Hey everyone this is my first Twilight Fanfiction...I have only just started reading them but because it is such a good novel that everyone loves I could not resist putting my personal touch in it. Rest assure that there are absolutely no spoilers because I have not myself even finished the first one, but as I said before I could not resist! Anyway please Read and Review!!

Chapter 1

Kathleen's POV

It was just me and dad now…mom had finally left us and was up in heaven with all the other angels. If there was such a place? Now that mom was dead I questioned everything. I looked over and saw that dad was talking to other family members of ours. He hadn't shed a tear the whole funeral and I don't know if it was because of his pride or because he was in too much pain to really feel much of anything. I inhaled with a very shaky breath. In a way I was completely furious with him. Why couldn't he just change her? That way I would still have my mother and he would have his wife.

"Ms. Cullen, I am so sorry for your loss."

The preacher that ran the sermon was in front of me. My lips thinned, I didn't want to talk about my loss. However I forced a grateful expression on my face and responded.

"Thank you…I just hope my dad is well."

He nodded sympathetically.

"Yes, Edward does seem rather devastated."

I had to keep myself from rolling my eyes.

"Yes, well if you don't mind I would like to be alone."

He nodded.

"Of course child," he kissed the top of my head but quickly pulled away, "my Lord you are freezing." He said concerned.

"Good day Pastor." I said quickly scurrying away.

If he had noticed anything other out of order in my appearance father would no doubt chastise me. I walked to his side and stood next to him, assuming the position of his ward as a good daughter should….what utter and complete rubbish.

Sure we were at one time really close, but this changed everything. I did not really want to look at him anymore; I was so mad and depressed.

"Kathleen, did you pay your respects."

I looked at him hate eminent in my stare; that was on the lines asking me if I remembered to breath. I was best friends with my mother, as if I could disrespect her grave in such a manner.

He got the message instantly and quickly cleared his throat which was a sign for me to leave; I however continued to look in his direction without saying a word.

Finally he gave in and coughed again.

"Would you excuse me?" he said politely but then grabbing me rather roughly by the wrist.

"What is it Kathleen."

"I want to go home! I'm sick of dealing with all these people who act like they care when they really don't give a fuck-"

"Enough!" my dad said sternly. "Please, I am not in the mood to deal with you. If you don't want to stand out here with your family go and find Emmett and see if he'll take you home."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, because you're too lazy to take me yourself," it was a big mistake saying that.

"You are digging yourself an early grave Kathleen, just go, but you can believe me we will be talking about this later."

I shuddered under his face and when he saw that I looked slightly scared his expression softened.

"Look hun…I'm not enjoying myself…why don't you stay with me so that way we can suffer together?"

I stepped back from him and shook my head. I didn't want to be near him right now, I really just wanted to be alone.

"I-I'll see you at home."

He looked at me pained; hurt more then what he originally was. I felt my eyes become hot and quickly turned to find Emmett.

Emmett was not that hard to miss, he was talking to Alice and then when he turned to see me he quickly hugged me and held me close. I could feel the tears brim in my eyes but I quickly wiped them away in his shirt. When he pulled away he placed a hand delicately on my cheek, absentmindedly I shivered.

"Oh Kat, I am so sorry." He said gently.

I could feel my words become stuck in my throat, I wanted to say it was okay and that I would be alright but something in my mind was telling me that I couldn't. I swallowed the grief in my throat that was begging to be released.

"I…I…thanks." I said lamely and then looking away.

I noticed that Rosalie was not with him, only Alice and Jasper.

"Where's Aunt Rose?" I asked trying to concentrate on something other then the cold in my heart.

He pointed and I found that dad was hugging her, she was hysterically in tears. I found this strange seeing as mom and she never really got along that well. It must be the guilt of not being able to fix things properly.

"Did you want to talk Kat?" he asked gently.

I shook my head, why was everyone asking that?

"No, I was wondering if you could take me home?"

Emmett folded his arms over his chest and stared my down.

"I don't think Edward would like that too much."

"It was his idea." I muttered coldly.

Emmett stared at me in disbelief but then shrugged.

"I think you should go and stay with your father, he's probably really hurting."

I rolled my eyes. Yeah, he was hurting and I wasn't.

"Please Uncle…I can't stand anymore of these people."

I made my eyes very big knowing that Emmett would not be able to resist, he never could. Mom had always said that I had dad's gift when it came to talking people down. He sighed and took out his car keys.

"Fine." He said coldly.

I nodded feeling very accomplished at the moment. I hope it would stay; I was sick of feeling sad and depressed. We went over to my dad's Volvo. I wasn't even concerned why he was not taking his own or how he had gotten a hold of my dad's keys all I knew was that I was getting away from all the crying and mourning.

Emmett wasn't driving nearly as fast as he usually did. It might have been because he was too sad to feel up to it. Sighing I turned and looked out the window. Mom was the only sane driver in the family, I bit my lip, now I had to deal with dad and his crazy car chases. It took us no time at all to get to the house, and all though Emmett insisted on staying with me I turned him down. I said that my dad would need him now.

Luckily it was enough to get him to leave. I opened the door to the Cullen house hold and stepped inside. It was warm from me forgetting to turn the thermostat down, I'd have to remedy that otherwise dad would complain that he was over heated.

I sighed walking over to the touch pad but stopped when something caught my eye. It was shining and laying on top of the television. I picked it up holding it as if it would shatter in my hand.

I swallowed hard…it was my mother's ear ring. She had lost it a week ago. I squeezed my hand close over the little frail piece of jewelry.

Why? What had my mother done to God to make him take her from me?! I placed the earring back where I found it and walked out of the living room. I went into my room and flopped on my bed. I closed my eyes as tight as the skin would allow until I found myself sitting up in frustration. I opened up my closet and looked at all the clothes. More then half of these were what mom helped me pick out. Some of the jackets in here were hers that she had given to me after about an hour of begging and plea bargaining. I closed the closet door and walked over to my dresser. Mom's hair brush was sitting next to my perfume. She would always let me brush her hair when I was feeling upset. I had been brushing it more the past week because I had known her fate.

I placed the hairbrush down and decided that I would take a shower, my body felt strangely cold. I grabbed a towel from the hall closet and my robe off the back of my bedroom door.

The warm water felt magnificent on my skin and I closed my eyes allowing it to flow down my cheeks and all over my face. I opened a bottle of shampoo and began lathering it in my hair. I stopped and closed my eyes once more. This was my mom's favorite scent vanilla and sugar. Quickly I rinsed it out of my hair.

God…why couldn't she just stay out of my head! I turned the water all the way up hoping that the hot water would melt her away or the pain would distract me. It scolded and I gritted my teeth. It was a good pain, it distracted me. I sat down on the marble tub and allowed it to cover my whole body at once.

The steam filled the bathroom and I felt suddenly very weak and tired. I closed my eyes and leaned on the side of the tub. It was rather cold and it shocked me for about a moment before I leaned my head on the side. I would get up…soon…

Edwards POV

I knew this was hard on me but it must have been twice as painful for Kat. She didn't look herself anymore and I did not mean that as an insult to her flawless beauty. Kathleen was just as radiant as her mother. She had Bella's hair only it was slightly redder and a tad darker. My eyes, topaz, and her mother's stubborn ambitious attitude. Which I find isn't always a good thing. Another mourner approached me and I quickly dodged him by rushing away to my family.

"Ah, Edward."

Carlisle came up to me and gave me an awkward hug, it was more awkward for me because of how stiff my body had gotten.

"Hi dad." I said sadly.

He looked me up and down then frowned.

"How is Kat?" he asked letting go of my shoulders.

I couldn't help but shrug, Kat hasn't been speaking to me so I really had no answer for him.

However, I knew that that answer would not suffice, "She is upset, I can tell that much."

"Well of course, Bella and her were best friends first and then mother and daughter second."

I nodded; sometimes that was not a good thing. Especially when it had come to Bella overriding me with certain decisions that were only meant to better our daughter's life. Still I did not want to think of that right now, I shook it from my thoughts and then went on talking to my family.

I looked at my watch; it was time for me to go home. The reception was over long ago but I still had not been able to find myself ready to leave. I rose from my seat near Bella's grave and placed a hand on her tombstone. The cold stone even gave me a chill. I let a few tears roll down my face but then it came to the point that I could not stop myself from sobbing and falling to my knees begging God to make it not true.

After a couple minutes I was able to pull myself together and leave. I blew a kiss to her grave and said my final good bye.

"Good-bye Bella my love, I will never forget you and I will never love another like you."

Emmett had brought back my car and although I would usually yell at him for stealing my keys and taking the car without my consent I did not care. It was probably because of how emotionally exhausted I was and the fact that I would soon have to deal with Kat's attitude did not help.

I pulled in front of the house and slammed the car door rather roughly. I went inside and could hear the shower running along with the sound of it hitting the floor. Something was not right. I through my jacket on the couch and ran into the bathroom.


There she was passed out in the tub with the shower pouring onto her head. I quickly turned the water off and tried to move her off the drain.

"Damn it!"

The water was hot enough to boil and egg! Still I had to get her out of the tub. I pulled her up into my arms and rushed her from the room. This was not good; her breathing was next to nothing. I wrapped her in a towel and laid her in my bed placing a fan next to her. I turned it on; I needed to cool her body off. God, she was probably going to suffer greatly when the sores revealed themselves.

I grabbed the phone next to my bed and called Carlisle.


"Dad…I need your help, now!" I could hear the urgency in my own voice.

"Edward…what's wrong?"

"It's Kathleen, please she is unconscious and burned badly."

I could hear his sharp intake of breath and then he responded with,

"I'll be right there Edward, make sure you keep her body cool."

"Thanks…see you in a couple minutes."

I looked back at Kat who was now shivering. My dear child…I cannot lose you too.

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