A/N: The characters used in this story, as well as a few of their quotes, belong to Disney, but the words and storyline are my own. I have made no profit from them whatsoever, except (hopefully) satisfaction in a job well done and perhaps constructive criticism from my peers and fellow writers. And this is a parody, people! Laugh and get on with your lives!

"You'll never get away with this!" shouted Drakken as he and Shego were dragged to the waiting police cars.

Kim wiped her hands clean of the non-existent dirt not merely a bit proudly. "Well, that's two villains down."

"Hey, KP?"

"Yes, Ron?"

"Why do we keep putting them in jail if they keep escaping?"

Kim was at a loss for words momentarily, but thankfully Ron's short attention span came to the rescue as he followed Rufus, who was investigating the newest doomsday device.

Rufus chattered to his owner, who nodded. "Yeah, the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer has been used a lot, hasn't it, buddy? I wonder what it's supposed to do when it's not hooked into the cable."

Kim rolled her eyes and walked over. "Yeah, well, just remember what happened last time it turned on. Don't-" But Ron had already punched the big red button. The two humans and one naked mole rat were blown away as a portal opened out of thin air.

A shadowy being slowly stepped out.

Kim readied her fists and Ron stumbled behind her as the thing came out-

And waved excitedly. "Omigosh, it's Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable and Rufus!" screamed the strikingly beautiful brunette who had come out. Our heroes were dumbfounded as the most intelligent girl they had ever met shrieked and jumped in place. She paused to take a deep, calming breath. "Sorry," she said. "You caught me by surprise."

Kim and Ron looked at each other dubiously. "How-"

"I should introduce myself. I'm Donne. A KP fan."

Ron seemed insulted that another would use his personal nickname for Kim, but aforementioned cheerleader offered a surprised hand out to the girl, who shook it nervously. "Yes, I'm Kim. Why did you just come out of that portal?"

Donne glanced behind her at the now miniscule whirling vortex. "Dunno."

Ron pushed himself up. "And you know of us because…"

"You're my favorite TV characters!"

Kim widened her eyes and took out the Kimmunicator to talk to Wade while Ron invited Donne into the Sloth.

"Seems legit to me, Kim," Wade said as he slurped a soda minutes later.

"But, a 'TV show'?"

"Must be from an alternate universe, Kim."

"Sci-Fi's not my thing."

"Kim, science fiction!"

"Yeah, yeah," Kim said as she looked behind her in the car. Donne and Ron were conversing animatedly.

"So you actually know about me?" Ron wondered.

"You're the most well-developed on the show- totally my favorite character! Well, I mean, I liked your blue, evil, sadistic, murderous side better, but hey- what can you do?"

"Er… thanks?"

"And me?" Kim called out a little hopefully.

"Um…" Donne stammered. "You're… okay. I mean, a little one-dimensional and appearance-oriented, but you do have a show named after you."

"And you said you wrote fanfictions?"

"Well… most of them were Ron-oriented…" she revised her statement, seeing the upset look on Kim's face. "And-and-and one Drakken and Shego oneshot! And a naco recipe! Plus some drabbles- and you died in a couple of them!"

Kim sighed and gripped the steering wheel as Ron started debating the idea of a vegetarian naco with Donne. "When did you say you could open a new portal, Wade?"