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Lettuce: W...Who will I paired with?

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Lettuce was alone. Poor Lettuce.

Lettuce stared at the ground, Ichigo had Kisshu, Mint had Zakuro, Pudding had Taruto, Ryou had Keiichiro and they moved away! Except Ichigo and Kisshu.

Ichigo vowed to protect Lettuce, if she was ever in any danger. The Alien's, Yuki and Haru had left after they were defeated but there was still Chimera Animals.

Lettuce walked towards the school, with her green backpack slung over her shoulder. Ichigo and Kisshu came up behind her.

"Hey Lettuce-chan" Ichigo called.

Lettuce looked back and smiled softly. Kisshu had his arm wrapped around Ichigo's waist.

"Did you hear about the new boy?" Ichigo asked.

Lettuce shook her head, "No, I haven't"

"Moe said he was kicked out of school. They say he's a bad boy and no one can get him to calm down. I don't know why there sending him here" Ichigo said.

"Oh" Lettuce said softly, "I bet inside he's just as kind as everyone else but doesn't know how to show it!"

Ichigo smiled, "Your've got a heart of cold Lettuce-chan. I won't be surprised if it's you who calms him down"

Lettuce turned red, "I...I don't k...know what you mean" Lettuce stuttered.

Ichigo laughed softly, "C'mon let's go to class, Moe said he's in our class"


Pai, Honda Pai.

As soon as Lettuce saw him, her face went red. Ichigo saw Lettuce turn redand nudged her in the side, playfully.

Pai was wearing black pants and a white shirt, with his tie nearly undone. Pai looked at everyone glaring but when he saw Lettuce, his eyes seemed to soften very slightly.

"Class this is Honda Pai and he will be joining out class. Please make him feel welcome"

Most of the students looked at Pai, as if he was about to kill them.

"Honda-san you can sit next to...Midorikawa-san"

The sensei showed Pai where Lettuce sat and Pai nodded, walking towards Lettuce.

"Lettuce's bad boy get's to sit next to her! Lettuce's bad boy get's to sit next to her!" Ichigo chanted.

"Ichigo-chan!" Lettuce hissed, her face bright red.

"I'm no one's bad boy" Pai said, as he sat down next to Lettuce. Poor Lettuce looked like she could pass out from being so red.

Ichigo only smiled, you may not be her bad boy yet but you soon will be.


Pai walked path, leading towards a big tree.

Students looked at Pai and backed away. Pai looked up and stopped. Lettuce sat on the grass, at the base of the tree, eating her lunch and she by herself.

S...She looks lonely, maybe I should talk to her? Pai throught, then shook his head. Why should I care? She's just everyone else, uncaring and loud. But she looks...sad.

Pai started to walk again, towards Lettuce, when...

Ichigo and Kisshu jogged up to Lettuce and sat down, pulling out their lunch. A flicker of sadness appeared on Pai's face but quickly went.

Pai shoved his hands in his pocket's and turned around, walking away.


Lettuce walked out of the school and bumped into someone. Lettuce started to fall back and two strong arms shot towards Lettuce and grabbing her waist.

The person pulled Lettuce close, "You should be more careful"

Lettuce looked up, "So...sorry Kisshu-san"

Kisshu nodded and let go, "C'mon Ichigo-chan wants us to come round her's and watch some movie's"

Lettuce smiled and walked away with Kisshu.


Pai stared as they walked away.

That bastard! How dare he touch her like that! Even if it was to stop her from falling. I would have helped her.


Lettuce clutched the pillow and screamed along with Ichigo, when Kong appeared.

Kisshu laughed, "C'mon it's not that bad"

Ichigo looked at Kisshu. "Yes it is!"

Kisshu smiled and they watched the rest of the movie.


Lettuce walked along the path and it was pitch black, the only light was the moonlight. Lettuce jumped, as there was a shout up ahead.

There was a group of people up ahead and Lettuce was shaking slight, from the fear.

Should I turn around? Lettuce wondered, but it was too late they had already seen her.

"Oooh! Look it's a pretty little girl!" One yelled.

They started to walked towards Lettuce. When the one, who had shouted, reached out to grab her waist. A dark firgue shot out from behind the car and stood in front of Lettuce.

Lettuce fell back, landing on her butt.

"Leave her alone" The dark firgue growled.

"Oh! Think your smart huh? We saw her first and she's ours"

"She's not yours! Now back off before the police come, i've already called them"

The man's eyes wdiened slight and he turned and ran, his friends following.

The firgue turned around and bent down in front of Lettuce.

"Why are you out alone?" The firgue asked.

Lettuce gasped slightly, his voice was so soft spoken!

"Well...I...ano.." Lettuce strammered.

The firgue shook his head, "C'mon lets get you home"

"W..Who are you?"

The boy tensed, "...Someone you know"

"I won't go unless you tell me who you are" Lettuce said firmly.

The boy sighed, "Pai"

"H...Honda-senpai!?" Lettuce squeaked, her face turning red.

Pai grabbed her hand and pulled her up. Lettuce fell forward, her head landing on Pai's chest. Lettuce blushed dark and quickly stepped back.

"C'mon it's late" Pai murmured, pulling Lettuce along.


They arrived at Lettuce's house about five minutes later. Lettuce stood on her doorstep, staring at the ground.

"Thank you Honda-senpai, for saving me"

"It's nothing" Pai muttered.

Lettuce looked shocked, "Oh but it is!"

Lettuce took a step towards Pai and bowed, "I must repay you Honda-senpai"

"Whatever" Pai muttered.

Lettuce smiled and turned around, "I'll see you at school"

"Yeah, yeah" Pai said, walking away.

Lettuce smiled, as she watched Pai walk away, Honda-senpai...


Lettuce sat at the table, telling Ichigo what happened.

"Wow" Ichigo said, "He must be falling in love with you! I mean, he wouldn't do it for anyone else!"

Pai walked into the room and heard them talking. Pai walked up to their table and looked at Ichigo and Lettuce.

"I do not love Midoirkawa-san. I only saved her because she's weak and if it happens again, i'll just leave her. I don't like her, got that?" Pai said walking away.

Ichigo's mouth dropped open, "T...That jerk!"

Ichigo looked at Lettuce and her eyes softened. Lettuce had gone pale and she was trembling. Tears started to run down her cheeks. Ichigo rushed forward, hugging Lettuce.

"Shh, shh" Ichigo whispered.

Honda-senpai, you didn't mean that did you? Your not heartless. You wanna be kind but don't know how to show it, do you?