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Summary: Sakura Haruno, mermaid in training is convinced she can make any guy fall for her. Ino Yamanaka, sea witch in training is sick of her cocky attitude. "I bet you your pearl earrings you can't make the human prince fall in love with you in 3 days." She thought for a moment then added: "Without your voice."

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Chapter One: The Deal

Ino rolled her eyes as yet another merman stopped to stare at her mermaid friend. Sakura was by far the most beautiful thing you'd ever come by under the sea. Her long pink hair and bright green eyes gave her an exotic look that seemed to draw in guys like moths to a flame. You could sometimes even see fish following her around like little lost puppies.

"Five." Ino heard Sakura whisper which only made her roll her eyes again. Five. That's how many days it had taken her to make that particular merman to fall for her. The first day she cast the bait, the second she teased him with it, the third she hooked him, the fourth she reeled him in, and the fifth was all about parading around Atlantis with her prize.

The amazing part of it was that she didn't even like him. Ino would've killed to have a guy like that, and the only reason Sakura went after him was because the princess wanted him. 'Ah, the princess.'Ino thought with a slight shake of her head. It was like a tradition for the princess to always be the prettiest mermaid in the sea, a tradition that Sakura had broken by being born a peasant instead of a royal. Princess Karin hated her for it and grabbed every chance she could to make Sakura's life miserable greedily...Sakura gladly returned the favor.

Ino herself. In fact she was actually quite pretty. With her long blond hair and shimmering blue eyes she was the story book example of what a mermaid she look like...to bad she wasn't one. Seeing as she hung out with Sakura a lot her own beauty was often out shinned.Sakura has tried multiple times to set Ino up on dates but it turns out that they had only wanted a shot with Sakura. Sakura noticed Ino staring at her and smiled the charming that made everyone instantly fall in love with her. To them she was perfect, not a single flaw but Ino knew her better than that.

She had one flaw, only one and that was her cockiness. "I had that one in six days, oh and that one in a week and a half!" Sakura exclaimed while gesturing to random guys on the street. They were on their way to her house that was a swim to the other side of town. It had always been harder for Ino to navigate under water than most creatures. She's a sea witch in training so she didn't have a fin like mermaids but rather two legs like humans.

This meant she could go to the surface whenever she liked. It was the one thing she had that Sakura longed for and she was proud of it. Ever since they were little girls Sakura had always been obsessed with the surface. Ino couldn't figure out why because there isn't much up there. Well, there was the prince. A blush appeared on her face and much to her dismay Sakura saw it.

"Is there something I need to know about?" She asked, wiggling her eyebrows. They were currently swimming up the stairs of her small two level house. (Ino didn't know why they were even there because no one ever used them.) "It's nothing." Ino answered, turning her head around.They stopped in front of her door, and Sakura turned and pinched Ino's pink cheeks. "It doesn't look like nothing." Ino pulled away and scowled. "Shut-up." Sakura just threw her head back and laughed. She reminded Ino to close the door behind her before plopping onto her king sized bed.

"I was thinking," she started, twiddling with a strand of pink hair, "I haven't made Karin's miserable in a while." She folled over on her side and faced Ino who was seated in one of her seashell chairs. "So, could you use your magic mojo crap to find her latest crush." Ino frowned deeply. There goes her cockiness again. Suddenly she got an idea.A very evil, demonic idea that if she was a good friend she wouldn't do. So she made up her mind...she did it.

"You think you can get any guy you want right?"

Sakura laughed again, her voice echoing like sleigh-bells. "I know I can get any guy I please."

"Well then," Ino started while holding back an evil smile, "I bet you your pearl earrings you can't make the human prince fall in love with you in 3 days." She thought for a moment then added: "Without your voice."

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