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Chapter Twenty

"Unnn, it's so warm here…"

Blonde hair pooled around his shoulders, slipping over milky skin and falling to the ground. A small smile curled onto the soft lips of the male and he shifted, making his arm more comfortable as a pillow.

"It's so nice and soft…"

Curling his toes lazily, he moved his foot, gently rubbing it against his leg, his fingers tracing patterns on the smooth yet warm ground.

"I like this place… This place where it doesn't hurt…"

The smile became brighter but then froze, vanishing all at once. Azure blue eyes opened, dark eyelashes blinking a few times before the eyes softened and lowered. "Am I… Dead, un?" Pushing himself up slowly, he looked around. White space. He was surrounded by white. Absolutely nothing but white. It was luxuriously warm and soft, he felt no more pain, he wasn't hungry, or thirsty, and his wounds… He blinked, pushing the sleeves up of the long white robe, glancing at his arm and smiled softly.

"No scars," he thought with a smile. His arms were healed. He checked the other arm, glad to find the same result. No ugly scarring, stitching or burns. Reaching up, he pushed the blond fringe away, gingerly feeling his eye and around it. No scope. No contact. His eye was healed, like there had never been a scar, like that horrible incident had never happened, like…

"I dreamt living, un?"

But then… He looked down at the ground, curling his legs up underneath himself. "I'm dead, and I'm…" He choked on tears, lip trembling. "I'm alone again, un…"

"Of course not, my beautiful brat."

Snapping his head up, he turned, gazing up at the face he'd been craving for what felt like an eternity. Red hair gently floating around his pale face, muddy brown eyes gazing down at him and a smile tipping his soft lips, hands outstretched for him.

"Sasori no Danna, un?"

The puppet master's smile brightened and he bent down, brushing the tears away from the younger one's milky cheeks. "It's good to see you again… Deidara…"

Deidara choked on his tears, gripping Sasori's hand and pulled himself up, but only to retreat from him. "You're dead Danna!" he shouted, eyebrows knitted upwards in fear and confusion. Sasori nodded. "A-And I…" Deidara felt his chest. "Committed suicide, that wasn't the smartest thing I've seen you do, brat," Sasori spoke softly, smiling. Deidara blinked, shock washing over his face. "I-I'm dead… For real, un?" he whispered. "I died in my art?"

Sasori chuckled. "I wouldn't call it art; art is eternal after all," he spoke. Deidara scoffed, pulling a face. "Is not. Art is fleeting, un," he rebutted. "Eternal," Sasori replied. "Fleeting." "Eternal." "Fleeting, un!"

Sasori chuckled again. "Art is eternal, like us. Like our love, or did I misunderstand what you screamed over my body not too long ago?" Sasori asked with a teasing smile. Deidara blushed ten shades of red, crossing his arms over his chest as he pouted and looked away at the whiteness which was now becoming distinguished, shaping into soft fluffy clouds.

"I was very distressed, un." "I could see, I just wasn't sure why." "You'd died!" "I never left you." "What was I supposed to do, un?" "Live." Deidara blinked, frowning at Sasori. "How could I, un? That's horrible to tell me. Live… Without you, un… Humph! I'm glad I'm dead," Deidara spoke with a frown, shifting about on his feet, looking over at Sasori.

The puppet master smiled, holding out his arms.

"Well, weren't you practically begging to touch me again, and here you haven't given your dear master a hug yet."

Deidara's face softened and he smiled happily, moving swiftly and covering the distance easily. "I swear I'm floating, I'm so happy," he thought, jumping up, arms outstretched as he landed gently in Sasori's awaiting arms. Burying his face in Sasori's neck, Deidara didn't care his feet were no longer touching the ground; he knew he was flying using wings of joy and love. He wrapped his arms tightly around Sasori, sighing in happiness when Sasori's arms wrapped around his slim waist, keeping them close, bodies pressed against each other.

"Deidara… I'm so happy to be with you," Sasori spoke softly, breathing in Deidara's scent.

Deidara smiled, lifting his head up, looking Sasori in the eyes happily. "I haven't been happier in ages, un," he said with a smile, leaning up and brushing his lips against Sasori's. He felt sparks ignited and he quickly pressed their lips together in a proper kiss, fingers gently running through red hair.

"We'll stay like this together… For all eternity… Nothing will take us apart ever again."

Gently pulling apart from their kiss, Deidara beamed and Sasori wiped away the final tears from the blonde's blue eyes. "You can stop crying now, we're together aren't we?" Sasori spoke as Deidara chuckled, nodding. "Yeah, but it seems that stupid ol' me can't seem to stop, un… I'm just too happy."

"Together for eternity."

"Our love… Our souls, we'll always be together," Deidara whispered, gripping Sasori's white robe tightly. "Of course, for all eternity," Sasori replied softly, stroking Deidara's cheek. Deidara smiled, laughing gently. "You know what I think Danna, un?" The red head blinked, looking down at Deidara. "What's that Deidara?" he asked, watching the soft skin glow in the light of the sun. "Above everything, I will always choose you Danna, un," Deidara whispered, smiling softly as he closed his eyes, holding Sasori tightly.

"I will always choose my life."

The End