A lot can happen in six months. Miracles can happen- such as your parents only taking two weeks to stop getting pissed at you for ending a super expensive wedding. And even in the two weeks that they're pissed you can still have fun. I did. When the wedding was over, I packed up my shit and moved in with Axel. Demyx welcomed me with open arms- and since my leg was pretty much healed, we played DDR way more than we should have. Axel was around a lot too- but sometimes he was out job hunting. I wanted to look for a job too, just so I could help them pay the rent instead of being a freeloader. But no, they forced me to relax. Not that I'd really object much. After two weeks of nonstop fun with Demyx and Axel my parents called, and I expected all hell to break loose.

But no, mom was calling to apologize, and father wanted me to take the penthouse. They didn't want to lose me, which was hilarious because once upon a time they threatened to kick me out if I didn't listen to them. And so, I owned a penthouse. I didn't expect to get any financial help with it, and I didn't. But I wasn't going to live by myself. Axel, Demyx, Killer, and Zemyx came to move in with me. And not long after that, Zexion sold his apartment and started staying the same room with Demyx. However, Axel and I didn't share a room, seeing as Namine was a frequent visitor. But, that still didn't mean Axel didn't sneak over into my room some nights...

It wasn't long before she found out about Axel and I. She didn't catch us kissing or anything, she just… found out. I don't know; call it a woman's intuition or something. I don't look into girls 'just knowing things' that much. She was upset that we hadn't told her, but other than that she was fine. She was fine, of course, because she and Pence started talking again. She was delighted to be friends with him again, and so was I. Honestly, they're the ones that belong together.

Luxord divorced Larxene and moved out of state. He and Namine keep some contact, but not much. Larxene, on the other hand, fell to pieces. I don't want to go into too much detail about that nasty story, but I will tell you that she ran to Vegas with Vexen and they got married at a Drive-through chapel. When they came back to Twilight Town, Namine left a note for her mom saying that she wasn't living there anymore, and she came to stay in our spare room.

So here's the present situation: It was hectic with five people and four cats, but it was always fun. Demyx has gigs every Wednesday at a local Café, and Axel worked there to save for college. Namine's about halfway through her junior year of high school, and she has a part time burger flipping job (ah, the pity). Zexion's kicking ass as a doctor, and his salary is good. I'm attending college now, so I'm exempt from being required to chip in for the rent. Hell, it's my penthouse anyway. But, I'd contribute if I could; college kicks my ass and wears me out. I'm just glad that my parents let me have my college fund.

Oh yeah, and Autumn somehow escaped when Demyx was carrying her outside for fresh air some two-ish months ago. She came back in a few days, but she was pregnant. What is it with that damn cat? Can she never have enough kids?

Today, exactly six months ago, the wedding happened. Or, almost happened. I'm currently stirring macaroni and cheese, while Namine's on the floor playing with Lily. She was lucky enough to have a day off of burger flipping.

"Come here girl!" Lily jumped up into Namine's arms, and then began to bathe her face. Lily was the almost the size of a full grown cat now, as were the other kittens. Zemyx was sleeping on the couch, lying on his back, mind you- he was a hefty cat nowadays so his fat was kind of… blubbering all over the place. Killer was a little devil, but we loved him all the same. I grabbed a wooden spoon and began to serve myself some of the food. Just as I had sat down on the table, I heard a large, obnoxious meowing coming from one of the rooms. I noticed that all cats except Autumn were present, so I left the food on the table and bursted down the hallway. Namine was right behind me and we were both trying to decipher where the noise was coming from.

"Dammit, cat! Not here!" Axel began to shout from his room (where he was supposed to be taking a nap because he worked late, but apparently Autumn had other ideas. What those ideas were, I have no idea).

"Do you think…?" Namine trailed off, and I looked at her.

"Think what?"

"She might be having her kittens."

We gave each other an 'oh shit' look and practically busted down the door into Axel's room. He was leaning over the side of the bed staring at Autumn, who was lying down and whining.

He looked at us wide eyed. "I don't know what happened, she just walked in here and started crying! I didn't do it!"

I could almost laugh at how freaked out he was. "Axel, relax a little, we think she might be having her kittens. Too bad Zexion isn't here…"

Axel sighed and relaxed into a more comfortable position on the bed. "Whoo. That's good to know, I thought she was like… dying."

"What good could Zexion do anyway, he's not a veterinarian, he's a people doctor. He wouldn't exactly be able to sit there and yell 'push!' at her." Namine commented with a giggle.

I kneeled down beside Autumn. "Maybe we should just… wait?" Namine nodded and took a seat on the bed next to Axel.

So we waited.

And it was a gruesome process to see a cat give birth to kittens.


When the worst was finally over, Demyx and Zexion had finally come home from their date to catch the tail end of the birth. Zexion set up a bed and some food for Autumn, and we watched as she brought all of her six (yes, six! There's no way we can keep all of them) kittens over to the makeshift cat bed. It was adorable to see the tired out, but completely loving, mother carry all of the kittens over to the bed when she was about to fall over of weariness herself. She licked all the kittens clean, and then she went to sleep with them all.

In a way, it was kind of magical.


When the day was over, the kittens were all settled in Axel's room. They were loud little whiners, so we figured that they should have their own place. We kept the door cracked so momma could come and go as she pleased, and even their three older siblings took an interest. It was one big, happily family. Well, minus two fathers…

So when they were settled, Axel couldn't stay in his own room that night. Naturally, he slept in mine. When it was time to crash, I began pulling off my shirt and then I stripped down to my dark blue boxers (hey, that's the most comfortable way to sleep for a guy), and Axel did the same. I snorted when I saw flames circling the bottom of his. It's so him.

He smirked at my snort. "Hey, it's fire. It makes me look badass."

I gave him a sarcastic smirk. "Yeah, badass like teddy bears, right?"

He chuckled. "Exactly. You know what's even more badass?" He climbed into the bed, and I did the same.


"No, teddy bears on fire."

I laughed, and we both made ourselves comfortable on the bed. I had my head in his chest, and his arm was around my waist. I cuddled into him and tried to soak up the warmth that he for some reason always had.

"Comfy?" He asked quietly.

"Mmm, yes. You're really warm."

He chuckled and started absentmindedly running circles with his finger on my lower back. The touch felt nice; I snuggled closer to him. I closed my eyes and we dropped into a comfortable silence, the sound of his breathing was rhythmic and soothing.

"Hey, Roxas?"


"You know, I never really asked you to be my boyfriend…" He chuckled quietly, "I can't believe I never did, we met almost seven months ago."

I opened my eyes, pulled back my head, and glanced up at him. 'You're right. I guess it didn't really matter; we've been acting that way for a while now. Before the wedding even."

"It matters to me now. So what do you say?"

I smiled slightly at him. "Of course Axel."

"Now that's settled, guess what, boyfriend?"


"…I love you."