Welcome, everyone. This is my first Fire Emblem story, so goes easy on me, okay? Now before I get started, you guys need to know some things.

First, this takes place 3 weeks after Radiant Dawn. The Greil Mercenaries are still together and doing business as usual. Micaiah is the leader of Daein and is with Sothe and now Daein is now at peace. However, there are some Daein Rebels that refuses to follow Lady Micaiah and to live with the Laguzs. Instead with an unknown leader they hunt down Laguzs that dare to step foot in Daein. Some say their unknown leader is from Begnoin or Crimea and is about to start a war.

Second, yes, there will be OC characters here, but only two. Read their bios in my profile, okay? You won't their gender until later in this chapter. However, I think the title throws it 's going to be a love triangle between the characters.

Third, almost every character from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn will appear in this story. I love all the characters, especially Soren and Prince Reyson.

Well, I guess that's it. Oh, by the way. My title might change, but I don't any good titles. Will you help me? Please? Enough stalling. Time for the story!

Chapter 1: The Two Flowers Sisters…


The sounds of thunder sweep though the empty air of the rainy night like a tiger's roar. Accompanying by the sound of splashing water. Somewhere in the forest, two young children were running, with a small cat not too far behind. Their clothes was ripped, their faces dirty, and their breaths was heavy from running so much with bags on their backs. One of children trip over a rock and fell down on his or her face. The other child turns around and helps him or her get up.

"Are you okay?" the child asked, concerned. "Hurry, you must get up! They're getting closer!"

"I can't! I need to rest a bit." The other child replied. "I'm sorry…"

That was the last thing before she or he fell unconscious. Carefully, the other child picks him or her up and him or her on his or her back. Closing her or his eyes, he or she and listens closely to the sound on horses that are coming closer and her eyes open up. She or he turns to the cat next to him or her.

"Let's go, Zola!" the child said as he or she and the cat continues to run in darkness of the night. "The Daein Rebels are after us!"

The last that was hear was the ringing of a bell that was on the cat's collar and the loud noise of thunder.

The Next Day…(Somewhere in Crimea)

"Any sign of them, Volke?" asked a blue-haired mercenary.

Ike stood next to a tree where the assassin was in. It's been only three weeks since he and his friends defeated the Goddess, Ashera. Everyone went back their normal lives and so did the Greil Mercenaries. Everything was quiet in Tellius, well, almost. There was still you average bandits lurking around the place, but that was it. Beorcs and Laguzs will strive of a world where they can live in peace. However, some refuses to do so. But that was not really the Mercenaries' concern right now. Right now, their main focus was to find bandits that the villagers hired for them to wipe out. Of course, stood here was Ike, the staff officer and strategist of Greil Mercenaries and Ike's closet friend, Soren. Up in the tree was the infamous assassin, Volke, an old friend of Ike's descended father, Greil or Gawain and the founder and leader of Greil Mercenaries.

"1,000 gold." Volke called down to him.

"Must you always charge as for a simple answer?" sighed the raven-haired Mage. "It's quite stupid if you ask me."

"I need to make a living, kid." Volke remarked, jumping down from the tree and get into Soren's face. "Deal with it."

"I'm not a child." Soren hissed, glaring at the assassin.

Ike let out a sigh in disbelief. "Okay, break it up. Let's complete this mission and then you can kill each other all you want. We're on a mission together so try and get along."

"I don't see the purpose of bringing him, Ike." Soren stated. "We can take this mission by ourselves."

"C'mon, Soren. The others are on different assignments right now and besides we need extra help." Ike told his friend and then turn to the assassin. "Well?"

Volke shook his head. "No sign of them. Maybe those villagers were wrong about seeing bandits."

"Could be. Let's keep looking around, just in case." Ike commanded. "Volke, you take the right of the forest and me and Soren take the left, got it?"

"Fine, but you still owe me 2,000 gold, Ike." Volke reminded him, jumping up to the trees and headed to the right of the forest. Once he was gone, Ike and Soren started to talk.

"You better be careful, Soren. Remember, he's very clever and might start digging you up." Ike warned his friend.

"And then what? Reveal to everyone I'm a Branded?" Soren said, bitterly. " I care not. Ike, you were my only real friend."

Ike smiled and put a hand on his shoulder. "Soren, I know how lonely and painful you are, but maybe the Mist and the others will understand and accept you just like I did."

"Humph. Almost everyone. Shinon hates Laguzs and probably even Brandeds." Soren said.

Before Ike could open his mouth to say something, he heard Volke's voice calling them over.

"Hey! Ike! Soren! Come here!" He shouted.

"Let's go." Ike said to the Wind Mage.

"Right!" He replied as they run to the spot where Volke called them. Soren and Ike gasped on what they saw.

"You guys, take a look." The assassin said, looking down at a two body figures lying under a tree using big bags as pillows with a cat with blue eyes and gray fur, licking them on their faces. "I found these kids laying here and they're still breathing.

Ike kneel down at them closely. They seem to be boys by the clothes they were wearing. The one on the left was wearing a ripped up red shirt and pants. The boy was wearing a headband and he has short brown hair that was messy. His faces have cuts and bruises on them and on his arms and legs, too. His feet were barefooted and his feet cover in dirt. The one on the right was wearing a ripped up blue shirt and pants. This was wearing a bandanna with a skull on it and hair was stinking of it. His hair was probably messy, too. The face has cuts and bruises on them and his arms and legs, too. His feet were barefooted and his feet cover in dirt. Both the bottom of their faces was cover in a cowl.

"Well, it seems these kids were running from something and they probably got into some fights." Ike said, examining their body again. But there was something Ike missed about them that only Soren saw. On their hands were fingerless gloves that were ripped in the middle revealing a red mark shape like a bird. It was a mark of a Branded. The one in the headband have in his right hand and the one in the bandana have it on his left hand. Soren put his head down sadly. These boys were no different from him. Both Beorcs and Laguzs probably hated them just like him. Being stare with hateful eyes and call names, been throw rocks and sticks at them and everything else.

"Soren, something wrong?" Ike asked him, worriedly. "You seem deep in thought. What's wrong?"

"Ike, let's bring them back to the Greil Mercenaries Head Quarters, please." Soren whispered, sadly.

Ike stared at him for a minute and then nodded. "All right. Volke take the one with the short hair and I'll take the other one."

"Fine, but if they have any money I'm gonna need 200 gold." Volke sighed, picking the boy up and put him on his back and Ike pick up the other one.

"Let's go." Ike said, looking down the kitty. "You can come, too, little one."

The cat meow and hop on Soren's shoulder and stay there on the whole way back to the Greil Mercenaries Head Quarters. Once they got there, they heard noise coming from inside. They walk inside to see Boyd and Shinon fighting while Rolf and Oscar was trying to hold them back.

"Come on, Shinon! I'd apologize already!" Boyd yelled, angrily.

"Pah! Watch where you're swinging your axe, brat! My bow is broken because of you!" Shinon snapped.

"Hey! It wasn't my fault that bandit was moving too much! You shouldn've got out the way!"

"C'mon, you guys. Stop fighting. You're comrades after all." Rolf pleaded them.

"He's right, Boyd. Knock it off." Oscar said, politely.

While they continue to stop the fighting, Rhys look over at the door and saw Ike, Soren and Volke with the unconscious boys on their backs. He gasped, making everyone stop what they are going to look over at the doorway. Mist got from the seat she was sitting on and rush over to them.

"Brother, what happened? Who are they?" Mist asked, looking at the boys after Ike and Volke lay them down of the table and putting their bags on the floor. Mist look closely at their faces and see the have a girls' appearances. Their cowl was off their face a little and she could see that they have feminine appearances. They aren't boys, but girls.

"Volke found them while we were searchin' for the bandits." Ike explained. "Mist, Rhys can you heal them?"

"Yeah, let me get my staff." Mist said, running to the corner where she put her staff and came back over and begin to heal them with Rhys. When it was nighttime, Mist and Rhys was able to heal all their wounds. The whole time everyone was watching while Rolf was playing with the cat.

"Whew. Okay, Ike, I think they'll be okay now." Mist smiled. "But what happen to them to make them have all those cuts and bruises."

"Maybe they were injured in a fight." Rhys said. "Maybe we should change them into proper clothing."

"I second that. They stink like that cat of theirs." Shinon spat out, causing the cat to hiss at him.

"Shinon, don't me so rude. I think the cat looks nice and friendly." Rolf said, petting the cat's head. "She's cute."

"How do you know the cat is a girl?" Boyd asked his little green-haired brother.

"Well, she has a collar with a bell with her name on it. It says "Zola"." He replied. "Zola's a girl name."

"Zola? That's a cute name." Oscar agreed, looking at the young boys on the table. "These boys will probably be hungry when they wake up. I'll make something for them and their cat."

"They probably eat more than Ilyana." Mia laughed, thinking for the young Thunder Mage girl. "She could eat a whole army if she wants to."

"So how old are these kids anyway, Ike?" Boyd asked.

"Soren?" Ike questioned him.

"To my calculation, about a year younger than Ike and me." Soren answered. "Hey, look. The boys are waking up."

At the sound of her masters' groaning, Zola jumps out of Rolf's arms and onto the table next to them. Slowly, the boy in the red shirt opens his eyes and saw the light of the ceiling in her eyes. He sat up to see she as surround by the Greil Mercenaries. She gasped and glares at them.

"Who are you!? Where am I!? And why am I here!?" He asked through he cowl on his face. He looks down to see Zola licking his palm. "Zola?"

"Please, don't be afraid. We're here to help you." Mist said, softly. "My brother and his friends found you under a tree unconscious and they brought you here to be heal. What's your name?"

"It's Han. And if Zola was here with us the whole time and didn't scratch you then I trust you." He replied. "Zola has good judgment on people and can tell if they're good or not."

"I see."

"Where is my sibling?"

"He's right next to you." Ike answered. Han turn around and saw his brother on the table next to him. Han place a hand on his brother cheek and hit it softly, waking him up.

"Ow…My head hurts…" the boy said, sitting up on the table. And saw the Greil Mercenaries around him. "Who are you!? Where am I!? And why am I here!?"

"Wow, they really are related." Shinon remarked, dryly. "What's your name?"

"It's…Li…" He replied, quietly.

"It's nice to meet you both. I'm Mist." said the brown hair girl. Mist walk into another room and came back with clothes in her hands. "It's not much, but I think you should change out of you other clothes."

"T-Thank you…Mist…" Li whispered, looking over at Soren and blushes at the sight of him.

"Follow me, I'll show you where the bathroom is." Titania said, leading them to the bathroom as the others follow. "You can change in here."

"Thanks." Han said. He was about to take off his shirt, but then he saw the boys mercenary staring at them. Li blushes under his cowl as Mist look back and forth and then…

"ALL OF YOU GET OUT!!" Mist yelled, kicking them out of the bathroom. "Mia, Titania, you guys as well."

"Okay, okay, we're going." Mia said as Mist push her and Titania out and slam the down shut. "Sheesh, what's her problem?"

Inside the bathroom…

"It's okay. I know you're girls." Mist smiled at them.

"How did you…?" Li trailed off.

"Your cowl has off you face a little. I'm the only one who notice."

"Then you are smart…" Han said.

"Thanks. I'll be waiting in the other room." Mist said, opening the door a little. "Call if you need anything from me."

"…Yes…T-Thank you…" Li shuttered as Mist exit of the room.

The other room…

"They're getting change right now." Mist told the others. "Oscar, let's start cooking."

"All right." He smiled as Mist and him went to the kitchen. Once they were gone, the other started to talk.

"Well, Ike, what do you think?" Titania asked the commander.

"They seem nice, but I don't yet. We should ask them question once they done."

Shinon snorted. "They probably won't answer. What happen if they're our enemy?"

"Well, maybe if we be nice to them, they'll answer us." Rhys suggested.

"Good idea. Rolf, go see if they need anything." Boyd grinned at his little brother.

"Wha…? Why me?" asked the shy little boy.

"Because, you're the nicest and youngest out of all of us. Now go!" Boyd said, pushing his brother to the bathroom door.

"But I don't wanna! What happen if they hit me or something!?" Rolf cried.

"Stop being such a baby!"

"Fine, but I'm blaming you if anything happens." Rolf exclaimed, getting out of his brother's hand and knock on the door and slowly open it to see…


"What happened!? I heard screaming!" Mist said, running in the room with Oscar. She saw all of the mercenaries with the bathroom door opening revealing a naked Han and Li with girls' body. They have nice and creamy skin, thighs and full-grown breasts. Their faces was really red and Han doesn't look so happy.

"GET OUT!!GET OUT!! GET OUT!! YOU PERVERTS!!OUT! OUT! OUT!!" Han yelled angrily, throwing items at them and slam the door shut. Once that was over, everyone have faces bright as an apple. Then Mist punches each and everyone one them on the head.

"You idiots!! Why did you went in there when I kicked you out!?" Mist shouted, angrily. "Can't you guys even take a hint!? Unbelievable!! Now look what you did!! You made the poor girls embarrassed!!"

"Poor them!? Poor us! I'm a guy for Goddess' sake! And I just saw to naked girls that was dressed as a boy!" Boyd yelled back.

"Wait a minute! Mist, you knew?!" Ike asked her.

"Of course I knew! It took you idiots long enough to figure it out!"

"You should've told us!"

"I wanted them to tell you own their own!"

"Okay, break it up!" Titania said, cutting between them. "Once they come out, we'll get our answer. As for now, everyone try to get their heads out of the gutter!"

Everyone look at Gatrie.

"What? I like what I saw." He smiled, causing Shinon to hit him on the head. "OW!"

"For shame! They're only kids!" Mia exclaimed.

"Hey! I'm not a kid!" Han said as she step out of the bathroom with her sister wearing a pink kimono with a red sash and Li was wearing a blue kimono with a darker blue sash and they both were wearing fingerless gloves. Now that they're clean up everyone could see their faces clearly. Han have short brown hair with purple eyes and Li have long brown hair with purple eyes. They look like twins. Li was hiding behind her sister while she was blushing and trying to avoid eye contact with Soren. Han sister looks at her and then at Soren and back at her and then at Soren again. She sighed, walking over to the table and took at sit next to her sister as Zola came and sat in her lap.

"Okay, no more secrets. Tell us who you really are." Ike said.

Han sighed. "My real name is Hana and this is my twin sister, Li-en. We're from Daein…Kinda."

"What do you mean?"

"We used to live in Gallia when we were babies for a short time, then we went Begnion, and finally settle in Daein because my father work there."

"Where's your father now?"

"How about we start from the beginning?"

"Please do so."

"I'm the second oldest of my parents' four kids, but I'm the oldest to my sister, Li-en. Growing up, we live an unhappy life due to many reasons. One of them was war. I hate war, but actually I'm a sword girl and a Wind Mage. My sister, too, but she carries a bow and arrow instead."

"You two are a Wind Mage? That's so cool!" Mia exclaimed.

" Uh…Thanks. Like I was saying, we move to Daein to be closer to our father. Our parents are divorce and well, we'd stay with our mother. We hardly see our father and want him to be part of our lives, but that didn't go so well."

"What do you mean?" Mist asked.

"Um…Nothing. Anyway, we grew with our mother. She'd own a Flower shop and we learn the Language of Flowers as well. Our names came from flowers and we love flowers very much. Our brothers serve in the army and they also pick on us. My sister and me was the only one understands each other. We were always together and in the forest. That's where we found Zola all alone and scared." Hana continued, looking down at her cat. "One day, we were in the meadow picking flowers for ourselves, when we return to the village he saw Daein Rebels asking question about if they seen the girls on the poster they were holding."

"Wait, Daein Rebels?" Soren questioned.

"Yes, that's what everyone call them. They are the one who refuses to obey Micaiah and live with Laguzs. They sent out to find any Laguzs that set foot in Daein."

"So, who was the picture of?" Ike asked.

"…It…Was…Us…" Li-en answered, but in a scared and low voice. "…T-The picture was us…"

"My sister is right. Once the Daein Rebels spotted us, I grab my sister and ran home. My mother face was so pale and she knew why they were after us once we got home. She pack all of our things is our bags, even our weapons and told us to flee. But the Daein Rebels barge in and killed my mother and our little and big brother in front of our eyes. I manage to get us out through the back door and we ran away from Daein for 3 days and nights without food or water." Hana continued to tell them their story. "Around that time we disguised ourselves as boys to hide."

"…T-That's when you f-found us…We collapse under a tree and…Well…I guess that's where you found us…I am most happy for you assistance…" Li-en whispered.

"I see. So that's your story." Ike sighed.

"You poor girls…You must be so alone now." Mist said. "You're welcome to stay with us as long as you like."

"Mist, it's not up to you. It's up to the Boss, you know." Mia pointed out. "Well, Boss, what's it gonna be?"

"You're welcome to stay with us as long as they like." Ike smiled at the twins and then turn to his second in command and staff officer. "Soren? Titania?"

"I don't know, but I won't abandon these girls." The red-haired women replied. "Soren?"

"I agree." The Mage said, quickly. "So, what ever happened to your father by the way?"

"He's alive somewhere." Hana said. "We don't have anywhere else to go."

"Okay then, welcome to Greil Mercenaries, girls." Ike smiled, patting their head, causing Li-en to blush more. "Stay as long as you like. Mist, take them to get some rest."

"All right." Mist replied, walking out of the room, but stop and turn to the Greil Mercenaries. "Oh, everyone, you should introduce yourselves to them."

"You're right. I'm Boyd, nice to meet you." said the young man with the axe.

"How do you do? I'm Oscar." said the smiling, green-haired in green armor.

"I'm Rhys." said the red-haired healer. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Um…Hi, I'm Rolf." Said the young green-haired archer.

"I'm Gatrie. Nice to meet you, little ladies and how about tomorrow one of you would go-OW!" said the man in big, blue armor as Mia hit him on the head with a chair.

"Ignore him with all cost! Trust me, your life will be much easier!" said the blue-haired sword girl. "By the way, I'm Mia."

"Shinon." said the red-haired archer.

"Ike, leader of Greil Mercenaries." said the blue-haired mercenary.

"Titania is my name, little ladies." said the red-haired women.

"And I'm Soren. Nice to meet you." said the raven-haired boy in black robes, walking up to them and held out a hand. Li-en slowly took it and shakes his hand. She blushes and pulls away.

"His hand is so warm…What a beautiful man…" Li-en thought as she and her sister head to the other room with Mist, but stop and bow to Ike."…Um…-T-Thank you for bringing us here…I'm thankful…Both me and my sister…"

"Don't thanked me, thank Soren." Ike said. "He was the one who told us to bring you here before I even say anything."

"…He did?" Li-en asked and she smiled. "T-Thank you…If you'll excuse us…"

Hana look closely at her sister and sighed. "Let's go."

"Wait one minute." said Volke, walking up to Hana.

"Who are you?"

"Volke. And you still owe me for carrying you here. 200 gold."

"I don't have any money with me."

"I see…" said the assassin, thinking about it for a moment. He smirked under his mask and lean close to Hana's ear. "You can pay with your body, too."

Hana blushes and hit him on the head.

"THERE'S ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, NO WAY I'M DOING THAT, YOU PERVERT!!" Hana cried, angrily. "I'll pay you back some other way! Let's go, Sister!"

Hana grab Li-en hand and Zola and ran out of the room as Volke smirked under his mask.

"Don't think the game ends here, little flower." He said under his breath and walk away. "Goodnight, Ike."

"Night." Ike said as he and everyone else return to their room. He walk with Soren to his room, since their room was next to each other. Soren was looking at the hand he used to shake Li-en's hand. "Hey, Soren. Something wrong?"

"No…Her hand was warm." He replied.

"You mean Li-en? How could you tell? She was wearing gloves."

"I just know." Soren said. "I'm going to check on them one more time."

"Okay." Ike said as he reach his room and close the door. "Night, Soren."

"Goodnight." He said, walking to Hana's and Li-en's room.

Hana's and Li-en's room…

"Will you stop staring at your hand? It's freaking me out." Hana sighed, looking at her sister who was holding her hand close to her heart and she blushes. She was sitting on a bed opposite on Hana's bed

"I can't…Soren…That was his name." Li-en whispered. "He so…"

"I'm what?" asked a voice from the doorway. Hana and Li-en look up to see Soren leaning against the door of their room. Li-en blushes and hid behind her sister as she got up and walk over to Soren.

"What do you want?" Hana asked in a uncaring tone.

" I know your secret." Soren replied. "I know you're a Branded…"

"So, you figure it out. Looks like you are a Branded yourself, wind boy." Hana remarked, pointing to the red mark on Soren's forehead. "How'd you find out?"

"I saw the mark when you were in the forest. Your gloves was ripped in the middle." The Mage said, taking Hana's right hand and lift the gloves off her hand revealing her mark that was shape like a bird. "What are you…?"

"We're Herons." Li-en said, pulling off the gloves on her left hand, revealing her mark. "Our mother was one, but she lost her powers when she had us. Me and my sister were the only who inherited her Herons' traits. She fear for us safety and told us never to reveal our mark. She taught us the Heron's songs and we learn how to play instruments and sing."

"Our village thought we were humans and nothing more. Our mother thought we could live happy lives, but we couldn't. Our brothers pick on us and called us names like "Sub-humans or "Half-breeds". We felt so alone in the world, but we had each other, so I guess it's okay. You're the same as us, Soren. Where are your parents?"

"I don't know. But back to the matter at hand, I want you to tell our commander your secret." Soren said, calmly.

"WHAT!?" No way! We can't tell him!" Hana yelled, grabbing Soren's by his robe.

"You can trust Ike. He won't treat you any differently and he'll keep quiet. I promise you this."

"Sister, I believe him…" Li-en whispered. "Let him go."

"Fine." She replied, letting go of Soren. "Tomorrow we'll tell him, but only him."

"Fair enough. Now, if you'll excuse me." Soren said, turning to leave, but Li-en stop him by grabbing his hand. "Yes?"

"S-Soren…I-I want to say thank you to you…It was very kind of you for letting us come here." Li-en shuttered with a blushing face.

"It's nothing. When I saw you two, you reminded me of my past. I felt sorry for you." Soren told her.

"I see, but still…Thank you." Said the long brown-haired girl and she grab Soren's head and kiss his Branded mark to both his and Hana's shock. She pulls away and smiled. "Goodnight, Soren."

Soren nodded and left with a red face. "Goodnight…"

Once he was gone, Li-en turn to see her sister with a smirk on her face.


"You like him, don't you?"

"What!? No! It was just a friendly kiss." Li-en protested, flustered.

"Yeah, uh-huh. Go to your bed!" Hana exclaimed, pointing her finger to her sister bed in the other side of the room.

Li-en smiled and walks over there, but stop. "Sister, I have a request I'd would like you to heed out…"

"I'm listening…"

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