Disclaimer: Bleach and all its characters are property of Kubo Tite, not mine.

Author's Notes: This is a contest entry to Bleach Asylum's Halloween Contest.


Prologue – Murderous Moon

The full moon was hidden behind a veiled sea of clouds, bathing the woods in the outskirts of Karakura Town with an ominous shadow. But three darker shadows were crossing it faster than human eyes could follow, shaking the foliage on their way.

The three shinigamis halted at a glade, surrounded by the breeze swept pine trees.

"Did anyone see where it went?"

"… I don't sense it anymore."

"Damn! Kurotshuchi-taichou is going to be mad if we return empty handed…"

The sound of a weak weeping alerted them to a crouching figure leaning against a tree. They grabbed their swords' handles as they cautiously approached. It was the soul of a young man poorly dressed in rags, staring at them with scared eyes.

"Oh, it's just a normal soul." the shinigami stated as he walked towards him, unsheathing his sword. And he looked back at his companions "You guys search for its trail, while I perform the Soul Burial. We need to resume our pursuit."

The clouds unveiled the full moon like an observant beacon. The soul's lips parted and curved in a wicked smile, showing the growing fangs.

Crows flew, startled in the woods, crying their warnings that tonight had already begun cursed.