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Orihime sighed as she let her head fall back onto the armrest of her sofa. She really shod be doing homework, but she could not concentrate after she felt the flares of spirit energy. They had long died down, but she could not help but worry.

"I hope Kurosaki-kun is ok." she bit her bottom lip, wondering if she should go out and look for him.

She jolted upright at the sound of her window sliding open. A Shinigami sat slumped over on the windowsill, it did not take her long to recognise what one it was. The bright orange hair was all she needed to see, he slid inside, stumbling as soon as he tried to stand on his feet. He grunted as the sound of Zangetsu hitting the floor seemed to make his pain worsen.

"Kurosaki-kun!!" she caught him before his legs totally gave out, but as soon as she touched him, she knew this was not the Kurosaki she knew.

"That guy really suck." the dark voice sighed.

She gasped as there eyes meet for the first time that night. she did not see the normal warm eyes of her old friend and crush, no, this man's eyes where cold, the vivid black and yellow coloration seemed to pierce right though her. His lips curled up into a lunatic grin, seemingly enjoying the fear he was causing the young woman, but it was short lived as he winced in pain again, clutching his stomach and leaning more heavily on her.

"Tch, you would think he would of stopped getting injuries like this, baka." he grumbled

"W-what happened?! Where is Kurosaki-kun!!"

"The king got nocked out," he glared at her, "but it seems that its his lucky day, I'm not in the mood to be turning him into the horse."

Slowly laying him down, she opened up the front of his dark Shinigami robe. The Death God had got very careless or the Hollow he was fighting got very lucky, but either way, he now bore a large claw wound on his torso. Calling out Ayame and Shuno she set about healing him, glancing up at him from time to time, her fears for the real Ichigo grew. His dark counterpart laid there quietly, arms folded behind his head, but every time she looked at him, it seemed that his skin and hair where paling.

The Hollow could not believe his luck, being in control of the body, even if there was the cost of pain and blood for it, but really it was no different from normal. He did not lie when he said he had no interest in becoming the king tonight, not when he knew Ichigo would be out for some time, time the Hollow was planning on spending with Orihime. Watching him chase after Rukia with no luck when she was right here, for what seemed like years now, frustrated the Hollow to no end, but the kings loss was his gain. Ichigo's eyes may of wondered from her, but the Hollow's where firmly set.

"There, you will have to take it easy or it may reopen again," she taped her chin in thought as the fairies returned back into her hair clip, "maybe you should stay tonight just to make sure." her eyes widened slightly as she realised what she just said.

Yes!! "Sure." he said plainly as he sat up, inspecting the newly healed wound.

With out another word to him she stood up. Picking up his zanpakuto as she went, the blade she had seen welded so easily with one hand, was a lot heaver then it looked.

"There you go, Zangetsu-kun." she said sweetly as she propped the blade up against the wall.

The Hollow scowled at the blade. Annoyed that she was speaking nicer to the old man then she was to him! But any anger was short lived as his black and gold eyes lingered on her smiling face, and the fact that with him sitting on the floor and her back turned to him, he got a good view of her ass. The king was truly an idiot to be missing out what was right in front of him, in more ways then one, the tight sleeping shorts she had on just made it all the more enjoyable. She turned around to face him, his eyes shot up but never got higher then her chest, oh how he wished he could hold them, hold all of her. His eyes rose higher, landing on her lovely slender neck, the Hollows mined wondered off thinking about ways he could… oh wait, she was talking to him.


"I asked if you where hungry, Hollow-san, do you want anything to eat?" she asked him, trying to play a good hostess, not knowing when her childhood friend would come back in control.

Ya you, "No I'm fine." he replayed, tearing his eyes off her.

Orihime was trying to get her fear under control. She knew that if he was going to kill her, he would of done so by now. Biting gently on her lip, she tried to think of ways that would help, his hair and skin where pure white to her now, so she could not just pretend he was Kurosaki. Maybe a name would help, if she gave him a name then she could relate to it more, and then wont fear it.

"Umm Hollow-san, d-do you have a name?" she asked it, Kurosaki had never called it anything but Hollow.

He looked at her with a sideways glance, that grin starting to return to his lips, "No," he got to his feet, sliding the window closed, "I am the nameless darkness within your friend's heart."

He shrugged off the black robe as he closed the gap between them. Orihime felt herself rooted to the spot, her mind was telling her body to run, but it had stopped lessoning long ago. He hooked a finger under her chin, lifting her head up to look him in the eyes.

"But ill let you name me, only if you swear that you will be the only one to use it." he smiled devilishly at her, feeling her body heat on his own exposed flesh.

"N-name you?"

You will be needing something to scream all night, "Yes, give me a name." and there's so way in hell I'm letting you cry out the kings.

"Umm, t-then how about," she bit her lip again, by kami he wanted to take that lip between his teeth, "Shirosaki-kun."

That was all that was needed, before she knew what was happening his lips had been pushed brutally agents hers.

S-Shirosaki-kun is, is kissing me!?

By rights she should be trying to push him away, pull herself back, anything to separate there bodies. But this was her first kiss, and against her better judgment, found herself leaning in to him. He growled in satisfaction as he felt her breasts press against his chest, he let go of her chin, using the back of his hand to brush her neck, over her breasts, and down her side before coming to rest on her hip. She sighed, giving the Hollow the opportunity he had wanted, as he delved deeper into her mouth, his tongue caressing hers as he brought one hand to cradle the back of her head, and another to encircle her waste.

He pulled her tight against him. This was far better then he could of ever imagined it, she tasted of the odd food combinations she always tested out, her body heat engulfed him and she was getting hotter by the second. He felt her arms wrap around him, one hand grabbed at his naked back whilst the other found his white hair. The Hollow could of taken her right then and there, but he did not want to force her, taking something when given is far, far nicer then taking it by force, but he found it hard to keep control of himself when he felt one of her legs wrap around his.

They pulled apart for air. Shirosaki grinned as he took in her half lidded gaze, eyes glazed over with lust, he ran his hands up and down her sides causing her to shiver. He kissed her again as he threaded his fingers through her hair, taking out the clips one at a time, nothing was going to interrupted him tonight, not her Fay friends, Zangetsu or even the king, nothing. The Hollow slipped one hand under her t-shirt, her skin felt softer then any silk, running the tips of his fingers along the edge of her bra he felt her tug at the rim of his pants. Cursing himself for not remembering the layout of her place he wounded if the floor would be ok with her.

His hands on her skin. His lips on hers, it was almost to much. He was not her beloved Ichigo Kurosaki, but he was a part of him, a part that had been rejected, just like her love had been rejected. Knowing that it felt like they belonged together, regardless of how it looked like from the outside. She relaxed in his arms, all fear of him a distant and long forgotten dream, she parted there heated kiss, breathing heavily she turned her lust filed gaze away from him. Shirosaki's brow furrowed for a moment, but then he followed her gaze, and smiled when his eyes rested on her bedroom door, without hesitation he scooped her up in his arms. It was time for this Hollow to make this princess into his queen.

He easily opened the door with his foot. Her grip on him slackened as she felt herself come into contact with the soft bed, the Hollow slowly lowered her onto the sheets, not letting a single body part drop. He sat by her side, one hand either side of her head, the Hollow could not believe his luck, everything was far, far better then he ever dreamed it, and the main event had not started yet.

"Orihime-chan, there will be no going back, is this what you want?"

His eyes betrayed his face, he looked like he would take her regardless. But his eyes told her that he would stop of she said no.

"Are you really a Hollow?" she cupped the side of his face, and giggled when he nuzzled his face into her hand, "this is what I want, Shirosaki-kun."

He striped her of her clothes, feeling like he was going to lose control if this was to go on any longer. Striping himself of the remainders of his death god uniform, he lay on his side beside her, keeping himself propped up by one elbow, he ran his free hand up and down her body, burning the image of her like this into his mind, the Hollow knew he would never forget anything of this night.

"Shiro-kun." she sighed.

The loss of saki from his name seemed to excited him even more. He brushed the inside of her leg, moving closer to his goal, her gasped filled his ears as he slipped one pale finger into her wet folds, her sweet, dialect virgin body was now his. She moaned again as a second finger joined the first, slowly thrusting them in and out he watched for any signs of discomfort from her, one of her hands fisted in the bed covers, whilst her other arm was around his shoulders, pulling him closer to her.

"S-Shiro-k-kunn." she moaned his name as his fingers worked there magic.

"Yes, Hime?" he grinned.


Say it.

"I wa-want.."

Common say it.

"I want you.."

Some would say that she was mad for inviting a Hollow to enter her body. But he was sweet darkness, an evil angel heaven sent. Shirosaki pulled his fingers out of her as he gently rolled on top, being extremely careful not to hurt her, tenderly he positioned himself at her opening and with a nod from his soon-to-be queen, he pushed himself in. a sharp pain shot down her spine as he reached the barrier deep within her, before she could say anything he was pulling out to a depth she was more comfortable with, but the relief was short lived as, with one sharp thrust of his hips, he plunged himself up to his hilt.

She winced in pain as her arms and legs wrapped around him tightly, she had always heard that the first time hurt, but she did not think it would feel like this.

"I'm sorry," the Hollow whispered in her ear, "the worst is over now, tell me when your ready to continue."

But he found it hard to keep still within her, she was so tight, so wet. He could feel himself throbbing, or maybe that was her, it was hard to tell at this point, using every bit of will he had to stop himself from moving. When he felt her relax around him, he knew he did not have to hold on for much longer, she looked so vulnerable laying there beneath him, getting over the pain of having her virginity taken from her. But he knew that this pain would be short lived, he would make this small pain, and the pain that basted Ichigo had caused her, nothing then a forgotten memory.

Finally she gave him a small nod, the signal he had been waiting for all night. Slowly, he pulled himself out so only his tip was in, then started to slide back in, the pain was less this time, but was still there. He covered her mouth with his, using his lips and tongue to distract her from the sharp pain deep within her hips, and he could tell it was working. She became more relaxed with every thrust of his hips, he could feel her becoming wetter with every movement of his body, and it was not long before she started to move with him, he took grate delight in swallowing down every small cry that past her lips.

Tarring his lips away from hers, he propped himself up on his elbows as she gasped for air. He took everything in as his thrusts feel into a steady even pace, the way she looked at him with her beautiful half lidded eyes, her rich warm hair fanned out around her, the way her body moved with every thrust. Any pain she felt had long since melted to the growing fire deep in the pit of her belly, her growing moans drowned out the creaking of the bed as is rocked under them, but it was the wet slapping sound that made him want to ravish her like he has done in his dreams.

I can't, not on her first time.

He nuzzled the side of her neck as his breaths came in short pants, his pace becoming broken as he felt her walls start to ungulate around him. He was nearing his peak, and by the way she was moaning his new name like it was some life giving chant, she must be as well, a growl rumbled though his body as he her body clamped down around him, with two more thrusts, he joined her in carnal bliss.

The Hollow collapsed on top of her, panting heavily as they tried to come down from there high. He pulled himself out of her wet petals, enjoying the small shudder it caused her.

"Shiro-kun." she mumbled his name one last time before falling into a peaceful sleep.

"Tch, a sleep already?" he grumbled as he pulled a blanket over there bodies, "can't be helped I guess, she is only human." he sighed as he planted a soft kiss on her forehead and pulled her up agents his chest.

Are you really a Hollow?


3:45 am, the red numbers glared at him throw the darkness of the bedroom. He had not slept at all, afraid that as soon as he closed his eyes he would be pulled back into Ichigo's inner world, there he would not be able to escape till fate saw fit. So he spent all night drinking in the sight of her, the memory of there loving making running in a content loop in his mind, many times he wanted to wake her and go again, he licked his lips, well she has been a sleep for sometime now so he guessed she would not mind. But just as he went to kiss her neck, she stirred and turned to face him, it did seem like luck was splashing out on him.

"Morning Shirosaki-kun." she yawed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Morning Hime." he smiled at her, his yellow eyes seemed to glow in the dim light.

She gasped as he pushed her onto her back and began trailing kisses down her neck. She could feel the heat of a blush seep onto her face as she felt his morning 'need' pressed up against her leg, she knew that she had no need to be bashful after what happened between them last night.

"We can't Shiro-kun its…"

"The weekend," he cut her off, "so you don't have to explain to anyone where you got that limp."

Before she could ask what he was on about he was already in to his hilt. A small moan passed her lips, the steady pace that he had before returned, she relaxed, letting him do anything he wanted to do to her, as crazy as it sounded, she trusted this Hollow. It did not hurt this time around either, making it must more enjoyable.

"When will I see you again?" she asked him, watching from her bed as he slipped on his black robe.

He knew he did not have much time before Ichigo was back in control, and the Hollow was wise enough to know that him coming round in a room that stunk like sex was not a good thing.

"Who knows," he shrugged, "it's not like we sort out a plan on who is in control and when ya know."

But when I become king I will be back to take you as my queen.

He pulled the blanket up over her body, "Get some sleep." he said as he gave her a fleeting kiss and left the room.

Maybe bowing to the king is becoming bad for me, I'm becoming too soft, too human.

He picked up Zangetsu on his way out, slinging the over sized blade onto his back, "You tell him about this, and ill snap you in half." he growled at the zanpakuto.

With a glace back at her door, he left the same way he came, through the window.


"Hay, hay Hollow! Wake up." Ichigo yelled at the sleeping Hollow.

"What ya' want?" said Hollow grumbled back, not to happy about being back in Ichigo's inner world.

"What happened last night?!" he did not ask, more of demanded from his dark counterpart.

"Nothing," he yawed, "I killed the Hollow, healed myself then took you home." he then rolled over on his side, wanting nothing more then to get some sleep.

The orange haired Shinigami knew there was something up, normally he would be jumping or flying around trying to pick a fight, or insulting him. But today he was so, sleepy, Ichigo sighed as he heard his Hollows soft snores, he left it like that for now, he would find out what really happened his own way.

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