Hot Shot's girl: Well this is my first story for Final Fantasy 7 the best one EVER! Yeah I'm new at being a fan. I love Crisis Core, Advent Children, and Derge Of Cerberus. Yep and my fav is Vincent Valentine. It was love at first sight--that red cape caught my eye good lol. Well just to say I don't know as much about this as most people but I would like to try and write a fanfiction. If you like it good, if you don't just don't read 'cause this is a WARNING that I'm NEW to this. Besides this is fanfiction so--yeah--anything goes ;P

"Wake up Vincent Valentine . . . wake up. You have been gone in this darkness for so long. We cannot see you anymore. We are blind to your image. We are deaf to your cries.

Cry louder to us through your slumber in time. We cannot hear you. We cannot feel you. How did it feel like? . . . the touch of your hand?

We cannot remember. It had been so long. Through time and space you have descended. To a place, it appears, we cannot follow.

The gaze of your ruby eyes are not upon us as they once were. You have always watched us—protected us—loved us, but now . . . that protection, that love has lifted from us. Where can we find it again? Where can we find you?

Have you abandoned us because of hate? Or has hate forced you away from us? Is hate your friend, or hate your enemy that drags you away from everyone you know? Why are you so far from us? And . . . if you aren't, then where . . . where are you?

Why do you slumber away from us? Why do you sleep when we are so tired? Why do you find peace in darkness when we are the light waiting to find you? Why can't you be here to answer all questions?

So much has happened and become what it is since you have fallen into shadow. Time had not been a friend to us Vincent. Time had turned and rotated us in life.

How come you are resistant to time and let it pass by you? Does time not affect your heart or even darkness you are consumed in? Can you understand that so much time has gone by for us? So many memories.

Do you, Vincent, remember those memories? Do you remember us? Does your dreams emit us as we were or as we are now?

Does your dreams allow you to peak into the present? Can you see us now for what we really are? Or . . . have your dreams trapped you in your present which is our past?

Wake up Vincent Valentine. It is time to shed the sleep from your heavy lids. It is time to cease dreams and wake to the reality of life. It is time to break free from the darkness that keeps you from us.

Wake up Vincent Valentine, wake up."

"Wake up Vincent Valentine . . . wake up," came that all-too-familiar voice.

Vincent opened his eyes and once his gaze focused on the figure leaning over him as he slumbered on the grass his lips curled into a smile. The woman, well—actually girl physically, who sat beside him in the soft grass under the warm sun always made him smile just looking at him like that. Come to think—she barely used to do this thing—smile. Emotionless she once was, but looking at her now you could hardly tell.

Yes her voice was still a bit monotone, but it slowly changed the more time she spent with him and his friends. Vincent managed to let out a light snicker seeing her smile that childish smile of hers he came to know—and love.

"Can I not sleep?" he asked with a smile.

"Not here," she said placing her tender hands on her hips as she settled down next to him in the sun-kissed field.

"And why is that?" he asked sitting up and looking at her.

"You're in my spot," she said with a hint of a giggle.

Vincent was to say something, but just let his lips open and shut at the realization that he had nothing to say. A certain someone always said that. Just the realization of that memory halted his very words, but silence wasn't at all a bad thing with him and this . . . Shelke knew.

Shelke just smiled again with her blue eyes shining from the rays of the sun beating down upon them. She tilted her head to the side a bit and gazed at the dark man before her that seemed to get lighter with ever-kind emotion he emitted right now. Shelke couldn't help but be drawn into his kindness seeing someone like him couldn't actually have it this affectionate. She shrugged her shoulders and leaned into him.

In the back of her mind she wondered if Vincent would accept this kind of move. She gave him no warning and never had by any gesture or word. But in most of her mind she knew he'd accept it and not even care who laid on him. She leaned on his shoulder and found herself in a bit of surprise feeling his arm wrap around her shoulder as they both fall back again in the grass.

Shelke gave a small gasp of excitement out as she floated down with Vincent. Vincent, on the other hand, made no sound. Just giving off that smile of his was enough to know he was enjoying this moment. But even though Shelke didn't want to ruin it she had to bring out what's been on her mind lately.

"Vincent," she said casting her blue eyes down just a bit to where they rested on his golden claw laying gently on his chest.

Vincent said not a word. He just flicked his eyes towards her face and showed his attention and that he was ready to listen.

"Don't you think . . . you should return to your friends?"

"Why?" he asked. "I have been away from them before. They don't need me at the moment."

"Well . . . they're your friends. Aren't you always supposed to be with them?" asked Shelke.

"Hm, hm, you still have a lot to learn about friends Shelke," said Vincent looking back up into the blue skies.

"But how much?" asked Shelke knowing, in truth, she had so much more to know.

"You need to learn when to come to them and when to leave them alone," he said inhaling the breeze that past by the two.

At that he took his arm from around her and sat up letting the breeze sway his hair back and forth making it look like he was deep in thought every time he was silent. Shelke still laid where she was and just watched and listened to watch he had to say.

"There's a time for everything Shelke," he said gazing off into the valley. "Just like the lifestream."

It was then Shelke sat up and placed her arms around her knees and chin on top her caps. She gazed at the swaying grass mangled at her feet and just inhaled. She wondered if she'd ever have enough time to learn everything again. About friends, time, and feelings.

"I'm trying to understand Vincent," she said casting her eyes down. "But I don't know how long it will take until I fully do."

At that Vincent stood up and turned to her. His red cape gently wiggling in the breeze that past by them. He looked at her with those ruby eyes and saw her doubt in herself. He smiled letting her know he believed in her and that in time she would understand all that she was supposed to.

"You will . . . Shelke," he said holding his hand out to her.

Shelke couldn't help but smile as he reached out to take his hand. Before she knew it she was on her feet. She looked out at Midgar with Vincent and then a thought came to her.

"Vincent Valentine," she said turning to him. "I know my sister left me in your care, but, if you don't mind me asking, where are we to live?"

Vincent blinked casting his pupils downward. His eyes scanned in thought. Shelke saw this and just waited. He soon looked at her still in thought, but soon it all passed away and he said—

"I better get to work on that shouldn't I?"

"Vincent Valentine," said Shelke crossing her arms and twisting her hips back and forth. "I doubt my sister would approve of you if she saw how unfit you are to care for me like she entrusted you to do."

"She should have thought twice about doing that then shouldn't she?" said Vincent with a smile leaning into Shelke's face and then turning on his heels. "We'll live where ever life has us be."

"What about there?" asked Shelke glancing at the city of Edge. "I'm sure our friends would be more than welcome to house us."

"I wouldn't want to be a burden to them," said Vincent shaking his head.

"Oh, I don't think we would be. Would we?" asked Shelke remembering how she just met the gang and didn't know much about them.

"Don't worry Shelke," said Vincent taking his golden fingers and gently stroking them through her short red hair. "We have all our new lives to figure these things out . . . let's not be too hasty."

Shelke's heart, for still unknown reasons, had skipped a beat. She tried her hardest not to let Vincent catch her inhale of breath and then small sigh as he took his hand away from her head, but she feared he knew more than he expressed. Still she had to express what she felt as well . . . it was . . . the Lucrecia part in her.

"How can you be too hasty with something you need Vincent Valentine?" she asked, unaware of her twisting hips.

Vincent was stopped in his words again. All he could do was smile at this seeing Lucrecia once again through Shelke. He said not another word. All he did was grab Shelke's hand and lead her away.

Vincent was right it seemed. Once Shelke let all worries drop they had soon been informed by Reeve about a small cottage not to far from the city of Edge, just out in the valley; but not too close to it either to be hassled with the noises, lights, or bustle of people night and day. Yes Shelke was in good hands. Shalua knew what she was doing when she appointed Vincent to watch over her baby sister.

It didn't take them long to settle into their new home. Only two weeks. Yes the gang still wished to see Vincent again, but just knowing he was okay was enough for most of them. Though Shelke knew it was the time for a reunion now.

She had convinced Vincent to come back to the city of Edge. Once there, it wasn't long before his friends pounced on him just so happy to see him again after the Omega incident. Yuffie was the most enthusiastic. Talking about how awesome he was beating the snot out of Omega and then vanishing in midair like nothing ever happened to where the world was in danger.

Vincent was happy to see them again, but more happy to see Shelke smile. Little did he know that it was because of his happiness that she was made happy. Yes . . . Lucrecia was showing greatly in her. No matter how young she looked. She was there smiling back at him.

That was one of the things he always wanted to do. To see her smile. He was glad he got this wish. There was nothing else he could ask for . . . at the moment.

"So how's Shelke been?" asked Yuffie looking over at the girl who just say and spoke to Tifa, Barret, and Cloud.

"She's been well," said Vincent glancing over at her.

"Has anything . . . changed?" asked Yuffie leaning her head out a bit.

"What do you mean?" asked Vincent, his attention now on her.

"Well—with her sister dying and all. Has she really taken any account of it in?" asked Yuffie.

"Not really," said Vincent closing his eyes for a split second to shake his head. "Her emotions are slowly coming back—but she still has much growing to do."

"Yeah . . . I can see," said Yuffie placing her hands on her hips as she looked at the soon-to-be nineteen year old.

Soon, more thoughts entered her mind. Thoughts she almost forgot to mention. She turned to Vincent and asked—

"What about those data fragments I heard so much about? Has she ever sorted them out or got control of them?"

"No," said Vincent with a short flicker of his eyes. "But now that I see her . . . I don't think she minds them anymore."

"You mean—she doesn't mind someone else taking over her own mind?" asked Yuffie finding it a little creepy and disturbing.

Vincent gave out a quiet sigh that was silent to all ears, especially Yuffie's. She hadn't even noticed the slight drop of his shoulders or the uneasy turn of his heels as he turned from her and paced just a bit before stopping.

"Those data fragments . . . from Lucrecia . . . gives her what she needs," he said with his back turned to Yuffie.

"You mean like emotion and feelings and such?" she asked trying her hardest to understand.

"Yes," said Vincent turning from her. "Look at her now—see how she smiles. When I first met her she had no idea how to do such an expression."

"Yeah, but . . . it's not her emotions are they?" asked Yuffie. "Technically they're someone else's."

"Technically, yes, but . . . It's now hard to tell which emotions are hers and which aren't," said Vincent narrowing his eyes on Shelke for a short moment before turning to Yuffie. "The Doctor's mind is now—her own."

"You mean they've, like, combined?" asked Yuffie.

"Not fully, but mostly," he said turning to Shelke again, just to watch her and examine her.

"Oh," said Yuffie beginning to get more and more of everything. "Does she know about it?"

"Yes, she is aware of it," said Vincent with a nod of his head.

"Is she scared?" asked Yuffie finding something like that a bad thing.

"No," said Vincent straightening his back. "She doesn't see it as a threat anymore. With Dr. Lucrecea a part of her now she sees it as . . . an opportunity to get to know someone she never knew before."

"Like a friend," said Yuffie.

"Hm, a very good friend," said Vincent with a hidden smile.

Yuffie just turned to examine Shelke as well. She couldn't help but smile seeing the girl, herself, smile. She remembered how cold and emotionless she used to be. Not caring about anyone or what anyone had done for her.

Vincent and Shelke had left that night. Shelke wished to stay just a little longer, but didn't argue with Vincent since he was her caretaker now. In a way she wished Vincent to stop treating her like a little child, but then again—she had to learn he wasn't doing any such a thing. He was just looking out for her well-being like he was appointed to.

Even though, most of the time, Shelke had an appointed time to get to bed she didn't feel like a child at all. Yes she was still trapped in the body of one, but she slowly began to grow as so did her mind in the ways of the world. It was true that her daily dose of mako, if not taken, could kill her—but it's pretty much that her body would die. It simply meant she would grow.

As bodies grow they die and soon enough return to the lifestream. Her body was 'dying' in a way as it grew. She was just like any normal child in growing-wise. The next year she'd be taller and fuller developed and so on and so on.

Many people didn't understand this about her, but Vincent did. Like her, he too was no longer immortal. Since Chaos had gone from him so did the eternal life of the monster.

He didn't mind though. Vincent got his chance to live out his new life and he was taking it. Mortality never felt so good to him as it did now. He couldn't have asked for more.

He knew that one day he'd pass away. So would everyone else. All his family had and soon all his friends would. It is true what they say about life—that it is too short, but Vincent saw it as too much of life. He saw it that he's had enough of it as it is and it was time to come to the end of the journey.

By in no way was he ready to pass on though. He was still in the body of a 27 year old. Just like Shelke was in the body of a 9 year old. Though in truth Vincent was in his 60's and Shelke in her late teens.

This was one of the reasons why they enjoyed living with each other. They could relate so much to each other. Both had lost everything, but some how—regained it all at once again. Both being granted with a free new life.

They were going to live out their new life the way life wanted them to. Both not knowing what the future had in store, but both knowing that if they took everything slow it'd all come together so full and life-filling.

Just as Shelke grew, both body and mind, the data fragments began to become one with her. She began to become Lucrecea. Yes she was still Shelke, but her thoughts, her wishes, her emotions, her feelings . . . they were all 'her's'.

Having the Doctor's data fragments in her mind for so long she didn't seem to notice. She had only thought it was herself. How could she truly know when she, herself, was so emotionless and non-feeling? How could she tell when she never really knew herself or what she would have been like if she took the time to develop a personality?

She would never know and so she just had to live her life with the feelings and personality of Dr. Lucrecia. She didn't mind though. Vincent Valentine didn't either.

Vincent's affection towards the doctor was only shown more as she began to develop through Shelke. Shelke began to notice this as Vincent did things with her like he did with the Doctor. Like go on picnics and long walks. Shelke didn't mind this at all, she was happy to see him happy.

Being with Vincent Shelke had little time to spend with the others. It wasn't much of a problem to her though because she knew very little about the others, but felt like she knew so much about Vincent thanks to the data fragments. Within a month of staying with him she began to feel things she hadn't realized she could feel.

One was love. This feeling had begun to develop through the crisis with Omega. Though she kept trying to push it off telling herself it was nothing but jumbled data. It started out slow since she hadn't known Vincent that long, but now, seeing Lucrecia's memories—she knew so much about him and felt like she's known him all her life.

Vincent felt the same because of Lucrecia's data fragments. Even though she wasn't Lucrecia he felt as if he's known her from lifetimes past. He could only chuckle knowing why.

"Lucrecia," he whispered.

He could see so much of her in her. Though she didn't look like her in any way she was still Lucrecea to him. He wondered if she knew she was 'his Lucrecia'.

Do you remember . . . the last words we exchanged? The promise we made to each other? Were the words of Shelke. Yes Vincent remembered it. Quite vividly to be exact.

He promised her to tell Lucrecia how he truly felt. In other words . . . he promised Shelke to tell her how he truly felt. He hadn't yet done this, well—not straightforward exactly. He gave off signs, and gestures showing how he felt, but something told him he needed to hold true to his promise.

Vincent was never much for words. He believed actions spoke everything. He just wondered if Shelke ever noticed or ever would. Lucrecia was never the kind of woman to understand such gestures . . . but was Shelke?

Hot Shot's girl: Yeah as you can see I made stuff up like in the next chp as you will see, but I'm aloud. It's fanfiction ;D If you are confused good, if not--good for you too. I'll be explaining later as the story goes on:) Anywho mind you this is a VincentXShelke/Lucrecia. I don't know why I just find them cute together. Don't really like YuffieXVincent 'cause I always thought them as a brother-sister kinda relationship, but that's not what other people think. Oh well you think what you think. It's fanfiction! You can pare anyone up with anybody!! :D lol