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Summary: For years Roxas's parents have been setting him up with rich girls, but they've all been mean, or just not right for Roxas. Another girl comes along, and shes nice, but Roxas may be more interested in her brother, and he may not even know it… AkuRoku

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My Parents. Wow. Not much good could really be said about them. They were controlling, over-bearing, and every once in awhile, they tried to set me up with another rich bitch that they wanted me to marry.

The first was a few years ago when I was fifteen. Yes, fifteen. They didn't plan on us getting married right away, but she was the daughter of or neighbors, who were also very stuck up and snobby- er- rich.

I thought arranged marriage died in Shakespearian times?


Chapter One: 'Happy Birthday Roxas!'

Roxas's POV


I sat on our black leather couches, and I was seething about what my parents tried to do this time. My 18th birthday was today, and instead of a present, like a new car or something, they decided that I was going to get a woman. A 'well polished and extremely rich' woman.

Yeah, that made me like her more (NOT). I was actually glad to be eighteen. Doesn't that mean I could leave at any moment, and say 'screw you' to my parents? I could go off and live the life that I wanted to. But no. My father already established that it wasn't an option. He told me that if I did that, he would cut me off, and I would be on my own for the rest of my life. And considering that my work ethic wasn't that great, I couldn't really sustain a job, and if I didn't have a job, I didn't have money, and then I couldn't go to college.

My mom pulled my off the couch and fussed with my tie. She smiled at me, somewhat lovingly, and kissed my cheek. "Alright Roxas, you can handle this. She's a nice woman, and I think you'll like her!"

"You say that every time mom." I retorted. And it was true. She did say that every time, and I never ended up liking these stuck up bitches.

My father nodded at me, and I returned his nod with a glare. I briefly wondered if being cut off was so bad, and then calculated how long it would take for me to get to the back door. I frowned when I realized that I couldn't make it there as fast as I would have wanted to.

Our doorbell rang, and something in my chest clenched up. I was about sick of this process that dominated my teenage years, but I was good at dealing with it.

My mother opened the door, and with a graceful sweep of her arm, she led the family in. I half smiled, and took in the appearance of the family.

They walked in one by one, all blonde, and all their postures were extremely perfect. Everything about them looked well polished and perfect. The mother of the family stood with elegance, and her hand was joined with her daughter's hand. The father stood very purposefully. I looked at the girl I was supposed to marry, and she looked slightly nervous. She was beautiful, I had to admit, but she couldn't be any different then the countless other girls that I've been set up with.

My dad shook hands with her father. "Luxord, good to see you again." He kissed Luxord's wife's hand. "Nice to see you too, Larxene." The he kissed their daughter's hand. "Namine, always a pleasure."

Namine smiled sheepishly.

"Where is your son?" My dad asked.

Luxord sighed. "He's here, but more than likely sitting in the car. He said that he didn't want to come in yet."

My mother shook her head. "That's too bad."

My father clicked his tongue. "What a disrespectful boy."

I fought back a laugh. I wouldn't be here either if I didn't have to be.

Luxord cleared his throat. "No matter. We shall continue without him." Luxord turned to face me. "You must be Roxas." He shook my hand. "I hear that you're 18 today."

I nodded.

"Well, then happy birthday." I couldn't help but notice his bored tone. "This is my daughter Namine…" He trailed off when someone else walked into the room.

My eyes widened. A tall redhead walked into the room. His red hair contrasted brightly with his bright green eyes. I studied small tattoos under his eyes. I couldn't help but notice how different he looked from the rest of the family.

Luxord sighed. "Axel, I see you decided to grace us with your presence."

Axel sniffed, and then draped his arm around Namine's shoulder. "I decided I wanted to see what sucker was going to marry Nami."

"That would be me." I cut in. This guy seemed cool until he called me a sucker.

I saw him quietly assessing me. He leaned down and whispered something in Namine's ear, and she rolled her eyes in response. He shrugged.

My parents were glaring at Axel, as if he were contaminating their precious mansion with his mere presence.

I grabbed Namine's hand and kissed it. "I'm Roxas."

Namine blushed slightly. "Namine."

I smiled. She didn't seem as mean as all the others had been.

Axel rolled his eyes. "Axel. A-X-E-L, got it memorized?'

I laughed. "As if I really care?" I looped my arm into Namine's and led her away from him. This was a routine repeated many times, and I was used to it. I glanced at my parents, who were smiling brightly in our direction. I gave them a quick smile back. I felt someone staring at me, and I knew that it had to be that obnoxious redhead. What was his name again? Raxel? Axe? Who really cared? Honestly, I didn't.


The sound of silverware clanking into dishes was quiet against the loud talking of our parents. My mom and Larxene were talking about something, and Luxord and my dad were laughing loudly. Axel was leaning back in his chair, much to my mother's dismay, and he was nibbling on our food.

Namine was seated next to me, and she was pushing her food around on the plate.

"Not hungry?" I asked her.

She shrugged. "I don't know…"

I cleared my throat. "Do you parents make you do this often?"

She shook her head. "This is the first time that they've made me meet someone. They made me…"

"I'm sorry. I know what that's like."

"You do?" She looked away from her plate and at me.

I nodded. "They've been introducing me to my 'future wives'," I air quoted the words, "since I was about fifteen."

She gaped at me. "Seriously?!"

I nodded yet again. I looked over at Axel, who was glaring at me. "What's with Axel?"

She laughed slightly. "If it wasn't obvious because of his looks, he was adopted."

"I should have figured that." I said.

"My parents adopted him before I was born." She shrugged. "He's really overprotective of me."

"If he's three years older than you, why does he still live with you guys?" Roxas asked.

She looked at me with a confused expression. "He doesn't."

I returned her expression. "Then why is he here?"

"Like I told you, he's overprotective. As soon as my parents told him that they were setting me up with you, he wanted to come and meet you." She explained, and took a bite of her food. "Do you even believe in arranged marriage?"

I carefully assessed this question. If I said no, I might hurt her feelings. I didn't really want to do that, because she seems nice. But If I said yes, it might make things a bit awkward. "I don't really know." Great answer, Roxas. I mentally punched myself.

She laughed a bit. "My parents made my dump my boyfriend of three years."

I felt her pain. Every girlfriend that I've had they didn't approve of, just because she wasn't their choice.

She sighed. "I really miss him." She looked at me, alarmed. "My parents can't know that I said that, okay? I'm supposed to forget him."

I smiled at her. "I'm not going to tell, don't worry. There's plenty that my parents don't know about me…" I looked over at Axel, and we locked eyes. I didn't look away, and neither did he.


When dinner was over, my parents ordered me to give Namine a tour of the house. And then they got upset when Axel decided to follow. They did all they could in their power to get him to stay with them, but he didn't listen.

I showed her our den, and took notice of the fire that our maids started in the fireplace.

"So blondie…" Axel walked up next to me.

"Axel…" Namine had an edge of warning in her voice.

"What?" He shrugged at her.

"It's okay." I assured her. "What do you want redhead?" I wasn't going to let Axel try to intimidate me. Of all the fathers that I met, I've grown responses to their attempted intimidation. It was nothing to me anymore.

He laughed. "You probably have already figured out that I think my parents are total jackasses for making Namine do this."

"Got that."

"And she's my little sister…"

"I think I got that too."

"You're pretty cocky, you know that?"

"You're a lot like the other bitchy girls that I've been forced with, you know that?"

I heard Namine laugh beside me.

Axel smirked. "Can I talk to him alone, Namine?"

She shrugged. "Don't kill him Axel."

"I wont. I would hate to stain this perfect house with his blood."

"I'd like to see you try." Namine left the room, and headed back over to the parents.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Nothing really. I know that Namine really doesn't want this." Axel said. "But our parents are so fucking stupid."

"Did they ever try to set you up with any girls?" I asked. I kinda liked him. There was no one else that I could get cocky with and not offend.


I felt a little jealous. "Why not?"

Axel laughed. "Because I'm a rebel. They didn't want me to disgrace the family."

"They didn't kick you out or cut you off, or anything?"

"No, I willingly left."

"I wish I could. I've never really liked the whole arranged marriage idea. In fact, I hate it."

"Then why don't you leave?"

"I don't want my parents to cut me off."

"Wow, you're a regular puppet, aren't ya?"

I glared at him. "You barely know me."

"I don't need to know you to know that you need to grow a pair and tell your parents to fuck off." Axel crossed his arms.

"Are you normally this way to people that you first meet?" I asked. I studied his face, but no emotions showed.

"Yes, I am. So don't feel special." Axel stalked out of the room, leaving me standing by myself. I laughed a little. This guy was hilarious, thinking that he could scare me.

I shook my head. But a though crossed my mind.

He couldn't be right, could he?


I woke up the next morning, and the maid was shuffling around my room, straightening and dusting things. I sighed. I told her not to be here while I was sleeping.

"Stacy, didn't I say to stay out while I was sleeping?"

The maid muttered an apology and hastily left the room. I rolled my eyes. She never listened to me, and it was beginning to drive me up the wall. I pulled the covers off of me, and stepped out of bed. I didn't really feel like getting dressed, so I headed downstairs to the kitchen in my pajamas. My parents would reprimand me for it, but who was I to care?

They were sitting at the table discussing something. My father looked up and saw me walking in, and he smiled at me.

"Good morning son, we were just discussing the wedding plans." He patted the seat next to him.

Figures. I just met her, and they were already taking about the fucking wedding.

I sat down, and my mom reached across the table and squeezed my hand. "You slept in really late honey."

I looked at the clock. It was 10:30. Not all that late for me, but they always got up at 7.

"I was tired I guess." I shrugged. One of the maids put a glass of orange juice on the table in front of me. I took a drink of it.

"We're so glad that you actually like the girl we chose for you! That's why we made the wedding rushed!"

I began to choke on the drink, and my mom jumped back in surprise. "Are you alright?"

I took a moment to recover myself. "Mom, I never said that I liked her."

She pouted for a moment. "But you didn't immediately reject her."

"That doesn't mean anything! She was nicer than those other bitches, yes, but that doesn't mean that I want to marry her now!"

"Watch your language." My father scolded me, somewhat half-heartedly. My mom glared at him.

"Anyway sweetie, we think that the wedding should be in a few weeks."

I proceeded to choke on my orange juice again. "Fuck No!"


I rolled my eyes. "I'm not saying that I'm actually going through with this, but if I were, it has to be a few months away, at least."

"But when you're in love-"

"I'm not in love."

"But it could be possible-"

"I'm not in love."

"Honey. Please understand where we're coming from. We want to see you settled down soon."

I looked at her, my face expressionless. I didn't really want to say anything, so I just stood up and walked out of the room. My parents meant well- I think- but they were still irritating.

I heard someone sigh from the table, but I really didn't care who.

"Ungrateful little boy…" I heard the maid mumble.

I shot her a warning look, and she looked down at her feet.

I picked up the phone and headed into the den. I dialed my best friend's number.


"Hey Hayner." I plopped onto one of the couches and put my feet on the armrests.

"Hey Roxas, what's up. Happy Birthday by the way."

"Thanks. And, nothing unusual, just my parents trying to set me up with someone else."

Hayner snorted. "Is she a bitch?"

"No, actually."

I heard him laugh. "Are you serious? Your parents seem to like trying to set you up with bitches- what happened?"

"I have no idea. But their talking about the wedding being real soon."

"Do you like her?"

"No. It's going to be really weird, because she seems more like a little sister or something, not a wife. I don't know her that well, but I can tell she's not ready for this, and I know I'm not. And her brother…"

"What about."

"He's a cocky son of a bitch."

"Ha. Good luck with that."

"Thanks for the moral support Hanyer."

"No problem, shorty."

"You're an ass."

"One of the best."

I hung up the phone. It was completely normal for Hayner and I to end our phone calls like that…

I set the phone down on the table behind me. I usually called Hayner after every time something like this happened.

So this was what it was like to be 18? So far, it really sucked. Not just because I was being forced into marriage, and I'm not even sure I could weasel my way out of this one, or the fact that my parents didn't even say happy birthday to me. Luxord did, but of course my parents didn't.


So there's the first chapter, and it's obviously uneventful, as most first chapters are. It's longer than most chapters I have ever written, so I am kind of proud of myself.

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Chapter Two: 'Hayner, Meet Axel.'

Summary: When Namine's family comes for a surprise visit, Hayner happens to be over, and what happens when two cocky airheads meet?