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Chapter Five: Night One: Rock VS Paper

I demand a do over!

Sasuke glared at the bubblegum haired girl in front of him. First she took his bed and now she just had to turn a simple game of rock-paper-scissors into some kind of conspiracy. (Psh, like he'd actually waste his time conspiring against her) "No," Sasuke growled, "paper beats rock. End of story." Then just to spite her he added: "Maybe if you used something other than rock you wouldn't lose as much." With a glare Sakura began scribbling furiously on the notepad Sasuke's mother had gotten her.

I refuse to believe that flimsy old paper can beat awesome kick butt rock! I mean, hello! Rock has a whole music genre named after it! You don't hear people saying: "Hey, I listened to that new paper band the other day and they were awesome!" It just doesn't happen!

"That has nothing to do with the game!"

Sasuke my dear ignorant friend; it has everything to do with the game.

"You know what? You can play by yourself!"

But your mum said you have to be nice to me.

"Screw what my mum said!"

"Excuse me?" Both Sasuke and Sakura turned to find his mother standing in the door. Mikoto crossed her arms over a (Expensive) gown. "Did I just hear what I thought I heard?" Sasuke immediately denied his actions while Sakura sat in the background nodding enthusiastically. "Sasuke Elmer Uchiha!" He rolled his eyes and turned away. "Must you call me that every time I get in trouble?"

"I'm sorry, did you say something?"

"I love you."

"That's what I thought."

Sakura smiled brightly at the scene unfolding before her. (The whole 'Sasuke will never love me so I can kiss my favorite earrings good-bye' thing has been swept under the rug for now) She'd never actually knew what a real family was like. She was adopted on her sixth birthday and her foster parents weren't home that much.

That's when she noticed what Mikoto was wearing.

Sakura flipped to a new page in her notepad. After writing down what she needed to know, she ripped out the sheet off paper and handed it to Sasuke who read it aloud. "Why are you so dressed up Mikoto-San?" Mikoto blinked stupidly a couple of times before cracking into a wide smile. "Oh yes, that's what I came up here for isn't it?"

Neither chose to point out the fact that if they knew, no one would've asked.

"Your brother is coming for a visit; he should be here any minute!"


That's how Uchiha Sasuke, prince of Konoha, fainted into his mother's arms.


Sakura twirled around in the gown Mikoto had loaned her. She giggled before jerking to a stop. With a wide smile, she stopped in front of Sasuke's full length mirror. (Who knew Sasuke liked to primp) It was sewn from dark green velvet that was soft to the touch and the lace that held it together matched her eyes perfectly. The ending result was almost worth being poked and prodded by a dozen giddy maids…


Sakura sat down on the edge of Sasuke's king-sized bed. With a deep sigh, she rested her chin in her hands. The deal was that Sasuke would enter the ball honoring the return of the oldest Uchiha son with her.

She's been waiting for him almost an hour now.

'That pigheaded son of a—ooh! When I get my hands on him I'll—UGH!' Sakura stood up and stomped towards the door. (Whoa, Bi-Polar much) 'If he wants to be childish fine! I'll find my way on my own.'

Fifteen Minutes Later…

We're lost. (AN: Guess who XP)

Sakura nearly jumped out of her skin.

'Who the heck are you?'

Your inner.

'Yeah, sureeeeee.'

Well who else could I be?


Uh huh right. Anyway, you need to ask for directions. We're lost.

'First of all there is no we. You're a mutated hippo that can possess other people's minds and I'm not. Second of all I am not lost. I have simply misplaced my body.'

Whatever; We both know that you're lost. Hey, why don't you ask the hot guy?

'What hot guy?'


That hot guy.

Sakura moaned in pain.

Don't let my face fool you; I'm actually very worried for your health.

'What face?'


"Are you alright my lady?"

'Tehehe, he called his lady.'


Sakura opened her eyes slowly—just a little more—she'll get there eventually.

Just open your eyes before he thinks you're retarded!

Sakura mentally stuck out her tongue before finally gazing up at her savior. To say her breath caught in her throat would be an under statement. She nodded with a face red both from embarrassment and lack of oxygen. Then man squinted his deep crimson eyes in worry.

"Are you sure?"

Sakura nodded again.

'He looks kind of like Sasuke.'

He does doesn't he?

'Isn't that what I just said?'

…Why must you be so bitter?

'Must you be so ugly?'

I'm getting sick and tired of your—

'Then go to the doctor and take a nap.'

Why you—

'Are you sure you're my inner? Even I know Y is like one whole letter behind U.'

"Miss, are sure you're okay?" Sakura snapped back into reality. With a coy smile she took his outstretched hand and hefted herself up. She began to dust herself off even though the marble floors were probably cleaner than the gown she was wearing. After she had regained a little of her dignity, she reached into the front of her dress and pulled out her notepad.

I was wondering if you knew where the ball honoring the oldest Uchiha son is being held. I'm supposed to be there but I can't seem to find my way.

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