Chapter 24

The next morning, Kiba woke to Naruto screaming and shooting his gun in the tent. Kiba opened his eyes to find that Naruto was firing out the front door at an approaching team. Kankuro and Shikamaru were doing the same thing. "Who the fuck was on guard?" Kiba growled, knowing that blood was going to spill for this. "No one, we all went to sleep at the same time, I only knew they were there because one of my mines went off." Naruto said as he reloaded his gun. Kiba looked out the front door just as a paintball came whizzing towards the tent. "Don't worry, for the most part they are bounding off." Naruto said as he continued his firing. He looked over just as the ball broke right at eye level for Kiba. The scream that filled their small camp was horrible and the other team used the distraction to take over Shikamaru and Kankuro.

"Where's the scroll?" one of the other players said right in Shikamaru's face. "I don't have it." Shikamaru said. "Bullshit, you look like someone who is the team captain, tell me, where it is?" the person sneered in Shikamaru's face. "I'm not the captain, Naruto is." Shikamaru screamed. Naruto heard this scream and shook his head. "Hold still, we need to clean your eyes out." Naruto said as he dumped more saline solution into Kibas eyes to wash out the paintball fill. Kiba winced as he fluid washed over his face, suddenly there was an unzipping sound. "Where is the scroll?" the person said to Naruto through a growl. Naruto growled back and reached for his leg. "Oh no." the person said as another player pinned Naruto down. "I said where is the scroll?" the person asked. "I was just about to give it to you. Now if you'd free my arm I can." Naruto said. The person, most likely the other team captain, nodded his head, and Naruto was set free. He pulled out an exact replica of the scroll. "Okay, now open it and read the first passage." the person said. Naruto did as he was told, not opening further then necessary. After a tense 5 minutes, the team was gone with the scroll. Kankuro and Shikamaru came running to the tent and screaming.

"Damnit, why didn't you fight to keep it." Kankuro said. "Because Kiba's injured and we still have the scroll." Naruto said. "No we don't, you gave it to them." Shikamaru said in a smart assed tone. "No, what I gave them was a dummy scroll with a latex proximity mine in the middle." Naruto said with a smile. Off in the distance, a pop followed by screams sounded. Kiba and the others smiled. Naruto was always know for being unpredictable in matches. As they cleaned up the camp, Naruto walked around and assessed the damage. While Shikamaru had it right to call Naruto the captain, it was really Kankuro who was listed on all the papers as the captain because they required previous ninja war experience before you could participate. "Naruto, let's move." Kiba called out. "Okay." Naruto said as he dropped his face mask and cocked his gun. Day 2 had officially begun with a battle and Naruto was sure it was going to end with another one; but he had no clue as to what to expect.

The day continued on until Kiba put his hand up in the air. The other came to a halt and Naruto walked from the back of the line to the front. After a short conversation, Naruto addressed the others. "You're not going to believe this…." Naruto started. The others were instantly drawn into the conversation while Naruto started to chuckle. "remember the smell about 5 minutes back, Kiba farted." Naruto finished on the verge of laughter because of how immature Kiba was with that announcement. The other just shook their heads and Naruto got back into formation.

As the team continued on their walk, he heard something and brought the team to a halt. "Naruto what is it?" Kiba asked as Naruto looked through his scope. "Shit, everyone get a good place, it's Karin." Naruto said. This hit them all like a load of bricks. Where ever Karin was meant that Sasuke was close by, and they were hoping to avoid him since he knew almost all their tricks. Almost as if on cue, Naruto heard someone come through the brush. "Karin, join the others, we've been found." Sasuke said, looking directly at Naruto. Naruto looked into his eyes and noticed something, they were red. Or more exactly, the lens of his visor was red. "Oh shit, he's got an auto-view." Naruto said as he backed up. "What's an auto-view?" Kiba asked. "It's a device that can differentiate the difference between the coloring of clothing and the coloring of plants." Shikamaru said, this new news of impending doom setting in with him. They watched in horror as Sasuke took the scope covers off his gun and aimed it directly at them. "Okay, remember, if we stay in the brush we'll be good." Naruto said as he looked around him and noticed that they were almost in the middle of a clearing. "Fuck." Naruto sighed as he heard a single shot. He looked to his left and saw Kankuro get hit, directly in the lens. With Shikamaru tending to Kankuro, Kiba and Naruto were the ones who had to defend their team.

"Kiba, where are you?" Naruto said into his radio to hear nothing. Suddenly the bushes in front of him began to rustle. He looked up and saw Kiba, covered in paint fall out of the bush. "I'm right here." he said before passing out. "Shikamaru, Kankuro, come in?" Naruto said into his radio to only be met by silence. "I see, a new trick huh Sasuke." Naruto said as he looked around and noticed that the Kiba that fell out of the bush was really an inflatable dummy with a radio in him. The radios were nothing but static meaning he had no communication with his own team. If anything, Sasuke was good with creating the illusion of hopelessness. "Kyuu, where are they?" Naruto asked in his mind. "Well well, now you ask me to help." the demon replied, shaking his head. "Damnit, not now, where are they?" Naruto asked. Suddenly their positions were lit up around him. "Thanks." Naruto said as he moved towards where the three were clustered.

As Naruto approached, he took it easy. As soon as he got close enough, he coughed. Kiba heard the cough and got between Shikamaru and Kankuro and who ever it was. "Kiba, it's…" was all Naruto said before a single shot went off. Naruto could feel the feeling of a migraine setting in as his vision went dark and he fell to the ground. Kiba hit him right in the carotid artery.

"Well well well, isn't it the fudge packer quartet." Sasuke said as he walked closer to the remaining three who were around Naruto. "Now, if you wish to make it out of the competition alive, give me the scroll and no one will get hurt. Except for Naruto who's already down." Sasuke said in a bastardly tone as he glared down at them. Slowly the other three on his team filed in and surrounded.

Narutos eyes fluttered open and he could only see dirt. "Well, time to see if this actually works." Naruto said as he bit down on a switch in his mouth. A small screen inside his face shield flickered on and it showed that Sasuke was standing directly over Naruto. With a shit eating grin, Naruto moved his arm and leg to mimic movements from someone who was about to come back to.

"Sasuke, I think he's coming to." Suigetsu said as Naruto moved. "Nah, the queers down for a while." Sasuke said as he reached to grab the scroll form Kiba. Naruto looked up to his disbelief, Kiba was handing over the real thing. "Damnit no." Naruto screamed and placed a single shot right in the middle of Karin's face shield before he was taken down by a shot to the back of the head, courtesy of Suigetsu. "You disgust me, Naruto." Sasuke said as he looked the scroll over. "Feh, we have no need for this one." Sasuke said as he walked off, throwing the scroll back to Kiba.

Naruto got back off the ground and gave a loud sigh at the events. He never though that someone would be permitted to bring those on the field much less even use them. He looked up at Kiba and growled. "What the fuck was that shot for?" Naruto said through gritted teeth as he cleaned off his face shield. "I didn't know who it was" Kiba said in his defense, backing slowly after noticing the state of Naruto's eyes. "Oh, calm down, I asked it for help finding you guys." Naruto said. Kankuro chucked and Kiba shook his head. They had survived a direct conflict with Sasuke and his team but also now knew of one team that didn't have the scroll they needed. The four got up and left the area of the conflict, mainly to regain their composure. Kankuro was still pale and Shikamaru, although you couldn't really see it through his always bored shell, was also scared and wanting to get out of there. Suddenly remembering the events, he looked right at Kiba before asking the single question. "Why did you shoot me there?" Naruto asked. Kiba turned around to give his answer, but when he saw Naruto's eyes, he only sighed. "Because I wasn't thinking right." Kiba said at the end of his sigh. "Really, when do you ever?" Naruto said as he walked past Kiba. Shikamaru and Kankuro were surprised by Naruto's actions. Kiba was put off by his mood and decided that next time if he thought he heard Naruto's voice he'd hold his fire.

As the day continued on, Naruto and Kiba were beginning to become more tense around each other. Kankuro noticed this and so did Shikamaru. They both figured that it was because of Kiba shooting Naruto, what they didn't realize is that Naruto's hormones were going into overtime and he was getting extremely sexually frustrated. As they continued to walk, the team realized it was getting close to dark. "Well, it's about time to set camp." Naruto said, that's when the realized something, they were in a clearing with a large tree in the middle of it. "Well, how about a birds nest?" Kankuro suggested, looking up into the tree. There was a large area where the branches branched out from. "Sure, I'll give it a look." Shikamaru said as he started climbing the tree. When he reached the area, he smiled. There was a spot that was ten foot by close to ten foot where the branches came out of the trunk. "Hey, Naruto, still have that netting?" Shikamaru hollered down the 12 foot tall trunk. "Yeah, why?" Naruto asked, raising an eye brow. "There is more then enough room up here for us, come on up." Shikamaru said as he started kicking the dead growth off the side of the tree.

By the time they were all up there, Shikamaru and Naruto had set things up. Kiba looked around and grinned. The position was perfect. He cross checked his GPS unit and saw they were within an hours walk to the center cabin. "We'll camp here tonight and use the tree as cover to ambush people tomorrow. We're right on a major trail leading to the cabin." Kiba said. The others looked at him and smiled, this was going to be a good match.

"So, who's going to take first watch?" Naruto asked. The others looked at him then at their surroundings. "That won't be necessary." Shikamaru said. "Cool." Naruto said as he took out a MRE and opened the entrée. Shikamaru and Kankuro did the same. Kiba looked around before taking out his food and began eating. They were close to a total of 14 feet up off the ground which meant they wouldn't have much to worry about having people find them, chances are they would just walk along below them. Naruto and Shikamaru set up the netting around the outside of the tree branches so if someone tried to throw anything up in the tree it would bounce back down like it hit a branch. Naruto smiled at their handy work and set up his stuff so he was leaning against a branch. Kiba selected a spot in front of Naruto to use as his bed area. Naruto looked around and smiled, their shelter of the night was set up and they were finally safe from ambush. Soon everyone was done eating and Kankuro and Shikamaru had gone to sleep. Kiba and Naruto looked at each other before coming to one conclusion. It was late and they were going to have a busy day tomorrow. Naruto leaned against a tree limb and Kiba came up closer to him. Resting his head on Naruto's boots with his head liner as a pillow, Kiba fell asleep. Naruto looked down before yawning and joining the others in their restful slumber.