To my readers, some of you may know me as the writer of my other story, 'I'm Not Gay!' I would like for you to know ahead of time that this isn't going to be a comedy story, like my other one. This story is more of a serious romance. Okay, so some of you might be wondering "How in the world did she come up with a story like this?" Well... over the summer I took a trip to Chicago and I went to some museums. There were some displays on the mafia, and other cool things about the mafia. I really became intrigued with the idea of a mafia, and I did some research. One thing led to another, and this idea for a story popped into my head and I decided to go with it. I really hope you guys like it!

Just a heads up, the rating for this story is M for later chapters.

Bella: 19 years old

Jacob: 21 years old

Edward: 22 years old

Once Upon A One Night Stand

-Chapter One-

Bella sighed and tightened her arm around the mans lean, but muscular arm she was currently holding on to. Walking into a large ballroom full of stuffed shirts, and stuck up rich, beautiful woman can be very intimidating. Especially, when you aren't one of them. On Bella's arm was none other than Jacob Black, her best friend and multi-millionaire. Jacob looked astounding with his messy black locks, slick black suit, matching slacks, and white dress shoes to match his tie. Bella on the other hand was well...Bella, plain old Bella, or so she thought. Jacob on the other hand, had a very different thought about her looks...

Bella really didn't want to be here right now, but Jacob had insisted she come to the ball as his date because Bella just recently got dumped by her boyfriend, and it was a very messy break-up. One of the real reason why Bella agreed to come to the rendezvous in the first place, was she was getting sick and tired of having bad boyfriends. It seemed as though every boyfriend she had would break up with her for some stupid reason. One even went as far to say she was too clumsy for his taste. Jerk. Bella mumbled under her breath. Bella decided after her recent break-up with Travis, she wouldn't have a relationship, but have no strings attached sex. What could go wrong anyway? That was Bella's whole idea about her new resolution. Jacob had no idea about her new ways, or the real reason why she even agreed to come to the ball. Bella planned to keep Jacob in the dark about this one, even though he was her best friend. Bella didn't even want to think about Jacob's reaction if he ever found out about what she was doing. He would be upset no doubt, but he might even be a little heartbroken that the little Bella is planning on doing something so... scandalous

Jake thought this was a stupendous opportunity for Bella to get her mind off of things, and maybe find someone else. Bella politely objected to his offer, and said she didn't 'fit in' with this kind of crowd, she was so beneath their feet. Said crowd being top models, business owners, CEO's, and more people with jobs high up in the corporate businesses. Bella was... way out of their league, as she described herself earlier, but that still wasn't going to stop her from trying out her new relationship idea.

Bella was fresh out of high school, and she was attending the University of Washington. She wasn't exactly living a glamorous life, she was living in a little apartment with her best friends Rosalie Hale, and Alice Brandon. Jacob on the other hand, was at the top of the top. When he graduated high school he got a very high position with Northwestern Industries working as a manager, eventually he moved up to become an executive. Now, he was making plenty of Benjamin's. How Jacob moved up so quickly in the company was a mystery to her. She did have a hunch though. Nessie, the President of the company seemed to take a liking to her best friend. Bella really couldn't blame the lady though, Jacob was a very good looking guy, and if he wasn't Bella's best friend since kindergarten, then she probably would have taken a liking to him a while ago too. He was about 6'5, has dark skin, jet black eyes, and shaggy black hair. He was the image of perfection with his perfect facial features and that beautiful body he has gotten from building and lifting large things over his childhood years. Bella wasn't blind she knew Jacob was good looking, but she just liked him as a friend. Nothing more, nothing less. Bella wouldn't even wince if she found out Nessie was trying to get with Jacob, Nessie had every reason in the world to go for him.

"Bells are you okay?" Jacob's voice asked cutting threw her thoughts like a knife.

"Oh yea, sorry I was just thinking about something. I'm fine." Bella responded her voice shaking and betraying her.

"Bella I know your lying, I always know when you are lying." Jacob stated with a knowing smile.

"Okay, you got me. I just don't feel right being here. I mean I just look so out of place and judging by the looks we are receiving, everyone knows it. That's why they keep giving me weird looks." Bella said sighing.

Jacob let out a hearty laugh and responded, "Bella they are looking at you because you are with the number one most eligible bachelor in the country." He finished by tilting his head back, a very arrogant gesture on his part.

Bella playfully slapped his arm, and a sly smile came onto her face. "Um.. you might want to do something about those nose hairs Jake. It's starting to look like a jungle in there!"

His eyes went wide and he covered his nose with his hands.

"No it doesn't, I just got them trimmed yesterday!" He exclaimed, his voice full of horror.

Bella laughed, he always got embarrassed if she said he had nose hairs, that was one of his biggest pet peeves "Maybe that's why you got number two most eligible bachelor this year."

"Shut up." Jake said while laughing.

It was true, Jacob Black got second place this year, which is unheard of considering has has gotten first place for the past three years now. Jacob was beaten by the CEO of Santucci Corp, named Edward Santucci. Bella has never seen the man before, but from what she's heard about the man, he took over his father's company a few years ago, and now it has been transformed into an empire that now rivals Northwestern Industries. She has heard from many people before that he is suppose to be a real knockout. I mean he had to be to beat THE Jacob Black. Bella thought as she absentmindedly tapped her index finger on her chin.

"Speaking of which, this years winner Edward Santucci is going to be here tonight. I want you to meet him, I have met him once before and I think you will like him." Jake said ushering her over to the VIP room.

Bella was going to question him about how he knew what she was thinking until they came to a set of tall, dark wooden doors. For some odd reason they scared Bella, maybe because the people inside were very intelligent and powerful. Jacob opened the door, and they slowly parted, revealing a group of men dressed in tuxes. When Bella's eyes were able to rack over the entire room, her gaze immediately shifted to the VIP table in the middle of the room. Gathered around a circular table, was roughly about six old men with huge beer bellies. Bella was confused when she was finished looking over the men because she didn't see any man who was drop dead gorgeous. Instead, she saw a bunch of dusty bums. An idea wormed it's way through her mind and she turned to Jake with a killer smile.

"One of them took you spot as the most eligible bachelor?" She whispered while pointing to the table of old men. "Your looks must have really gone down hill from last year then."

Jake was silent for a couple moments before a booming laughter worked it's way threw his body, making him shake with amusement. His loud laughter, quickly made their presence known by the men. They all looked high and mighty looking down at them, and Bella wanted nothing more than to shrink down into a little hole.

"Jacob Black! How are you son?" One of the older men asked. He stood up and made his way over to the couple. Almost tripping down the two steps that were in front of him.

"Very good, How are you Alfred?" Jacob asked as he met the man's firm handshake with his own.

"I am good, and who is this exquisite lady you are here with?" He asked eyeing Bella up and down.

"This is Bella, Bella Swan." Jacob said with a glint of pride in his eyes.

"Pleasure to meat you, I'm Alfred."

"Nice to meet you too, Alfred." Bella responded bringing her hand to his for a hand shake. Bella was taken off guard when the man brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it, but she didn't mind... that much.

"Come and sit with us, Mr. Santucci stepped out of the room and will be back momentarily." Alfred said leading them over to the VIP table. Well that explains why I didn't see the 'hot Adonis' everyone is talking about lately. Bella thought.

Jacob grabbed the seat next to Alfred and Bella sat next to Jacob. She took note of the empty seat directly across from her. The table was circular, so everyone would be able to see everyone while they conversed with each other. Bella was immediately introduced to all the men at the table, and she blushed at all the complements she was receiving from the men. Once the introductions were done, and a couple questions, the conversation quickly transferred to something about business and mergers, and that was where they lost Bella. She didn't have the slightest clue about what they were talking about. She took this time to get a good look at the VIP room. The floors were made of dark mahogany wood, the walls were a deep green, the ceilings were two stories high, there was a huge crystal chandelier that hung from the top of the ceiling as well, and matching sconces threw-out the room. The lights were dimmed down a little, making everything look a little darker than it really was. Bella was happy about that, she actually looked a little tan, for once. There were windows all around the room looking out over the city of Seattle, it was a sight that would take your breath away.

Bella heard the sound of voices talking come to an abrupt halt, and wondered what could be so important to make all the talking come to a close. She slowly turned her head and was met with the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen. They were a dark emerald color, almost a dark forest green, and they held a sparkle she has never seen in someone's eyes before. Her eyes worked their way around his face, from his ski slope nose, to his chiseled jaw, to his full pink lips that just looked so kissable. Bella was about to stand up, walk over to him and give those beautiful lips a kiss, but she quickly came to her scenes and mentally slapped herself for thinking that way about someone she has never met before. Not only that, but he was way out of her league. All she had to do was look at the clothing he was wearing, a black suit with a satin green shirt that matched his wonderful eyes.

He was so out of her league, Edward was playing professional, and Bella was still stick in little league. Just because he was out of her league doesn't mean she can't look at him though. She was still trying hard to keep her jaw from dropping to the floor, he was really hot! No, this man was absolutely gorgeous! Scratch that about Jacob being a Greek god, this man standing in front of her was the definition of a Greek god! She looked at his bronze mop of hair and restrained herself from running her hands threw it. His hair was tantalizing her to no end, it looked so soft and inviting.

He may be out of my league, but that doesn't mean I haven't found my one night stand candidate. She thought, but quickly shooed that thought away. Someone like him would never, EVER want to be with someone like her. She looked back at his face and admired his pale skin, usually she didn't like pale guys, but he was able to pull it off. His skin was amazing, it looked as though it was glowing. There wasn't a blemish to be found, and it looked as soft as his hair...sigh

"Are you done checking me out yet?" A velvety voice asked Bella snapped out of her trance and looked away blushing.

My god does he have a beautiful voice She thought

Her face became cherry red when all the men's eyes shifted to her, even Jacob's and she noticed his eyes held a little disappointment.

"I-I..There w-was something on your face and I-I was trying to figure out what it was." She stammered.

"Oh really?" He asked raising an elegant eyebrow at her choice of words.

"Yes really." Bella replied blushing even harder, his voice made her insides turn to jelly.

"Well then do tell me, do I still have something on my face?" He asked with amusement brewing in his emerald eyes as he walked over to her.

Bella was silently praying he would trip over his shoe laces, or got wine splashed in his face so he wouldn't come any closer. With every step he took, her nerves got more and more frazzled. Bella turned her head to steel a quick glance at him, and quickly looked back at her lap. For some reason he looked oven hotter now than before. She swore she turned 10 different shades of red when she realized he was now standing in front of her. Now she realized why Edward got most eligible bachelor and Jacob got stuck with second, which Jacob wasn't happy about. She moved her gaze from her twiddling thumbs resting in her lap to look at him. When she turned her head she noticed his crotch was practically in her face, and a light blush came to her face.

"You know, that is a very beautiful sight." Edward said only so Bella could hear. Obviously, she wasn't the only one who hear it because Jacob because there was a growling sound coming from him.

"Get away from her Santucci." Jacob said between clenched teeth.

"Are you two dating?" Edward asked with a fiery look in his eyes.

"No." Bella responded.

Edward smiled a wicked smile, "Well if you two aren't dating then you shouldn't care what I am saying or doing to her. Also, if you want to keep your position as head executive with Northwestern Industries, then I say you keep your mouth shut."

Bella was considering standing up for Jacob, but the light pressure on Bella's back from Jacob was a signal telling her to forget about it. Edward smiled and winked at Bella and walked back over to his seat. The men started talking about business again, but Bella kept on receiving smiles, winks, and sideways glances from Edward. It made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but she knew better than to feel this way about someone such as Edward.

A couple of martini's here and couple glasses of wine there, and most of the men were far-gone. Bella knew she wasn't at age to drink, for she was only 19. However, she felt obligated because everyone else around her was drinking so she thought, why not? Her friends were always telling her to loosen up a bit too, so why no fallow their advice just tonight? It's not like anything bad is going to happen anyway right?

Edward called a limo for the six men who were totally zonked - Jacob included - and they just left the room not too long ago. Meaning it was just Edward and Bella in the large room together.

Both slightly intoxicated.

With no one even on the same floor as them.

They were completely alone.



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