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Day 27

"How did I get myself into this?" BeeBee stated lightly hitting her head against the back of the cubicle.

The Day Before

"I can do it!" BeeBee squeaked, popping up from her spot on the couch. L looked at her, doubt filling his ebony eyes.

"BeeBee, you've never worked undercover before." he stated dully.

"Says you." She said in rebuttal, holding Koda on her hip where her hands were placed. She walked over and gave L puppy eyes, "Oh come on Meeko…I can do this…Don't you trust me?" He sighed.

"Yes, but I also know you, therefore, no." BeeBee huffed,

"But Matsui can't do it all on his own!" Matsuda looked up from his computer, after hearing his name.

"What?" he asked, Aihara leaned over and answered.

"Oh nothing, BeeBee just said that you can't go undercover on a very dangerous mission all on your own. "

Matsuda stared for a minute then went back to his work, muttering in defiance. "I can too…" Aihara chuckled and went back to his work.

L looked to BeeBee as she made another plea. "Do you doubt that I can act appropriately?" L's memory, and most likely the rest of the team's as well, flashed to just 4 short days prior, and shook his head.

"No, it's not that…" before L could finish BeeBee hit him with another point.

"And the guy is Greek, Matsui can't speak Greek!"

"You can easily translate through a microphone." BeeBee scowled and thought for a moment, trying to think of another point. Aihara looked at the screen, and turned toward the task force.

"Sir, I don't think that will work."

"Why?" L said looking to Aihara.

"Well, they are authentically Greek, if Matsuda was being given the translations through a microphone, he wouldn't have the accent or flourishes, and they are…picky…about the people they let in." L sighed for a moment then turned to BeeBee and said defeated.

"You can go…" BeeBee, in a fit of excitement, did her form of a victory dance; which was too spastic and fast for description.

Early the Next Day

Matsuda was pacing slightly in headquarters. L looked up from his now towering sugar cubes, and stated in his usual monotone, "You're going to scuff your new shoes, Matsuda."

"I can't help it sir…" L sighed softly and put another cube on top. The doors opened and everyone looked over at…a blonde. The blonde woman was in a business suit, the skirt of which was a few inches too short. Her beige blouse was nearly hidden behind a brown jacket, which matched the skirt. Her dark brown high-heeled peaking-toe shoes made a small 'click-clack' on the tile of the floor. Her eyes were hidden behind a pair of black rimmed glasses that rested on the tip of her nose. The blonde's hair was held in a high and tight bun, with her bangs falling on either side of her face. Just as Matsuda was about to ask who the girl was, she tripped, sending Koda flying through the air, into Watari's hands. "Hi BeeBee." She looked up from the ground, Matsuda coming over and helping her up. While she dusted herself off Aihara looked to her still chuckling softly.

"How do you plan on doing this if you can't even walk in heels?" BeeBee glared at him.

"I'll figure it out! It can't be that hard! Women do it every day!"

"You don't." L said popping a sugar cube in his mouth.

"Yes I do! Granted they're platform heels…but it's basically the same principal!" L shook his head and stood.

"Well, let's get started." He walked over to the consul and sat down in a chair, pulling up a file on the screen. "We have the layout of the building here." A 3-D model of the 30-story building appeared on the screen, he highlighted some areas. "This is the entrance. Someone should be there to meet you in the lobby and escort you up to the executive office on the top floor." A picture of an overweight man appeared on the screen. "This is Giles Pantelas."

"Eww." BeeBee couldn't help but comment. L looked at her for a moment before continuing.

"You'll be meeting him in his quarters, where he keeps the tape we need."

"Why do we need it again?" BeeBee asked. L sighed,

"Why did I need your book?"

"An Investigation."


"But that doesn't-"

"When you've retrieved the tape report back here. We'll be in constant contact through your mics and ear-pieces." Watari took BeeBee to the side and outfitted her with her mic and ear-piece. No one seemed to move for a moment; L, seeing their hesitation, simply said, "Go." Everyone then moved into his or her positions, BeeBee and Matsuda walking out the door. After they left and L had confirmed that they could hear them, and they could her him, Watari walked over, still clutching Koda.

"Are you sure she'll be ok Sir?" L sighed.

"She's an adult Watari."

"But she's BeeBee."

"I know."

Matsuda had to clutch BeeBee's arm as they walked down the street. "How are you going to survive without me to hold on to?" BeeBee looked up at him and blew a stray strand of hair from her eyes.

"I'll be fine." She made Matsuda let her go and straightened her clothing, beginning to slowly walk on her own. "It's just a matter of positive thinking." She then began to walk repeating to herself, "I'm not wearing heels. I'm not wearing heels." She walked for a ways and grinned proudly; she was doing quite well, that is until her heel slipped into one of the holes of a sidewalk grate. As she plummeted backward Matsuda rushed in and caught her before she could hit the ground. "I am wearing heels…" she said a little defeated. After a few moments of getting her heel out of the grate, beginning to walk with Matsuda's help, then her trying to once again walk on her own, Matsuda asked her.

"So, you're a blonde huh?" she looked stunned.

"Hell No!" she yelled.

"Okay, okay…did you dye it?" She looked at him.

"You're really not good at this disguise thing are you?"

"…um, is that a no?" BeeBee sighed and grabbed his hand and put it on her head.

"Feel. Its synthetic, means it's a wig." Matsuda nodded, blushing a little. They then continued with Matsuda deciding not to say much more, considering everything he said was shot down.

L felt like banging his head on the computer screen as Aihara spoke what just about everyone was thinking, "They're discussing her hair…?" While the rest of the team listened to and watched their undercover fellows Watari quietly played with Koda; making the little bear dance gingerly on the back of the couch. L glanced at Watari he tilted his head in curiosity.

"Watari." The old man dropped the bear onto the couch.

"Yes Sir?" he looked a little embarrassed.

"Run and get something for me."

"Yes, Sir." He picked up Koda and held him as he walked toward the door.



"Leave the bear."

An imposing 30-story building stood in front of them, its revolving doors turning slightly. Matsuda looked at BeeBee one more time asking, "Are you sure you can do this BeeBee?" She nodded mentally preparing herself to speak in Greek, going over the finer points out loud before starting inside; Matsuda followed quickly behind her. Inside, they were greeted by an impressive front. Directly in front of the pair was a set of twin staircases leading up to a landing; in between the staircases there was an elevator. The receptionist's desk was on their left, a well-groomed man behind it. BeeBee smiled politely at the receptionist, who nodded in greeting and pressed a call button, "You two may wait here for now." He seemed to be eyeing Matsuda, a hint of wanting in his gaze. The pair sat on the two of the plush chairs next to the receptionist's desk. After a few moments of waiting the elevator doors opened and a rather tall man with slick black hair and dark sunglasses walked out. He approached the two and began speaking in Greek. (The dialogue between BeeBee, the Assistant, and the Boss, after this point, is in Greek; unless specified by the authors.)

"Welcome to Pantelas Industries. We've been awaiting your arrival. We received your e-mail and Mr. Giles would be more than happy to do the interview." he said with a pretentious grin.

"Thank you. We feel honored that Mr. Pantelas is granting us an interview." BeeBee responded in kind. The man looked her up and down, for a moment. "Well Miss, not a moment to lose. Follow me." He then looked to Matsuda, and said, "Sir, might I ask what you will be doing to help the beautiful journalist here?" Matsuda faltered and looked confused at being addressed in Greek. BeeBee turned to him and translated, but before Matsuda could answer him the Assistant said with a smirk. "You may wait here for her return." This time the receptionist translated and added.

"And you can sit right here next to me…" Matsuda looked a little worried at the way the male was looking at him, and glanced at BeeBee, the concern showing on his face, but BeeBee simply smiled gently.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine" She told him as she followed the assistant. They walked into the elevator as Matsuda sat down in the chair next to the receptionist's desk. He couldn't help but worry for the wigged girl.

Back at headquarters, the agents were gathered around the monitors, still watching BeeBee and Matsuda's progress. "So far, so good," muttered Aihara to himself. L nodded in response.

"I wonder how long it will last."

The elevator chimed as the doors opened, revealing the top floor; though they still had to go up a set of private stairs. As they walked through the building BeeBee noticed an uneasy silence. She turned to her guide, "Excuse me Sir, but may I ask where all the workers are?" the man took his sunglasses off and held them in his hand.

"Oh, it's a holiday of sorts for our workers; the lower ones at least. Mr. Pantelas seems to believe that having these types of holidays inspires the workers to love him and treat him with more respect. We higher ups still have to work unless we are given special permission by Mr. Pantelas." He appraised her skeptically. "What paper did you say you worked for again?" he asked raising an eyebrow. "I have to say that your boss wasn't very…helpful on the phone, or so my secretary said. He sounded rather… depressed." BeeBee smiled a little thinking of the morose Meeko.

"Don't take it personally, he's always like that. And I'm with the Sanyo Sanbun." He nodded and they continued. She walked with him until they reached a small set of lavish stairs, seven steps at best, but they were carpeted in a rich looking red material, and there were rails on either side. The guide motioned for her to go on.

"The door you will enter is the second one. I shall leave you here, as I have a few personal matters to attend to. Good Luck." He said and nodded to her, turning his back and leaving. BeeBee looked after him, then walked up the stairs, it was only then that she noticed she was alone. "L…" she said in a whisper, "I have a bad feeling…" His monotone seemed to calm her nerves.

"Don't worry BeeBee, we're here with you. Just continue the mission, and soon you'll be on your way back home." She nodded and walked to the door. As she knocked and entered it, Aihara suddenly discovered something.

"Sir! We just lost visual feed from that room!" L looked over at him.


Inside the office Mr. Pantelas was sitting behind a desk, he looked at BeeBee and smiled. "Come in! Come in and sit…" he motioned to a couch to the side of the room. The room couldn't be called an office, it had too much of a personal touch. There was a desk, yes, but it was curved and wrapped around, looking more like a bed than a desk. Instead of chairs and the cliché potted plant there was a couch, and paintings, sculptures and a fountain. It all dripped wealth, power…and in an odd way, sex. BeeBee gulped slightly as she walked to the couch, she sat down and pulled out a pad of paper and pen from the bag she had carried with her. It was much more professional that anything she would have normally carried. "So, what is a beautiful young woman like yourself doing out working? You should be someone's girl…" he wasn't obvious about it, but he stared down her chest and up her legs. She coughed slightly, noticing his motions of advancement.

"Um, sir, I would like it if we could just continue with the interview…" she said, and put her pen to paper, "So, why don't you tell me about yourself?" He seemed to be grinning. "Did…I say something amusing?" he shook his head.

"I was just admiring you Ms…?" BeeBee faltered slightly, and then regained her calm.

"Mrs. Matsui." She said smiling.

"Mrs.? You're not wearing a ring. Well…I think I'll just call you Miss…" BeeBee bit her lip in exasperation.

The team listened and Aihara couldn't help but talk to Matsuda. "Hey Matsuda, you're married." The other male jumped with a start.

"What??!!" he said startled, the receptionist looked up.

"I didn't say anything…but if you want me to…" Matsuda looked to the other male.

"Wh-what?" he blinked as the receptionist giggled.

"Oh come on…I saw the way you looked at me when you walked in."

"I…looked at you?" the receptionist smiled and walked over to sit next to Matsuda.

"Yes…you did…You don't have to pretend…the cameras can't see us…" Matsuda scooted over a seat.

"Um, I don't know…what you think you saw but…really man…I…." the receptionist put a hand over Matsuda's mouth.

"Shh..shh…Call me, Nagi." Matsuda was highly uncomfortable.

Giles Pantelas was sitting next to BeeBee on the couch, his arm not-so-conspicuously around her shoulders. "You know Miss…these clothes are a little…constricting don't you think?" BeeBee was staring at her pad, she had been writing 'someone get me out of here' in Arabic for the last five lines. She was about to make a comment to the contrary when L piped in her ear.

"Try and get him out of the room. Then you can get the disk…that is your objective, in case you've forgotten." BeeBee held in her viperous comments for L as she said in a seductive voice.

"I completely agree with you…." She walked her fingers up his thigh. "Do you have better ones?" he shivered.

"Of course…Give me a moment…" he stood with some effort and slinked into an adjoining room. As soon as he was gone, she shot up.

"That comment was completely uncalled for!!!! Did you not see what he was doing to me!?" She said in a harsh whisper.

"No. We lost video feed from the moment you stepped into the office." He said bluntly.

"WHAT?" BeeBee exclaimed causing Giles to yell from the other room.

"Is everything ok?" BeeBee then thought quickly and said.

"Fine! I just saw a…a…a spider!" she then quickly ran to his desk, riffling through his drawers in search of the desk, mumbling various curses in different languages when her efforts failed. "Wo ist es!?! she whispered. She then saw the disk right in front of her on top of the desk. "Oh." She grabbed it and as soon as it was in her pocket, Giles walked back into the room, wearing seemingly only an ill-fitting black robe. She looked up at him appalled and said, "Oh shnaga…"

"Was that a word?" Aihara said.

"In her language…I think it means…oh shit." Moji said from the corner. Back in the office BeeBee was slowly making her way to her bag, grabbing it.

"Um, I think I should leave…it's getting late and my associate is waiting downstairs…" He advanced on her.

"You can't leave now…we were connecting so well…" he got close to her.

"Really, I should go…" she stated while slowly backing away from him. He grabbed her hip, hard.

"No, you can't…." she yipped as his hand moved to her ass, and he squeezed. Her voice returned to its normal pitch as she yelled.

"Alright! I've had enough!" she kneed him in the groin and he let go immediately, crumpling to the ground in a heap of apoplectic pain. She sprinted for the door, throwing it open and rushing down the stairs. After tripping a few times as she ran across the eerily empty office space, she stopped at the elevator door panting softly. She pressed the up button, taking a quick glance at the number of the floor that it was on. 12. She was on 30. L spoke to her.

"What happened?"

"What happened???? He tried to…Never mind!!! I've got your stupid disk! I'm leaving!!" As she waited, looking around the place for any signs of guards. Giles stepped out of his office, still doubled over slightly. He was yelling into a cell phone.

"GET HER!!!" a couple of guards came from the first door on the personal hallway, they were armed. BeeBee looked at them and cursed.

"Shi-!!" She started running down the various flights of stairs. She tripped on one of the landings, and looked down at her feet. "DAMN HEELS!!!" she kicked them off, chucked them at the still pursuing guards, and kept going. Maybe I should go back and get those… she mused as she ran, but then a gunshot was fired in her direction and that thought quickly died. Once she reached floor fifteen the stairs ended. "WHAT??" she saw a door and ran out into another huge room of cubicles, about halfway across the room she was fired at again, she ducked down into a cubicle and sitting with her back to the wall, trying to be as silent as possible. "How did I get myself into this?" BeeBee stated lightly hitting her head against the back of the cubicle.

While BeeBee was running L and the others were trying to find a way to get her out. Matsuda was quickly informed; he stood, making Nagi, the receptionist fall backward. "Where are you going sweet thing?"

"Just keep the door clear Matsuda. You can't help her right now. Keep the exit ready for her escape." L quickly told him.

Matsuda grudgingly sat down then looked to the receptionist. "No where…hey…do you think you could do me a favor?" he asked.

"Anything for you handsome…" Nagi said with a flirtatious smile.

BeeBee looked carefully up over the cubicle wall, and spotted the other staircase leading down the rest of the way on the other side of the room. "Jackpot…" she whispered then looked around for the guards with guns, they were getting closer to her location. She snuck over to the edge of the cubicle and sprinted to the next. She kept repeating the action until she was out of their range, and then sprinted all out to the stairs. They spotted her as she ran into the opposite stairwell, beginning the rest of her decent. When she heard more gunshots she hopped onto the rail and slid down five flights. She almost fell off the rail about eight times, but it was faster than running. When she finally reached the base level she burst through the door and yelled, "MATSUI!!!! LETS GO!!!" as she slid down the last ramp. Matsuda looked to the receptionist and nodded. The guards that had been on their way down to meet BeeBee and cut off her exit were stuck in the elevator in between floors 6 and 7. Matsuda grabbed BeeBee's arm and lead her out the door, and down the street.

Once they were safely away they stopped for a moment to catch their breath, BeeBee practically hanging on Matsuda for support. "Th…That…" she couldn't finish her sentence, but reached into her bag and pulled out her black converse, slipping them on. Matsuda looked amazed.

"You had those the whole time!?" she shrugged with a half smile.

Upon reaching headquarters BeeBee gave L the disk silently and walked away, still in a slight daze.

Watari handed her Koda as she passed by. She clung to him, burying her face in the bear's head, muttering, "Never again, never, never again." as she flopped down on the sofa.

"You were the one who volunteered," L called over his shoulder, before Koda suddenly smacked into the back of his head.



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