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Final Chapter:

Pretty Baby

Sakura stumbled slightly, her vision hazy and her heart was thumping loudly (painfully) in her ears as she staggered on towards the place where she knew she would be safe.

Problem was, Sakura didn't even know where 'safe' was. How could she? When your heart was thumping so loud that you could hardly hear yourself think, then where was the sanctuary to where she would run?

Groaning as she once again almost tripped over her own damn feet, Sakura grabbed her stomach to stop herself from retching at the familiar sensation of vomit clouded her senses to an extent that Sakura forgot her own name for a second.

"Ino…" Sakura found herself murmuring, gripping the corner of a wall to steady herself into pants instead of heavy retches.

Oh fuck, she was a fucking idiot. What a stupid fucked up thing to do. Running away from the situation? Jeez, and she was used to being called the most powerful and blood-lusted girl in the whole of England.

What a joke she was. She wasn't clever, she was no where near clever and she most certainly was not strong enough to carry on with a relationship when Ino was going to do anything to help her get through this relationship together.

Weakness. That's what screamed in her mind, heart, body and her very soul that made her body feel emotions that in turn made Sakura feel the pain of being heartbroken.

What made Sakura's stomach clench and twist in disgust as herself, was the fact that she wasn't supposed to feel heartbroken - by all means, if she was the one that felt heartbroken, what of Ino?

Letting the drops of saliva that she still had in her throat mix together to create one hell of a spit bomb, Sakura spat on the floor (showing herself and maybe some bystanders that she was as low as her own spit, besides, whatever came out her mouth was her territory wasn't it?)

Numb. Vision was slowly fading. Along with the control on her body seeming now that she was kneeling on the concrete-tiled floor, her body wracking with unstoppable shakes.

Was it wrong to think of sex when you feel that your life is slowly fading away from existence? Was that wrong?

Maybe her animal instincts were taking over? Was this how it was like when a wolf was gradually dying? Would it want one last fuck before going off to the big kennel in the sky?

Oh wait, wolves don't live in kennels. That's dogs isn't it. Strange.

Sakura was supposed to be feeling guilty about thinking about sex in such a way when she should have been thinking what she was going to put on her gravestone, but however she felt nothing at all when it came to sex or death.

Though, she supposed thinking about having sex with Ino was something that would make Sakura leave the world with a smug grin on her face.

Placing her hands on the floor to grip under the tiles, Sakura dragged herself forward towards what she believed to be her and Ino's dormitory.

Hopefully, Hidan-sensei wouldn't be lurking the corridors as the old bat usually did seeming as he probably had nothing better to do but to try and chat up Kurenai-sensei when Asuma-sensei was teaching in another lesson.

Two little yellow dots was racing towards her, one sandy and one just a dirty blonde colour that made Sakura's eyes see different colours.

She rolled her eyes, eyes closing a little as the hammering of her heart suddenly exploded even louder than before.

Her last thought before the whole room went dark was 'Ino and her blonde hair'.

"Get the fuck out of my way." Ino growled, her whole body shaking in rage as she was once again blocked by a pink-haired woman that resembled Sakura remarkably. "Or I swear that I will-"

Ino was cut off by a loud sting mark against her cheek, along with the pain that then settled in their shortly after it.

"Stay away from my daughter! You French bitch! You made her like this!" Mrs Haruno literally screamed, backing away from Ino with her hands over her eyes to try to get rid of Ino's image.

Ino snorted, arms crossed over her heaving chest the same as letting her eyes gaze over Mrs Haruno's shoulder to see Sakura's door where almost every doctor in the hospital was stationed at.

"I made her like this?!" Ino screeched, stepping forward quickly to try her hardest to intimidate the now seething Mrs Haruno. "I made your daughter what? A lesbian?! Bullshit!"

Mrs Haruno spat just over Ino's shoulder, instead hitting a passing doctor who had come to check on how they was doing.

Mrs Haruno, however ignored the doctor - and her daughter's health - and continued to repeatedly bash her opinions against the raging French woman.

"She wasn't a lesbian before! She brought TONS of men home! You have to be the culprit of turning her into such a…" Mrs Haruno paused for a second, her fists turning white as she tried to maintain her self-control.

Ino stepped forward, leaning down to stare directly into the pink-haired woman's eyes, searching for something that was clearly not there when it came to hers and Sakura's relationship.


From the little twitch of Mrs Haruno's right eye, Ino could tell that her lean form was absolutely intimidating the shit out of the old hag in addition to that, Ino knew that Mrs Haruno was now giving her the most dirtiest look possible.

"Old woman…" Ino murmured dangerously, cerulean eyes piercing deep, yet ugly emerald. "I dare you to finish your damn sentence."

Instinctively, Ino let her long manicured nails sink into Mrs Haruno's slender, pale arms while her insides clenched - along with her teeth - in disgust at this so called woman who was supposed to be Sakura's mother.

"Finish it. Now." Flinging Mrs Haruno to the wall on her right, Ino pinned the woman against it, nails now sinking deeper into the pink-haired woman's flesh. "Finish it then! You damn hag!"

"Fuck you! You damn lesbian whore!" Mrs Haruno spat, this time the saliva hitting it's target directly in the eye. "I was wrong to send her to that school! Look at what you've done to her!"

Was it funny? That at that split second, Ino felt guilt shroud her mind and heart as she clung desperately to the old hag's arms.

"…I did what?" Ino whispered, suddenly breathless at the thought of her making Sakura into something that would get rid of her life.

"No wonder she had a fucking attack! You've stressed her too much! How fucking old are you? Thirty-three?" Mrs Haruno yelled, pointing an accusing finger at the French teacher. "You freaking paedophile!"

Ino felt the wind whistle in one ear, and then out of the other, her brain not properly taking in and forming Mrs Haruno's words correctly.

'I…Made her…Like this?' Ino's thoughts echoed loudly in her mind, almost deafening her and the environment around her.

"…Please, please, what is going to happen to Sakura?" Ino pleaded, her mind snapping to attention immediately.

Mrs Haruno seemed lost for a second, her eyes - which was glazed over because of the sudden change of subject - were now crawling awkwardly over Ino's body before resting at the floor.

"That is none of your business…" Mrs Haruno mumbled, which to Ino, seemed rather weird as Mrs Haruno looked like a woman that never backed down whatever the matter was.

Sighing sadly, Ino chose to ignore the hag as it seemed that she was wasting her breath anyways on the bat.

So instead, Ino once more tried to pass Mrs Haruno's outstretched arms that kept repeatedly knocking her back every time.

Grounding her teeth together, Ino resisted not to punch Mrs Haruno's fucking guts out before the end of this day - which was very hard, seeming as your loved one was probably dying slowly in the next room.

"If you do NOT move madam, I will MAKE you move." Ino snarled out her warning, batting Mrs Haruno's arms away from her once more. "And believe me, when I manage to get you away. I will make sure that you won't go down peacefully!"

Mrs Haruno gave Ino a defiant smirk, tucking her pink hair behind both of her ears and crossing her arms against her chest.

Ino rolled her eyes at such stubbornness from a full grown woman who seemed to remind her so much of Sakura.

'For one, they have the same persevering state and they are both very irritating at times. However, on Sakura's mother's case, she is getting on my nerves all the time!'

"For the last time, move yourself out of the-" Ino was cut off by a wild and not to mention loud, shriek that made her jump at least 9 feet up in the air.


Ino was tempted to laugh as she glanced at her raging mother from the corner of her eye.

However, she knew from the angry growls that was emitting from Mrs Haruno's throat, that this was not going to be pretty if she stayed here any longer - plus what would be the use of staying here? She'd be going sick with worry.

That was, if she wasn't already so sick with worry at the thought of the pinkette lying there in her bed, eyes closed, only tiny pants of breath coming from her body as her tanned skin started to pale at a tremendous speed and the way the pink-haired girl's body seemed to tremble and rack with pain at every little breath she took.

Closing her eyes, Ino breathed steadily, trying her best to put the meditation she had learned into good use at the same time as blocking out everything was going on around her.

Even so, Ino could still tell that both mother's was arguing uncontrollably, almost tearing each other apart with their verbal abuse that made Ino's ears sting agonizingly.

It was faint, nevertheless Ino felt the abuse creep into her senses slowly but surely enough until she could tell that the foul language was now clouding her mind.

"Your future daughter-in-law? My daughter is not a dyke!" Mrs Haruno seemed to be screaming, followed with a loud thump that sounded like a fist.

"Do not say such zings! Zat is rude and uncalled for!" Ino's mother yelled back as calm as she could, trying her hardest - and failing - to keep her voice steady. "Zhough I agree! She is not a dyke! She is called Sakura and she is a human being with human emotions zat 'ou can NEVER change even if 'ou tried!"

Ino's upper lip twitched in amusement at her mother's antics, absolutely loving the way that her mother could be so entertaining at times like this.

"Are you saying that I don't know my own daughter!? I was the one who gave birth to her you French bitch!"

Ino's eyebrow twitched in anger. This meditation was supposed to be helping her, but all she could hear or think about was the arguing that was going on outside of her mind.

"Zat is exactly what I am saying! 'ou are no mother! 'ou are someone zat uses Sakura as someone who 'ou needed to mold into something that 'ou wanted to be when 'ou was younger!"

"LIES! You filthy skank! Lies!"

Ino's eyes snapped open, a fiery crimson fire burning in the curl lean pits as she started to slowly edge past the distracted, but murderous, Mrs Haruno.


He had instantly dismissed the doctors out of another door when they had finished the check ups, none of them knowing what to do or what was going to happen to the pinkette.

Zachary had been one of the first to arrive at the hospital, along with his daughter and her two friends/students that was probably still waiting in the canteen area of the restaurant section of the hospital.

It was lucky that he had managed to sneak in, and it was even luckier when he had met a very old friend of his called Drew Tayukobo - who was the head of the R&UI (1) and was also his childhood best friend.

Studying the pocket knife in his hands, Zachary grinned at his reflection; noticing the slight specks of blood at the tips and bottom of the hilt of the knife while he placed the knife directly near both of his eyes.

The faint beeps that was Sakura's heart monitor faintly bleeped in Zachary's mind, making him forget the beauty of the knife for a moment and just making him remember that this unconscious girl was at his mercy.

"Completely…At my mercy…" Zachary whispered breathlessly, turning away from the hospital doors that would lead out to the long corridors and instead turning to face the comatose girl in front of him.

"What would it feel like if I slit 'our throat?" Zachary murmured, moving forward, knife gripped tightly in his hand. "Would 'ou feel the pain?"

A confused expression flickered across his face for a second; masking the fear beneath his pearl blue eyes.

"But what's really bugging me…" Zachary mumbled, pressing the knife gently down on Sakura's palm, the cool steel making the girl shudder for a second. "What am I going to feel? Satisfied? Guilty? Anger? Fear? What am I going to feel Haruno Sakura?"

He lifted the knife slowly off Sakura's palm, noticing once more as the girl shuddered at the coolness that had just disappeared.

"But 'ou can't tell me that, can 'ou?"

Zachary was about to turn around, when he suddenly swung back round against to place the tip of the knife directly touching Sakura's neck, knowing that if Sakura breathed in too heavily then she would surely die with a knife in her neck.

"You are a very interesting woman Haruno." He let his hand move down her body to just rest above her left breast. "This heart of 'ours is different from mine."

Thump, thump, thump…

"'our heart is weaker than mine, yet so much stronger. It is beating so slowly and yet it 'olds so much power." Zachary slid a finger down one porcelain cheek curiously. "I wonder…"

Thump, thump, thump…

"I wonder how fast 'our heart would go if I said that I was going to…" Leaning in slowly, Zachary grinned at the coldness that covered the pinkette's ear. "If I was going to kill Ino, hm? With zis very knife?"

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

"I see…" Zachary leaned back, noticing that the knife had now dropped onto the sheets near Sakura's right hip. "'ou are a very clever little animal aren't 'ou?"


"'Owever, I feel zat that if I end 'our life 'ere." Zachary removed his hand from the pinkette's chest. "Zen I feel zat we might not end ours together, oui?"

Soft, even breathing responded to him.

"Zat would be misfortunate, wouldn't it? Us, as 'umans, not dying together as planned." Zachary spoke with his usual French slur, his hand now resting on Sakura's forehead to push the pink hair away. "'Ou and I are both very alike. We are both very brutal, you from the inside and me from the outside, yet nobody seems to notice zat much do zey?"

Leaning over, Zachary let a hand brush over Sakura's eyelids, pulling them back so that he could stare into the empty abysses.

"If I killed 'ou, zhen it would get rid of Ino's pain and instead make her bring revenge on the killer."

He pulled his hand away from the flesh that was making his already wrinkling skin burn guiltily.

"Am I thinking too 'ard, Sakura? Would killing 'ou be easier? Being murdered by my own daughter? Hm?"

Blinking for a few seconds, Zachary listened quietly to the quiet beeps of Sakura's life monitor, his eyes crawling over Sakura's face enquiringly.

"I am sorry…" Blonde locks fell into squinted eyes. "Zat I wasn't so supportive of 'ou and my daughter."

Hands was shoved in pockets and a large groan of frustration because of the silence was literally yelled out.

"I am afraid Sakura, zat life is too complicated." Zachary turned around for a moment, grabbing the top of a chair and pulling it towards him so he could sit down next to Sakura's bedside.

"Zhere are things that aren't meant to happen, or things that 'ou as a person, cannot change no matter how much you want it to." Zachary began to explain, hands in lap as he cradled his fragile thoughts. "Zhere are people 'ou want to say sorry to but 'ou do not know how to."

Confusion flickered across his ragged features, making the French man look like a four year old child that he used to be when his innocence was still intact.

"I am a person zat not even I can understand. Maybe I am like zat mad scientist Mr Jekyll? Maybe I have two personalities? Hm? I do not know. All zat I know is probably no use to 'ou."

Sakura shifted a little in her unconsciousness, her hands twitching a little and a soft moan left her throat.

"I 'ope zat 'ou are not 'aving any dirty thoughts Sakura, as I am telling you something zat is very serious at zis time and place." Zachary joked, chuckling a little at the silence that followed him.

"Though, I suppose I should let 'ou 'ave a little bit of freedom, non? If zis is 'our last day 'ere." Zachary let his hands slide into his pockets, his finger tips just barely grazing the hard leather of the knife. "Let 'our thoughts roam…Let zhem show you the way through 'our illness and into ze arms of my daughter, hm?"

A loud creak was heard outside of the door, making Zachary jump up from his chair, sending the chair flying back towards the wall.

Placing his hands unsteadily behind him so that he could feel the rough texture of the wall behind him, Zachary heaved a sigh of relief as silence once more engulfed the room in invisible flames.

Which was once more broken by a slam of a door, an angry cry in French and very much more verbal abuse from a English woman's voice.

"What is going on? How is Sakura?! How long have you been in here? What have you done to her?!"

"For lord zake woman! Leave my daughter and Sakura alone for just a few seconds! My daughter deserves to see 'er lover!"

"FUCK THAT! Get the fuck out of the way! That dyke will not touch my little Sakura! Get out of my way!"

Zachary grunted slowly at his daughter, finally acknowledging her as he let his hand gesture towards the sleeping girl.

"I did nothing. She's fine, the doctors are in the other room to 'our right to discuss the problem and will probably report back in a few more minutes…Maybe 'ours if we aren't lucky."

As much as Zachary was trying to get himself back into his daughter's life - they always say flattery is the best compliment - he couldn't help but notice on how terrible she looked.

Her usually straight blonde hair, was now in ruins, with split ends, the lines under her eyes just seemed to make her look older and the way her eyes was glazed over with the lack of sanity made Zachary be blunt to a point that he knew was asking for trouble.

"Zhough, I ask of 'ou not to touch 'er. 'Ou look terrible. What 'as happened to 'ou? Hmm?"

From the twitch of her now clenched fists, Zachary took this as a sign of anger towards him, in addition to that, he instantly dismissed his daughter's gaze on him and instead focused his own onto his wife - who was blocking the door from a murderous Mrs Haruno.

"Flora. Can 'ou 'andle 'er? Zis will only take a second." He spoke calmly, gesturing to Ino - who was sitting at the end of Sakura's bed.

A loud French curse was heard, along with a thump that sounded too much like a fist connecting with a nose.

"Oui! Oui! I will take zis bitch and 'er abuse outside of zis damn 'ospital!" A thump once more, along with a very loud bang.

Zachary wondered what it would feel like if he ever divorced his wife for Mrs Haruno. Hmm.

He actually didn't want to find out. So much for the blood-lust that was caged inside of him.

Awkward silence filled the room, making Zachary look up to study his daughter's concerned looking face.

Ino caressed Sakura's cheek lightly, eyelids tempting to slam themselves shut as Sakura's even breathing almost made Ino drift off into a probably uneven sleep which would end up with her having nightmares.

She couldn't speak, her throat was numb, her heart was just as numb, and if she even tried to breathe properly then she knew that tears of weakness would slowly fall down to her face to let Sakura's soft fabric soak the salty liquid up.

Why now? Why? Surely a few more years, just a few more! That was all Ino was asking for! She just wanted…

No. If she was honest with herself, Sakura was maybe right, being together with Sakura too long was damaging her, killing her and practically making her fade away into someone else.

However, Ino knew that the pink-haired woman was worth it, by god she was worth more than anything Ino had ever come across. Anything. She would give anything that she had to be able to touch Sakura in anyway possible, intimate and just plainly feeling flesh against flesh.

"Sakura…" Letting her digits slide across Sakura's delicate face, Ino sighed in pleasure at feeling the flesh beneath her fingers that made her body tingle with such overwhelming euphoria. "Please…I love you."

Her words became whispers, her hands trembling slightly and a large amount of her silvery, blonde locks curtained her eyes.

"I would do anything for you." Ino whispered quickly, hands gripping tightly on the bed sheets. "So please…Breathe me in. Let me fix you."

A dark chuckle broke her speech, breaking her in the process that she almost let out a strangled sob of rage and sorrow.

"'Ou always was the cliché one." Zachary murmured, pulling a chair up from behind him so he could sit down.


Zachary let a smirk embrace his features, the lines on his face masking his worry for a smug look that he had kept on for a few years that it seemed hard to get rid of in a time like this one.

"I feel kind of jealous zat 'ou 'old so much love for zis girl, and yet 'ou 'ave not seen me, Flora and 'our sister for almost a 'ear." Zachary spat, the anger in his eyes making him feel superior to know what he was planning while his daughter was literally almost in agony.

"'Er mother and father are idiots Ino. They 'eld onto something zat they called love. 'Owever, no matter what their circumstances are, they 'ave created something zat will only bring pain."

Zachary studied Ino carefully, only knowing she was very close of breaking down because of the way her body stiffened every time he spoke.

"Zat Sakura, eh Ino? A mistake, was she not? Hm?" Zachary grinned, once more noticing how Ino's body was becoming stiffer and stiffer until he was sure that she was going to stay in that position for a very long time.

"You want zat throbbing in 'our 'eart to stop, don't 'ou? 'Ou want it to stop making 'our 'ead spin and for it to stop making 'our eyes blurry." He stood up, leaning over Sakura's brittle body to place a firm hand on Ino's rigid shoulder. "I am sorry. I am sorry zat 'ou 'ave to experience love in the most brutal way possible. I am…Very sorry indeed."

Ino's throat let out a garbled piece of noise, tied with being a sob and a very dry and sarcastic laugh.

Almost rolling his eyes, Zachary tried a different approach of getting closer to his daughter and her problem.

"I see zat 'er mother does not approve of 'our relationship." Waiting for nothing but silence. "And who can blame 'er? A lesbian relationship and also a relationship with 'ou as 'er teacher and she as 'our student. Not the most…Everlasting relationships are they?"

Nothing but a little tremble from Ino's lower body up to her shoulder that seemed to set Zachary's hands on fire.

"But 'ou do not care, do 'ou? All zat matter's is 'our love for one another, oui?" Zachary let his grin drop, once again taking another approach.

He reached for the chocolate in the inside pocket of his jacket, gingerly picking it out from between his fingers and pushing it towards Ino's clenched fists to try and pry her to look up.

"'Ere, zis is 'our favourite chocolate, why don't 'ou -" His speech was interrupted as Zachary felt the solid that had just been in his fingers leave his digits as quickly as lightning.

Glancing up, Zachary hid his smugness with a frown at the look of Ino's cerulean eyes glistening with shed tears and the way her cheeks were all red and puffy from the liquids effect on her skin.

"Fuck the chocolate!" Ino hissed out in anguish, hands trembling as they clutched at Sakura's bed sheets. "Fuck you! Why are you even here?! What the fuck is the point of you telling me all this?!"

Zachary blinked, turning his head for a second to look at the brown splattered mess that was on the wall, before returning his gaze back to Ino.

Panting heavily, Ino shut her eyes tightly, breathing heavily to try and get rid of the new patch of tears that was whelming up inside of her.

"How dare you say she was a mistake! She was never a mistake! Without her, I would probably have been dead right now! Without her, I wouldn't feel complete! I wouldn't feel happy, I wouldn't feel anything but the undeniable emotion of hate and confusion for the rest of my life! So how, fucking dare you!"

Zachary lifted himself up from his chair slowly, pushing his chair back up against the wall with the back of his legs, never letting his gaze waver from his tortured daughter.

"Give up on 'er Ino. Pain will devour 'ou if you do not." He replied back steadily, his arms folded defiantly.

A low growl escaped Ino's throat, along with a very loud thump that sounded like flesh hitting against metal.

"So? Is that it? That's what I'm supposed to do? Give her up? Give something that's made me happier in the six or seven months than I've ever felt in the last twenty-two years of my life? Give her up? No! I told her I'd wait for her, and I will NOT let that promise be broken. For you or for anyone at all! And for anyone who tries to tell me otherwise, to hell with them!" Ino yelled, her resentment towards her father's words draining out the tears that had threatened to spill from her eyes only a few moments ago.

Zachary grunted, standing up once more to look at the unconscious girl who now had a tanned hand plastered against her forehead.

"I see…" Happiness seemingly sparkled from the French man's eyes, never one dwindling as he gazed up at his daughter quickly before returning his eyes towards the door to his right.

Nodding curtly at Ino, he twisted his body around so that he was directly facing the door that would lead to where the doctor's meeting would be held.

"I am going to leave zis room Ino. I agree with 'ou. Do not give up on 'er. All that I ask of 'ou is to cry. Let everything 'ou are feeling out. And we will pray together, zat Daddy will make it alright."

With one last glance at her shocked face, Zachary left the room, only the echoes of his last movement ringing in the air around them both.

Once opening the door to the other room, he silenced the surprised doctors with a glare and a wave of his hand to gesture to them to be silent.

As soon as he had closed the door, Zachary pressed his ear against the wood of the door, listening intently to the sound of silence.

Silence erupted into a ear-splitting sob, slowly turning into screams that pierced Zachary's ears like wildfire and then the screams slowly turning into strangled ones, along with the sound of something being broken into pieces.

"Sakura! Oh god…Please! Oh my god…Please, someone…Help me! Help me please!"

Zachary blinked forcefully, something stirring deep inside of his mind and body as the pleads from his daughter finally broke something that had been asleep for a very long time.

Sanity maybe? Friendship? Trust? Companionship? Pride?

Love? What was it? Was it the tentacles that pulled you into the dark, almost black sea? That engulfed you in pain and only a little bit of love that was it's name?

Whatever it was, Zachary didn't like it when his heart broke. In fact, he hated it when his heart broke.

Normally, most people would have gotten used to the word 'pain', but every time it came near him, Zachary was forced to turn away - his bittersweet smile hiding the torture that was rippling through him.

Pulling away from the door, Zachary turned towards the startled doctors; embracing them all with a wide (painful) smile.

"I would like to exchange my 'eart please."

If Zachary could do something to save that pink-haired brat.

This was it.


"Remember that time, when you got hurt by Naruto by accident?" Ino whispered, placing a chaste kiss on Sakura's stone cold lips. "All to protect that ex bastard of yours…And they say you have no heart."

"Do you also remember the time when you healed me from my injury when we first met? After I so obliviously touched you there…"

Ino inhaled heavily, letting her fingers play with Sakura's lips absentmindedly, flicking and pinching at the cold flesh.

"When you told me you loved me. That was the very first time I felt anything in the past years of my life. I felt something. And it felt good."

Breathing slowly.

"So please, wake up. I will do anything. Anything at all, just please wake up…I will do anything you ask of me, anything you want me to do…I-I just. I hate this."

"Please Ms Yamanaka, we have to remove you from the room as we are now underway of an operation that we need Ms Haruno for."

The voice startled Ino to the fullest, glancing up Ino was surprised to see her father and five other doctors standing around him in a tight bunch.

Narrowing her eyes suspiciously at the slight twitch of a smile on her father's face, Ino never let her hand slip away from Sakura's cold and harsh lips.

"What have you done?" Ino asked, her voice ruthless and as unfeeling as Sakura's pale lips.

"I am saving 'er life by doing something the impossible." Zachary responded serenely, his eyes having a vicious glint in them.

"And what is that?" Ino questioned instantly, eyes still narrowed and her suspicions - if possible - were higher than ever.

"Do not ask questions Ino, go find 'our friends and wait in the canteen. I might report back to 'ou in the next few 'ours." Zachary gave her a composed smile, which was followed by a mischievous wink.

Ino gave him a heated look, her hands slightly straying from Sakura's painfully freezing lips.

"I swear…If you hurt her…"

"I would never think of doing that to 'er. In fact, I think this might 'urt me than 'urt 'er." Zachary nodded towards a fellow doctor, who then began to mutter quietly to the other doctors, obviously explaining the plan of the operation and how long it was going to take.

"I doubt it!" Ino snapped, slipping off the bottom of Sakura's bed to stand up so that her face was no more than an inch away from her father's.

"'Ou doubt so many things. I'm not surprised you doubt this one." Zachary replied with a roll of his eyes.

Ino resisted the urge to spit in his eye.

"You bastard…" She muttered.

Zachary looked at her, his feathers unruffled as he took one step forward to place a kiss on his daughter's forehead.

"I love 'ou too. Now please go wait in the canteen."

Ino found her feet automatically moving, her fists still clenched as she found herself outside of Sakura's room and into the long corridor where dozens of visitors were bustling around to get to their relatives and friends rooms.

"FUCK! What am I doing?" Ino spun around once more to grab the door handle when she was suddenly stopped by a firm hand pressing into her shoulder, nails digging into favourite navy blue top.

Cerulean eyes darkening dangerously, Ino let a low rumbling snarl escape from her throat.

"Mrs Haruno…Let go of me. Or I swear that I will make sure you never be able to have babies again." Ino barked out her warning, her grip on the door handle tightening immensely.

"I'm afraid dear, that my wife can never have babies again anyway. Seeming as this is a bad time for her knowing that her only daughter is a lesbian and will probably never have children that are her own flesh and blood."

Ino's eyes widened in shock. Was this who she thought it was? How come he didn't judge her relationship with Sakura? Why? How?

She didn't dare to turn around to find out.

"Mr Haruno? I presume?" Ino merely mumbled, letting go of the door handle unhurriedly.

"That would be correct, though I would prefer if you called me Ren. Formalities are annoying to me."

Ino really found it hard to believe that she was actually talking to Sakura's father; she knew she was from the tone of his voice that sounded so familiar to Sakura's it was kind of scary to her.

Yet, what made Ino doubt was that the way he was so calm around a woman who was the blame (the blame? When had she started blaming herself for hers' and Sakura's own feelings?) for his daughter turning into a 'dyke' as her Mrs Haruno kindly put it.

"Ren. Aren't you mad? At all?" Ino asked, noticing that the hand on her shoulder was getting a firmer grip on her as she talked.

A little laugh from Ren almost made Ino drop to the floor in pure shock and surprise. What was it with this guy? How the hell did Mrs Haruno and Ren even get TOGETHER?

"There's nothing to be mad at. All I know is that my wife has overreacted and will soon get over your relationship with Sakura. My wife, no matter what she lets escapes her mouth, is a very caring woman and all I ask of you is to not go looking for trouble with her when it comes to Sakura, you, sex and just plain stuff that she can't stand."

Ino nodded, almost letting out a witty chuckle that was if saying, warning her, that she was being so uncharacteristic with her choice of being silent and the way she had said nothing when being told what to do.

"I see. Now, tell me what my father is doing in there? I am sure you know as you have probably been informed on it all, have you not?" Ino requested, adding a familiar sharpness to her tone to just remind Ren (and maybe herself) that she was the one in charge around her, no matter what age or size.

"I HAVE been informed as soon as they finished discussing the whole thing, which took about ten minutes or so when you was no doubt waiting in the room with Sakura. Yet nothing has happened. Your father tried to exchange Sakura's heart with his own, however the doctor's said it was literally impossible after they researched more about heart exchanges." Ren explained, obviously trying to make his speech short as it could be.

Ino's breath caught in her throat, and she was sure that her whole chest was going to explode in astonishment.

"H-He tried to help Sakura?!" Ino couldn't help but cry out, however still not turning to look at Ren's face. "What?! Is that why he-?"

"You seem…Surprised?"

Ino felt her hand slip away from the door handle, cradling itself in the palm of her other hand.

"It just…Does not seem like something he would do." Ino's eyes shifted, realization finally hitting her on the head. "Though, I thought you would have tried to put your heart in first…Comprendre?

Ino didn't wince when the grip on her shoulder almost yanked her back in anger at her statement.

"You! I!" A sigh escaped through lips. "I don't know why…I was just so caught up in everything and you're right, I shouldn't of been. I should have been there for Sakura, but I wasn't…She was alone."

Ino placed her hand back on the door handle, pressing her palm down on the handle to push it down.

"Is she alone now?" Ino asked, concern, anxiety and just plain confusion written clearly in her voice.

"I was actually going to in there to find out, but go on ahead. At the moment." A long pause, along with a little crack of knuckles. "You deserve to see her more than me at this moment in time."

"Would you be insulted if I agreed with you?" Ino asked, a smile coming on her face at the thought of being able to say such things to Sakura's own father.

"Not really, I deserve as much."

Ino swallowed the saliva that was building up in her throat, nerves and her guilty conscience slowly creeping up on her.

"I am sorry. It was not in my place to say that, you are her father. Please go first…I will wait."

Side stepping out of the way to the entrance of Sakura's room, Ino shut her eyes tightly, still not wishing to see the face of Sakura's father; in case that when she saw him, she would instantly feel a loathing towards him in his looks. (2)



Zachary looked up from his chair to stare directly into deep emerald that seemed to match the ones that lay a few feet away from him on the hospital bed, his gaze never shaky as Zachary pulled up another chair next to himself and waved a free hand towards it.

"Ren I assume? Sit, please sit down." Zachary spoke quietly, as if he was trying to convince words out of his very own mouth.

A creak of wood confirmed that Ren had indeed taken a seat next to the other man, breaking the calming silence between them both until they were finally just muttering nothing that seemed important to them anymore.

"I am sorry zat I 'ave been at 'our daughter's side for all this time. I just had to get rid of Ino fast, I didn't want 'er to hear me talk to these doctors about something that might cause her more heartbreak." Zachary spoke tentatively, his fingers tapping on the sides of his wooden chair to restore confidence to himself.

Ren remained silent, his features hidden by the long brunette locks that swayed directly over his eyes at every breath he took.

"I didn't want to let 'er overhear that we might 'ave to terminate Sakura as quickly and silently as possible. It would…'urt 'er." Zachary continued, letting his eyelids close at the sound of a gasp behind the door that could only surely belong to the one and only Ino Yamanaka.

Nevertheless, no matter what Ino had heard, Zachary was not the least bit surprised or shocked when Ino didn't instantly come racing in towards him despite the fact that he had tried to keep it away from her to try and not to break her heart.

"I see. You did that on purpose didn't you?" Ren responded in a unusual monotone that didn't seem to fit his voice at all.

"'Es. What else can I do Ren? I can't say it to 'er face. She might as well 'ear about it zis way." Zachary drawled on, letting his line of eyesight fall onto the still unconscious body that lay in front of them both.

"Bit cruel aren't you?" Ren spat, disgust so clear in his voice that Zachary was caught off guard by it, even if he was used to it from almost everyone around him.

"It would zeem so." Zachary responded, resting his chin in his palm whilst waiting for the turn of the door handle.

Sakura's light breathing was the only thing that amused both men for a while until the loud scraping of metal against wood broke both of their senses.

Zachary let a smirk take on his face as he recognized the familiar sound as his friend (and Sakura's personal doctor) Drew Tayukobo's metal knuckles scraped the wooden door where his daughter was surely still waiting.

"Drew. 'ou may come in my friend." Zachary whispered loud enough that the doctor only just managed to hear it. "Though I hope zat 'ou are going to protect me once 'ou open zer door as it seems zat-"

"You bastard! You fucking bastard! You lying…" Ino's loud voice filled the whole room as a growl, breaking off Drew's knuckles scraping the walls to try and silence them into a calm demeanour.

"Zat my daughter does not like me at zis moment in time." Zachary smiled lightly, knowing that the throbbing in his head was most likely where his daughter had just slapped him around the head.

"You was going to kill her?! Kill her without telling me nothing! You sick bastard! You disgust me!" Ino's yells once more filled Zachary's body in Goosebumps, scaring the living Shiva (3) out of him.

Gulping down his saliva, Zachary ignored his daughter's shouts of protests and let his body turn steadily towards Drew so that they could at least try to have a formal (not to mention proper) conversation without being interrupted.

"Drew, what are the chances of 'er surviving now?" He asked in a cool monotone, his eyes now scanning the older doctor's knuckles curiously.

Drew Tayukobo was in his late forties, his smooth creamy skin had a few wrinkles, his obviously used-to-be-brunette hair was now speckled with hints of grey wisps and his oddly coloured crimson eyes were now ragged looking and it seemed that they had seen too much of the world that held too many painful memories of death and destruction.

He let a tired smile take on his worn features. "Her chances of recovering is 89%, mainly because this was only a little heart attack. It seemed that she being pressured too much and it also seems that her heart couldn't take it and it wanted to…Take a break?"

Ino doesn't actually know if she wants to throttle everyone in this room -including herself- or burst out into tears of joy.

She chooses neither.

"That's all good and well, but what are the chances of Sakura actually living until she's thirty?!" Ino screams her question out, stomping her foot so childishly that it would a two year old proud.

Drew's smile instantly strained itself into a thin line that was etched eerily on his old-looking features.

"We actually…Have no idea. All we know is that she's going to recover this little 'spasm' of an attack. All we have to do is wait for her to wake up and rest up. That's all we can do I'm afraid Ms Yamanka. Do not worry, you and your fiancé will be together again shortly."

Ino grabbed firmly onto the first thing that was in her reach - poor Ren, it was a surprise he's head was still intact - in addition to this, she smiled weakly at what had come out of the doctor's mouth.

"Um…" She blushed, her whole face feeling like it was permanently on the heating 'super-nova'. "We are not to be married…Ahem."

Looking down and rubbing his metal knuckles, Drew let out a little chuckle which soon turned into full blown laughter which he only managed to muffle with the back of his hand.

"Yet." Turning away from all of them, he motioned towards the door with his index finger. "Come, leave them alone."

Ren and Zachary seemed to know by instinct that this speech was being directed at them, furthermore they hastily jumped off their stools/chairs and literally ran to Drew's side outside of the room.

Ino let out a sigh, throwing herself down on a very uncomfortable wooden chair and placing her sweaty hands in Sakura's cool ones.

"Please Saku. Don't take forever…"


"Do you think Sakura's okay?" Temari asked the blonde brat, who was now stuffing his face with an apple crumple which was sprinkled with dry apricots.

Breaking a part of the crumple off with his spoon and mashing it up with some of the apricots, Naruto let out a teasing sigh.

"When did YOU start to care about Sakura?" He joked, placing the spoon that was crammed with apple crumple in his mouth and smacking his lips after he had finished.

Temari folded her arms, giving Naruto her evil eyes along with a slap over the head that soon left the boy seeing stars and triple Temari's.

"You idiot! I hate you but I would ask how you was if you was in such a critical state as Sakura is!" Temari growled, hitting Naruto over the head once more for extra effect.

Naruto grabbed the top of his head, wincing tremendously at the pain that had just rocketed into his skull.

"Hey! Temari-chan! That hurt!" His grin soon overtook his face and he tickled her lightly on her shoulder. "Plus, you don't hate me. Nobody could!"

Temari resisted to flick his nose. Her hand was itching too. Fuck. This was hard…Surely one flick couldn't hurt.

"I'm just too gorgeous to hate." Naruto laughed, spooning another piece of apple crumple into his mouth and letting out a little hum for added effect.

Something inside of Temari broke and in a split second, Temari's index finger hit against the bone of Naruto's nose.

"Shut it cutie." Temari smirked, noting that the bewildered expression on Naruto's face WAS actually quite cute.

Rubbing the sore spot on his nose, Naruto let his jaw hang low and his breathing get quicker than before.

"Did YOU just call ME cute?" He gasped out, dropping his spoon so dramatically that it made Temari flinch.

Recovering quickly from the sudden sound, Temari flicked her hand out again to just anchor Naruto's jaw in her palm.

"Yeah, now shut the fuck up and nobody will know about this little kiss I'm about to give you okay?"

Naruto nodded, his eyes wide and his whole body was tingling in excitement as the sandy-haired blonde closed her teal eyes and leaned her body over the table to place a chaste kiss on his embarrassingly chapped lips.

The apple crumple lay forgotten for the rest of the night.


'Ouch! Bright light! Bright light! Ugh. I hate bright lights.'Sakura thought, moaning slightly as light seemed to engulf her eyesight.

Her eyesight once more began to envelope into darkness, then darkness seemed to clear more into something more yellow and then a face that Sakura was only just remembering.

'Mhm. At least the light's gone.'

"Sakura…" Murmured a voice that seemed so familiar that Sakura could almost taste the person's voice on her tongue.

Aha! Now she remembered! The coppery taste was gone from her throat and it seemed to have left shakes going down her body.

"Ino." Sakura sat up, one hand rubbing her eyes whilst the other delicately rubbed her forehead to get rid of the ache there.

"Geez, don't tell me this god damn heart spazzed out again." Sakura groaned teasingly, noticing that Ino was giving her a blank look as she did so. "The bitch. God…What a headache."

Smiling brightly up at the blonde, Sakura flashed Ino the most sauciest winks she could muster. "Missed me?"

Before Sakura could even begin to try and ask her question again with another tone that would surely bring Ino to her knees, Sakura was enclosed in a warm and very comforting hug that knocked the breath out of her.

"Terribly." Ino sobbed into the younger girl's shoulder, tears flowing freely from her cheeks that it made it hard for Ino to breathe. "So much…"

Sakura blinked. Not really surprised that her waist was being crushed by Ino's arms and not really minding anyway.

"I'm sorry…" Sakura whispered, kissing the back of Ino's ear ever so lightly that she shuddered when Ino trembled against her body. "I'm sorry for everything I said back at the school…I didn't mean it. I just…" Sakura gave up on speech.

"I thought that I lost you." Ino mumbled into the crook of Sakura's neck, letting her tongue slowly lick it's way up to try and tell her brain that this was Sakura…Sakura was real. She tasted real. "You bitch."

Sakura chuckled dryly, loving the way that Ino's muscles moved against her lower body and the way that Ino was just being so cocky with her. She loved it.

"Kay mother hen. I love you too." Sakura grinned, almost choking when Ino thumped her hard on the back.

"That's loverhen to you." Ino whispered lovingly into Sakura's ear, pulling at the lobe with her teeth gently.

"Oh, scuse me then." Sakura laughed, pulling back to pull down the blonde woman with her onto the hospital bed; eyes alight with mischief. "Hey, don't think of getting any ideas, I'm still worn out."

Ino shot Sakura a coy smile, feeling exhausted herself as she let her body slowly curl up near the pinkette in a loving embrace despite that both of them was nearly hanging off the edge of the bed.

"I wasn't thinking of the sort." Ino rested her forehead against Sakura's, closing her eyes and exhaling Sakura's scent. "You just assume the most dirtiest thoughts I have ever come across."

Sakura resisted to roll her eyes, instead letting a hand caress Ino's cool cheeks slowly to try and calm herself down from all the panic that had surely been going around whilst she had been out for the count.

"Kay sorry. I know I'm irresistible and everything. I should stop shouldn't I?" Sakura teased, bobbing her tongue out to lick the tip of Ino's nose. "And I'm sorry that I made you worry about me…"

Ino narrowed her eyes cautiously, not knowing what to say or what to do on this matter in time.

"I do worry about you. But at the moment, I'm just glad that you're here in my arms…Half naked in a bed." Ino finished, giving Sakura a flirtatious wink along with a long chaste kiss.

Flushed, Sakura hit Ino playfully over the head to try to knock some sense into the over-engaging blonde.

"I swear Ino! Hormonal much?" Sakura laughed, a reserved smile sketching itself onto her face as she let her hands run through lavish blonde curls.

Ino smirked, letting herself up a little so she was on her all fours before pushing Sakura's green patient top up slowly that it rested just on top of her firm and round breasts.

"Ino? Don't tell me you're going to try and make love to me in a hospital in a very open place?" Sakura giggled nervously, biting her lip to stop herself from gasping as a tongue slowly worked on her stomach muscles.

"Hm? Of course not, just going to make you feel hot and bothered then probably leave you frustrated for a few minutes." Ino breathed hotly against Sakura's stomach, almost making Sakura moan at how good it felt against her skin and hormonal brain.

"And you call me a bitch." Sakura tilted her head back, eyes closed as she inhaled Ino's French perfume.

"Wait!" Sakura called, feeling soft fingers slowly massage her abdomen until she let out a little squeak of a moan. "Oh…Okay, I suppose that works."

Ino licked and kissed Sakura's stomach feverishly, drowning under her own arousal for something that was just too irresistible for her own good.

"So you are real…" Ino murmured into Sakura's stomach, licking the flesh ever so lightly that euphoria pumped through her veins when Sakura lurched against her mouth.

"As real as you want me to be…" Sakura grunted, gripping onto Ino's blonde locks and wrapping a leg slyly around the French maiden's waist to pull her closer towards her.

"Very real." Ino licked around Sakura's bellybutton, only allowing her tongue to go so near to where Sakura's weak spot was.

Blissfully sighing, Sakura wrapped her arms around the blonde, pulling her down on top of her even more - if that was possible - because even she had to remind herself if this was real or not.

"Can we just…I dunno. Cuddle?" Sakura whispered to Ino, biting her lower lip in a way that Ino found immensely adorable.

Nodding, Ino leaned in slowly, her mouth only open enough so that her canines could pull on Sakura's lower lip leisurely and affectionately until a giggle left the pinkette's lips.

"Gee, aren't you the demonstrative minx today?" Sakura teased, also leaning down to pull on the blonde's lip in turn.

Pouting just to make the pink-haired girl smile, Ino wrapped her arms around the girl's slim waist, pulling Sakura into her to envelope her in her own body heat.

"Hmm. Say a long word and tell me the meaning of it." Ino said, closing her eyes and rubbing her nose into Sakura's stomach.

Sakura rolled her eyes, laughing a little at the nose that was caressing her tanned body gently whilst a tongue teased her bellybutton.

"Uhm…Oh my god! Sweet mother of Sandy!" Sakura yelled eyes wide as she leaned up to point out of her hospital window, making Ino slide down her stomach in the process.

Almost jumping out of her skin, Ino followed where Sakura's finger was and furrowed her eyebrows in disappointment.

"There's nothing there." Frowning with her arms crossed, Ino turned to face the pinkette who was laughing into her pillow.

"Exactly!" Sakura giggled, her voice muffled from the pillow. "Oomph!" And now the added weight of Ino on her abdomen.

"Evil, I thought that something was interesting outside." Ino sulked, lowering her lower lip into a playful pout.

Raising a eyebrow at the French woman, Sakura reached up, brushed aside Ino's hair that was hiding her forehead and in turn poked Ino's forehead.

"Like? Naruto and Temari finally making out or something?" Sakura laughed cockily, poking Ino's forehead once more.

Grabbing the finger just before Sakura could poke again, Ino kissed the tip of the digit lightly. "Now that would be interesting…"

"Ino. I won't leave you again…" Sakura suddenly said, leaning upwards a little to cup Ino's delicate face in her right hand. "I promise you…"

Sighing, Ino rested her forehead against the pinkette's, breathing in and then exhaling to try and clear her thoughts more at the ruined moment.

"But how would I know Saku? How would you know?" Ino whispered, almost inaudibly.

"Because I know I won't feel this feeling ever again…In my whole entire lifetime, not even if I searched for a thousand of years. And fuck you. Stop making me go all mushy." Sakura choked on a sob, tears stinging her eyes.

Gulping, Ino pressed herself into Sakura, arms wrapped around the pinkette girl as they slowly wept together in perfect harmony.

"Okay. I trust you. You won't leave me and I won't leave you, oui?" Ino mumbled into Sakura's neck, fresh tears of happiness as well as sadness running down her cheeks.

"You'll kill me if you left me." Sakura murmured, tugging at Ino's hair so that she could look into the blonde woman's eyes.

"Oui? Then I definitely won't leave you, not that I was planning to anyway…" Ino trailed off, leaning so close to Sakura's lips that she could feel Sakura's hot breath on her cheeks.

Annoyed at how Ino had stopped at the best part, Sakura pouted her lower lip and scowled at the blonde.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Kiss me." The scowl quickly turned into a seductive smirk. "Chickening out? Scared that I might make you moan too loud? Or is it because you just can't-"

Arms wrapped around neck, lips nipping at her neck whilst hands slowly moved down to massage lazily the inside of her thighs.

Sakura grinned an animalistic grin, satisfied that for a while that she was going to be okay with Ino by her side.

For eternity.

"Je t'aime Saku."

"I love you too Frenchie."

(A/N: …o.o Well…I had a sadder ending that would of made you all cry but people wanted a more HAPPIER ending. So yah. Uhm…Hehe? I apologize for the length of this chapter by the way XD)

1) Rare and Unique Illnesses (sp?) O.o I made it up but whatever.

2) It's actually hard to understand how Ino feels from her reactions to Ren. Let's just say that she doesn't want to see the hurt, anger or shame in his eyes that is obviously being directed at Sakura.