the detective failed. Miserably. And no, he didn't know why he even liked her (opposites attract, right?) but dammit, couldn't he just take her out on one date? Just one! That was all he asked for from the forensic scientist wannabe (not that he'd ever say that part to her face… He liked his head and his private parts the way they were, thanks).

And even worse—she...she…she referred to him as a glimmerous fop.

What in the world was a glimmerous fop, anyway?

Sometimes the detective was so touchy and grouchy, he wondered how Apollo and Trucy managed to even get her to do anything and to be nice. …Unless …

"Ask what I think you're going to ask and you're going to get a Snackoo in that pretty face of yours."

Well, at least she had called his face pretty.

"…Stupid, glimmerous fop…"

And there it was again!

That forensic scientist wannabe… Klavier pursed his lips, before a light bulb appeared over his head.

"Also…Fra—Ema…" He sang, sounding way too happy for someone who had just been threatened, insulted, and had Snackoos thrown at. He had definitely heard her complain about not being a forensics scientist and having to pay for some of her kits that she used...Even if she wasn't really supposed to even be using those kits on a crime scene. "Ema, Liebe, if you go on a date with me—Ach, hear me out first!" He added hastily, seeing her rummage into her bag for some Snackoos to throw at him. "I'll buy you a new forensics science kit…"

Oh, he definitely got her this time. Klavier had to admit; she was kind of cute when she was slightly mad. "Really?" She sounded hesitant, and suspicious.

"Ja, really."




"That doesn't mean you can put your arm around my waist!"



Author's Notes: Totally unedited. Sorry.


Fraulein: If you've played the game, you should know what it means. Term for a younger woman/lady.

Also: German version of 'Uhm', 'Er', 'Uh'.

Liebe: Love, term of affection

Ja: Yes

Wunderbar: Wonderful