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Unexpected Love

Beep beep beep beep. Sighing, I rolled over and turned off my rude alarm that seemed so eager to bring me out of my peaceful sleep. I went to bed early last night to get ready for my big day today but all's I did was toss and turn. And when it seemed like I finally fell asleep, the alarm from hell called to me to wake up.

I pushed my warm comfy covers off myself and groaned as I set my bare feet on my cold wooden floor of my bedroom. I yawned as I got up and walked to my closet to pick out something to wear. It really won't matter what I wear, it's not like I have anything to impress the students of Forks High.

I sighed again. Forks High. Today was my first day of school as a junior. I was so scared and nervous. I already new I probably wouldn't be a part of the popular group. No, I was never known as popular and there's no way I'm even "popular" material. There's only one word that would describe me, plain. Yep, I'm plain. I have brown hair, just like half of the population in the world along with brown eyes. I'm not tall like all those pretty super models, my height evens out at 5'4". My weights on the average slim size but I wouldn't call myself skinny. And my clothes, well, I don't own anything most popular girls would categorize as cute or stylish. They mostly just consist of jeans, sweat pants, t-shirts, hoodies, a few pares of shoes, and jackets.

I looked out my window and saw the light drizzle that stuck to the glass. Especially jackets. Because here in Forks Washington, it rains like no other place I've ever lived. Not once can I remember a sunny day here when I use to visit my father, Charlie, before I came here to live with him. I lived in Phoenix with my mom Renee, but I decided that I would be better off living with my father while she ran off to Florida with her new husband, Phil. And, I'm guessing I will probably be labeled as a shy, clumsy geek at my new school just as I was at my old school but at least there, I had people and friends to talk to.

Sighing once again, I grabbed a pair of jeans, a blue t-shirt, and some socks and then made my way to take a shower. I was hoping that the warm water would calm my nerves a bit, and it did. I hurried as I washed my hair and the smell of strawberries filtered through the room. I shut the shower off, got out, almost slipped and fell but I caught myself on a towel rack and got dressed. I blow-dried my plain normal brown hair that was about eight inches long from my shoulder and had very little volume but had enough to not look flat on my head.

I went back to my room when I was finished with the rest of my bathroom needs and put my shoes on. I grabbed my book bag and rushed down stairs to get a bowel of cereal. As I walked into the kitchen I saw Charlie sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in one hand and the paper in the other.

"Morning Dad." I said as I placed my bag on a chair and made my way over to the fridge to grab a carton of milk.

"Morning Bella. Ready for your first day of school?" he asked without looking up from his paper.

I walked over to the table with a bowl of Cheerios and sat. "Uh-yeah. I think so."

Charlie looked up then to see the expression of anxiety that I was trying to hide. Dang it, why couldn't he have just kept looking at his paper?

"Don't worry Bella, you're going to be fine. The school's really nice and the kids are really nice too."

"Thanks dad, I know. I think I will be ok." I said, trying to get away from talking about it. The more I did, the more my nerves would go haywire.

"I know you will." He smiled. "Well, I'm off. Try not to worry about it too much and have a nice day. I will see you when I get home." With that he stood up grabbed his gun holster that was hanging from around his chair, put his coffee mug in the sink and headed out of the kitchen.

Oh great. I forgot I will probably be known as Chief Swan's daughter here in this small town. They will all probably think of me as some goody two shoes that doesn't break rules. Just another thing to add to my worry list.

I heard the front door close and the sound of Charlie's cruiser pull out of the drive way.

I didn't really feel like finishing my cereal. It was getting closer to that time to leave and my stomach started to twist in knots. I got up dumped the rest of my cereal down the sink and washed my bowl and spoon along with Charlie's mug slowly to buy me some time.

When I was done I looked at the clock. 7:19am it read. School started at 8:05am and if I left now I would be early since the school isn't far, it's just down the highway. Oh well, maybe I can look for my classes ahead of time and get a close parking spot. My decision made, I grabbed my backpack, put on my coat and grabbed my keys off the key rack and headed out the front door.

It wasn't raining yet, but there was a light drizzle, which probably meant rain would soon be on its way. I walked slowly over to my truck trying to not slip or fall in any of the puddles. As soon as I got in, I started the engine and turned the heater on letting it get nice and toasty in the cab and found a rock station that was close enough to my liking. When I was sure the truck was well warmed up, I put my seat belt on and headed off to Forks High.

It only took me about ten minutes to get there so when I looked at the clock in my truck, it only said 7:35am. I found a close parking spot all right since the parking lot was almost empty.

After I parked I walked to the office to get my schedule. When I walked in I was immediately met with a wave of warmth that made me shiver from being out in the cold. I was almost contemplating on sitting in here until classes started. I walked up to the front desk where a red headed lady was sitting at typing away at her computer.

I cleared my throat. "Excuse me?"

"Yes dear?" The red headed lady asked as she looked up from her computer. I read her nametag and found out her name was Ms. Cope.

"Um, my name is Isabella Swan. I'm new here and I was…"

"Isabella Swan?" She asked interrupting me with a huge smile on here face. "It's nice to finally meet you young lady. I presume you want your schedule?" I just nodded my head at her too shocked to trust my voice. Why on earth had she been anxious to meet me?

She walked over to a file cabinet and came back with a little square white paper. "Here you go. If you have any problems with the schedule just come back here and let me know. Also, you need to have the back of this slip signed by your teachers and bring it back here to turn it in at the end of the day. Do you have any questions?" she asked still smiling.

"Um-no." was all I managed.

"Ok. Oh, I almost forgot. Would you like a map of the school to help find your classes?"

"Yes please." She handed me a yellow paper that had the whole campus mapped out on it.

"Ok Miss Swan, you're set. I hope you have a great day and welcome to Forks High."

I smiled and thanked her and headed out the door into the cold drizzly weather once again. I looked at the parking lot. It was almost getting full now. There were students walking around heading to the cafeteria for a late breakfast and some were just sitting at the benches that were shielded from the rain. I stood under the awning of the office and looked at my schedule and the map to figure out what and where my classes were.

(Isabella Marie Swan) Forks High School

ID#: 189567 Grade: Junior (11th)

1st Period: English - Mr. Renaldo - Building#: 2 – Room#: 7

2nd Period: Algebra (D) – Ms. Black – Building#: 5 – Room#: 25

3rd Period: Health – Mr. Corner – Building #: 3 – Room#: 15

4th Period: Art (B) – Mr. Warner – Art Building - Room#: 3


5th period: Biology- Mr. Banner – Building#: 4 – Room#: 20

6th Period: PE – Mrs. Stevens – Gym

I sighed again today and realized it probably won't be the last. I looked back at the yellow map to find my first period. It looked easy enough to find even without the map. I looked at my watch and noticed there were only 5 more minutes left before the bell would ring. I looked up at the parking lot again and noticed it was completely full now. There were students already heading to their classes and some were hanging out by their cars waiting for the bell to ring. That's when I noticed a car that didn't seem to fit in at all. It was a shinny silver Volvo that looked way too expensive to be in a lot with cars like mine. I was relieved to see my truck wasn't the only poor looking car around.

I decided to head to class and nearly tipped over nothing at all but managed to keep myself up straight. I was hoping no one would notice but I was sadly mistaken when I heard a group of people laugh from behind me. I didn't bother to look at them. I just looked down at the ground letting my hair hide the blush that was creeping up on my face.

Great, I've not officially started yet but I've managed to be the laughing stock so far. I made my way through the hallways and found building number two. When I found my room I took a deep breath, opened the door, and headed inside.

Just as the door closed behind me, the bell sounded stating that it was now officially the beginning of my first day here.

I looked around the room and noticed that most eyes were on me. I immediately felt uneasy and more nervous than ever. I could hear my heart pounding through my ears as I started to walk down the middle isle to the front of the class where Mr. Renaldo was at writing something down on the board. I just stood there waiting for him to turn when I made it up there without managing to trip over anything. I could hear whispers behind my back and I knew my face was probably almost red as a strawberry.

Mr. Renaldo turned around and jumped slightly when he realized I was standing there. I wanted to laugh but I was way to nervous to make a single noise.

"Ah, you must be the new student." He said. I just nodded my head, again afraid to trust my voice, and handed him my schedule. He took it signed or I should say scribbled his signature on the back and handed it back to me.

"Class, I would like to introduce you to a new student. Isabella Swan."

"Bella, I prefer Bella." I managed to choke out.

"Oh, well Bella Swan. She came here from Phoenix High in Arizona. I trust you all will welcome her warmly to our small town."

I looked around the room again and noticed that everyone's eyes were on me this time. Some looked at me with curious eyes, a couple with awe in probably never seeing someone else who didn't come from this small town before, and some that looked like they were just bored.

"Ok, Bella, you can go take a seat next to Eric there in the back." He pointed at an empty seat next to a boy who was looking at my curiously and I presumed his name was Eric. With everyone's eyes still on me, I made my way back down the isle praying that I didn't trip over anything and when I almost made it without tripping, I knew it was too good to be true. I managed to get my left foot caught on someone's backpack strap and did one of the things I knew I was good at, I tripped. I heard stifled giggles come from all around me but I didn't look up at any of them. I just straightened out a little and continued my way to my desk.

I reached it and sat down. I took out my English book still not wanting to look at anyone. And just flipped through the pages slowly until I came across the right page. Then I took out my notebook and my pen and knew I had to look up at the board to see what Mr. Renaldo was writing.

I lifted my head but kept it down enough so Eric and the other student to my left couldn't see my red face. I noticed most of everyone's attention was back to Mr. Renaldo and his lesson. I relaxed a little and sat up straighter. I really hope the rest of my day goes by smoother than it has.

Soon, the class was over and I gathered up my things to head to my math class. I took out my schedule just to make sure which room and building it was in. Then I made my way through the crowded halls.

Math class went by smoothly. I didn't trip over anything and my teacher didn't call on me to answer any questions, which I was great full for. And my health and art class went well too even though I managed to knock over an easel just by walking by it in art.

I was getting a little scared though. Not in anyone of my classes did I have a single person talk to me. Not one "Hi" or even a welcome to their school. They all mostly just looked and that was about it. I got a few smiles here and there but I guess I have that geek label stamped on my forehead. So, I was heading to lunch, by myself and I guess I will probably be sitting by myself as well.

After I got my tray of food, I pulled my money from out of my pocket to pay the lunch lady. She looked a little stunned when she saw me but she smiled quickly and handed me my change. She probably didn't expect to see a new face in her lunch line.

I looked around at the tables and saw almost all of them were full but I managed to spot a table in the far left hand corner that was completely empty. As I made my way over there I noticed that several people were staring at me and whispering something to the people near them. This caused me to blush of course and took my concentration off of my walking which wasn't a good thing. I managed to trip over something I couldn't see and nearly dropped my tray. Thankfully, I gripped it tightly and the food just slid on the tray but didn't fall off. My clumsiness caused almost half the cafeteria to turn and look at me. This time most didn't bother to try and stifle their giggles, they just flat out laughed at me. My face felt like it was on fire as I walked quickly but carefully to my destination and sat down. Why? Why did I have to de so damn clumsy? Why couldn't I just have fallen and broke my neck? Then maybe I wouldn't have to go through the humiliation. Ha, that would be a funny news story and no doubt the news would spread around this town fast. I could just here it now. New girl, Isabella Swan, died today in Forks High School's Cafeteria by managing to trip over absolutely nothing but broke her neck as she fell. Oh, what a tragedy! I almost giggled out loud at my stupidity.

I noticed that the laughter and whispers stopped which probably meant that they realized that their entertainment for today isn't going to do anything embarrassing right now since she's not walking on her own klutzy two feet. Great, that's all I probably am for these people, entertainment. I'm new, nerdy, clumsy, and pathetic. The perfect combos for someone who was looking for a good laugh.

I sighed and opened my milk. I took this chance to also look around the cafeteria. Just like I'd thought, everyone was back to whatever it was they were doing before I managed to humiliate myself in front of them. It was like I didn't even exist and that little seen I caused never happened. I looked and evaluated everyone. So far, they all looked normal and plain just like me. Well then why were they treating me like an outcast? Because I can't manage to walk anywhere without tripping over something? Mhm, that was probably it.

I looked over some more students and noticed that a lot of them were looking at a table in the far right corner opposite of mine. When I saw the people sitting there, my jaw nearly dropped into my plate of pizza. They were beautiful. Perfect. Handsome. Stylish and something I knew I would never be, popular. There was a short girl with black spiky looking hair that complimented her facial features. She had Stunning green eyes and reminded me vaguely of a black-headed Tinkerbell. There was another girl that had to be one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. She had long blonde hair that went almost to her waist. Her eyes were an icy blue and she had a figure of a supermodel. There were also three guys at the table. One was huge and I immediately thought of the Terminator and what he would have looked like if he went to high school. He was handsome looking and looked like he would be a great quarterback. Ha, way state the obvious Bella, he has a Forks High football jacket on! One of the other guys was shorter than the other two, but he was extremely handsome with wild blonde hair on his head. His eyes were also blue and he seemed like a shy artsy type of person. The last guy caught my attention the most. God, he was gorgeous! His green eyes seemed like they could pierce into anything he looked at. His hair was an odd combination of a reddish brownish color almost making it sheer bronze. His face was absolutely perfect and looked like an angle had worked extra hard on this creature to make it look god like. His smile was perfect as well, and it made little tiny butterflies flutter in my stomach.

I sighed again though as I noticed that he too had a Forks High football jacket on. He was a jock, he was popular, and he was a jock. Jocks and nerds don't mix. It was like they were opposite sides of a magnet and when they were close to one another, they just get pushed further and further apart, never to be put together because they don't belong together.

I suddenly lost my appetite starring at these god and goddess like creatures. I watched, as people would walk up to their table to say hi or ask about this Friday's football game. They all smiled and laughed like there wasn't a care in there world, while I sat here, by myself looking at them from a distance. I knew I shouldn't let it bother me but once I caught sight of that bronzed hair green eyed boy, I knew I wanted to be everything he wanted. I wanted to be that girl who put that beautiful smile on his face and to cause that sparkle in his eyes, but I knew deep down that it would never happen, and the thought of that hurt.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that it took me a moment to realize that the bronze hair guy was starring at me curiously. Shoot. I have been discovered. I quickly looked down at my uneaten pizza and let my hair fall in front of my face so he didn't see the deep shade of red that was appearing on my cheeks. Why did I have to stare? Ugh – I'm so pathetic.

Deciding not to want to look at the beautiful people any longer and didn't want to do anything more embarrassing than I already have, I gathered up my things and got up from the table. I walked to the closest trashcan to dump my untouched food and headed for the door. I was still looking down hoping to avoid the gazes that I knew would fallow when I bumped into something hard and warm when I almost got to the door. I looked up and thought I was going to drop dead on the spot.

There stood my bronze hair angle starring at me with a smile on his face. Oh. My. God. Why? Why am I being punished so? Of all the students in this cafeteria I had to bump into him. I realized I probably looked like a fish out of water staring up at him so I decided to try and apologize. Oh, very good Bella. I bet that looked very attractive.

"Uh-um…. I-I'm So-rry." I managed to stutter out. As soon as the words came out of my mouth I looked down at my shoes to hide my face.

"That's alright." He said with a dazzling smile and the most velvet angelic voice I have ever heard. It made shivers run up my spine. I was looking at his legs, waiting for him to walk away but it seemed like he was waiting for me to say something else. Think Bella. Think! Oh-ask him his name! I looked up and opened my mouth to ask him when someone cut me off.

"Hey Edward! You coming or what man?" Someone called from the door. I looked up and noticed it was the terminator sized football player.

I looked back at the angel in front of me. He gave me one more of his perfect dazzling smiles and walked away and out the door with the other students that were at his table. I just stood there. My legs didn't seem to want to move. I was stunned beyond belief. So, my angel's name is Edward? That suits him. Edward. Edward. Edward. God, I could say that name over and over again. It just sounded so natural to me.

I was finally able to gain some control of my legs and decided to go find my next class, Biology.

I arrived just in time as the bell rang when the door closed behind me. I decided not to look at anyone, to just walk straight up to Mr. Banner and hand him my slip. I did this with my last couple of classes and I didn't trip. As soon as Mr. Banner saw me, he had a big smile on his face. Well, at least the teachers are happy to see me.

"Isabella Swan?" he asked. I nodded and handed him my schedule. He signed it and handed it back to me just like all my other teachers.

"Well, why don't you introduce yourself to the class Isabella?" What? I looked at him panicked. No. No. No and NO! None of my other teacher's made me do this! "Class, I would like to have your attention please." Nope, just keep on doing what you're doing everyone. Don't pay attention to him or ME. "We have a new student in the class and she would like to introduce herself to you." What? Ha! Like? I don't think so Mr.! I realized that everyone was waiting for me to speak. I knew if I looked up and saw everyone's faces, I would probably chicken out, run, or faint. Or, maybe a combination of all three so, I just kept my head partially down focusing on a red polka dotted backpack in the isle and began to fiddle with my hands.

"Uh-Hi. My name is Isabella Swan. But-uh, I prefer Bella. Um, I came her from Phoenix High, in Arizona. And-uh-yeah. That's it I guess." I really had no clue what to say.

"Well, welcome to the class Bella. You may go take a seat by Mr. Cullen and then we can begin today's lesson."

I just nodded my head and looked up to find the empty seat. I didn't bother to look to see whom this Mr. Cullen person was, I was just focused on getting to the empty seat next to him without a repeat of first period. I saw my destination and started to make my way down the isle when my book bag got stuck on the edge of a lab table. It pulled me back so quickly that I stumbled backward and landed hard on my butt. I just sat and waited for the laughter to begin and soon enough it started.

"Class, settle down." Mr. Banner said as he walked over to me and helped me up. "Are you okay Miss Swan?" I just nodded my head feeling like a bobble head since that's all I ever do. Node and node. I walked Embarrassingly to the empty seat that I was trying to get to in the first place. Everyone stopped laughing but I could feel their gazes were still on me, probably because they didn't want to miss the chance of seeing me fall again.

I sat down slowly on my stool and set my bag in my lap. I let my hair fall into its usual place hiding the public from seeing my face and the angry tears that started to fill my eyes and grabbed my Lab book and pen. I still kept my gaze down as I place everything in front of me and opened my book to take notes. That's when I heard his angelic voice again. Oh great, here come the shivers.

"Hey, Bella…. are you ok? You took a pretty nasty fall." I didn't look up at Edward, who I know knew was the person sitting next to me and who was going to be my lab partner. Edward Cullen. I couldn't look at him. I couldn't let him see the embarrassment that was on my face, my red tinged cheeks, and the angry tears that still threatened to fall. Not, trusting my voice I just nodded hoping that he would leave me be. Apparently he didn't see.

"Bella…?" he asked, his voice almost a whisper. God, this boy is going to drive me crazy!

"I-I-I I'm fine." I choked out. Still not looking at him, just at the board and writing down whatever Mr. Banner wrote, not even bothering to pay attention to what I was writing. How does Mr. Banner expect me to pay attention in this class? I can't with him sitting so close to me! I could still feel his eyes on me and it started to make me tremble. Why is he looking at me? I don't think I can handle sitting next to him for the whole school year. I would be so lost in my thoughts I will probably fail this class! Maybe I can have Ms. Cope switch me to a different class. She said if I had any problems with my schedule then just come to her. It's not like I don't like being here next to him, after all this is probably the closest I'm ever going to get to him. But, I can't think with him this close! I need air! When is this class going to end?

I looked up at the clock. We still hand about a half an hour left of class. Darn it. I took a deep breath trying to focus on what Mr. Banner was trying to show us with a slide. I was starting to get brave enough to lift my head completely but I pushed my hair to the side letting Edward only see a curtain of hair instead of my face. I thought I heard him sigh when I did that but I was so out of focus as it was a fly could have landed on my nose and I wouldn't have noticed.

I survived fifteen more minutes of class when I decided to peek at Edward through my hair. I couldn't tell if he was looking, probably not though, so I took the chance. When I looked a small gasp escaped my lips when I caught him staring at me. He seemed to actually blush and turn his attention back to the front of the room. This boy is so dam frustrating! Why does he keep looking at me? Guys like him aren't suppose to even give me a second glance, so why is he so keen on trying to see my face? I really need to get out of here!

I looked back up at the clock and it seemed that's all I did for the rest of the class. I saw the hand was only two minutes away from being the end of class so; I closed my books and put them in my bag. I looked up again - only one more minute. Perfect. I grabbed my pen put it in my bag and placed the strap over my shoulder. I could feel a couple of people stare at me, even Edward, but I didn't care, I just wanted out of there. I needed to breath! Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Yes! I was out of my seat and out the door right when the bell rang. I didn't care if people stared at me like I was crazy and I didn't even bother to listen to Mr. Banner as he was trying to explain something, probably homework but it didn't matter because I wasn't coming back to that class. I needed fresh air and I needed it now.

Once the cold rainy air hit my face I took a deep breath and walked off to the Gym for P.E. I immediately started to feel better since I was away from Edward. I could finally think. I felt just like I had in the cafeteria. We were two separate magnets and his force was pushing me away and something in my head was screaming at me that we are total opposites and not even a friendship could probably work between us. That's how much different we are from each other and the less I see of Edward, the more I will probably realize how silly I'm acting and to just drop this silly little crush. It would all end with me being hurt anyway.

I found that my feet walked me straight into the locker room and into the Gym teacher's office. I was so shocked I hadn't even realized I got that far. I handed her my slip and she said that I could sit out for the day since I was new, thank god because they were starting to play volleyball today and I really didn't feel like waking anyone in the head with the ball.

After P.E. was over I headed to the front office to turn in my slip and talk to Ms. Cope about my biology class.

Once again, I was met with a wave of warmth as I walked in the office. I made my way up to the front desk where Ms. Cope was talking to someone on the phone. When she saw me she immediately told the other person she had to go and hung up the phone.

"Good Afternoon Bella. How was your first day here? I hope it was to your liking? Did you find everything ok?" she rattled on. Jeez. What's with all the questions? She sounds like my mother.

"Hi Ms. Cope. My day went well. I do like it here, although it's a little smaller than my old high school but that made everything easy to find. But, I do have a problem with my schedule though."

"Oh, I'm so glad to hear that dear. A problem? What kind of problem?"

"Um, I was wondering if I could change the time for my biology class?" I heard the office door open and felt the cool air hit my back. And heard footsteps as they walked and stopped right behind me but I didn't bother to turn around.

"Well, what's the matter with the biology class? Do you have a problem with…" she trailed off because she didn't know who my teacher was.

"What? Oh no…I don't have a problem with Mr. Banner. No, it's just. I would really like to have it at a different time if that's possible."

"Well dear, I'm sorry to say that most of the other biology classes in your grade are already filled, so there's no room. And, since you don't have a problem with Mr. Banner then I can't see why you would want to change it."

"Can't you just switch my classes?" I asked but I knew it was no hope. I was stuck in this biology class with a boy who will probably make me fail. Oh well, at least next year I can retake it without him being a distraction.

"I'm sorry dear. Maybe this problem needs to be discussed between you and your teacher."

I sighed and handed her my slip to turn it. She took it and placed it in my file.

"Is there anything else you needed Bella?"

"No, thank you for your help." Psh! What help?

"No problem Bella, have a great day!" she said with a cheery smile.

Ugh, I think I'm going to be sick. This woman is full of too much cheer. I turned around and almost forgot that there was someone standing behind me waiting to talk to Ms. Cope and when I looked up I gasped. Oh. Great.

There was Edward Cullen standing there staring at me. He didn't have that perfect smile on his face. No, it was the total opposite. His perfect lips were bent into a frown and his green eyes held an emotion I couldn't quiet read.

"Ah, Mr. Cullen…. what a pleasant surprise." Yes, saved by the cheery woman! With that I walked around him and headed for the door.

As soon as my feet touched the pavement of the parking lot, I took off and ran for my truck. I ignored the glances of people around me like I normally do, and tried to focus on getting out of there without falling or getting run over by a car. I was thankful that I didn't park far and once I saw my massive red Chevy pick up truck, I sighed for the umpteenth time today, but this was finally a content sigh.

I got in, started the engine and didn't even bother to let it warm up. I put it in reverse and as I was backing out I noticed that Edward was just now walking out of the office looking in my direction with the same facial expression that he had when we were inside. I put the truck in drive and I got out of there without looking back.

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