The Camping Trip From Hell

Summary: Troy and the gang are all planning on going on a camping trip. Everybody is excited, especially Gabi. What happens when she decides to go walking into the dangerous woods by herself? Will she get hurt? Read to find out.

Disclaimer: I don't own HSM or anything related to it. Kenny Ortega does. Everybody knows that.

Author: Zanessarox4evaand4lyfe91

Category: High School Musical

Rating: T for mild sexual references, language & violence.

Genre: Drama/Suspense/Angst/Tragedy

Chapter 3

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As Troy was in his room still mouring over the loss of his girlfriend, Chad had accompanied Troy to make sure he was safe and sound and wasn't going to hurt himself by doing something stupid.

Troy was on the floor in tears while Chad was just sitting back not knowing what to do to comfort his best friend since he was grieving over Gabriella as well.

Chad was sitting next to Troy who was lying on the floor crying his eyes out. All Chad could do was pat Troy on the back.

Troy decided to get up and find the nearest weapon in proximity of him just so he could stop feeling so much pain.

Troy crawled towards his night stand and opened his drawer in it.

He pulled out a gun that was stashed in there.

Troy checked to see if the gun was loaded. Seeing that it was Troy pointed the gun towards his head.

Chad who saw what Troy was about to do he pushed Troy down on the floor knocking the gun out of his hand.

"Troy, what the hell are you doing?" Chad asked.

"What do you think I'm doing, I'm gonna kill myself." Troy replied angry that Chad stopped him from taking away his life.

"You aren't going to kill yourself man. I'm not letting you." Chad said.

"Life without Gabriella isn't worth living!" Troy cried.

"Troy, have you even heard yourself and what you're saying?" Chad asked. "It's not our fault that Gabriella died. Someone dumb decided to kill her. I'm sure it was an accident!"

"Chad, I miss her so much! It's all my fault she's dead." Troy exclaimed.

"Troy, don't blame yourself. We didn't think something so tragic would happen on our trip. Besides Gabi is in a better place now. She's at peace and happy." Chad said.

"I know... but I don't wanna live anymore. I just want Gabi back." Troy replied softly.

"We all do Troy. Don't you think we're suffering from this too?" Chad said comforting his best friend.

"Not as much as me." Troy mumbled.

"Look Troy we are all hurting over the loss of Gabriella, but please don't kill yourself. I don't know what I would do if you were gone. Anyways, I wouldn't be able to play basketball with my best friend. I would miss that so much. " Chad said.

"You could live without me." Troy replied.

"Troy, stop it!" Chad exclaimed. "Stop talking like that man!"

Troy was silent after Chad yelled at him like that.

Troy broke down again unable to handle the heartbreak of his deceased girlfriend. Chad who was still with Troy in his room, just let Troy cry on his shoulder since there was no one else around to comfort him. He didn't really mind anyways. He knew that if Taylor died and Chad was mourning over her that Troy would be the same way with him. So he was just consoling him the whole time he was over at Troy's house.

Taylor, Sharpay, Jason and Kelsi were all at Taylor and Chad's house wondering what was going on over at Troy's house since Taylor was the one who sent Chad to look out for Troy, like a bodyguard.

"What do you think Troy and Chad are up to over at Troy's house?" Taylor asked everybody.

"I don't know... but I hope Troy doesn't do anything dumb." Sharpay replied.

"He won't... At least not with Chad there to keep him company." Taylor said.

"I really want to go over there to see what's going on." Kelsi said.

"I know... how about we go there now? I'm pretty sure that we could keep him company and offer some comfort besides just Chad." Sharpay suggested.

"Yeah, let's go!" Taylor replied. "Who's car are we taking?"

"How about yours?" Jason asked.

"OK, my car it is." Taylor replied.

Everybody was fine with the arrangement and went outside towards Taylor's car.


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