Adversary of placid coldness,
Kind deceiver of minds,
Introverted in solitude,
Tolerance of absolute zero.
Ominous figure of fear and shadow.

Slyly mischievous,
Heinous acts of idioticy,
Intoxicating drug of dumbfoundely,
Generally displaying taunting.
Undermined misunderstandings,
Rarely known of true nature,
Example of hidden secrets.

Highly admonished,
Astounding flawless perfection,
Troubled by past conflictions,
Of regret and pain.
Regularly calm and collected,
Intently fixated by work.

Appliance of foolishness,
Yearning of true fantasies.
Ascendant of enduring care,
Meagerly expressing tenderness,
Even under careful perception.

Kind by birth from start,
Underlying own faults,
Relentlessly denying selfish wants,
Even unto the direst.
Never thinking of oneself,
Oblivious to simple decisions.

Your deep hidden person,
Understanding other's feelings,
Kindly demonstrating flawlessness,
Inviting princely calmness.

Kinky in all studies,
Yammering away talk endlessly,
Overly caring, yet still.

Kind display of raged emotions,
Accommodating fierce words,
Gracefully smiling sincerely,
Unto even ones most loved.
Reimbursing firm eyes,
A manner of rough gentleness.

Mischief in cute tone,
Oval of all around pleasantness,
Marvelous ways to show cheer,
Infinitely smiling with great care,
Just a factor of sweetness,
Inevitable liveliness.

Heavily bestowed by kindness,
Always thinking outside of own desires,
Taking careful precautions,
So as to not break feelings,
Understandment of others perfectly.
Hiding a dark side though,
Accompanied by a fierce temptress,
Retaliating in anxious fighting,
Undeniably has a warm presence.

Indirectly trampling on others,
Succumbing to fragile frailty,
Undoing those minor weaknesses,
Zoo of many cages,
Under hidden locked transgressions.

Kindred spirit of tenderness,
Interversely swirling troubled feelings,
Still trying to be strong,
Always prevailing with the lilting light.

Horrendously unawareness,
In accomplishing simple kindness.
Really, deep down a soft soul,
Of awkward love and warmth.

Relentlessly apologizing,
Interrogation of many woes,
Tainting a beautiful face,
So many unnecessary sorries,
Under a small contrived smile.