Hot Shot's girl: Well this is from a dream I had. I don't like slash and I had a dream about this. A slash, but not slash. It's kinda funny really. Don't know how much humor this will have in here, but I hope you guys enjoy it :)Before Crisis Core,Oh yeah, I've changed it a bit because I want to. You'll see what I mean.

"Ahhh, it's the end of another good day," sighed Zack as he crossed his arms behind his head.

"Hm, always the optimistic Zack," said Angeal shaking his head.

"Nothing wrong with that," said Zack turning to him with that smile of his. "The world needs a little optimism."

"It's needs more of it," said Angeal walking just a little past Zack.

"Huh?" said Zack flopping his arms to his side and placing his full attention on Angeal before him.

Angeal just slightly shook his head down and slumped his shoulders. He turned his head to Zack and gave off a smile. Zack, himself, couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah—I guess you're right," said Zack standing up straight and stretching. "The world could use more of Zack Fair."

Angeal just snickered and turned to walk off. Zack's mouth dropped slightly seeing his mentor leave in such a state.

"What?" he said after him. "That's what you meant right?"

At that Zack ran off after him just giggling.

"Zack, Angeal—glad you could join us," said Sephiroth as he sat next to Genesis at the bar.

"We always do," said Zack with a bright smile.

"Not always true," said Genesis. "As I recall you were late for the last two outings and didn't show to the third."

"That's—because Zack slacked off on his training," said Angeal.

"What's new?" asked Sephiroth.

"Hey!" said Zack slumping his shoulders.

"Give him a break," said Angeal.

"Hhh, thanks Angeal," said Zack straightening.

"After all—he is only 2nd class," he said with a twinkling smile.

"Let's all pick on Zack today," said Zack bowing and shaking his head.

All just laughed as the two joined the other two. They sat and drank and spoke about many things. Like how Shin-Ra was doing or how the missions were going. Angeal often was questioned about Zack's progress and he only told them as much as he thought they'd want to hear, even though they wanted to hear about all the faults he had Angeal only gave a few so not to make Zack feel as worse as he already did.

They had been there for about three hours until Zack left—not as in got up and left either. You see, for Zack, too many beers can take its toll. Zack passed out and all that remain of him was his head on the table facedown and his right hand still holding the half drank beer bottle. Oh you can imagine he was the front of many jokes as they left him there for about a half hour, but once the jokes dried up they decided to stop.

"Looks like Zack's out again," said Genesis poking his chin out to him.

Sephiroth and Angeal turned to look at their comrade completely unconscious. Sephiroth closed his eyes and chuckled saying—

"The boy can't hold his alcohol."

"Yeah well I better get him back home," sighed Angeal. "Or he'll be here all night."

"Just like last time," shook Sephiroth. "I found it quite amusing how he didn't move from his position until we came back the next day."

"Well I'll see you two tomorrow," said Angeal taking Zack's arm and swinging it over his shoulder.

"Farewell old friend," nodded Genesis lifting his glass to him.

"Bye," said Sephiroth.

And so Angeal took Zack back to his apartment and plopped him on his bed. Angeal sighed and shook his head as he placed his hands on his hips.

"I do more for you than you know Zack," he sighed before he turned and left.

Zack just snored through his sleep as a couple of hours past. Usually he'd wake up in the morning, but this time he woke up early. Not that it made him feel any better though.

"Oh," groaned Zack sitting up and holding his head. "Man I knew I should have stayed away from that 4th beer . . . or was it 20th? Neh I can't even tell anymore."

Zack stood up and stumbled his way to his kitchen to get a glass of water. He leaned over on the counter just to catch his breath and make the dizziness subside. It did just a little and so he looked up and opened a cabinet to get a glass. Once his hand grasp something he took it out of the cabinet and right just them it fell out of his hand, rolled off the counter and to the ground shattering into a million pieces.

Zack closed his eyes shut tight and shot his head up making mouthings but not saying any words. He then tried it again and the glass slipped out of his hand—again. Zack just bowed his head and cradled it in his arms. His fingers tangled in his raven spikes only to let go as he picked his head up and looked at his door.

He sighed and shuffled across his apartment to his door to perhaps ask someone if they could help him get a glass of water. He grumbled quite a bit with the 2 minutes it took him to get a grip on his door handle and turn it. He growled once he confused himself with pulling instead of pushing all to have to waste another 2 minutes to grip the handle and turn it again. Once that task was done he pushed his door and poked his head out of his apartment.

Just as he had a Shin-Ra soldier walked past him and for some strange reason he forgot to ask him for a glass. Zack flicked his head down and then inhaled and tried to stay calm no matter how much the pounding in his head hurt him. He then saw another pass by his room and so he opened hi mouth and said—


The soldier just passed right by him. Zack scrunched his hand into a fist and hit himself on his head only to cringe at the pain and rub it. He sighed and slowly shook his head. Oh he just wanted some water anyway anyhow.

Zack leaned his head against the doorpost and just wanted the pain to go away. He wished he could just pass out and sleep the rest off, but no—he had to wake up early.

"Zack Fair right?" came a sudden voice.

Zack opened his eyes and turned them in the direction of the voice. If he had been in his right mind he would have jumped back at the sudden sight of the man—but he wasn't.

"Hojo," he mumbled as he rubbed his eyes.

"Look," said the doctor as his eyes darted around, his hands twiddling with the each's fingers, his tongue sliding slightly across his lips. "I was looking for a 'helper' with a test I'm running and—since it's so early and no one's hardly up I thought I might chance upon someone and lo and behold here you are."

"Look Hojo—" started Zack holding up a drunken finger.

"I'll have you back before sun up so it won't interfere with your training. Will you be my 'helper' Mr. Fair?" asked Hojo.

"Yeah sure," sighed Zack stretching a little before rubbing his head and battering his eyes tiredly at Hojo. "Just as long as I get a glass of water—I just want a da—glass of water."

"Here," said Hojo miraculously pulling out a bottle water out of his coat and a glass on a nightstand.

"Oh—wow, thanks," said Zack taking it and taking a slip. "Hm, good water."

"Yes, now what I want you to do when we get there is—" started Hojo as he placed his hand on Zack's shoulder and walked down the hall with him just drinking his glass of water.