Chapter 1

A gust of wind slowly blew out from the perfect pink lips of Sakura Haruno. Why did shishou schedule a meeting so early in the morning? Not that she was one to usually complain about missions, it's just that…

'Say your biddings before you see me Sakura.'

So she spent the whole night with her fiancé. Just thinking about it always made her eyes fall on the emerald gem sitting on her left ring finger. All her friends admired the 4 carat gem that was embedded on top of a gold band; except Hinata, who was not surprised at all considering the fact she helped her stoic cousin to choose the beautiful ornament.

'He really is clueless…' Sakura thought.


"Sakura, I have an S-ranked mission for you." The 5th Hokage stared at her apprentice with a menacing straight face.

"But shishou, why not send an ANBU instead?" Sakura retorted, realizing right away that her teacher wasn't playing around.

Tsunade stood up and faced her young student. The petite kunoichi wasn't much smaller than her master, but was short all the same. But what she loses in brawn, she makes up with brain and skill, rising up to jounin level before she turned sixteen.

The Hokage merely grabbed the hand of Sakura and plopped the scroll in her hand. "I trust only you with this mission Sakura. Now go home, read the scroll, pack your things and leave immediately."

Sakura could only stutter at her teacher's simple but strict instructions. "H-hai." She made her way towards the door before Tsunade stopped the cherry blossom once more.

"And Sakura…"


"I don't expect you back very soon."

"H-hai Tsunade-sama."


Sakura arrived at her apartment, having finished the mission scroll given to her by the Hokage. Aparrently, the seventeen-year-old kunoichi is to go to 'Hogwarts', a special school where a boy named 'Harry Potter' stayed. Her mission: protect this boy at all costs and kill a 'Voldemort' before he even comes close to Potter.

The cherry blossom ran hectically around her small apartment, grabbing her weapons, her toiletries and a few changes of clothes, stuffing them in her easy to carry yellow backpack.

As she finally zipped her bag closed, a whoosh sound suddenly played from the window outside.

"Haruno." A deep, familiar voice from a dark-haired, white-eyed ANBU captain spoke.

All the kunoichi could do was smirk. Being engaged for two months not to mention having courted her for a year before, and he STILL referred to her by her last name.

"Hyuuga Neji." She slowly walked to the windowsill which overlooked the oak tree that the coffee haired ANBU sat on, which was quickly abandoned as he appeared right behind her.

"I heard you were leaving." Neji's velvety voice whispered solemnly.

"On a mission." She added.

"How long will you be gone?" He asked.

There was a long pause before she could answer that.

"A few months at the most."

'You think," Her inner commented.

'I hope.'

Neji kept his usual straight face on. He was truly concerned for his little wife-to-be, but he still had a name to keep—Neji Hyuuga.

"Be careful." The Hyuuga said softly, embracing his fiancé and kissing her lips lightly.

Sakura could not help but succumbed to the warm hug of her lover. She dug her face into his chest before she looked up again. "I will."


A/N: okay, this is my first fic, hoped you all enjoyed it! I know it was sucky, but I try my best!

thanks to my beloved NOT ugly stepsister for making this plotline!