AN: Originally, there wasn't going to be an epilogue, but I felt that it needed to have a definite ending... plus, now you guys get to see what happens to our favorite couple! And besides, I thought... well, this whole thing started with Celebrity Insider, so why not have it end that way, too? BTW, have any of you ever checked the prices on a Tiffany engagement ring? They are so expensive it's not even funny.

Epilogue: (five years later)

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Brangelina, TomKat, and… Ryelsi?

Ryan Evans's longtime girlfriend twenty-five-year-old Juilliard grad Kelsi Nielsen was recently photographed sporting a 2-karat diamond ring from Tiffany & Co. on the fourth finger of her left hand. When asked, Ryan confirmed that they were in fact getting married. "We've been together for five years," he said at the Off-Key premiere last week. "I really love her."

His seven-year reign as king of young Hollywood is still going strong, with three Oscars and a Grammy under his belt. Now it's reinforced by the buzz surrounding his engagement, not to mention the stunning box-office reception of his new movie Off-Key, about a prodigy pianist (Evans) who is kidnapped by an eccentric tutor (George Clooney) seeking revenge.

Kelsi, a successful composer and screenwriter, added, "We aren't thinking of a big, lavish wedding. Maybe just our families and close friends."

Sharpay Evans, Ryan's twin sister and a regular on the red carpet, said, "I'm totally excited that [Ryan's] getting married! He and Kelsi make the perfect couple. I mean, they both love music, collect hats, and they're both scared to death of me. Kidding, of course," she laughed. "But they're definitely suited for each other."

How sweet! We'll keep you updated on the news of the Evans-Nielsen wedding, rumored to be taking place in sometime next fall in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the pair met in kindergarten.

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