Magic, dragons and faeries, the fairy-tales that were told over and over from the mouths of mothers and fathers, which then years later were slapped out of you with 'no such thing' and you went believing just that and nothing else.

Lois Joanna Lane didn't believe a single story that came from her mothers lips (small and not one single loud word came from them) fairy-tales were for children and she had never gotten change to be one.

"You have to believe in something, Joey, you'll miss my stories someday just wait and see."

And one day (filled with talk of smoke, the 'c' word and death) she did.


"This isn't happening, this is not happening. Close your eyes Lois and it will all be gone."

"Oh! You talk to yourself too? I thought I might be the only sane person that does that, thats to say if your sane, are you?"

"Well, right now even I'm doubting that. Is that your blue box or what-ever the hell it is?"

The man who seemed to me the lest sane person I had ever seen in my life (its funny that at one point I called him a man, or even thought he was human for a second) was standing next to the 'blue box' like it was just any old day and it seemed that I was only one weirded out in the sliest.

"It's a police box, don't know your history do you? Come on inside, Miss Lane if you dare."

As this tooth-pick of a man shot me a daring look my feet and heart took on a mind of their own and I found my feet stepping into the police box (he could have been a ax murder or something and I just went!) without wondering how he knew my last name.

"Don't try anything crazy, I have a boyfriend that could eat you for dinner, he wouldn't but that doesn't mean he couldn't."

"Well, that's nice to know. But I do agree he would do it not for himself but for you he would do anything. I'm the Doctor, anyway he's Superman he wouldn't eat me he would rip me into tiny, tiny little pieces and blow me to Japan. That's just a tad bit morbid isn't it Lois?"

This doctor or so he called himself had a bigger mouth then Clark Kent (and now that was something, but then again Clark didn't know my name before we met) and it appeared that we had met me in another life.

"And you know my name how? If your one of Lex's goons save me the trouble of kicking the crap out of you and do it to yourself, it will hurt less."

In that single moment that my feet hit the metal ground, all that Lois Lane reporter curiosity (curiosity killed the reporter, or more so curiosity helped kill the story) came to play with one single though 'holy flying starfish batman, it's bigger on the inside!'

"So Miss Lane, would like to come along on a trip with me, I know your love for adventures, what do you say?"

(no, double no, triple no, but the not-yet feed reporter side of me said YES)

"Fine, I'll come along just this one time, Bob, but try anything and you die."


"What I can't in the life of me call you the doctor or even doctor."

"But Bob?!"