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Tittle:If I'm not in love w/ u


Summary: If Sakura is not in love w/ Sasuke What's is this she's going through lol song-fic

"If I'm Not In Love With You" start

"Hey, Sasuke, can I talk to you for a minute," Sakura, now seventeen, said to the raven haired Uchiha.
"What do you want now," he asked, clearly annoyed.
"I just wanted to know if you were planning on doing anything this weekend."
"If you're going to ask me out again, the answer is no. Why don't you just go get a crush on some other guy," Sasuke answered harshly. Why do I always have to be so cruel? She's just trying to be nice, he asked himself.
"I was only asking because there is this party going on this weekend and I was wondering if you were going to go," Sakura said, fighting back tears. Sasuke just walked off. In truth, he didn't want to see her crying, so this was the most effective way of fixing that little guilt problem.

Sakura just walked home and turned on her radio. A song had just started playing. It was "If I'm Not In Love" by Faith Hill. After listening to it, Sakura searched through her CD cases and found that she had the one that song came on.

She played it over and over again, until she could sing it without having the music on. After a few days, Sakura walked over to her best friend, Ino, and told her that she wanted to perform at the party.
"No problem forehead girl. What are you going to do," the blond girl asked.
"I'm going to sing 'If I'm Not In Love' by Faith Hill."
"I've never heard that, but okay." Sakura then left to go meet Sasuke and Naruto at their usual meeting place.
"What's up Sakura," Naruto asked when she got there.
"Nothing really. Are you going to the party that Ino's holding," she asked.
"Yeah. I'm going with Hinata. What about you Sasuke?" The Uchiha just shrugged. In other words, he wasn't sure or he just didn't care. Both Naruto and Sakura were betting on the latter. Finally, at the end of the week, Sakura walked over to the academy, where Ino had gotten permission to host this party. When she got there, she was surprised to see Sasuke leaning against one of the walls.
"Sasuke, I didn't think you were going to come," she said as she walked up to him.
"Hn," he answered.
"Sakura, there you are. Come on. You're going up in ten minutes. By the way, I like your outfit," Ino commented. She was referring to Sakura's long, red, halter dress.
"You're performing," Sasuke asked suddenly.
"Yeah. It's a good thing, too. We needed someone who could sing really good to get up there." Ino then dragged Sakura behind the stage that was set up so she could get ready. As she was, Sakura couldn't help but think of what Sasuke had said to her: "Why don't you just get a crush on some other guy?" It's not just a crush, Sasuke. I wish you could see that, Sakura thought as she went on stage. Ino had already announced the song she would be singing, so the music started as soon as Sakura got up there.

If I'm not in love with you
What is this I'm going through

And if my heart is lying then
What should I believe in
Why do I go crazy
Every time I think about you, baby
Why else do I want you like I do
If I'm not in love with you, oh

And if I don't need your touch
Why do I miss you so much

If it's just infatuation then
Why is my heart aching
To hold you forever
Give a part of me I thought I'd never
Give again to someone I could lose
If I'm not in love with you

Oh, why in every fantasy
Do I feel your arms embracing me
Lovers lost in sweet desire
Oh, why in dreams do I surrender
Lying with you baby
Someone help explain this feeling
Someone tell me

If I'm not in love with you
What is this I'm going through

And if my heart is lying then what should I believe in
Why do I go crazy
Every time I think about you baby
Why else do I want you like I do
If I'm not in love with you

Sakura finished the song and walked offstage.
"You did amazing Sakura," Naruto said when she came out into the crowd.
"Y-Yeah. Y-you're a r-r-really good s-singer," Hinata stuttered.
"Thanks guys," Sakura said and then went to grab a glass of water.
"That was good," Sasuke complimented as Sakura passed by him. She stopped dead in her tracks. Did Sasuke just compliment me, she asked herself in total shock.
Works for me, Inner Sakura stated. Shut up. I don't need anyone thinking I'm crazy, Sakura yelled at her inner self.
"D-do you really think so," she asked as she turned around to face Sasuke. He nodded.
"How long have you been singing," he asked.
"I've been listening to music all my life, so I guess I've been singing ever since I could talk," Sakura answered as she sat down at a small table that was set up. Sasuke sat across from her.
"Why'd you choose that particular song to sing?"
"Well," she started, but then decided against answering.
"Well what," Sasuke prompted after a minute.
"No, you'd just get mad at me again," Sakura mumbled so that Sasuke couldn't hear her. He did, though.
"You directed it at me, didn't you?"
"Yeah," she admitted, unwillingly.
"You told me to get a crush on some other guy. The thing is, it's not just a crush. I really do love you Sasuke."
"I'm sorry," the usually stoic Uchiha suddenly said.
"I said I'm sorry."
"For what?"
"For being so cruel to you. I just didn't want Itachi to find out."
"Find out what," Sakura asked. She wasn't trying to bug him by making him tell her about his past. She was truly curious.
"This," Sasuke answered and leaned over the table to kiss Sakura.
"I love you Sakura."
"I love you too Sasuke," she said and kissed him again.

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