Okay, first of all; I am sorry for neglecting this story for so long, but I needed time to think about this story, trying to find any inspiration for it, and ways to turn things around in my mind.

But, unfortunately for all of you, I was not, and am not able to do that, so what I am going to do now is tell you how I had the plot in mind, just everything that I had in mind before starting the sequel. And then I'll give you what I had in mind as the Epilogue for Princess Bella (that's when the ideas started) and later as the last chapter of Queen Bella.

I hope you are not too disappointed, but I don't want to continue writing this story just because I wanted to write a sequel; I know if I continue writing it'll start to get boring, and worse, the story will suck. So this is the way I am going to do it.

Everything in italics is what I had in mind, together with comments in bold, and then the chapter will start.

Edward goes all romantic on Bella, trying to ease her in the idea of marriage. It works, he makes all her fears and worries go away. They get married and go on a happy honeymoon, just the two of them enjoying their time together before they need to get crowned. Then they have a few weeks of boring meetings and training to be Kind and Queen. Then there is the ceremony; which goes perfect and the people love them. – After that, I was going to figure things out, but it would get all lovey dovey.

You see it was all perfect and sweet, and obviously I wasn't satisfied with it. Perfect and sweet stories are boring… So I changed things, throwing in an evil granny who was going to destroy their perfect little life, making Emmett crash their honeymoon with funny pranks and all that, while Alice would be picking on Bella because of all her wrong choices – clothes, of course. It would be fun to Bella, finally being able to act normal, not watching her language and the way she acted. And then they were going to live as a couple, getting used to being normal. It would be strange, with the body guards around them and the paparazzi still following their every step- but slowly they would get used to it.

And that, my dear ones, was also a boring plotline to me. So I decided to figure a way out of it while keeping the end like I had in my mind when I started Princess Bella. And there is no way things could be the way I wanted them to be without fucking the whole story up – sorry for the language.

So; here's what happened in the story before the Epilogue starts. It's many years later, about 8 or 9 years, and Charlie's died because of a stroke. Renee gave the throne to Bella then, she couldn't be Queen without Charlie on her side. Granny tried to prevent it all, ending up in jail. Bella became Queen while pregnant; and a few years passed since then.

Epilogue/Last chapter:

I was sitting on the bench in our garden with my head resting on Edward's chest, his arm wrapped around me. We were watching our kids; Charlotte Marie who was six years old, Lilly Alice who was four years old, and our little James Thomas who just turned three.

Life was absolutely perfect at that moment, watching Lilly tickling her little brother, while Charlotte was playing with her dolls.

"They are absolutely perfect, aren't they?" I asked, sighing deeply. I was so content in being here, I didn't need to pretend to be perfect, speak neatly in proper English, stand up straight and try not to be clumsy. Here, I could be myself, together with my perfect husband and children.

"Of course they are; they are products of our love. And of course, they got both our genes, that means they can only get perfect," Edward answered, kissing the top of my head.

I sighed again, and smiled when James started to hobble away from his sister, making Lilly giggle, her green eyes sparkling. She ran after him then, her long brown hair waving after her.

While Charlotte was an exact copy of me, and James of Edward, Lilly had my brown hair and Edward's green eyes. Luckily none of our children inherited my clumsiness; they were all as graceful as Edward was.

They were all very smart, though. Even though James was only three, he could understand us if we were telling him something he wasn't allowed to do, and unlike many other three year olds, he actually listened to that. And all our kids were like that, perfect little creatures made because of our love.

"What are you thinking, love?" Edward asked me, looking into my eyes.

"I am thinking about our lives, and how perfect they are at moments like this," I answered.

"Yes, I agree. When we are sitting like this, the world around us seems to fade away, doesn't it? I even forget we are King and Queen, you know. We are just Bella and Edward, together with our kids who aren't Princesses and a Prince."

"Yeah, I know. Sometimes it all seems to be so surreal. After living a normal life with you, I wasn't sure if I would want to go back to the life I had grown up to; being Queen and all that. And now I find myself enjoying it, how strange that might be." I told him.

We never talked about this before, not this way. Not so open, just being us again. It was a long time ago, us talking this way. Our children were not allowed to behave this way either; as James fell into a pool of mud, getting his clothes all dirty.

I shook my head, laughing. "You know, James is an exact copy of you if you look at the outside, but right now I am wondering if I wasn't wrong before. Maybe James did inherit my clumsiness." I voiced my thought out loud. I knew Edward always loved it when I did that, so I did it a lot when we were alone.

"You know, you might be right about that. It would only make him cuter, though. Maybe we can hire a balance coordinator, who can teach him how to stay upright."

"Oh, no! We are not going to put him through that!" I said, sitting up. Edward looked at me curiously, and then shook his head.

"You speak as if you've been through it yourself," he said.

I pursed my lips together, staring at him. When I didn't respond, his jaw went slack, his green eyes wide.

"You went through that? Seriously?" He was stunned, I could see it. And he was also trying to hold his laughter, which made me a bit angry.

"Yes," I said, gritting my teeth together. I wasn't going to tell him about that, it was the most horrible experience of my life, and that meant something. I had many embarrassing moments, but when I had to take those classes, I knew things couldn't get any worse.

"Okay then, my love. No balance classes for James." He smiled at me, trying to reassure me.

"Thanks. I'd hate to put him through that. Besides, we aren't even sure if he really inherited my balance. It could be a phase," I said.

He nodded, pulling me back to him again. I now lay my head in his lap, my fingers tapping on his knees.

Charlotte had now left her dolls alone to watch Lilly chase after James. She giggled when Lilly jumped, running a little bit faster than James, and tackled him. Charlotte went over then, tickling them both till they laughed so hard I was afraid they were going to pee in their pants.

"Charlotte!" I called her, making her still her movements. Immediately Lilly and James ran away from their sister. When she looked back to where her siblings had been just a few seconds ago, she frowned and looked around. I had seen Lilly and James hid, so I knew they were going to play the little kids version of hide and seek.

I shook my head again, while Edward slapped my butt.

"Hey! What was that for?!" I said, sitting up again. I pouted at him, making him smile.

"It's not nice to interfere, they were enjoying themselves!" Edward said.

"Ah, but I would hate James or Lilly to pee in their pants just at the moment some sick paparazzi takes a picture of them. They would get awful nicknames for the rest of their lives! I don't want that for my children," I explained to him.

"But you're forgetting this place is guarded like a fort. There's no way a journalist can get in without permission from one of us," Edward said, raising his eyebrow at me.

I shrugged. "You never know. I just don't want to take the chance."

"Ah, always wanting the best for our children," Edward said, smiling again. He kissed my cheek then, making me shiver at the electricity that went through my body.

"Are you cold?" He asked me.

I shook my head. "No, that is what your touch does to me," I answered honestly. I had learned not to hide those things in the past, Edward could get really upset if I hold something back from him. Not in a bad way, he would just start doubting himself and all that. And since I didn't want that, I just told him everything. Even if it was very embarrassing.

"Ah," He said, his eyes becoming mischievous. I shivered again, this time in anticipation.

"You know, we can always call Alice, ask her if she wants to have our kids for a day or two," he whispered in my ear.

"No, Edward! We can't do such thing!" I said, laughing. My whole body screamed to me to do it, but my mind told me it was not fair to our kids.

"And why not?" He asked me, before trailing a path of kisses from the hollow behind my ear to my jaw.

I shivered again, but managed to get out, "Because it's not fair to Alice. And it's not fair to our kids either. Besides, we've got a meeting tomorrow."

The rational part of me was giving in now, too, making it harder for me to concentrate on doing the right thing.

"We can cancel all that. There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend time alone."

And finally, I gave in with a sigh. The smug smile on Edward's face told me that he knew exactly how to play me, and I couldn't do anything else but agreeing with him.

"I'll call Alice. We'll have the next two days together," he said, winking suggestively.

Yes, life was absolutely perfect.

So, this was it. A fluffy kind of ending anyway. I am sorry for not continuing the story, but this is all I can offer you. I am going to continue all of my other stories, though, so if you are entertained by my writing I definitely recommend checking my profile.