And so they ate dinner as a family at the cottage. It was the first time they truly felt like and knew they were a family and no one could separate him. This was everyone's deepest wish and dream and it came true just as they had prayed it would. Once it was over though Gilmore left to go spend the night with the Strife family.

"I'm afraid I've missed most of his life," said Vincent still gazing out the window at where Gilmore took off in the skies.

"Don't worry," came Shelke as she placed her hand on his back and gently rubbed it. "You soon see you haven't missed as much as you think."

"I'll hold you to that," said Vincent turning to her and smiling.

They starred at each other for some moments in time before she took her fingers to unbutton her top two buttons of her shirt and then come to kiss Vincent all the while her fingers fiddled with his buckles. Vincent wrapped his arms around her and just kissed her deep. In no time Shelke had his cape off and she went to unbutton his shirt, but messed up as Vincent took a hold of her waist and hopped her on him so he could carry her to the bedroom.

Vincent laid her back gently and continued to not break his kiss. He felt the sides of Shelke's caves on his hips and only longed to be one with her more. Shelke quickly pushed back his shirt down his arms and let her hands explore his youthful skin. It was as soft as her—just like that first time.

She wanted their fifth time to be special, but something happened just as soon as her hands fell to his waist belts. He let out a groan and growl. It wasn't that pleasant to Shelke's ears so she stopped and looked at him.

"Are you okay?" she asked with concern.

"Yeah—yeah I'm fine," he said shaking it off and continuing to kiss his wife.

His hands soon came to grab her shirt and pull it off her. Once his hands reached her thighs hers reached the small of his back that made him shiver and moan slightly. He soon smiled which made Shelke smile. They were so happy they didn't have to do this in secret anymore and that none had any regrets as to what they were about to do.

Vincent unzipped her skirt and slid it down her legs. His lips came to kiss her smooth belly. Shelke let out a gasp as his tongue trailed over her tender skin. Her hands gripped his hand and got tangled in his raven locks.

Vincent soon sat up on his knees and took hold of his pants, but just as he starred at Shelke who lay waiting for him something happened. He jolted back and growled. This time Shelke shot up and placed a hand on him saying—

"Vincent what's wrong?"

"It's—it's nothing," said Vincent hugging himself.

"Please don't lie to me," said Shelke shaking her head. "It's . . . it's Chaos isn't it?"

"I can't—I can't do this," said Vincent getting up and walking to the door.

"Vincent—wait!" said Shelke getting up and running to him to wrap her arms around him. "Please—just stay."

"I can't control him Shelke," said Vincent placing a hand on hers that were clasped together on his chest. "I don't want to hurt you."

Shelke then turned Vincent back to her and placed her hand on the side of his face. She smiled and looked deep into his eyes saying—

"It's not Chaos who will hurt me."

Vincent then bowed his head and was full of sorrow. Shelke held him close as Vincent cried—

"I thought that it was over . . . that living with this demon was . . . I can't do it again Shelke—I can't."

"We'll get through this together," said Shelke looking into his face. "Just as Lucrecia helped you before so do I want to."

"But the protomateria—" started Vincent.

Shelke stopped his words with a deep kiss. Vincent was about to pull away but just as soon as Shelke tightened her grip on him Vincent didn't feel so afraid anymore. He kissed back and wrapped his arms around her. He had forgot how strong she was.

He was so glad he had her. She even stood strong in something like this. Oh he prayed the day would never come when he saw her break for if it ever did it might just be the end of the world.

Vincent returned to bed with Shelke and they made love their fifth time. As they held each other in the others arms they could only think of how blessed they were. Vincent smiled seeing Shelke's smiley face next to his.

"If I could—I'd give you the world Shelke, for you deserve it," said Vincent as he ran his fingers through her red hair.

"But I don't want the world Vincent Valentine," she said snuggling up to him.

"Then what do you want?" he asked her with a cock of his head.

Shelke smiled and bit her lip thinking. Her eyes then focused on his and said—

"A nursery."

"A nursery—what for?" asked Vincent a bit confused.

Shelke didn't say anything though. She just smiled brightly at him with her sapphire eyes. Vincent's eyes widened just a bit at the realization of things.

"Oh," he said in a sort of gasp/whisper.

Shelke couldn't help but giggle as she wrapped her arms around Vincent's neck. She looked forward to a bright future with Vincent no matter if Chaos didn't want it for him. She was here for him just like Lucrecia would. After all she was Shelke Valentine now—this she promised when she married him and this she'd swear throughout eternity if she had to . . . for her Vincent Valentine.

Hot Shot's girl: The End--well of this one. I was plannin' on doing a sequel but don't know when I'll have it out. May take a while may not. It depends really. Well I hope you liked it and I hope you'll the like the next one. It will be called 'Rest Vincent Valentine' You'll know why later. Well this has been fun luv ya and so does JESUS!! :D