Title: Blind Date
Fandom: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
Author: Danyella Skyler Silverfire
Website: Livejournal
Rating: PG
Genre(s): Humor/Romance
Pairing(s): Xander/Oma
Summary: Xander and Oma meet again at the SGC.
Series: Fling Me Down
Disclaimer: Checks reality meter (It's remarkably Magic Eight Ball shaped). {{shake}}{{shake}} Do I own Buffy or Stargate? Nope still the right reality. Go eat a tuna sandwich instead. {{stares}} Damn.
Author's Note: This is actually the initial idea for Fling Me Down. Business Meetings just turned out easier to write.
Word Count: 299

Blind Date

Xander walked into the conference room juggling a pile of important folders, coffee, and a laptop only to stop and stare at the surprisingly familiar figure watching Colonel Carter and Dr. Jackson confer about something. "Oma? Is that you?"

Oma turned her head and a delighted smile graced her face, making her entire being glow. "Alexander! I did not know you were here."

Xander carefully sat his burden on the table before striding forward to kiss the Ascended woman on the cheek affectionately. "Council business. Actually you can help with that, do you think that the SGC could do with a Slayer or three? Maybe a couple hunting teams?"

Oma looked thoughtful before nodding. "It would probably be wise."

Xander grinned and nodded his thanks. "How have you been? It's been what three years?"

"Closer to five," Oma corrected fondly.

"Damn, really?" Xander gave her an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry, we should catch up later. Look, meet me at my apartment tonight and well go have dinner."

"I would very much like that. Until we meet again." Oma surprising everyone threw her arms around Xander's neck and laid a very passionate kiss on him.

Xander blinked dazedly as she disappeared off to presumably get ready for their date.

"You know Oma?" Jack asked, breaking into the stunned silence.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. An ex-girlfriend of mine set us up on a few dates a while back." Xander shrugged in embarrassment. "Oma's apparently quite the rebel by Lantean standards."

"Yeah... How?" Jack drawled out.

"Is she a rebel?" Xander asked giving Jack a confused look.

"No, how'd your ex set you two up?"

"Oh. Well Cordelia had Ascended a couple years before she set me up with Oma."

"Uh...huh..." Daniel drew out, not sure where to start to question this surprise.