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October 10th, a day of celebration, of hope and one of new beginnings. It was also a day of dread, fear and hate. As this was the day that the mighty Kyubi no Yōko fell, at the hands of Minato Namikaze, the forth hokage. It also happened to be the birthday of young Uzumaki Naruto. For most a birthday would be considered a joyous occasion. But to Naruto it was only a day of fear and hate. The usual glares and ominous feeling only got worse on this day.

As 8 year old Naruto walked slowly towards the academy, he looked around and sighed.

"Jeez, October 10th again. Wonder what I'll get this year for a present." He chuckled darkly at his own bad joke.

The only gift he ever received if you could call it that was stones through his window and poisoned birthday cakes from the local bakery. Not counting the extra cash bonus from the old man, and free ramen at the ramen stand.

'Still better go look for another hiding spot for tonight', He scowled to himself as he thought of passes experiences.

Suddenly realizing the dark look, on his face, he quickly pasted back on his happy go lucky grin.

He scanned the faces of nearby villagers and noticed that nothing was out of the normal cold stare, and continued on his way.

Contraire to what most believed, Naruto was not a stupid child. Not even close. For a child of 8 years of old he was very observant, as well as analytical. He remembered the dark looks on the villagers faces for as long as he could remember, even before he started his ridiculous pranks.

No Naruto was quite intelligent. After all he managed to teach himself how to read and write along with simple math. Even with the academy teachers trying to sabotage him. In fact Naruto learned of an age old principal of ninjas long ago, look underneath the underneath.

Snapping himself of his own musing he realized that he had reached the academy, another location of which he despised.

'Wonder what boredom awaits me today,' he thought to himself. As he moved through the school and into his class, he quickly sat down near the back window and relaxed as he waited for the rest of the class.

When he did attend class he liked to show up early and enjoy the few moments of peace before the class rushed in and the mask would have to go back on.

Oh how he hated that mask, one of happiness and indifference to the hate.

'But a ninja best tool is deception after all,' so with another deep sigh he put his head down and went to sleep.

Bam! Naruto head snapped to attention as a dull throbbing began on his forehead.

"WAKE UP!" shouted Iruka.

"Sorry, sensei", Naruto quickly replied as he put on a sheepish grin and started rubbing the back of his head.

Iruka sighed to himself as he tried to force back the frustration.

"What am I going to do with you Naruto? You have to pay attention in class. Otherwise you always remain at the bottom of the class."

"You don't have to worry about me sensei, I'll be at the top in no time"

Naruto said with a grin.

"Yea right, "scoffed Sakura from the front.

"You'll never beat Sasuke"

With a blush of embarrassment on his face Naruto quietly sat down again as the class roared with laughter.

"Ok, ok settle down now class," said Iruka as he tried to rein in control of the class again.

"Now as you know tonight festival was made to commemorate the 4th hokage for his..."

As Naruto tuned out the rest of the lecture he was fuming at the stupidity of the pink haired harpy, and to pretend to like her was making him sick to his stomach-ache.

'Dam, I wish I could beat some sense into her once and for all and show that Sasuke wasn't the center of the universe.'

'Still gotta admit that he could probably still beat me right now, though not by much.'

To be honest Naruto didn't have all that much against Sasuke, after all the kid was just your normal academy student from a clan, except he already had his own fan club.

From the front of the class Mazurka looked Naruto with a thoughtful look. I wonder if tonight would work out for the plan. After all the ANBU would be scattered thinly around the village to keep an eye out for trouble and the hokage himself would be occupied as well. Now all he had to do was to get the Kyubi brat to do the work and everything would be golden.

After Class

"Hey, Naruto wait up," came a cry from behind.

Turning around Naruto saw Mizuki sensei coming around.

"Yea, what's up sensei?"

"I was wondering if you would like to add a bit of truth to that statement you made in class today." Mizuki said with a smile.

Immediately Naruto was put on guard. For someone like Naruto fake mask were so easy to spot. But being slightly curious he pressed forward.

"Sure, I'd love to!" All the while give his plastered on smile.

"Great, all you need to do is to get me the forbidden scroll from the hokage tower tonight so that I can instruct you in an awesome new jutsu."

'How stupid does this guy think I am,' though Naruto, trying to keep the shock from showing on his face.

Instead he decided to play it stupid.

"Isn't that against the rules?"

"Nope, this will also be a training exercise."

"Huh, how's that gonna work," asked Naruto generally confused.

"Well, I've seen you evasion skills and their pretty decent, so all you gotta do is sneak into the tower, and bring me the scroll outback in the woods. But you gotta avoid all the nin on the way."

By now Naruto was having difficulty from falling down with laughter. How on earth did this guy think he was this dumb. Then again 'I guess the front I put up was pretty good.'

Suddenly inspiration hit Naruto like lightning.

"Sure I'll do it, just give me the instruction again on a piece of paper so I won't forget it all", he said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"No problem. Come by the academy at eight when the festival begins and I'll even give you a map with a marked route."

As Mizuki turned and left to make preparations, Naruto quickly ran home to get some scrolls and writing utensils. After all Mizuki presented him with the chance of a lifetime, and he wasn't gonna let it slip away.