"Hey Naruto, you're going to be there for the match aren't you?" Naruto heard someone yell as he shut his locker door. "Like I'd miss it, Neji" Naruto replied to Neji Hyuuga, the teams' rear player. "Good, I hope to avenge what happened last year, and also, Naruto welcome to the team." Shikamaru, the team captain said. "Thanks Shika." Naruto replied, smiling ear to ear. Naruto had been trying to get on the paintball team, but didn't make it until his senior year. He had been playing for two years, and he even helped the team in training, and was already considered a part of the team. The two were standing in the hallway before the bell rang. "We better not be late, I hate having to see that crazy bat of a principal." Naruto laughed as everyone seemed to back up a step and go pale. "I take it the old hag is standing behind me?" Naruto asked as Shikamaru only mouthed "I hope you survive." before running off with the others. Naruto took a hard gulp and turned around. "Uhm, hi, um, Lady Tayuya , how long have you been behind me." Naruto said nervously as he only heard the sound of cracking knuckles. "You are so lucky you aren't eighteen yet, Uzumaki Naruto!" Tayuya said, anger evident in her voice. "Oh, well, I guess I better get to class." Naruto said as he turned around to run. As he took off, she grabbed the back of his shirt. "Damnit bitch, let go of my fucking shirt." Naruto commanded.

In the classroom with Shikamaru and Neji, they could hear some swearing coming up the hall. "Sounds like Tayuya is done with Naruto." Shikamaru said "You damn hag, let me go!" they heard Naruto yell before he came flying into the room. Naruto wasn't running, he was thrown into the room, lucky for him, the door was open. Tayuya stood at the door as Iruka, their English teacher looked at the mass of bones and flesh known as Naruto that was laying on the ground by his desk. "Uzumaki, lets see what all you called me, shall we?" Tayuya said as Shikamaru grimaced at her tone. "Hag, bitch, slut, whore, and what was that last one? Oh ya, an old ogre. I expect to see you in my office for the next 4 days for detention." Tayuya about shouted, almost breaking out the windows. Shikamaru grimaced again, knowing it was only Monday and Naruto was already in this much trouble.

The day went on, and it was time for Art with Asuma. "I can't believe she gave you that much detention after beating you like that." Shikamaru said, making note of Naruto's now swelling bottom lip. "If that damn hag wasn't my fucking aunt, I'd giver her a piece of my mind." Naruto said as Shikamaru went blank again. "Shit, she's behind me, isn't she?" Naruto asked as he was given his reply in the form of a deep voice. "Uzumaki Naruto, I don't let anyone else cuss in my class, now shut it before I shut it for you." Asuma said, slapping his hand with a ruler. "Understood?" Asuma said after an especially hard slap. "Yes." Naruto weakly said. "Way to almost end up in the tank, Dobe." Naruto heard someone next to him. "Shut it Sasuke." Naruto said to Sasuke, the teams forward player. "If I already hadn't gotten a warning, I would say something." Naruto growled as Asuma walked by. "Would you really? I find it hard to think what a dickless invalid like you could possibly say" Sasuke asked as Naruto turned red in his face. "Go fuck you're self Uchiha!" Naruto bellowed to have a ruler come down with enough force to break on his head. "That'll be detention on next Monday." Asuma said as he walked off. "Ouch" Naruto whined as he rubbed his head. "You are lucky he didn't assign the detention for this Friday." Shikamaru said, breathing a sigh of relief. "My dad is still going to kill me when I get home anyways." Naruto said as he hung his head low.

Naruto was walking up the walkway to his front door when it opened. "Care to explain how you racked up a week of detention in one day?" Minato said in an angry tone as he walked in the door. "I had a bad day?" Naruto said, with a questioning tone. "Don't answer my question with another question. Tayuya told me everything you said. Now I know you don't like Sasuke that much, but next time, don't yell at him like that again." Minato said, in a less angry tone. "How the hell do you expect to graduate, you were almost expelled last year. You need to settle down." Kushina, Naruto's mother, said from the kitchen. As Naruto walked off to his room, he felt his cell phone vibrate. He pulled it out of his pocket and saw it was Shikamaru. "What'cha want, Shika?" Naruto said as he answered his phone. "We were going to have a practice match, want to join us? I could stop by and pick you up." Shikamaru said. "Sure, I'll be ready shortly." Naruto said as he ran into his bedroom. He opened his closet and pulled out the box on the top shelf. He opened the box to reveal this uniform. It was orange with black accents. It had a logo on the leg. The shirt was orange with the West Konoha High logo on the front of it. On the back, it had the number "17" with his last name across the top in black lettering. As he dressed, he heard a knock at the door. "Naruto, Shikamaru is here." Minato yelled from the front room as he heard the front close. A few seconds, he heard a knock on his bedroom door. "Enter." Naruto said as he pulled up his pants. "You can always just wear regular cloths to practice, Naruto." Shikamaru said as he stepped in "I know, I just don't want to ruin any of my good cloths." Naruto said as he pulled his shirt over his head. "I think its more you like the way your pants fit." Shikamaru said, laughing at how Naruto reacted. "Its not my fault they are a little form fitting." Naruto said as he got out his gun case. He opened a grey plastic box and filled a few large clear tubes with paintballs before grabbing his bottle. "Ready?" Shikamaru asked. "Ya!" Naruto said excitedly.

Naruto and Shikamaru walked out to his car, where Sasuke and Neji were already in the back seat. "Hey dobe." Sasuke greeted as Neji looked up and smacked Sasuke in the back of the head. "What the fuck, Hyuuga." Sasuke growled as Neji went back to his game. "Hey Neji, go fuck your self Sasuke." Naruto said as he got into the car. Shikamaru only laughed at how he greeted the other two players. "So, are we actually going to play against someone this time around, or just shot at each other." Naruto asked as Shikamaru looked over at him. "This is not to get to coach, but I got word that Kiba and his team were out practicing by the railroad tracks. I thought we could go there and harass them a but." Shikamaru said as Naruto's face lit up. "Sounds fun!" Naruto about squealed.

The group came to a stop and they could hear shots off in the distance. Everyone go their gear together and got ready for the possible battle. They fastened their radios and put on their masks. "Naruto, remember, if you get a chance to take out Kiba, do so." Shikamaru said as he was clipping his chin strap. "Got it." Naruto said, putting his neck protector on. They turned on their radios and went to a clear channel. Shikamaru took out another one and set it for scan. They shortly heard a feminine voice over the second radio. "Captain, there is a green car on the north end, seems we have company." they heard over the radio. "Thanks, Hinata." they head Kiba say in a deep voice. "Damnit, I should have known they would have had an outlook spy." Shikamaru said as they heard some rustling in the bushes. "Everyone, go!" Shikamaru commanded

Naruto ran like lightening into a small cover of bushes as he looked out to see a kid paler then Sasuke come out from where the bushes were rattled. He looked at his roster car for the other team and identified it as Sai, the Bobcat's forward player. "Kiba, I see where they parked, it seems we do indeed have company." Sai said into his radio. "Naruto, move it, Kiba is coming from the south." Naruto heard Shikamaru say through the radio. Naruto repositioned into another bush and saw someone walk out into a clearing. The person had red tattoos on this face, broad shoulders, and brunette hair. "Kiba" he muttered and took aim. Naruto, looking down the barrel of his gun, slowly squeezed the trigger. The gun went off with a loud sound that killed the silence. Naruto, to his horror, missed, and was now being chased. "Fuck, I took a shot and missed." Naruto said into his radio. "Who was the target?" Shikamaru asked. "Kiba" was all Naruto said before he felt something tell him to drop. Following his instincts, he fell to the ground under a thick bush. "I know that fucker went this way." Naruto heard a deep voice say as he looked up. What he saw amazed him, and somehow, made his already tight pants even tighter. Naruto hit the silence button on his radio, and looked up again. There stood Kiba, not even a foot away from where his hand was. Naruto studied him, how his legs looked muscular even through his pants, how his shirt exposed every single curve of his body, and the bulge. "No way in hell could a cup do that." Naruto thought to himself. "Shikamaru, where are you." Naruto whispered after turning his radio back on. Kiba was still standing near him so he turned the volume down and went to using only his ear set. "About 10 meters to your south, it seems he is right above you." Shikamaru said. "No shit, I can smell him." Naruto said before Kiba turned where he stood. "Crap." Shikamaru said as Kiba knelt down. Kiba studied the bush, smirking. "Got you, fucker." Kiba said as he unloaded his gun into the bush. Instead of hearing the loud sounds of someone getting hit a close range, he heard the sound of the bush rattle next to him. He got his gun into firing position and Naruto heard the click of Shikamaru's safety come off. "Down, its me." Naruto said into the radio as he walked to next to his friend. "Close call." Shikamaru said as he put his safety back on. "No shit." Naruto said, panting.

Naruto and Shikamaru stayed in place, watching Kiba thrash the bush that Naruto was hiding in. He looked over at Naruto and studied his features for any hits. He saw nothing, until he looked at his pants. "Naruto, nice boner." Shikamaru said as Naruto's face started to burn. "Fuck." Naruto muttered. Shikamaru started laughing, giving away their position. "For being a genius, you sure are a dumb ass." Naruto said through the radio as he ran for his life. Shikamaru took position and got into his thinking pose. Naruto got into position to his left and looked at Shikamaru. He heard a cracking sound next to him and before he could react, he felt a hot breath on his face. He turned and was horrified by what he saw. There stood Kiba, not even a foot away from him. "Fuck" Naruto sighed as he felt Kiba bring his gun up to his side. Before Naruto had a chance to act, he heard a shot and saw an explosion of orange. Naruto took the chance to run for it, in the process, his hand brushed Kiba's crotch. "I knew it wasn't a cup." Naruto thought as he ran off to where the shot was fired from.

When he got there, he was met by the rest of his team. "We need to find a weakness." Shikamaru said as Naruto blushed and looked at him. "I kinda got a feel of Kiba, he isn't wearing a cup." Naruto said as Shikamaru muttered something. "I know you are gay, but come on, groping the enemy captain." Neji said as Shikamaru held a hand up. "He has a point, if we can get one shot off, it'll end this match and will knock him out of the game for a while, perhaps long enough for the to forfeit, and he would know what it feels like to be shot in the nuts." Shikamaru said, anger evident in his voice. "I see." was all Sasuke said as he lowered himself to the ground. Sasuke, the only player on the team with a sniper gun, opened his sight covers. He looked through them. "Damn, if this shot works, with what he has down there, he'll be in real pain." Sasuke said as Shikamaru nodded his head. "Go for it, once you have a clear shot, take it.". The four of them hunkered into the bush, waiting for Kiba to turn around. "Once Sasuke gets this shot off, we'll run back to the car and call it over. Understood?" Shikamaru said as Sasuke grunted. Kiba had turned their direction. "Get ready." Shikamaru said. Sasuke squeezed his trigger and a single shot rang through the woods. They watched as the ball went through the air, almost in slow motion. They watched as it spun, getting closer and closer until it hit. Naruto watched as the fabric of his pants bent inwards, as the ball busted, and as Kiba's eyes rolled into the back of this head. "Awe fuck." they heard him bellow as he fell to the ground with his hands over his crotch, coughing. "Mission successful." Shikamaru said as they ran off to the car. Shikamaru hit the unlock button on his car and they sped off, knowing that they succeeded in knocking Kiba out of the game for a while.

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