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Abbie POV

Okay, this guy was really starting to irritate me. Seriously, nobody likes an overconfident, cocky guy who likes to control everybody. He spent years controlling my mother, but he wasn't going to do the same to my brother or me. I would make sure this guy would pay for everyone he has ever hurt and everyone he planned on hurting in the future.

I opened my eyes slowly. I was still groggy and everything was blurry. When the room stopped spinning and I could see again, I noticed him taunting my poor, still tied up, brother with a gun pointed at his temple. If he wants to kill my brother, he has to go through me first! I was extremely quiet as I looked around me for a weapon. I noticed the gun I had knocked out of his hand a few feet from me.

Slowly and quietly, I pushed myself toward the gun, reaching until I could touch it's cold exterior with my fingers. Grabbing it in my hand, making sure I had a good grip, I stood up, brushing the hair out of my face and approaching him. Glaring as I did so.

I taunted him, teased him, and yelled at him. I did everything I could to make him feel like the sick, son of a bitch, scumbag that he was. But he just smirked, showing his amusement. He thought this was a game! This was all a game to him, he felt like god.

Well not for long.

I pointed the gun at him, trying to stop my shaking fingers. My brother woke up in a dazed state and yelled to me. The man kicked him in the head, knocking him out again. I glowered at him.

"No. Body. Touches. My. Brother. Ever!" I spat through clenched teeth. He laughed again. Apparently he thought I wasn't going to shot him. He, however, was dead wrong.

I took a deep breath, remembered the stories my mother has told me, looked down at my brother, and realized I had to do it.

I pulled the trigger…

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"Tomorrow a meteor is going to hit the school and we are the only people who are going to survive because we aren't going to be here," I said sarcastically, they all looked at me like I was crazy, "She said guess, so I guessed. Doesn't mean it had to make sense," I defended.