It was just another normal night at my place I was just watching some youtube vids of the swat kats.

I never really liked them so much. I prefered the Road Rovers.

"Man this show is lame," I said "These bad guys suck, I could kill every one of those cats with a hand tied behind my back. I wish I could do that," I said.

Just then my computer went black

"What?" I said confused

Then my computer flashed a bright light. It filled the wholeroom

"Ahhhhh!" I screamed.

Once I regained consieness, I awoke to find myself in Megakat City, alone, on the street

"Wh..." I began to say as I now looked at my new white, cat paw

"Im a cat!" I said starteld. Somehow I have transported to the cartoon world of the Swat Kats.

"I guess i got my wish hehe," I said.

But thenI thought of the possibilities, I could do it. I could end theirlives I willkill the Swat Kats, Feral,Callie Briggs, Felina,and the others

I smiled an evil grin

Of course I couldn't do it unarmed, I needed weapons.

"Feral," I said. If I could just get to the Enforcers HQ I could get something from their arsnel then bye-bye kitties.

But first I'd have to get in, and I'm sure they don't just let anyone go in.

So I was wandering around the city in my black coat, and cool hat that apparently had been given.

ThenI found a police car outside a donut shop. "Hmmm." I thought.

I hid behind the car.

Just then the cop came out

"Hello way in," I thought as I quickly ran and tackled him to the ground and thenbashed his head on the hood of his car. After that I dragged him into and ally and took his clothes and put them on. Next I jacked his car and went to the Enforcers HQ.

After a bit of driving I was there I went inside no one suspected a thing.

"Excuse me where is the arsnel room?" I asked on of the officers

"That way," he said as he pointed

"Thanks," I said as began to go off

"Why do you need to know?" the officer asked

"Oh...Uh I heard that some hooligans might want to mess things up so i want a good gun to keep them in line," I said

"Ok good luck with that." the cop said

I went in the arsnel and found a machine gun, it was a beauty.

"Hey what are you doing in here?"Felina asked.

Instead of lying I wacked her in the head and ran.

Soon enough Feral was chasing me with a gun

"Freeze!" he yelled

Thinking on raw instink I quickly turned around and let loose a barrage of bullets into Feral's face

'Eat this fuzzbag!" I yelled as I turned him into swiss cheese then I got into my ride a "bang" I drove of.

As I drove of I saw a green car, and off course Callie Briggs was driving it.

"It would be so wrong to pass up aoppurinty like this," I said shot her back tire andwatched as her car spun out of control then exploded.

After that I went to the wreckage and took the commumicator to call the Swat Kats

ThenI drove to the Swat Katses junk yard.

Once I got to the junk yard, I hid behind some cars and called them a fake message

As I knew they would T-Bone, and Razor flew off. And I waited in their home.

Once they got back and changed back into Chase nd Jake the mechanics, I shot them both dead

"Yes I did it!" I said victorious

The End