I shivered holding the newspaper above my head. The autumn rain pounded against my body as I ran down the sidewalk, trying to get to my dorm.

"Watch it!" yelled a woman when I bumped into her. "Have some manners, kid!"

Ignoring her—and my hate—I kept on running. I slid to a halt as I grabbed the stair's railing to my dorm. The rain was getting worse, its fierceness pierced my skin as I let go of the newspaper. I jiggled the handle of the door—it was locked. I sighed and looked into the window. Three guys were laughing at their stupid joke of locking the doors.

"Oh, you guys are so going to get it!" I growled.

Running back down the steps, I quickly sprinted to the side of the dorm building and through the alleyway. There was no way they could have locked the emergency door on the back of the dorms. Finally reaching the emergency door, I pushed it open to see the guys running towards me. They were thinking the same thing I was.

Soaked, I ran into the dorm and shoved one of the guys who were ready to fight me. Curling my hand into a fist, I punched the leader of the group. A dorm security quickly saw and pushed through the three other guys to me.

"That's it!" He yelled, holding his face only a few inches from mine. "You are going to be evicted from these dorms! I am sick of dealing with you and your fights!"

The guard grunted and ran to the front office where he would tell the head owner—again. I sighed and watched the three guys laugh and walk away. Walking up the stairs, I heard my wet feet crunch against the beige carpet.

It had been four years since my mom and step-dad dropped me off at Bullworth Academy. To me, it was unbelievable. How did my high school years go by so fast? Now, I was nineteen years old. It was my first year at college, away from Bullworth, away from everything I once knew.

I didn't even get a choice at where I wanted to attend college; my stupid step-father said it was legacy that I have to go to the college he went to. This college was pathetic; it's full of arrogant people. I probably had it better back at Bullworth.

I unlocked the door to my room, and saw my roommate passed out on the floor. Another party, he was offered beer, now he's on the floor—again. When he wakes up, it's going to be hell.

I walked over to his sweating body, and kicked him in the side. He moaned. "What the hell—" he turned over. "My head hurts!"

"I'm being evicted!" I yelled finally having enough of everything. "Clean yourself up before the manager sees you like this and blames me again!"

He tugged himself off the carpet and dragged over to his bed moaning. My roommate was passed out again.

I rolled my eyes and opened the closet. Pulling out my luggage, there was a knock at the door. The manager, I thought. I sighed before opening the door. I was right, as usual.

"What did I tell you?" The manager yelled, letting herself into the room. "Not only did you ruin the new carpets on the staircase, you managed to start a fight again!"

"I didn't start a fight, I told you it was—"

"No it wasn't those three boys! They are good kids and doing excellent in their studies. You should take notes from them, Hopkins!" She yelled as she stared at my roommate.

I knew what was coming next.

"And don't tell me you're the one who started that party with your roommate!" She slapped the face of my passed out roommate. "Get up, dirt bag!"

He moaned, and woke up. "What?"

"You need to straighten up as well!" She yelled into his ear, and he shivered holding his head.

The manager walked around the room, kicking at our clothes and books that lay on the floor. She turned to my bed and gasped. I stared at her horrified face.

"And what is this?" She stared at something plastic that was sticking out from the bottom of my mattress.

I walked over to my bed and picked up the mattress curiously. I dropped it back down quickly, hoping that she didn't see what I just saw. She gasped over exaggeratedly and tugged on the plastic bag, pulling it from under my mattress.

"Weed!" Ms. Manager yelled and my roommate hid his face under his pillow. "You sir, are in a lot of trouble!"

"Wait—" I held onto her shoulders. "That's not even mine! I swear I don't know how it got there!"

… But I had a feeling who put it there since the moment I saw the bag.

"That's it, you are evicted and I never want to see your face around here again!"

Turning back to my roommate, she pulled him off the bed. "You better get your act together too or you'll be next!"

The manager dropped the weed in the trash and slammed the door when she left. I sighed and my roommate, John, moaned.

He stayed staring at the ceiling. "Close call …"

I could feel my face getting hot. "Close call?" I walked over to him and pulled him off the floor by his shirt. "Close call? I just got evicted because of you!"

"Watch the shirt, Jimmy!" He held onto my fists as they were firmly holding his shirt. "I'm sorry! It's not even my weed, and I just couldn't put it under my bed!"

"Why not?" I yelled, putting my fist before his face. He squirmed.

"… Because if she caught me with my friend's weed, she would have evicted me instead!" He closed his eyes the moment I motioned I was going to punch him. "I can't get evicted again! This'll be the sixth time I get expelled from a college and a dorm!"

"So you put it under my bed?" I was furious. "You—"

"Don't—" John squirmed when my fist was five inches from his face.

There was a knock at the door, John was saved. I dropped him without remorse and walked towards the door. Sighing again, I opened it. Ms. Manager was back.

"By the way, boy," Ms. Manager sighed. "I need you out of here in an hour; a new student is just arriving and will be in this room."

My face was flushed. "Does it even matter to you where I'm going to be staying after this?"

"Not at all!" She seemed amused. "Maybe you shouldn't have tried to hide weed under your mattress."

"It's not mine, I—"

"Whatever!" She closed the door on my face.

I sighed and walked back to my roommate who was falling asleep on the floor again. I kicked him in the side.

"Ouch!" he yelled, finally waking up.

"So you got me evicted, John!" I smirked. "How do you plan to fix this mess, huh?"I kicked him again, he held his side. "How do you plan to tell my parents and where did you reserve for me to stay?"

"I'm really sorry, Jimmy!" He assured me and motioned for me not to kick him again. "Please, I can make it up to you!"

I was about to kick him again, but stopped. "How?"

"Look—I, uh. I'm really sorry," John whimpered. "I really can't make it up to you, but I'm really, really sorry, Jimmy …"

I stared into his eyes full of pity, and kicked him again. He moaned. I grabbed my clothes from the drawers, the floor, my books too, and everything in between. I stuffed it into my small luggage and walked slowly to the door.

"I'm really sorry, Jimmy …" John whispered slowly. "I'm really, really, truly sorry …" I shut the door to my dorm, finally tired of hearing my roommate apologize for his betrayal.