Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Edward's point of view--

It was August 3, 1976 and we were all in New York for the summer. Of course, what was I busy doing in a city so huge and filled with so much art, music, and culture ?

Right, I was in the middle of Macy's holding 500 bags, following Alice as she shopped, smelling perfumes, commenting on every outfit…every lipstick color. In short, I truly wanted to die…again.

I wasn't bothered by all the women crowded around me…their blood, that is, didn't bother me. I was strong at this point in my life and could resist it. I tried to block out their thoughts, though, and that was still difficult sometimes.

Cute… I heard one blonde say as I gave her a smirk and a nod, trying to pass her as Alice ran away from me…God, I'd love it….just give me 3 days and I'll give you back to your girlfriend, you fine piece of….

I rushed past her faster, and raised a brow…seething at the back of Alice's spiky haired head…great, now people were thinking Alice was my girlfriend…and why not ? Who else would be stuck in here all day carrying all this crap ? In short, I had almost had enough. Women were also getting very…aggressive in the last few years…their thoughts more like that of an unsatisfied man who watched football in his spare time…what ever happened to mystery and shyness ?

"ALICE", I tried to shout in a whisper, not wanting to make a scene here, but she ignored me…what's new ? "ALICE", I did it again.

I passed a full length mirror, catching the glimpse of my black satin shirt that buttoned down, black leather jacket…small gold chain around my throat, jeans and brown leather boots. Is really the best fashion this decade had to offer me, I thought, not looking at my feathered hair….Alice was my costume designer as the times and fads changed…but I still couldn't get over THIS…maybe the 80's would be better.

"What Edward ?", Alice turned a little, not really looking at me.

"This store has 100 floors !", I almost whined, "How much more do you NEED ?"

"I'm not just shopping for ME", she stopped, fingering through hanger after hanger of skirts…."It's my job to dress us ALL….no one appreciates what I do…until I don't do it. " she sighed.

I sighed…great, now she was going to act hurt. Let me fix it.

"It's not that I don't appreciate you, Alice, I do", I said honestly…if I had to shop for clothes for myself, in this era…I think I'd go mad. I missed the 50's…white t shirt, jeans, jacket…done. You could wear it everyday and no one said a word.

And I absolutely LOATHED my hair in this feathered style Alice put it in…I felt like a girl every time I saw myself.

"It's just that", I began, trying to sound nicer, "Emmett and Jasper wanted me to meet them at the World Trade Center. It's supposed to be one of the tallest buildings in New York."

"Why is THAT so interesting ?", she walked over to some women's pantsuits now…ukkkk I thought to myself, looking at those. At least I wasn't a woman forced to wear THAT.

"We were gonna try jumping off the side of it", I smiled, thinking of it…I loved heights.

"Boys", Alice muttered….

"Please Alice ?", I tried to gaze sadly at her….using my eyes….my bottom lip started turning out and down….my puppy dog lip…she could never resist this.

"Okay okay", she smiled back at me….her eyes twinkling, "Just give me five more minutes….I'll go with you."

YAY ! Success was mine…I didn't think I could stand another second of being in here. And then it happened….

"OH GOD !", Alice gasped, her eyes wide….in disbelief.

"What ?", I frowned, looking at her, not able to touch her because of all the bags I was saddled with.

"I forgot SHOES", she slapped herself in the head.

"No Alice", I said low and in terror…"Please…for me ?"

"We have to have SHOES", she spun me around by the arm…"THIS WAY, it's on floor 5 !"

We needed shoes….each of us only had about 6,000 pairs. Shoes to Alice were like music was to me….I was dead.

I didn't move a step further….and Alice nearly fell as she went with me and I jerked to a halt…

"Hey", she looked at me…stubborn as ever.

"No Alice", I repeated, firmly rooted on the spot.

"Please Edward ?", she pleaded, "One hour ? We can do whatever you want for the rest of the whole day !"

I smoldered….looking ahead of her…at the door leading outside…my jaw hard and tight. We were so close to freedom…

"Fine", I heard myself say. Alice was the best friend I always wanted…usually…this was the one place we couldn't have any fun together….shopping for clothes.

"Edward", Alice grabbed my cheeks together, making my lips into a ball of mush as she kissed them hard, going, "MMMMM", then added, "I LOVE YOU !"

I felt myself soften a little…a tiny smile on my mouth as she flitted off like Tinkerbell. It would be a miracle if she was done in an hour.

"I'll wait outside for you", I called…her hand waving at me like, "Yea, right, whatever"

I had to get a smell of fresh air….the smells of rusty blood, fire, and Calvin Klein perfume was making me dizzy. When I finally got out to the street, I inhaled deeply….finally, fresh air.

"That was a mistake ", I squinted, saying to myself….it was worse outside than inside….hot muggy August air that smelled of pavement, tar, and garbage filled my lungs…if I could breathe, I'd have coughed.

I was glad we were parked in front….and I hurried over to my new 76 Ford Mustang convertible….black…a true beauty…a Christmas gift from Carlisle.

"Hey baby", I greeted her as I got to the trunk…putting 20 of the bags down for a second so I could get my keys…finally the trunk opened and I tossed the bags in unceremoniously, slamming it down.

They're probably diving off the World Trade Center buildings right now, I thought, grumbling as I unlocked the driver's side door, bending inside just to turn on the radio….I decided to lean against the car and watch people walk by, something I liked to do often. Human behavior and thoughts…interested me a lot.

Before I even turned on the radio, I prayed to myself….come on, baby, play me something GOOD. These days, 9 times out of 10 the song would be truly awful. Once in awhile I'd hear something I'd like…but not always.

Beatles…Beatles…Beatles….I muttered, hoping to hear them…but, alas, they had broken up a few years ago…and my musical planet was like an empty field ever since.

I listened…and heard…

"I write the songs that make the whole world sing….", Barry Manilow crooned.

I blanched, cringing as if I just swallowed a carton of sour milk….no, not this one…not again…

"I write the songs of love and special things
I write the songs that make the young girls cry
I write the songs, I write the songs"

"No, I can't", I said aloud, to myself…knowing I wasn't this strong….I reached in and switched it off a little too hard…hearing a snap…

"Guess again, Manilow", I gritted through my teeth, even though I'll admit one thing was true….he did write the songs that made ME cry…

I huffed….shoving my hands in my jacket pockets….hating this time period so much more than the others…Paul McCartney was doing his own group now…Wings…his first single solo was number 1 now…Silly Love Songs, it was called. I wasn't impressed. Come on you guys, call each other and patch things up….I want my music back…

I watched people walking by…tilting my head a little…trying to have some fun somehow…I put my large mirror sunglasses on, doing my Erik Estrada impersonation….really I didn't want anyone to see me staring at them. This city's humans didn't like that. Once I just looked into a man's eyes as I read his mind and he came barreling up to me, going, "You looking AT ME ?!"

I found myself humming low…it began as my own melody….then in minutes, it became "Yesterday", by the Beatles.

"Yesterday", I sang to myself…"All my troubles seemed so far away….now it looks as though they're here to stay….oh I believe…in yesterday…."

I loved the Beatles' lyrics…a lot of nuts in the 60's claimed every song they sang spoke directly to them but I really believed it myself, too. They were mortals but I found a lot of solace in their words…they gave me a lot of comfort during very

tough times…I felt a little hope when I heard their songs. Yesterday was one of my favorites…it hit me very close to home…especially the next lines…

"Suddenly….", I sang on, "I'm not half the man I used to be…there's a shadow hanging over me…oh yesterday came suddenly."

A man walked by and caught my attention….smiling…holding a girl's hand…kissing it tenderly…she melted…and her cheeks turned a soft shade of pink….the blood rising to her flesh…their heartbeats both raced….in sync.

She's a goddess, he was thinking to himself…I hope she says yes to me tonite…I'd be lost without her…

I darted into her mind, to see if the feelings were mutual….

Thank you, God, for Derek….finally I found my soulmate….I love him so much… she glowed as she walked away with him.

I was happy for them, but at the same time…I felt empty…and alone…and for a split second, I hated them and their happiness…what was wrong with me ? Why was there someone for everyone else except me ? Maybe the stink of my evil repelled everyone around me…and that's why I was always so alone…why I'd always be alone.

For all my so called good looks that attracted every mortal woman around me…no one came that close to me…no one wanted to.

I tried to stop feeling sorry for myself and kept singing….

"Why she had to go, I don't know…

she wouldn't say…

I said something wrong

Now I long for yesterday…."

I looked down at my boots….sulking…if I ever had someone I loved, I would never say anything wrong to make them run away….let alone sitting around singing about how I screwed up and now she was gone….Go get her, I thought to myself….stop crying about Yesterday and do something NOW about TODAY.

That would make a great song….if I knew anything about love or women, I'd go home and write it myself…

Is that him ? I heard someone thinking….oh my god, it IS !!

I pulled my sunglasses down a bit, looking around…no one was looking at ME.

Don't ask him for an autograph, it's rude…besides, he's with his son…it's not right, another thought floated on the air…

Uh oh, a celebrity was in our midst…I realized…curious. Mortals were so misguided in who their heroes should be these days. Any dope with a talk show could be a celebrity now.

I didn't see any limo or cameras snapping away…no bodyguards either…maybe they were mistaken.

"Sean, hang on", an English accent cooed, "We're almost there…"

Sean ? I thought…no way…realizing…maybe…no, it couldn't be…that would be too wild a coincidence….

"Daddy", a little voice shouted happily, "Go FASTER DADDY"

Without thinking, I found myself hurrying as much as I could in public down the busy streets….trying to see….trying to hear more….

"How's THIS ?!", the voice spoke again…it was an older man's voice…definitely English accent….I could see a tiny piece of him a few yards away….a man wearing a beat up old brown leather jacket…worn in color….a small brown ponytail tied behind his neck….he was running down the street, pushing a stroller.

"WEEEEE", the little voice squealed…two little hands raised up in the air….I couldn't see the boy's face, though….not that I had seen it before….

Laughing, the older man's voice announced…"We're here ! YAY !"

There was a huge park ahead…Central Park. A vast field of green….humans scattered all through it…even miles ahead….some laying on blankets…reading, running, bike riding….playing football…. And OOH – a baseball field over to the left ! A wall of tall beautiful trees lay off in the distance…and from beneath them, rose a jagged landscape, filled with buildings, like a slew of palaces reaching up to the heavens.

The sky was overcast…as predicted….and I smiled…finally….I smelled grass and fresh air…leave it to the man ahead to find the one spot in this city…thank you.

I hung back now…the crowds not so thick here…only the man and the stroller with child were in my view now as I followed.

I tried to listen in on the man's thoughts now…easier that loads of people weren't in my way….

Close your eyes,
Have no fear,
The monsters gone,
He's on the run and your daddy's here,

I heard in the man's mind….a melody emerging as he worked on it and walked at the same time…it had to be him. I never heard this song before…but I found myself liking the first part…I was never around small children much before…but I liked watching them play from afar sometimes.

I glanced behind me…no one hardly paid any attention to the man pushing the stroller. What was wrong with these people ? Didn't they realize who was walking amongst them ? No respect for genius anymore, I shook my head.

Why was I following him ? I asked myself…not sure. I just followed as my legs were in charge now….I would never do him any harm…I just had to watch him a little longer.

"What animals did you want to see ?", the man's voice asked the child.

"TIGERS", the little boy screamed…making the father laugh.

"Only tigers ?", he chuckled, "Nothing else ?"

Oooh, tigers were here ? I looked ahead…not seeing anything yet…YUMMY ! I'd have to bring the guys here tonite….I haven't had a tiger in years !

What was I doing ? I kept asking myself…I certainly didn't want an autograph, that was for dolts. And I truly didn't want to harass him like some mortals attacked celebrities while they were trying to live their lives in peace…who was I to intrude on another's peace ? And I really didn't want to offend him by forcing myself in while he was trying to have some time with his son.

Before I knew it, I glanced behind me again….still no one around…I should just go back to Macy's….this is insane.

I felt myself smack squarely into something….I made a small sound of surprise and was staring back at the man. He was staring right at me, his brow slightly furrowed as I began to apologize.

"Sorry about that", I began doing the traditional, oops I bumped into you thing New Yorkers were used to in a city this over populated. Although, these days, no one apologized to anyone anymore…it was kill or be killed on the streets now.

His eyes looked strong…but gentle at the same time, traced by round clear glasses. A father bear protecting his cub….like a wall between me and the stroller.

His hair was curly and unkempt….tossed back into that ponytail without care. He wore a white t shirt and beat up leather jacket, blue jeans and boots….my favorite, most comfortable look. He was not a slave to this era's fashions…he danced to his own drummer. It WAS him…John Lennon.

--end of chapter 1

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