Hello there! I've decided to write this, a multi-chapter story! I'm not quite sure how long it will be, so I just hope you enjoy and continue reading! Bleach is by Kubo Tite.
Summary: Rukia admired him- but she was too late. Ichigo never knew until then. Out of spontaneous fit of anguish, he tries to prove to Rukia of his feelings with extortion.

Prologue- The Pendulum Swings

Rukia always had admired her teacher, Shiba Kaien.

She admired him for his strong yet relaxed strength; and for always helping her.

She remembered the month she was transferred to the new school, after going through harsh times with her brother and childhood friend, Renji. She felt out place of everyone, isolated from the laughing and warmness around her.

"Welcome to Seireitei Gakuen, Kuchiki Rukia. We hope you will perform well as we've seen from the Kuchiki family before. Ise Nanao, the secretary, will give you your schedule for this trimester. You may ask her any questions you have." Rukia nodded and bowed respectfully to the principal Yamamoto.

He grunted, signaling permission to Nanao to enter. She opened the door and bowed to Yamamoto, and faced towards Rukia.

"This way, Kuchiki-san." She said as she turned on her heel. Rukia hastily followed her to her desk in the front of the office and stood waiting as Nanao went through several piles of paperwork.

"Kuchiki Rukia… Here it is." She took out a thin piece of paper from the middle of a stack and handed it to Rukia. "Here is your schedule for this trimester. Homeroom is about to start, so you should get there for your teacher to introduce you. Your teacher is Ukitake Juushirou in class A-2." Rukia took the slip and bowed to Nanao, who showed her the way out.

Rukia wondered the hallways, even though she knew her way around. After a few minutes, she arrived to the door of her class as she waited outside in the hallway. She could hear noise of other students idly chatting- it was apparent class hadn't started yet, so she would meet the teacher.

The school bell rang, and the noise inside became considerably quieter. Rukia looked down both ends of the hallway, wondering where the teacher was.

She leaned onto the wall and sighed when echoed steps made her jump off the wall. She looked and saw him rushing down the hall. His eyes spotted her.

"YOU! Shouldn't you already be in class? Get in there!" He yelled. It was almost in a comedic manner, if only it wasn't her he was yelling at.

"Anou- Excuse me but, I'm a new student." Rukia stuttered out still startled from his outburst.

"EH? New student? No one told me about you! Well anyway, welcome to Sereitei Gakuen! I'm Shiba Kaien, you're teacher." His smile made her stare at him for a moment in awe, but she quickly snapped out of it.

"W-wait, I was told my teacher would be Ukitake-sensei…" She mumbled, looking down at her schedule.

"He is your official teacher, but since he is rather sickly, I come and teach his class. Most of the kids will say I'm their actual teacher, but I won't get mad if you make the mistake!" Rukia noted his behavior, and bowed.

"Kuchiki Rukia." She said in a polite voice. She was about to lift her head up when she felt a large hand pat her head roughly. She almost lost balance as she looked up at him, annoyed.

"What? No greeting? You don't go meeting your teachers and higher-ups and not greet them as such! Greet me properly." He scolded her. Rukia could only stare at him until she snapped back and hastily bowed her head once more.

"I-It's a great pleasure to me you, sensei!" She corrected herself. He nodded and smile.

"Good, good! Now wait right here while I go inside and start class. I'll introduce you to the class in a few minutes." He told her. She gave a small nod as he turned to the door and opened it.

"All right, quiet down and get to your desks! Appreciate the extra minutes you get after the bell rings and get ready for class!" He hollered. Rukia was surprised by his loud voice that had authority.

After he took care of the important things in class, he finally cleared his throat.

"Today, we have a new student, so greet them with kindness and welcome them to Sereitei Gakuen!" Rukia took this as her cue to come out. She slowly opened the door and walked to the center of the class. She felt all eyes on her, making her somewhat nervous. Of course, they haven't heard her name yet. She turned towards the class and bowed her head.

"Hello, my name is Kuchiki Rukia. Please be nice to me and I hope to meet all of you." She couldn't see the faces when she said her name, but judging by the gasps and whispers all over, she knew what their expressions were.

"Alright, you may sit at your desk, Kuchiki. Go sit over to Kotetsu Kiyone." He said, pointing to a girl in the middle of the room. Said girl started waving in an urgent manner, alerting Rukia of the exact person and pointing to the empty desk beside of her. Rukia slowly walked down the aisle as she saw the side glances at her follow. She sat down into the vacant seat and looked forward to the front on the class.

"Alright, now take out your homework from the previous night!" Kaien called out as the shuffling of papers and quiet groans echoed in the room.

That was how it was. Stares and glares, whispering and gasps towards her from everyone in the school. She was all alone, with no one correcting any mistakes she made. The teachers would ignore any mistake she made, making her seem perfect; giving another reason for everyone to avoid her.

She was a Kuchiki- she was perfect, poised, and would not take anyone lower than her as a friend.

But Shiba Kaien was not like that. He corrected Rukia's mistakes that she made n assignments, and showed her what she did wrong. Even her classmates began to talk to her, about the test and homework, and even about what they did on their free time.

She was normal.

After a year, she had Shiba Kaien again, and a new boy came to school.

Kurosaki Ichigo.

He attracted more attention than Rukia with his orange hair that spiked all over. His quietness and constant scowl pasted onto his face. What's more was many of the troublesome boys in the school would start fights with him. Rukia remembered when she was walking back home after staying late in school when she first met him.

'You shouldn't have come here, Kurosaki! I advise you to get the hell out of this school if you know what's good for you. We don't need weaklings like you!" Ichigo dodged his punch and swung a kick against the guy's stomach.

"You all are really annoying, did you know that?" Ichigo commented as he scowled at the figure kneeling on the ground, clutching his side. He turned to make his leave, ignoring the glare from the student.

"Damn you-" He took out a hammer and threw it at Ichigo. It hit the top of his shoulder, nearly missing his neck or back of his head. Ichigo spun around as he grasped the spot on his shoulder it had hit. "Hah! That's what you get! You're fucking annoying, I'm just going to finish you off- everyone will be glad I got rid of a filthy rat like you!" He yelled as he took out a small knife from inside of his jacket.

Rukia could only watch, horrified as Ichigo only stood there as the guy started running towards him. She couldn't stand watch it happen, as the next thing she knew, she had blood trickling down her arm, and her leg coming up and making contact with the student's chin. With the force, he fell to the ground, hitting his head on the concrete.

"D-dammit, who the hell did that?!" He opened one eye and sat the sight of her, and his eyes widened.

"K-Kuchiki! What are you doing here? We weren't doing anything, honest!" He said as he tried to stand up, looking innocent. He turned somewhat pale when he saw her hand holding the knife with her blood dripping from it. "W-what are you doing with that?"

"Stopping you from hurting him. Take your filthy weapons and I advise you to leave this school, or I will tell them." She said disgustingly at him.

"Who are you?" Ichigo's voice called out behind her. She glanced over her shoulder at his shocked face, still letting it sink in he was saved… by a short girl.

"I don't get you- why is a noble like you helping a rat like him? You've got to be joking, right?" He picked up his hammer as he looked threatening at both. Rukia remained silent for a moment, thinking why she was there in the first place.

"It's disgusting how everyone here won't let new students come, that's making Sereitei Gakuen a terrible school." She said out loud. Ichigo could only stay at her back, watching as she idly wrapped her scarf around her bleeding arm.

"It's survival of the brightest, Kuchiki! Weaklings like him should be taken out; he doesn't deserve to be here!" He yelled, pointing at Ichigo.

"-Don't you mean 'survival of the fittest?'" Rukia corrected him.

"Idiot." Ichigo muttered. His face turned red in both embarrassment and anger.

"You bitch! I'm going to expose the weak whore you are to the school, and we'll get you out of this school, Kuchiki or not!" In his fit of anger, he ran at Rukia, flailing the hammer. Rukia, alert of his rash movements, tied to dodge as best she could. She moved to the side when he brought it down, but couldn't dodge when he hit her in her hip, grabbing her right ankle. All she could do was fall to the hard ground, writhing for the pain. Her scarf that was wrapped around her arm slid of as she kicked her foot, but he wouldn't let go.

"Let go of her ankle, bastard!" Ichigo ran toward him as he stomped onto his hand. The bastard yelled in pain as he tried to keep his grasp on Rukia's ankle, but she quickly escaped his grasp.

"Bitch… I will tell the school. By tomorrow you won't have any friends you were able to bribe!" He quickly stood up and ran away.

"Wait a minute-!" Ichigo went to chase him when he looked over to the girl. "Hey you… Why did you come here?" He saw she was panting as she looked far away, thinking of something. She knew if she didn't act fast, both of them would be in trouble tomorrow.

He noticed her stained scarf. He picked it up from the dirt and looked up to say something to the girl. "Here's your… scarf?" When he looked up, she had also disappeared. "Where the hell did she go?" He was slightly annoyed what happened. He was saved by a girl a foot shorter than himself, and all he had to prove of her existence was the bloodied scarf he held in his hand. This school really was something.


No one had glared at Ichigo the next day. In fact, they were all giving him looks of approval, and actually greeting him. He kept the scarf inside his bag pack, always looking around the hallways for the girl- it couldn't be that hard to identify a short black-haired girl that looked like from primary school. He knew she from this school based on her school uniform and that bastard (who mysteriously disappeared also) knew her.

But Ichigo couldn't remember her name… Kuchdo… Kuchimi… No, none of those were her name. Ichigo heard the bell play throughout the school, signaling the end of the school day. He shuffled out of Yoruichi-sensei's class room a few minutes after everyone else and walked down to get his shoes to leave. He was about to step down the stairs when one of the class doors slid open, catching Ichigo's attention. One of the teachers walked out and right after him was a student.

"I'll take of the classroom, Kaien-dono!" She promised, bowing slightly. The teacher smiled down at her.

"Good job, Kuchiki! Have a good night, and don't forget to do homework!" After a confirmation from her, he turned and walked down to the opposite end of the hallway. Speechless watching the short scene, Ichigo finally found his voice as he ran over to the familiar figure.

"Y-you!" He called. She turned, as her eyes widened at the orange airing bobbing towards her.

"Ah, you're the boy from yesterday." She muttered.

"Yeah- I just wanted to give you this." Ichigo searched his bag as he took out her scarf. He held it out to the girl as she looked at it for a moment and watched as her face brightened in realization.

"Ah- I must have dropped it. Thank you very much." She took it from his hand, her finger tips brushing slightly against his.

"Want to explain to me why you suddenly appeared yesterday? I don't need to be protected at all." Ichigo asked, slightly irritated.

"You had no idea what you were getting into yesterday- you should be thanking me for stopping that moron from ruining the rest of your life." Rukia said in a scolding voice. She went back inside her classroom and went to clean the class room.

"What was that?!" Ichigo was surprised by her sudden condescending tone. He followed her into the class that must have been her classroom. He noted she was in the same year as him, but her class was several rooms down from his.

"If he didn't get his way, he would have spread an ugly rumor or worse have you expelled from this school. You probably didn't notice, but I was fast enough to attack him first and now his stupidity is no longer present in the school." She explained as she took out the flowers from the vase that was beginning to wilt. She would need to buy new flowers tomorrow.

"So what do you want me to do? Thank you instead?" He asked.

"It's not needed- Giving me my scarf is fine. Do whatever you want now." She said in the same serious tone. Ichigo remained quiet watching her clean the board.

"Fine then. I guess I might see you around…" He muttered, walking back to the door.

"It's not 'you', it's Kuchiki Rukia." Ichigo turned to see her facing him, her arms crossed over her chest. He noticed her small smirk, and couldn't help but smirk himself at her smugness.

"I'm Kurosaki Ichigo."

Rukia could still remember that day. After that they became friends and became even closer, even in separate classes. He had also introduced her to his other friends- Inoue, Chad, Ishida, and others. She never had so many friends, been in a special group where everyone called each other their nakama…

She enjoyed it, even if her brother didn't like her socializing with the lower students- especially Ichigo.

But she was still in Kaien's class. She still took her time after school to clean the classroom, and bring him fresh flowers.

She had always admired Shiba Kaien. Ichigo noticed her admiration towards her teacher, but never thought of it as anything more; as did everyone else.

Rukia stared at the neat letter, labeled with his name as neatly as she could. She chose the most pristine white envelope and the same stationary inside the closed envelope. She held the small letter in her hands as her open heart.


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