Title: Some truths hurt
Author: Jenwin23

Summary: What if Veronica had read Duncan's journal in Echolls Family Christmas? What would she have learned and how would it have changed things? In script format. Will be LoVe. Characters: all.

Disclaimer: Veronica Mars does not belong to me. Sadly the people it does belong to ran it into the ground before canceling the show.


This chapter is basically a slightly condensed retelling of Echolls Family Christmas. A few things are added to set up the story that follows. If you don't want to read the whole thing, just read the first few paragraphs below then go to the next chapter. If you're familiar with Season 1 you will be able to move ahead in the story just fine.


Authors Note: (please read, it will explain a few things)

1) The prelude is the longest prelude you'll ever read. Because it is basically the exact script from the show with a few expositions inserted to show the changes to V's motivations. I used it as an exercise to learn to write in script format. The first part below is just the new scenes, then below that is the (nearly) full script. If you're familiar with the show you should be able to just skip to the next chapter where the story really begins.

2) I cop to stealing from a variety of pop culture sources to enhance the characters dialogue. The show did a good job with it, and I don't want to lose that. I'd offer a bonus for readers who review and guess the stolen quotes, but I have no bonus to offer. Sorry. Reach around and pat yourself on the back.

3) I changed the timeline a bit. There are a lot of contradictory dates and time frames surrounding the breakups of Lilly/Logan and Duncan/Veronica, as well as Shelly's party, Keith's firing, and Leanne's leaving. I did the best I could. I'll share the timeline I'm working with in the next few chapters (when it becomes more important) so you can see it.

What was different:

The reason Veronica decided to get the laptop back for Duncan is that she wants to read his journal, not because she wants to help him and still has feelings for him.

Logan was trying to keep a low profile and out of Aaron's way so he was willing to help Veronica solve the case to get back the Faberge Egg before Aaron knew it was gone. The reason Logan didn't jsut withdraw the money to pay Weevil back is because Aaron had put limits on his account as a punishment.

Veronica convinces Weevil to give her the computer if she gets him his money.

I played up the relationships and interactions between Logan/Duncan/Veronica, Veronica/Connor, Veronica/Weevil.

Read the full version below of go to the next chapter….


Full Version


VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars…

First Keith and then Veronica stand over Lilly's body from 1:01 Pilot.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: It's been a year since my best friend Lilly Kane was murdered.

Keith interrogates Jake. The pictures are from 1:02 Credit Where Credit's Due, although the audio is new.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Dad told Jake Kane, the most powerful man in town that he was sure that he was somehow involved in his own daughter's death.

Veronica and Duncan kiss as they walk up the hallway from 1:01 Pilot.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Duncan Kane. He used to be my boyfriend.

Logan taunts Veronica by sitting on Duncan's lap from the same episode.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And let's not forget Logan Echolls. His dad makes twenty million a picture. Every school has an obligatory psychotic jackass. He's ours.

Aaron puts his arm around Logan in 106 Return of the Kane.

AARON: Smile, Logan. Don't forget, these folks pay for all of this, huh?

Weevil and Logan face off at Dog Beach (pictures and sound from 1:02 Credit Where Credit's Due, except for Logan adding "Weevil" at the end of his first line).

WEEVIL: What the hell do you think you're doing on our beach?
LOGAN: Am I supposed to apologize? Am I supposed to shake in my boots, Weevil?
WEEVIL: Maybe.
LOGAN: Look around you, man. It ain't fifteen on four tonight.
RANDOM 09ER: That's right.

Veronica is at Lianne's safety deposit box, from 105 You Think You Know Somebody.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: All this time, I've been thinking Mom bolted because she couldn't handle losing everything. Maybe she just couldn't handle losing me.

Wiedman leaves his house with Veronica following him to Kane Software. She watches from the car (from 109 Drinking the Kool-Aid except for the last lines of each of Veronica's voiceovers which are new).

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Clarence Wiedman. The man who took surveillance photos of me. The ones with me framed in a gun sight.
WIEDMAN: You've reached Clarence Wiedman, Head of Security, Kane Software.
VERONICA VOICEOVER: And there it is. I know who's responsible for scaring Mom away from Neptune. Her former lover, Dad's nemesis, Jake Kane.

End previously.


Scene opens in the Mars' apartment at night.

Backup is on the couch watching "The Year Without a Santa Claus" on television. Veronica and Keith are decorating a small Christmas tree. The Mars home is homey and warm, but there is a lingering sense of loneliness. Leanne's presence is missed. They fill the space with witty retorts and friendly mocking. Veronica and Keith banter back and forth about how to properly decorate the tree, the humiliation from past year's home made ornaments, and the meaning of Christmas.

KEITH: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You gotta put another Padres ornament over there.

Keith reaches into another box and hands Veronica an ornament. Veronica looks at him skeptically.

KEITH: What? They should be spread out so it's even.
VERONICA: You know, there are some people who think Christmas is about the birth of Christ and not baseball.
KEITH: Well, we're all entitled to our own religions, Veronica.
VERONICA: So what do you want for Christmas?
KEITH: Your love and respect.
VERONICA: Seriously, if you could have anything for Christmas, anything?
KEITH: I want you to save your money.

Veronica looks disappointed but Keith's attention is caught by the music coming from the TV.

KEITH: Oh hey, hey, hey, oh, it's our favorite part.

The animated figures on the TV go into the "Heat Miser" song. Keith grabs the remote to turn up the volume and puts his arm around his daughter, who giggles.

LYRICS: I'm Mr. Green Christmas, I'm Mr. Sun…

The scene switches as the song continues with a new singer. Camera pans around the interior of the Echolls' pool house.

Weevil sits at a poker table, the sour expression on his face showing his displeasure, none too happy to be listening to a drunken Duncan singing the same song, particularly when Duncan massages his bald head. Weevil slaps Duncan's hand off his head and Duncan moves on to the next player, Connor, and puts a hand on his shoulder. Connor is more indulgent. Logan watches his friend, grinning, as Duncan, bottle of whiskey in hand, makes his way to his place at the table.

DUNCAN: …I'm Mr. Heat Blister, I'm Mr. 101
They call me Heat Miser
Whatever I touch starts to melt in-

As Duncan takes another slug from the bottle, Logan grabs it away from him. He bangs the bottle down on the table and puts a large unlit cigar in his mouth. Logan looks annoyed, but you can see that he is happy to see Duncan enjoying himself.

LOGAN: You start singing, you stop drinking.

Duncan slumps into his chair, feeling sorry for himself. The final member of the poker party, Sean, watches impassively.

WEEVIL: (leaning forward on the table, smirking) You know, you look pretty comfortable with that thing in your mouth.
LOGAN: (caressing the cigar) Sabor Cubano. You people can handroll like nobody's business.

The others laugh and Logan sticks the cigar back in his mouth. Logan bets.

LOGAN: Five hundred.

Duncan groans as he reaches full length across the table for some nuts. He notices Sean is drinking beer from a wide-mouthed bottle.

DUNCAN: (facetiously) Sean, isn't that ghetto brew beneath you?
SEAN: It's the new me. I am projecting a ghetto aesthetic. (leaning towards Weevil) Word.
CONNOR: (quirks and eyebrow and regards Sean with faint disgust) Man, where were you when I was playing the metrosexual in "Lonely Season"?
SEAN: I was in high school, (his tone is highbrow and clearly expresses his feeling of extreme self worth) not getting paid a quarter of a million dollars to make out with Selma Blair, Connor.
LOGAN: Don't cry now.

Logan pushes all his chips into the pot.

DUNCAN: Ooo-hoo.
LOGAN: All in.

He looks at Weevil expectantly. Weevil calls.

WEEVIL: (deadpan) Boo hoo.

Logan throws down his hand triumphantly.

SEAN: Woo!
LOGAN: Whoo!

Weevil lays out his cards.

LOGAN: Oh damn.

They are not as good as Logan's. Logan is extremely smug.

LOGAN: (gleefully and with hand flourishes) So let's see here. There are 42 cards remaining and I can win with 40 of them. I can win with an ace. I can win with a Jack. Will she be the ten and give me the straight? Or will I get the high kicker out of my Jack. Pins and needles.
WEEVIL: Just flip the card.
LOGAN: Okay. (sings) But the river's gonna get ya.

Logan slaps the card down on the table.

LOGAN: Boom.

The others at the table laugh as they see the two of hearts, one of the two cards with which Logan couldn't win. Weevil smirks and the cigar in Logan's mouth droops.

DUNCAN: (laughing at Logan's disappointment) I can't believe he beat you with a pair of twos.
WEEVIL: (smugly) I'd like my five grand now.
LOGAN: (with false graciousness) Sean, the money box so I can pay the pool boy.

Sean slides a wooden chip box across to Logan. Logan opens it. There is no money. Logan continues to pull betting chip trays out of the box with increasing speed, hoping to see the money. Emptying the box, he looks up helplessly.

WEEVIL: (standing aggressively)No. No, no, no, no. You guys aren't pulling any of that with me.
LOGAN: (seriously) Weevil, I'm not pulling anything. Where's the money? Guys, where's the money?

Logan looks around the table at the other guys, who look back at him blankly.
WEEVIL: (shouts) Where is it?
LOGAN: (voice rising with stress) Guys, where's the money?
SEAN: Did it fall out?
CONNOR: (exasperated) How could it fall out?
WEEVIL:(menacingly) Maybe it was never in, huh?
LOGAN: (defensively) You know, I rolled the money up and put it in the box. You all saw me.
WEEVIL: Well, I'm not leavin' here without my money. Now...do I have to turn each of you upside-down and shake you?

The rest of the players look uncomfortable. Cut to Logan and Duncan in matching reindeer boxer shorts and nothing else. Sean and Connor are also down to their underwear. As Sean passes Logan and Duncan, he spots the boxers.

SEAN: Did you guys call each other?

Duncan looks uncomfortable, Connor looks like he regrets coming, and Logan has his swagger back and struts comfortably around, despite his choice in underwear. Weevil, his back to the group, lifts a Faberge Egg from a bookcase and sticks it into his inside jacket pocket. He turns around to face the others, now lined up in their underwear. Logan still has the cigar in his mouth.

WEEVIL: This isn't over. I'll be collecting a grand from each of you, one way or another.

Weevil reaches the sliding glass doors of the pool house and looks back at the semi-naked group.

WEEVIL: (staring down each of the now nearly naked guys) You picked the wrong guy to rip off.

Weevil leaves. Sean sinks into one of the chairs.

SEAN: This is the worst game of strip poker ever.


Opening credits.


Daytime. Scene opens as Veronica and Wallace walk out of the Neptune High's school administration office and continue on through the hallway, bedecked with Christmas decorations.

VERONICA: Check it out.
WALLACE: You know this is for a baseball camp, right? It's not like a hot guy catalogue.
VERONICA: (interested) Do they have a hot guy catalogue?
Veronicashows Wallace the paper she is holding. It's a brochure for a week long Padres fantasy camp. They continue walking as Veronica explains that this is the perfect gift for Keith, if only she could afford it. They come to a halt in the middle of the hallway. Veronica waxes philosophical about being poor and how money is wasted on the wealthy. Their attention shifts as Duncan barges in between them, focused on Weevil who is ahead of him.

DUNCAN: (angry) I want my laptop, now.
WEEVIL: (bored, disregarding Duncan's vehemence) How does it feel to want?

Duncan grabs the shoulders of Weevil's shirt.

DUNCAN: I am not screwing around.

It's a bad move as the intervention of four of Weevil's biker boys confirms and Duncan is shoved up and held against the lockers.

DUNCAN: (angrily) I didn't take your money.
WEEVIL: Someone did.

Veronica creeps closer to see what's going on.

DUNCAN: (offscreen) Well, it wasn't me.
WEEVIL: Let him go.

Weevil waves off the bikers.

Weevil and his boys wander off, leaving Duncan fuming. Duncan looks at Veronica and for one of the few times since they broke up maintains eye contact. Veronica approaches.

VERONICA: Someone stole your laptop?
DUNCAN: There was this poker game at Logan's last night. Weevil won five grand and someone stole the money. This is his way of collecting.
VERONICA: You lie down with dogs, you're gonna get fleas.
Veronica is no longer interested, and turns to walk away.

DUNCAN: I didn't invite him.
VERONICA: (condescendingly) I wasn't talking about Weevil.

Veronica walks away but Duncan follows, keeping up with her.

DUNCAN: Hey, this kinda concerns you.
VERONICA: (surprised and a bit annoyed) I don't see how.
DUNCAN: I keep a journal on my laptop for the past, I dunno, three years. There was a time when you were kind of a feature.

Veronica stops, looking up at Duncan with alarm.
VERONICA: (more in hope than expectation) A feature with a cleverly disguised pseudonym?
DUNCAN: Let's just say...I was prolific.

Duncan walks off as Veronica stares after him with a worried expression. Then determination sets in and she turns purposefully in the opposite direction.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: There are a million things Duncan could have written about me that I'd sooner impale myself on a rusty spike than have someone else read. But if I could read it, I might finally be able to find out why he broke up with me, and if he wrote about what happened the day Lilly died, it could be the break I need to find out what really happened. I must get that computer.


Cut to the interior of a classroom, looks like the literature room seen in Drinking the Kool-Aid. The darkened classroom is furnished with stuffed chairs and beanbags. Weevil and his boys are all sitting on the floor and appear to be playing craps. Veronica enters. The bikers seem to have anticipated it, they laugh lightly and scoff as Veronica cocks her head.


The bikers' attention switches back to the game, but Weevil's remains on Veronica. He laughs.

WEEVIL: See, there you go with that head-tilt thing. You know, you think you're all badass but whenever you need something it's all, (tilts his head, imitates Veronica's soft I-need-a-favor voice) "hey."
VERONICA: (slightly disgruntled) Just be glad I don't flip my hair. I'd own you.
WEEVIL: So what can I do for you?
VERONICA: (hopeful and a little harsh) You can not get busted stealing 09er stuff and let me handle this poker thing.

Weevil chuckles.

VERONICA: Seriously. Why risk it? Give Duncan back his computer. Let me handle this.

Weevil shoots Veronica a disbelieving look.
WEEVIL: (mocking) Could you, please, Veronica? Protect me from the big, bad, sweater vest-wearing rich boys?
VERONICA: (shrugs, acting nonchalant) I'm just trying to help.
WEEVIL: In what alternate universe does it look like I need your help, huh?

Calling his bluff, Veronica throws up her hands to say "Forget it" and starts to walk out.

WEEVIL: (in a more conciliatory tone) Of course, if I get my five grand, some of those guys will stop losing their stuff.

Triumphant, Veronica turns back, and not wasting time launches into her questions.
VERONICA: Why were you even there?

Weevil gets to his feet.

WEEVIL: I hear about a five thousand dollar card game played by idiots, I'm interested.

Flashback to the Neptune High is crouched down at his locker, his books on the floor. A foot steps on the top of the pile of books. The camera pans up to Logan as he looks up, then lets out a deep breath. Apparently Logan lost his top locker after Clemmons found the bong.

LOGAN: If you're asking me to the prom again, the answer is still no.

The foot belongs to Weevil who looms over him.

WEEVIL: (ignoring Logan's provocation) I heard you got a card game going on. I'd like in on it.

Logan stands and faces him.

LOGAN: Yeah? I'm sure you would but I can't.
WEEVIL: A thousand dollar buy in, right?

Logan shakes his head and walks away.

WEEVIL: (not giving up) I got the money so what's the problem?

Logan pauses and then turns back to face Weevil.

LOGAN: (tone moving from with false concern to open distain) Look, my only concern is property values going down if anyone sees you in my house without a leaf blower or a skimmer.
WEEVIL: (widens his eyes, quirks eyebrow, heavy sarcasm) You're concerned? I'm the one who's gotta go up into the hills, all by myself. What if I run into a pack of you white boys, huh, on some clean, well-lit street? I could be bored to death.
LOGAN: (flatly) Fine. It's a thousand dollars in ten crisp one hundred dollar bills.

Weevil smiles and turns to walk away.

LOGAN: (calls out loudly to be heard) We don't take food stamps.
WEEVIL: (playing surfer dude) Ouch! You got me.


Weevil explains that Logan only let him in because he thought he could win the money off the "dumb Mexican" easily. He tells Veronica that nobody left the house with the money and Logan was in the best position to hide it—knowing the house and having been left alone at the table while the 09er boys and Weevil ogled Logan's bikini clad mom at the pool. Weevil's story also reveals that Connor went to the bathroom repeatedly that night and the Sean is an elitist asshole who is driven to school each day in a limo.

Back to the present, Veronica and Weevil walk down a school hallway.

VERONICA: Duncan was at the window?
WEEVIL: Everybody but Logan was.
VERONICA: You're sure?
WEEVIL: I wasn't taking notes, but yeah. The money was in that house, somewhere. I would've torn the place apart if I didn't think he'd call the cops.

VERONICA: (looks thoughtful, tries to sound offhand) Why don't you just give me Duncan's laptop? I'll take care of it until I find who stole the money.

WEEVIL: (surprised) Why do you care about that white boy? He dumps you without a word, and here you are helping him. Thought you were smarter than that.

VERONICA: (hard) I have my reasons.

WEEVIL: (curious despite himself) Wanna share?


WEEVIL: Neither do I. You find my money, I'll give you the laptop.

Weevil walks off.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Looks like Logan's assholeness is rubbing off on Duncan. One less reason to feel bad about reading his journal.

Scene cuts to Mars Investigations. Logan's mom, Lynn Echolls, enters the office and greets Keith warmly. She is visibly upset by something. Lynn explains that she wants Keith to look into some disturbing fan mail Aaron has been receiving. She says that she found the most recent piece in their house on the breakfast table. It's a rhyme implying the Aaron is an adulterer who will lose Lynn soon. Lynn asks Keith to find the woman writing the letters and keep her away from the Echolls family. Keith agrees to take the job. As Lynn stands to leave, she comments that she hasn't seen much of Keith or Veronica. Keith responds that the kids don't hang out much anymore. Each parent says that their child has had a hard time adjusting after Lilly's death.


Cut to the Journalism classroom. The lights are dim, despite it being daytime. Duncan is bent over some proofs on a lightbox. Veronica approaches and leans on the box next to him.

VERONICA: Good news? I might be able to get your laptop back.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Bad news? I'm gonna read your journal and copy any other files off your laptop first. But you don't need to know that.
DUNCAN: So what is this, like a case?

Duncan looks sideways down at Veronica and realizes she doesn't look much like the girl he used to date. He looks constipated and a bit apprehensive.
VERONICA: (jokes to keep the exchange light and friendly) Yeah, like the case of the guy who's too lazy to handwrite his journal like every normal person.

Duncan laughs. Veronica straightens up.

VERONICA: So, any details you can give me?
DUNCAN: You're serious.
VERONICA: Were you a little surprised that Weevil was even there?
DUNCAN: As a matter of fact, I was.

Duncan recalls arriving at the poker game to see Connor and Weevil already there with Logan. Duncan was startled and looked at Logan for explanation. Logan tells Duncan not to worry, that there was no way he would let Weevil walk out with their money.

DUNCAN: We all gave our money to Logan and he rolled it and put it in the chip box. That's the last I saw of it.

VERONICA: Do you think Logan invited Weevil there to steal his money?
DUNCAN: Invited him there to steal his money? No.
DUNCAN: (hesitates) Nothing.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Duncan is obviously holding something back. Loyalty among jackasses. (darkly) I know first hand just how far their loyalty to their own kind goes. It's us lesser mortals who are left to fend for ourselves.


Scene opens on the 09er area in the outdoor lunch area at Neptune High. Sean, Duncan and some others at one of the tables while Logan and a few others stand around them. They're eating Chinese food with chopsticks.

SEAN: That's what he decides to steal? What's he going to do with a Faberge Egg?
LOGAN: (happily and with a trademark hand gesture) Two words, man. Huevos Rancheros.

Everybody laughs appreciatively, except Duncan, who looks at Logan with anger slowly overtaking his normal numb expression.

LOGAN: (still laughing at his own wit) Hey, this is what I get for trying to be nice.

Logan slides in next to Duncan who looks daggers at him. To Logan's consternation, he very publicly shows his displeasure with Logan by scrambling up from the table and stalking away. Logan quickly follows him.

LOGAN: (with anger and a bit of hurt) You got something to say to me, you say it.
DUNCAN: (accusing) Did you take the money?

Logan stops at Duncan's words and is too stunned tot deny it. Duncan storms off. Logan follows again.

LOGAN: (quickly) You were so drunk, you wouldn't know if Kris Kringle walked in and took the money.
DUNCAN: (crossly)When did you get like this? It's like you've been going over to the dark side, bit by bit, so slowly that I didn't notice when you morphed into a full fledged jackass.
LOGAN: (defensive) What? Then I'm a jackass?
DUNCAN: Yeah, and I'm over it.

Duncan turns and walks away again. Logan, deflecting the hurt with sarcasm, calls after him.

LOGAN: What, are we breaking up now? Huh? You want your best friend charm back?

Beneath the gibes, Logan is upset.


Scene cuts to a large opulent room at the Echolls residence. The room is full of bustling people and Lynn supervises the action. Keith enters as the star is placed on top of a large artificial tree. Lynn watches with Keith at her side. Keith tells Lynn that the stalker has left six previous letters. Lynn is distracted and more interested in the decorations than the stalker. Keith recommends that Lynn cancel the party, but Lynn refuses saying that she has hired plenty of security.

Aaron enters the room in an obviously festive mood. He's singing "Deck the halls." Seeing Keith he quickly moves toward them. Aaron tells Keith that letters and stalkers are an occupational hazard. He seems unconcerned and a bit proud. Apparently having a stalker is a sign of virility and self affirmation for the aging action star.

As Aaron ushers Keith to the door trying to express the proper gravitas for the situation, Keith again recommends caution and Aaron deflects saying that this kind of attention is normal. Aaron pulls the double doors open to reveal a pumpkin carved to resemble Aarons head with a large knife impaled deeply into pumpkin-Aaron's forehead with red drops dripping down. For once Aaron is speechless.


Scene opens in Mars investigations. Keith is on the phone trying to figure out who did the pumpkin carving. Veronica enters and overhearing asks what the job is. He puts her off, and asks her to drop off some paperwork for Lynn at the Echolls house.

Veronica hesitates, unsure about going to Logan's house. She used to visit quite often, but those days are done. She relents and Keith gives her an envelope.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Go to the Echolls? Sure, I've got time. First let me make sure I have my taser and mace. Maybe Logan will give me the excuse I need to zap him. I need to question him anyway and at least away from his adoring fans I have a chance of getting a straight answer instead of insults and what he calls wit.


Scene cuts to the exterior of the Echolls home. The SoCal year-round sunshine brightly reflects off the tile and concrete. Veronica walks past the pool and briefly hesitates before going into the pool house. She is obviously reluctant to enter, but shores up her resolve and defenses and soldiers on. As she nears the sliding glass doors, you can hear sounds of a video game or bad sci-fi movie. Veronica enters to find the place is in a mess. Logan is there, playing a video game. He doesn't appear to notice her at first.

VERONICA: I love the smell of testosterone in the morning.

Logan looks over at her.

LOGAN: (smirks) This is why I suggested attack dogs. But no, my mother wanted an alpaca.

Veronica gets the envelope out of her bag.

VERONICA: My father sent me with paperwork for your mom.
LOGAN: (obviously faking a happy smile) And you just wanted to say hi? It's a good thing I didn't have my slam book out.
VERONICA: (tilts her head) I wanted to ask you about the game.
LOGAN: I've been meaning to ask you something.

The repartee between them is quick but not as full of hurtful comments as usual. Logan gives up on the video game and gets up from the chair, heading around the bar to the coffee maker.

LOGAN: (sarcastically) Did your super-sleuth kit come with a decoder ring? Do you have a pen that writes with invisible ink? Never mind, don't care. Mush! Mush!

Logan gestures for her to leave. With exasperation, Veronica turns to go. Logan obviously didn't expect her to give up so easily and calls her back.

LOGAN: Hey, uh, wait. Hey!

Veronica pauses by the glass doors. Turning back around to look at Logan, she sees him staring intently at her, but when he speaks it is slightly unsure and hesitating.

LOGAN: Maybe you should talk to Connor.

She is surprised and walks back towards Logan.

VERONICA: (interested and a bit shocked) Larkin? Like, Connor Larkin?
Exasperated that even Veronica seems to be under the spell cast by Connor the wonderboy's million dollar smile, Logan rolls his eyes.

LOGAN: (depreciatingly) He's a mortal, believe me. They just draw his abs on. (pantomimes painting on a six pack)
VERONICA: Is he doing another movie with your father?
LOGAN: (offhand) You know, I don't know if it's so much a movie as a fifty million dollar crap pile.
VERONICA: (ignoring Logan's comment)Why would Connor steal the money? He's a zillionaire.
LOGAN: Well, everybody's got their issues, right?

Logan puts a finger against his nose and sniffs loudly.

LOGAN: (aggrieved) Plus, the guy's got something against me.

Logan tells Veronica about Connor calling him out for his little witticisms against Weevil. Veronica gives him a "yeah right" look, knowing Logan was probably saying racist things all night just to needle Weevil. Logan says Connor told the 10th birthday-Rosie Perez-purse story. Veronica shakes her head and tries to resist laughing out loud as she remembers the details of that particular story well.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Apparently Logan can dish it out but can't take it. Like I didn't already know that. Logan hates Connor, something about how much Aaron likes Connor, so anything Logan says about him has to be taken with a heaping pile of salt.

Logan continues to rant about Connor's frequent bathroom breaks and incessant cell phone calls, complete with annoying ring tone.

LOGAN: So unless Connor's Pavlovian response to a downloaded ringtone is to urinate, then he was up to something. Or, his bladder's as small as his brain.
VERONICA: (smiling and acting humble) I would be more than happy to question him. I've a feeling he's not the easiest person to get to, probably has a team of bodyguards to protect him from girls like me.

Before Veronica finishes talking, Logan is already on his cell.

LOGAN: (looks at Veronica) I honestly don't get it. (into the phone) Hey man. It's, uh, Logan Echolls. Yeah. Hey, listen, can you get, uh, my friend…

The words were out of his mouth before he realized it. Logan pauses to throw an ironic grin at Veronica, who rolls her eyes.

LOGAN: …a drive-on today to see Connor? Yeah, Veronica Mars. No, Veronica, "V" as in "virgin."

Veronica grimaces, and Logan catches it, but continues on easily.

LOGAN: Yeah.

He finishes the call.

LOGAN: There you go.
VERONICA: (softly but with a sardonic edge) Look at you, all helpful.
LOGAN: (perkily) Hey, your peskiness being unleashed on Connor brings me joy.

Veronica turns and marches out. Logan follows, his eyes lingering on her retreating figure.

LOGAN: Annoy, tiny blonde one. Annoy like the wind!

He gestures and blows as she goes, watching until she turns the corner, then turns back into the pool house, a more serious expression on his face. Logan wouldn't have helped Veronica, even if with the possible bonus of her annoying Connor, but he needed to find the money so he could get the Faberge Egg back before anyone noticed it was missing. His father had given the egg to his mother for an anniversary or birthday or some other occasion that called for a ridiculously expensive but pointless dust collector. There would be hell to pay if Logan didn't get it back. Unfortunately, Aaron had put a limit on Logan's ATM card the week before the poker game for backing into a planter with the Xterra while drunk, so Logan couldn't get just withdraw the 5000 to pay Weevil. And he had been trying to keep a low profile while Aaron was home for the holidays-having this blow up in his face was not the best way to stay under the radar.


Scene opens on a film clapperboard that reads "Vector Force Ten.". The clapperboard claps and drops as the girl holding it moves aside to show a helicopter.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Dealing with Logan to find out who stole the money, and get access to Duncan's laptop, might have been painful, but seeing Connor Larkin up close and personal is definitely not a chore. Especially when he's not wearing a shirt.


The door of the helicopter opens and three commando types jump out, guns raised. They run off. Veronica watches.

DIRECTOR: All right, not bad, that's a cut. Let's set it up to go again please.

Veronica walks over to Connor who is waiting for his next scene in a directors chair inspecting his stomach.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I don't know if Connor's smile cost a million, but his six-pack abs are worth at least double that. Damn. I repeat, damn.
Connor looks up to see Veronica approaching.

CONNOR: Too shiny?
VERONICA: (flabbergasted) Uh, no.

Veronica's eyes dart from his face to his abs and back again. She has a slightly stunned look on her face.
My helicopter gets shot down mid-flight so I'm supposed to be sweaty but I don't want to be gross.
VERONICA: (peers a little closer at his abs) I think you're good.
CONNOR: So, uh, let me guess. You want to be an actress.
VERONICA: (bashful) No, no. I'm just your standard issue fan. Logan told me you were at the poker game and…
CONNOR: Oh, yeah, that was fun.

Connor grimaces to show it was the opposite of fun. Veronica tries to focus on the questions and not his abs or blinding smile, and decides to play it relatively straight. Not hard edged detective or dumb blond.
VERONICA: I heard it got a little weird. Someone stole all the money?
CONNOR: Yeah. And I feel sorry for the kid who won, too. He was pretty cool. He was real, you know what I'm saying?
VERONICA VOICEOVER: And that is why pretty boys shouldn't talk, they ruin it.

VERONICA: (briskly) Any idea who took it?
CONNOR: It could have been anyone.

He gestures for her to sit and they sit on a couple of high director chairs. A hair/makeup person immediately starts work on Connor's hair.

VERONICA: As I understand it, no one left the room and it wouldn't have been possible for anyone to walk out with cash on them.
CONNOR: You know what? There was one guy who left the room with cash.

Connor tells Veronica about the pizza delivery. In the retelling he also says that Duncan was too drunk to get his wallet out, annoying Logan who is too cheap to properly tip the delivery guy. Sean didn't pay at all preferring drinking his Big-Mouth-Joes to eating. Duncan complained that Logan only tipped 4 percent and Weevil chipped in to cover the difference.

Back to the present, Connor is swishing a tea bag in his cup.

CONNOR: You know, really, anyone could have gotten his hands on the money box. There were plenty of times. Bathroom breaks, beer breaks…
VERONICA: Lynn Echolls' breaks.
CONNOR: (coughs on a laugh) Oh yeah, you heard about that one, huh?

He takes out the tea bag and throws it towards the trash can. It misses. Veronica looks at it speculatively then back at Connor as his cell rings.

CONNOR: Hm. Aw, it's my agent. Can you excuse me?

Connor exits with one last look back at Veronica. She gets her phone out and punches in a number. Veronica quickly greets Wallace and after wheedling with him for a favor asks for Sean Friedrich's home address. Veronica walks as she talks, glancing back at Connor appreciatively from a moment.



Scene cuts to a bright sunny tennis court. Aaron is playing tennis with his coach, wearing the prerequisite country club whites. Keith stands at the court's side. After the volley is finished Keith asks Aaron if they can talk in private. Aaron tries to deflect saying that Keith can talk freely in front of the coach, but once he hears Keith's questions have to do with the possibility of an affair last Halloween he quickly dismisses the coach to talk to Keith without prying ears. At first Aaron protests his innocence, saying he is faithful to Lynn. Aaron leaves and Keith looks skeptical.


Scene opens with Veronica standing outside an impressive looking door decorated with a large Christmas wreath, looking up expectantly. It's Sean Friedrich's home.

The door opens.

VERONICA: Mr. Friedrich?
MR FRIEDRICH: Good afternoon.
VERONICA: Good afternoon. Is Sean home?
MR FRIEDRICH: He's not available.
VERONICA: It will just be a minute.
MR FRIEDRICH: Sean is not permitted to receive visitors at home.

Mr Friedrich shuts the door.


Cut to a large gingerbread house being decorated. The camera pulls back to show Keith in the kitchen of a caterer. The counters are full of Christmas goodies. He questions the caterer about the Casablancas Halloween party last year. The caterer refuses to give any details about what happened at the party until Keith goads. He bluffs that Sadie Casablancas told him that the caterer had the bad taste to fire someone at the party. The caterer is offended and says she had no choice but to fire the girl. She had snuck upstairs to find a bathroom, knowing that the upstairs was off limits to staff and guests. The caterer says Aaron Echolls insisted that she be fired. When Keith questions why Aaron would care, the caterer reveals that the employee found Aaron upstairs with somebody else's wife on top of him while his wife was downstairs eating canapés.


Back at Neptune High the next morning, Sean is dropped off in the parking lot by a chauffeur. Veronica runs to walk by his side.

VERONICA: (perkily) Good morning.
SEAN:(disdainfully) Maybe in your world. In mine, I am minus one Rolex. The criminal element found its way into my gym bag yesterday.
VERONICA: (facetiously) Why can't we all just have nice things?
SEAN: (with a superior tone) Who behaves this way?
VERONICA: Maybe you missed that eye for an eye section in your Bible.
SEAN: Okay, this isn't retribution, it's thievery.
VERONICA: Weevil didn't start this. It's not his fault someone stole the money.
SEAN: Is that so?

Sean recalls the end of the party when Weevil insisted they strip. Connor comments that he usually gets six figures to strip down to his underwear. Sean questions why Weevil doesn't have to strip, and Logan intervenes before the fight can escalate.

VERONICA: Why would Weevil steal his own money?
SEAN: (patronizing) You should really consider another profession. Perhaps he stole the money before he knew he was going to win. Right before Mrs. Echolls got wet and wild, he was down to his last two chips.
VERONICA: I heard you weren't doing so hot either.
SEAN: Yeah, but the difference is, I don't need the money.

Sean ends the conversation bywalking into the school.


Cut to Mars Investigation. The midday light filters through the stained glass windows. Aaron is there. Keith joins him, carrying two cups of coffee and a file under his arm. Keith calls Aaron on his lie, and says he knows Aaron was caught inflagrente. Aaron says it didn't mean anything and proclaims his love for his wife. After Keith reassures Aaron that he was hired to find a stalker and not to discover Aaron's affair, Aaron appears more willing to talk candidly. Keith asks Aaron to circle the who he slept with on the guest list. After Aaron circles three names, Keith looks at him with barely hidden scorn and clarifies that he needs the name of the woman he slept with at the party. Aaron looks startled, and blames it on the hard cider he drank. Aaron tells Keith he was caught with Monica Hadwin by one of the serving staff. Aaron says Monica is Aaron's agent's wife, not a stalker. Keith asks Aaron to point out all the women in pictures given to him by Mrs. Casablancas. Aaron selects one photo with all three women in it. He shrugs and says that they are not stalkers, they're just needy.

Keith leaves to interview Monica, but fails to learn anything about the identity of the stalker.


Scene opens on Neptune High's outdoor lunch area. Veronica sits on a low wall and stares at the 09er table where Duncan and Sean are sitting.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Breathe, Veronica. Play it cool and you can kill several birds with one stone. Good things can happen. After all, it's Christmas. Despite what everyone else might think Santa knows I've been a good girl.

Wallace sits next to her.

WALLACE: (seeing her expression) You're gonna hurt yourself, thinking that hard.
VERONICA: (contemplative) They say if you're caught in a stare it means your mind needs a break.
WALLACE: Like, that mind ever takes a break. So, how's the poker case coming?
VERONICA: (perks up) Oh, it's a Christmas miracle. I think I finally found a way to send my dad to camp.

At the 09er table, Duncan and Sean are having pizza. Logan walks over, grabs a piece of pizza and sits next to Duncan, who immediately gets up.

SEAN: Will you guys kiss and make up already?

Logan blows Duncan a kiss. Veronica approaches the table with Weevil following behind her. Duncan halts his retreat upon seeing Veronica approach.

VERONICA: So, good news, bad news. The good news is, I know who stole the money. The bad news is, I know who stole the money.

Logan grins, looking relaxed.

VERONICA: Here's my brilliant idea. Filled with holiday spirit, Logan will host another game.
LOGAN: (surprised and doubting) Will I?
VERONICA: I'm thinking tonight.
LOGAN: (shakes his head while looking indulgently at Veronica) Mm, no, my mother's Christmas party is tonight.
VERONICA: Mm, (shoots a look at Sean) so no BYOB. Here's how it will go down.

Veronica sits next to Logan. He is surprised, inches away and casts a glance at Duncan, who looks gob smacked.

VERONICA: I'll tell you who did it and you'll buy me into the game. I'll just take the place of whoever stole the money. (fakes a confused look) Unless you still might think you want him around?
LOGAN: You know, even if you keep talking, it's not gonna happen.
VERONICA: (looks sad) Oh. I thought you guys might all want your stuff back.
WEEVIL: Yeah. If I get my five grand, some items could…

He helps himself to a piece of pizza.

WEEVIL: …magically reappear.
VERONICA: And if you think about it, anyone who doesn't see this as a great offer is obviously the thief. Kind of a no-brainer.

Veronica stands. Logan looks at her, part admiring, part annoyed.

LOGAN: Do you even know how to play poker?
VERONICA: (pouts) No. (mock awe) But it must be really hard if all you guys play.

Logan and Duncan look at each other perplexedly as Veronica walks away with Weevil trailing behind her.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Thief caught? Check. Money for Dad's fantasy present? Double check. Now I just need to get the laptop and copy the hard drive. At least Weevil hasn't read the journal or I would be hearing about the intimate details of strange and steamy details of Duncan's and my relationship. I'm not sure I even want to read some of what Duncan might have written. I definitely don't want it to be public fodder for the 09ers.


Scene opens at the Echolls Christmas party in full swing, with guests still arriving. Lynn and Aaron meet Jake and Celeste Kane at the door.

Cut to the Echolls' pool hous. Everyone who was at the original party is in their seats except Weevil. Logan is handing out the betting chips as Veronica enters.

LOGAN: Ho, ho...

He pauses dramatically, staring at Veronica.

LOGAN: …ho.

Veronica laughs in mock appreciation at his wit and drops her bag to the floor. Weevil picks it up.

WEEVIL: Allow me. You want a sodey-pop or somethin'?
VERONICA: (looks pensive for a moment) You know, I think I want something with a little more kick.

Veronica grabs Duncan's bottle of whisky from the table.

DUNCAN: Hey, no.

Veronica lifts the bottle to her lips and pours it straight down her throat. Duncan looks resigned but the others are impressed.

WEEVIL: (incredulously) Damn, girl!

Veronica slowly lowers the bottle and looks at Duncan.
VERONICA: Mmm. Iced tea?
DUNCAN: (mumbles) Yeah.
VERONICA: (gently mocking) How very musical theatre of you.

Logan stares at Duncan and smiles in wonder. He wonders how Veronica knew, when he didn't. Veronica unintentionally answers his question as she walks around the table.

VERONICA: Duncan can't remember the alphabet when he drinks let alone figure out 20 of the pizza bill.

Logan grabs the bottle to smell it. As Veronica explains, there are flashbacks to Duncan drumming drunkenly on the table, to him pressed up against the window watching Lynn and of him losing a hand.

VERONICA: (offscreen) No, he didn't play drunk to steal your money, he played drunk to win your money. To no avail it seems.

Cut back to the present. Logan and Connor, sipping on another cup of tea, listen with interest. Connor looks impressed with Veronica.

VERONICA: Oh, and Connor isn't a drug addict. I know…

Cut to scenes from the poker party, Connor going to the bathroom, Connor on set, taking out the tea bag.

VERONICA: (offscreen) …the constant bathroom visits. He wasn't going for a fix. He was going because of the Sun Tea.

Cut back to the present. Connor looks down in his cup. Duncan leans over to do the same.

VERONICA: It's that diuretic wrestlers down when they need to make weight or that actors use before they're half naked on the cover of "Vanity Fair".

Duncan laughs and Connor shrugs, slightly embarrassed.

VERONICA: And then, there's bachelor number three. And he's got it all.

Logan grins and leans back in his chair as Veronica circles the table towards him.

VERONICA: Motive. Access. Looks like an evildoer, (leans closer to Logan and sniffs) smells like an evildoer…

Logan rolls his eyes.

VERONICA: …but surprisingly...not so much. Weevil cleared him.

Logan and Weevil look surprised and look from Veronica to each other. Cut to the mess in the pool house when Veronica visited.

VERONICA: (offscreen) Weevil told me he searched the room but didn't go through it as much as he wanted. When I saw it, it looked like it had been raided by the FBI.

Cut back to the present.

VERONICA: (matter of factly) If Logan took the money and hid it, he wouldn't have had to tear the room apart looking for it. So, two left. (Veronica stops to stand between Sean and Weevil) The boy from the wrong side of the tracks and the boy who lives in the most expensive house in the 09er zip.

Veronica dumps her bag and takes off her coat.

VERONICA: So, do you want to hear how Sean did it? Ah, he's a crafty little bugger.

Cut to the poker party. Duncan, Logan and Weevil are at the door, dealing with the pizza delivery man. Sean grabs the money and stuffs it in one of his wide mouthed beer bottles. It is collected by the servants for recycling and then by Sean the next day who cycles off.

VERONICA: (offscreen) Sean didn't bring the Big Mouth Joes because he's cheap. He knew he couldn't leave with the money, so he didn't. What happens to garbage in the 09er zip? He just waited for the recycling to go out the next day and did a little garbage picking.

Cut back to the present.

LOGAN: (stunned) Sean? What? The guy has a chauffeur drive him to school everyday. Why would he need to steal?
VERONICA: Funny story. When I went to Sean's, I couldn't help but wonder what was his dad doing at home, three in the afternoon, dressed in a suit instead of being at work? Unless he was at work.

Cut back to the present.

VERONICA: (looking chagrined) I have to say, I was a bit miffed. I was this close to being able to say the butler did it. (scornful) But no, it was the butler's son.
SEAN: (bitterly) That doesn't prove anything.
VERONICA: Well, that proves that you're a liar and the background check I ran on you proves that you've got a bit of a shoplifting problem. You are really bad at it.

Sean looks around the table. Weevil smiles softy, Connor and Duncan look disgusted and Logan looks disappointed. Sean gives a nervous laugh. He stands and turns to Weevil.

SEAN: I can totally pay you. I have the money, I can get it right now.

Logan stands as does Weevil.

WEEVIL: All right, why don't we take a walk so we can discuss a few things, huh?
SEAN: But you see I can pay you, see, there's really no need for physical violence.
WEEVIL: Uh huh.

Weevil escorts Sean out of the pool house. Logan stares after them. Veronica sits in Sean's seat, and Logan's attention shifts to her.

VERONICA: Mind if I deal first?

Duncan extends an inviting hand. Veronica grabs the cards and fans them on the table with one smooth move. Duncan blinks in amazement. She shuffles the deck professionally. Logan looks at her and grin. Connor and Duncan are both awed.


Back in the main house, Lynn, Aaron, Jake and Celeste are in a group, planning a trip to a vineyard outside of Ojai. Aaron and Monica are eying each other across the room. Aaron looks a bit edgy. The piano is playing and Lynn announces there will be a surprise at nine o'clock. Aaron looks around the room and makes eye contact with a young blond woman suggestively nibbling on a large olive. He swallows and looks away.


Across town at Mars investigations, Keith is looking over the case notes, and notices s some carved pumpkins in a picture from last year's Halloween party. Keith calls the caterer to ask what position the server who was fired held. He learns that she was a le trancheur, or a carver. Keith asks what she looks like as he hurriedly puts on his trench coat and leaves the office.


One of the servers at the party is the same one that came upon Aaron and Monica at the Casablancas house. She glances at Aaron, now without his jacket, laughing in conversation with Lynn and Celeste.


Back in the pool house, the Dandy Warhols' version of Little Drummer Boy is playing in the background. Veronica wins what is obviously another big pot. Most of the chips on the table are in front of her. She is cleaning up.

VERONICA: (looks up cheekily at the guys) A little impressed, aren't you?
CONNOR: You must be really unlucky in love. (he looks like he might be interested in changing that for her)

Veronica chokes a laugh and glances up at Duncan before her eyes are drawn towards Logan.

LOGAN: (frustrated) Okay. I say we take a little break. Let the cosmos realign because obviously something's up.
WEEVIL: I can use something to eat.

They get up from the table.


At the Echolls Christmas party, Weevil and Veronica fill their plates from a buffet table. Weevil is wearing his black leather jacket and jeans, but Veronica is more festively dressed in her fuchia shirt.

WEEVIL: Seriously, don't I just blend right in? (steps back into the crowd) Come on. Where's Weevil?
VERONICA: (smiles at Weevils antics but is obviously uncomfortable being there) I think we both stand out a bit.
WEEVIL: Yeah, right. You are a natural at this. Look at you.

Veronica spots Jake excusing himself from a conversation with Celeste, Aaron and Lynn.

JAKE: I'll be right back.
Veronica hands her plate to Weevil and followsJake.

VERONICA: Will you hold this for a sec?

One of the waiters passes Weevil with something scrumptious but because both his hands are full, he can do nothing.

WEEVIL: You're killing me!

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Looks like Santa is being extra nice to me this year. I convinced Weevil to let me have the laptop over the weekend, so I'll get my answers from Duncan, and here's his Dad, wondering away from the herd. I can't pass up the opportunity to find out why he drove Mom away.


The camera pans around to the bar. Logan is already there, and Duncan joins him somewhat sheepishly. They both lean against it, acting casual.

DUNCAN: (eloquently) So…I, uh, you know.
LOGAN: Yeah.
DUNCAN: Sorry about the whole…
LOGAN: I've done plenty of other things.

They both chuckle.

DUNCAN: So, we're cool.
LOGAN: Yeah.

They smile. Duncan slaps Logan on the arm and turns to the bar to order another drink. If he has to endure losing to Veronica Mars he's gonna need more than a few drinks.

DUNCAN: Bartender.


Outside the house Keith is trying to get past security. The guard searches futily for his name on the guest list. The guard ignores Keith's pleas to just tell Aaron or Lynn that Keith Mars is there.


Inside the house in a room that appears to be a small library or a large, nicely appointed den, Jake is idly picking up books off the shelves and reading the cover. Veronica enters and closes the door behind her.

VERONICA: (launching her attack) I've got a question for you.
JAKE: (turns to see Veronica, speaks in an urbane tone) Hello, Veronica.
VERONICA: Does your head of security make it a habit of taking photographs of high school students and drawing bull's eyes over their faces or am I special?

Jake looks startled and confused.

VERONICA: Clarence Wiedman took pictures of me. Surveillance pictures. He drew a target over my face and sent them to my mother. Why? (her anxiety makes her voice rise in tone and volume)
JAKE: You're not making any sense.
VERONICA: (unrelenting) Why?

JAKE: I have no idea what you're talking about.
VERONICA: Why would you want my mother out of town?
JAKE: I didn't.
VERONICA: (a bit desperately) Why didn't she tell me or my father about the pictures instead of hiding them in a safe deposit box?

JAKE: (shouting) I don't know.

Jake moves towards the door to leave, but Veronica blocks his way by backing up against the double doors. She stares up at him.

VERONICA: I don't believe you. (her disgust and sadness is clear to see)


Outside, Keith takes the opportunity to slip past as security deals with some newly-arrived guests. Walking around the side of the house looking for an entrance, Keith sees Veronica and Jake in the library. He can't hear what they are saying, but Veronica is visibly upset. Veronica steps aside to allow Jake to leave and Veronica follows him. Keith opens the French doors and slips inside.

At the party, Jake storms towards Celeste who is in mid-conversation with Aaron and Lynn.

LYNN: …that's a surprise, that's-

Jake grabs Celeste's arm.

JAKE: (angrily) What did you do?
JAKE: What did you do?
CELESTE: Jake, I don't know what you're talking about.

Veronica watches, as does Duncan, standing behind her.

JAKE: Don't lie to me Celeste. What did you do?
CELESTE: Jake, stop it.
JAKE: Get your coat, we're leaving.

Jake steers Celeste away, having forgotten that Celeste didn't arrive in a coat. Lynn mouths "Oh my" at Aaron.

AARON: Well, time for us to get a drink.

Duncan glances at Veronica and then follows his parents. Lynn walks up to the piano and rings a bell.

LYNN: Everyone, if you could just follow the Santas outside, I have a special surprise for you.

The waiters ring bells and lead people out the front door. Keith wanders through the crowd.

AARON: Brr. I'm gonna go grab my jacket.
LYNN: Okay.

Outside there are carolers in old style clothes. Inside, Aaron has stopped to talk to Monica. Lynn runs up and grabs Aaron's arm.

LYNN: Come on, you two, you'll miss the surprise.
AARON: And we know how much she loves a surprise.

Aaron starts to put on his jacket and turns to follow Lynn. The server from the Casablancas' party races up to him.

WAITRESS: You don't even care, do you?
AARON: I'm sorry?
WAITRESS: (shrieking) Sleep with me, you say you love me.
AARON: (turning to Lynn) Lynn, I don't know who this person is, I swear.

Keith spots them and runs towards them.

AARON: (facing the woman again and raising his hands as if to calm a spooked horse) I don't know you.

The woman swings back her arm to stab Aaron with some force. There are screams. Outside the carolers wassail in snowfall outside.

LYRICS: Here we come a'wassailing among the leaves so green.

Keith tackles the woman to the ground.

LYRICS: Here we come a'wandering so fair to be seen.

Aaron staggers back as blood pours from the side of his abdomen.

LYRICS: Love and joy come to you and to you your wassail too.

Logan is distraught. Lynn runs to Aaron as he collapses into a chair.

LYRICS: And god bless you…
LYNN: Somebody call an ambulance.
LYRICS: …and send you a happy new year.

An ice pick lies on the floor. Logan is on his cell calling 911.

LYRICS: And god send you a happy new year.

Aaron is losing consciousness. Veronica stands stunned. The crowd outside, ignorant of events, claps when the carolers finish. The carolers launch into another chorus.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: What was I thinking? Christmas in Neptune is, was and always will be about the trappings; the lights and the tinsel they use to cover up the sordidness, the corruption. No Veronica, there is no Santa Claus.

As Veronica thinks, the camera pulls back on the snow machines creating the fake winter wonderland scene. End.


AN: Congratulations you have made it thorough the longest prelude ever written.

There is a line partly stolen from SKK's extended scripts. If you haven't read those you should. Like right now. Go. Mush, mush.

I changed the bit about chipping in for beer. Duncan came with his iced tea, Logan lives there, Connor was drinking tea, and Sean was drinking his ghetto brew, so what beer?

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