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FULL SUMMARY: Orochimaru has left Akatsuki, and Sasori is now left without a partner. Anxiously awaiting his next partner, Konan and Pein return with a small child as his partner. Left to raise the blonde, they slowly start to bond. But what happens when this seemingly innocent blonde boy's past starts to catch up with him, secrets are revealed and friendship, trust and love is put on the line. "He's always wearing that smile of his... It's creepy... As if the murder never happened..." "He has no sanity left,a psychotic murderer with a gift and an eye for beauty." "But... Why? Why is this all happening?" "Because my art... Is a Bang, un."

Chapter One

Stupid missions. Sasori was already over them, over his old partner, and especially over Akatsuki. It became even more irritating when he heard that Itachi Uchiha, bastard of a teenager, had cut off his partner's hand, and made said coward flee Akatsuki.

Not that Sasori cared much about his old partner, Orochimaru, no, it wasn't that. It was the fact of what happened next. Or to be in correct tense, what was happening at the current time. Konan and Pein had left the base to find him a new partner. That was what he was dreading. He felt pretty pissed that he was taking orders from someone who looked like they were just getting into their twenties, but hey, he looked like he was in his twenties too.

And he was technically just entering forties. But due to his Jutsu he'd created, he'd become a puppet himself, and frankly, couldn't be happier.

"Hey, Sasori, how's the search going?"

Said red head looked up, muddy brown eyes looking up bored and annoyed into the eyes of Kisame Hoshigake. With a sigh, he looked back down, leaning back in his chair. "I wouldn't have a clue," was his simple reply. Kisame gave a chuckle and sat in a chair beside him, looking up at the lounge ceiling, plain grey cement and rock. "Wouldn't be too bad, I dreaded finding out who my partner would be, and I couldn't be happier with Itachi-San," Kisame said with a grin, showing off his sparkling sharp teeth.

With a scowl, Sasori looked down, staring at the joints at his fingers. "You got stuck with a little snobby brat who got rid of my partner," Sasori muttered as Kisame grinned, chuckling and pat Sasori on the back. "Don't take it so harshly, Orochimaru was a bad character anyway, it's good that Itachi-San got rid of him, one less nuisance here, eh? No more finding old shed snake skins on our lounge, right?" Kisame said with a grin, "Besides, I heard you two didn't get along on missions."

Rolling his eyes, Sasori stood, he wasn't enjoying this conversation; it was making him unnecessarily uneasy.

Konan and Pein had left nearly a whole week ago, and the day before they'd gotten a paper crane flying in, Konan's handiwork, stating they'd return within a day. No news on his new partner. "Who do you reckon they'll bring back, eh?" Sasori looked down at Kisame, shrugging. "Someone with power, I suppose. Someone with potential as well, wouldn't do to have someone weak in the organisation," Sasori spoke back.

Kisame laughed. "Obviously, I mean, what type do you think?" "What do you mean 'What type'?" "I mean, well... Kakuzu's nearly 234 years old, Hidan's topped his 21st just a month ago, Itachi-San is going onto 14 in three months; what type of person do you think they're bringing back for you?"

Sasori shrugged. "I don't care, either way, they're all going to die, doesn't matter if they're a hundred or three, so long as they do their job right." "Although I work fine alone and without a partner." Although, these last thoughts remained unsaid. "What an optimistic view Sasori... 'They're all going to die'. Positive attitude," Kisame said with a grin.

Crossing his arms, Sasori stared down unemotionally at the blue shark man. "You watch your mouth or you'll become a fine new addition to my puppet collection, okay?" Sasori said in a smooth, dark tone. Holding his hands up, Kisame gave a nod and a chuckle. "Alright, my bad, my bad. I'm curious about your new partner too, okay? Hidan and I just finished discussing who we reckon it might be." "And how would you know?" "Hidan went through Pein-Sama's office and found S Rank Criminal files." "Isn't that what you'd call suicidal?" "Hidan's immortal, he'd have the guts to do anything." "Ha."

"OI! FUCKERS!" Like on cue, the silver haired preacher burst into the room, panting, red-violet eyes flashing in mockery. "Sasori, Konan and Pein are fuckin' back, and you'd NEVER guess who they got for a fucking partner!" The man practically yelled as he sprinted out of the door again.

Kisame instantly stood. Had Hidan reacted this way, obviously Sasori had just scored an amazing partner. The red head, curious too, turned, following Kisame and Hidan, only a lot slower, he could hear soft voices.

"You're kidding right! Sasori gets--" "Aw come on, he has amazing potential with Sasori." "Yeah, but, look at him! Sasori will flip!"

Frowning, Sasori was concerned. Was his partner that amazing? Ha. He doubted it... But... Still... Couldn't hurt to have your hopes up... Right?

Entering the room, they saw a small group bunched around who he could only assume was Konan and Pein. Kisame was looking down and grinning. Okay, so the person was shorter than Kisame, good, he wouldn't stand for a tall person. But Itachi, who was lightly clinging to the base of Kisame's shirt, was looking up, slightly on tip-toes. Okay, so his new partner wasn't too short. About a good height, especially cause Hidan was looking slightly down, and that meant the new partner would be, about, Sasori's shoulder level.


The crowd became silent when they all looked up to see Sasori standing in the hallway, silent. Raising his eyebrows lightly, he watched as a small smirk appeared on Kisame's face, while Hidan was very clearly trying not to break out into laughter. What was so god-damned funny!?

"Sasori... We have your new partner here," Konan's soft, smooth, liquid-like voice drifted through the hall. "And mate, she's fucking gorgeous!" Hidan teased as Kisame smirked more. "Boy." "Fuckin' what?" "Sasori's partner is a boy," Konan corrected, still hidden by the miniature group surrounding her.

Oh joy. His new partner was a Tranny. Great.

This thought carried along a slew of hysterical laughter from both Kisame and Hidan. Bastards. Sasori gave a frown, looking at them. "You know Sasori, when we were talking just before; I hope you meant what you said! Any age, eh?" Kisame said with a smirk. What? What the hell was he talking about?? Stepping aside, it revealed Konan and Pein, and not just those two.

Sasori's eyes widened in shock, and slight horror.

In Konan's arms was a small blonde haired boy-- although to him it was slightly questionable--, cuddling up to her, undeniably asleep, wrapped in--slightly bloodied-- white blankets, definitely not over the age of five at most.

"Sasori, meet your new partner... Deidara..."

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