Chapter 1: Bella's Punishment

Edward and I lay in the grassy medow that Edward loves, gazing at the stars. It is hardly ever like this in Forks, the rainiest and gloomiest town in Washington. I am in Edward's cold, muscular arms. His cold touch doesn't send shivers down my spine like it use to, before I became a vampire. "Edward?" I whispered, raising my head from the resting place on his chest. He opened his eyes and whispered, "What is it, Sweetheart?" I smiled and gently kissed his lips. "Didn't want to surprise you to much." I giggled, something I would never do around any boy.

He smiled my favorite crooked smile and replied, "You are so predictable." I layed my head on his chest, hoping he didn't catch me blushing. He was making a whole lot more contact with me now that I was a vampire. He didn't have to worry about hurting me or killing me now. Plus, we were married and were getting ready to have a child. It was just to unreal. This couldn't possably be happening to me, but it was. This amazing, unrealistic fairy tale was mine. Everything from the first glimpse to the truth. James's hunt for me, the proposal, the tranformation, it was all mine. Mine to hold in my memories for all eternity. What an amazing boy I had and what an amazing life I had. Was it fate that made us were we are today? Was it fate that brought me and Edward to Forks? I looked at Edward, his skin dimly shining in the moonlight. I gasped, realizing my skin would have the same effect. I held up my hand and saw the same glittering, pale skin only a tiny bit different fron Edward's. "That still facinates you?" There was a hint of sarcasm in his voice. I nodded my head as he held his hand up next to mine. It was so much bigger than mine. We enterlocked hands and put them down.

"I love you," I whispered, my eyes shut. I was begining to get the same circles under my eyes as Edward. "I love you, too." His voice was a mere whisper, a whisper the old me would have never heard. I smiled then, looking at my cellphone, saw what time it was. It was already 2:30 A.M.! "Edward." He was already on step ahead of me. I stood up and brushed myself off before catching up to Edward with ease. We got into his Volvo and drove off. His recless and faster-than-the-speed-of-life driving didn't bother me anymore. "We are so busted!" I complained, seeing Esme, Carlisle, and Charlie standing in front of the huge, white house belonging to Edward's mother and father. "Don't worry. Dad will just put on a show while Charlie's around. Once he's gone, he will drop all punishments given to us. Trust me." Edward's voice was so calm. He had no idea how uneasy I felt. "Edward and Isabella Cullen, where have you been? We were co worried about you!" Charlie was the first to speak, of coarse. He could never keep his mouth shut for more than two seconds. "Let us handle this, Charlie," Carlisle protested, holding out his hand to silence the cursing Charlie. "Sorry, Dad. We lost track of time." Edward's voice was so realistic. I had been practicing and was getting much better at it. It also helped that I had this new found cofidence. You know, vapire and all. "Yeah, sorry about all the worry. You can go home now Dad," I managed to say while I was fighting a girn. Charlie stopmed to his car and drove off in a hurry. "Sorry, but this time you two are in serious trouble. You are going straight to your room and think about want you've done, got it you two?" Carlisle angerly protested, pointing straight to the house. "B-but," Edward stammered, his eyes wide. I rolled my eyes as we walked into the house. "Yeah, drop all punishments. Geez." I grummbled, my voice showing how annoyed I was.