(A/N: Right, my first Naruto fic and I'm worried as hell. Seeming as it's a yuri one. : Oh and Sakura-centric and it's even AU! God damn it . I mostly write about Teen Titans so Don't hurt me people. Anyway, I thought this story sounded quite good so I just had to write about it before the idea went away.)

(Full Summary: Sakura Haruno is a good girl gone bad, because of her attitude and her latest fights, her mother sends her to a fight school...Where she meets new friends and rivals...And maybe love? AU, M for language, violence and lemons in later chapters.)

Chapter 1


Sakura's POV

I'm Sakura Haruno.

I'm the girl with cherry blossom hair, bright, vibrant green eyes and creamy white skin that makes even the most prettiest models look dull.

I'm 18 years of age, muscles that, thanks to my headmaster - also my Gym teacher who gives me extra lessons everyday - that make me look tougher than Madonna herself.

I'm pretty much respected everywhere in this school. Nobody dares crosses me, because if somebody ever dares to cross me - then they know for a fact that I will NEVER go easy on them. Even if they are shorter than my elbow I wouldn't go easy on them when it comes to a good fight.

Most people around me knows that too, that's why I have millions of friends here, all of them are too scared. If they get hurt by someone, they know they can run to me and beg me to beat them up. I normally make them work for it, make them do stuff before I can help them - besides, who says that I really care about a stupid pathetic fight? All I care about is if I'm in the fight, if I'm not - well you've just missed the best fight of your life.

I've just got suspended again, and you'll never guess what for? It's unbelievable! Them suspending me! Only because I chucked a rubber full hard at the back of that Raishu bitch's head - byGod she deserved it! Stupid sneering ass tart.

So, I'm walking back from school with all my little followers literally carrying my shit around, until I get back home when I notice that there's a whole load of coaches driving past us to get out of the city. I sneer as I read the five words written on the back.

'Women and Men Fight School'

So in other words, they just literally kick the shit out of each other until one dies and goes to freaking sleep forever?

I shrug, sounds cool. Better than this crappy school that I'm walking away from right now.

"Hey, Sakura-san, did you see those coaches? They are full of hooligans, the people with no brains and only brawn!" A fellow sixth form shouts at me, a please-be-impressed-grin on her face.

I just look at her, an evil glint in my eye as I look her up and down with disgust, then just for kicks. I grin stupidly at her, to let her know that she's safe and that she's in my 'okay' books.

"Yeah, I saw them. But what do you mean by all brawn and no brain?" I point to my muscles that are hidden under my red shirt, "are you saying that people who have muscles aren't smart?"

I see her eyes widen a little as she quickly stutters 'No' and 'I didn't mean it like that' to me.

People like that piss me off and make me laugh at the same time. They piss me off because their weak, and they make me laugh when they all try to get into my good books - in which only three people are in there. And that's my Mom, Dad and my older brother Horosh.

I just sneer at her, before walking faster than my little groupies, making them jog a little to catch up with me.

I feel an odd twist in my stomach and I know instantly what it is.

My old self trying to punch itself out of my new self, my good inner telling me to say sorry and tell the poor girl to chill out around me.

That's when I grit my teeth and carry on walking, not a care in the world as they all try to chatter to me - fake plastic smiles pasted on their fake plastic faces.

Stupid reminiscences are getting to me again, stupid, stupid, stupid things that I should have forgotten about by now but can't, because it hurts so much.

Too much.

I carry on walking.


"I just can't handle her anymore, she always used to be a good girl. But ever since…Some problems. She's not been doing great at anything in school. The only good thing she does is fight! And even then, most of her victims have to stay at hospital for weeks."

"Please Mrs Haruno, do not worry. Your child will be in safe hands here at our school - seeming as the only thing she does is fight as you say." The polite receptionist on the phone replied, her voice boring and in a tone in which most people could tell she practiced.

"I know, you've told me. But please promise it won't be just about fighting. I want my daughter to have a good education as well!" Mrs Haruno squeaked, her voice unusually high and anxious.

"Yes of course, she will possibly have more education than fighting skills once she leaves when she hits 20. Are you sure you want to keep her here for two years? Two years without seeing your daughter can greatly affect your relationship with each other and we, as a school do not want that to happen at -"

"Please, me and my daughter haven't talked at least once in the whole six week holiday. She's only just started talking to me after school times!"

"I see. When would you like to convert your daughter to our school? This week? Next week?"

"As soon as possible."

"You seem anxious yet excited of your daughter's leaving, are you sure this is what you want Mrs Haruno?"

"I do know what I want! This is why I would be calling you! I am sure as I was the day Sakura was received."

"Yes Mrs Haruno, I apologize. I am just a little surprised that you are so willing to give transfer your daughter to our school - most parents would have had second thoughts by now."

"Yeah well, I'm not any other parent! I'm Sakura Haruno's mother for god's sake!" An awkward silence filled the tension. "Now could you please tell me when the hell I can transfer my daughter to your school?"

"Tomorrow morning. She will be arriving late. At least 9pm, then she will be moved into her dormitory and there she shall stay until we get someone to help her around the school."

Mrs Haruno's eyebrows furrowed in deep confusion, tomorrow? Didn't their school have any uniform that was required?

"No uniform?" She asked, her eyebrows furrowing deeper than ever.

"We don't think it's necessary, seeing as all they need is plenty of clothes and the knowledge of how to use equipment. Such as, using a washing machine and knowing how to cook."

"Well of course my daughter knows how to do them things! She isn't stupid!"

"Of course your daughter isn't stupid, we know your daughter can do this stuff, I have just reminded you of what is needed. Please when you see her, that she must wait at her local bus stop for us to pick her up."

Mrs Haruno cocked her head to side, cricking her neck on accident.

"How do you know where we live?"

"Oh, we know Mrs Haruno. We know."

They hung up, the dial still echoing in Mrs Haruno's ears.


"So, Sakura-san. Would you like to come over my house one of these days?" A groupie asks, her cheeks flushed red and her brown hair dangling over her face to try to cover her embarrassment at even asking me a question as simple as that.

I look down at the groupie and flash her a tired smile, which is unusual, I'm more of an old bag than a 18 year old when I'm tired, but I guess that's because I was stressed half the time.

"Yeah, maybe one day. When my mom lets me out of the damn house!" I sigh, glad that I can use my mom as an excuse without her even knowing about it.

All my groupies giggle at once, making me cringe like a dirty toddler when it's told it needs to have a bath - this is just disgusting. I have no idea how much more I can put up with this.

Seeing my house warms my heart, as I rush over to it with only a tiny flick of my hand that signals 'bye'

Rushing in, I smile softly at the familiar scent of my dad's aftershave and my mom's perfume - oh and along with Harosh's smelly ass socks.

"Yo! Guys! I'm home!" I yell, tossing my bag to the floor with a shrug of my shoulders.

"Sakura, please come into the living room once you've done putting your things away." Came her mother's quiet voice from the lounge. Sakura gulped. What had she done wrong now?

"You mean, more like dump your things away." Came Harosh's annoying tell tale voice as he raced past her, his eyes a light with a different shine. It looked like he'd just won the last level on Ultimate Ninja 3.

"You freaking idiot!" I call after him as he dashes up the stairs to hide in his forbidden lair of grunge and shit.

"Sakura!" My mom snaps at me, her voice getting dangerously high.

"Right, right mom. Keep your 'air on!" I yell, rushing into the lounge as quick as a flash.

When I actually do get there, my tarty grin drops at her sullen looking face and her blood shot eyes. I step back a tiny bit, alarmed at the way she's looking at me as if I spray painted the TV.

Well, okay, that HAD been me. But I was just a little bit tipsy at the time…

Okay, so I was drunk, but it was a mistake! I mean - I blamed Harosh anyway, he got the blame for it - not me. So I guess I couldn't of cared less.

So here I am, standing, looking at my mom with my patience running low as she just stares at me - her eyes unblinking.

"Sakura," she whispers quietly, as if she's trying to work up the tension that's already drowning me in the room.

Just to lighten the mood, I stick my tongue out a bit and dig my hands into my leather jacket.

"Wazzap?" I reply, hoping that her mom would get it over and done with sooner or later.

Her eyes snap up at me, and I swear on my dead Nan's life (if she had one) that I almost pissed myself at the eyes she was giving me.

"I'm transferring you to A Women and Men's Fight School."

Ahaha! Now that's funny, I'm hearing things. My mom has gone CRAZY. Yep, that's it. She did not just say what I thought she just said. I'm going crazy, hearing voices that aren't real.

Haha! Wait, what?!

"Why in god's name am I moving to a fucking fight school?!" I shriek, finally losing my nerve.

The hell? Sure I love to fight and everything, but this is fucking ridiculous! Like I want to beat the shit out of people all day long! Boring!

"Because you're too hard to look after now Sakura! Your language, attitude, everything!" My mom retorts, her face now twisted in some kind of anger I've never experienced before - well from my Mom anyway.

My eyes twitch, what my mom has just said has got my wound up. I feel like I'd kill her if she came any closer to me - and I mean SLAUGHTER her.

"Well, if I'm so hard for you! Then why don't YOU get out?" I yell, slamming my fist into the TV next to me and literally breaking it.

NOW she can blame me for smashing the damn TV up. Damn Tsunade-sama and her strength.

I knew for a fact that I was getting a slap for saying that, that's why I wasn't surprised when I found myself clutching my cheek in pain.

"I am your mother Sakura Haruno! And you are moving to that school!" She quickly jabs me in my shoulder, making me stumble back a little. Her face, that looked like it could freeze over the whole fucking world, gets even worse as she grinds her teeth loudly at me. "Now go pack!"

She turns her back on me, signalling that this conversation is now truly over in mother and daughter universe.

"And!" She whispers, just as she's going to turn the corner, her voice a lethal, venomous weapon. "If I find out, that you haven't packed! I will make your staying there 5 years instead of 2!" She screams the last part, storming out the room with her hair spiking up like the devils horns.

1. . . 10.

"Bitch!" I screech after her, knowing for a fact that she'll hear me since she's such a nosy bitch that she'll hang around the corner until I come out of the lounge to wander up stairs.

Then when I realize she really didn't hear me, I walk out of the lounge, my mouth partly open at the shocking news my mother has just revealed to me.

Two years?! TWO FUCKING YEARS? What in god's name is my mom thinking? I'm not bad at home, just at school! And even then, she doesn't even care! She just gives me the 'look' of disappointment then gives me a £10 note to go the shops to buy myself some cigarettes.

God, what an idiot I've been. I haven't even bothered to notice the signs that my mom has purposely pulled to show me that she doesn't want me in this house anymore.

I mean, throwing my stuff out of the window should have awoken me from my 'I don't care' state, but it didn't.

I just thought she was on her period. I shake my head as I clumber up the stairs, gosh, how wrong I was.

As I reach the top step, I smirk evilly as a cunning plan forms into my scheming brain.

Turning away from my destination, I head towards my brother's room then turn back away from it again to go to my bathroom.

I grab a towel from the baths side before placing it over my mouth and tying it around the back of my head tightly.

It's not going to be easy, I could very well die if I try to go into Harosh's room. It's so full of rubbish and gods knows what that I bet the rats that live inside his socks only stay in his sock for their safety.

Going back to my brothers room, I turn the door knob around and kick the door open, a loud BANG following my wake.

I look down to see that Harosh is actually playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 or NUN3 as he calls it.

Though, he's head banging the controller as he growls angrily at the TV. I look around him to see Shizune (that's my old school's secretary's name…weird) getting pummelled into the ground by some weird dude called The Yellow Flash.

I can see why, this so called Yellow Flash is faster than the speed of light by the looks of it. And it was no guess who my brother was playing.

"Shizune sucks!" I hear my brother declare as the battle ends, with the Yellow Flash losing no health at all.

I look down on the ground, almost screaming at all the rubbish that is spread out around the room, before tip toeing over towards him.

"You suck!" I shout in his ear, making him grab his ear and grunt in frustration as he turns to face me, hands still over his ears.

"Sakura! You bitch! What the hell was that for?" He mumbles, getting up and taking off his jacket (mainly because left over pizza fell on it when he fell down in pain clutching his ear.)

"For being you, now shut up and listen to me." I grab him by the scruff of his neck and drag him across his dirty floor until he's out on the landing.

He's complaining like a stupid brat he is, throwing a tantrum and banging his head against my legs.

I drag him to my bedroom door, stopping as I look down at him. He's still throwing the stupid tantrum, typical.

Slowly, I let go of his shirt, slowly as in. EXTRA slow. So that he doesn't realize that I've finally let go of him.

"Stay here while I go into my room." I say sternly, grabbing onto his shirt tightly again, just in case he decides to make a break for it.

He grumbles, but surprisingly stays where he is as I quickly let go of him before rushing into my room, grabbing the logs leash and rushing back outside to see…

My god, is he ill or crazily stupid?

I'm edging towards the latter. There he is! Just sitting there! Well, what I'm going to do now is seriously going to make him whimper.

Pinning him, I place the leash around his neck, tighten it and pull him off the wall.

"What the hell Sakura? Let me go or I'll scream blue bloody murder!" Harosh retorted to the action with a fierce glint in his eyes.

"Scream blue bloody murder and I'll scream about you dreaming that you were fucking bloody Shizune!" I snap back, my eyes full of anger but mischief at the same time.

He's mouth closes quickly.

"Well then." I crouch down and bend over to whisper in his ear. "I'll tell you my little plan."

(A/N: Well I hope you liked it I certainly enjoyed writing it. I have a feeling that my stomach's going to be squished. My first Naruto fan fic and I'm nervous about it XP. Hope you liked it!)