Skipping Around

Disclaimer: I do not own Law and Order: Criminal Intent but I do own the kids

Summary: The lives and moments of the children of the Major Case Squad and their families - a series of drabbles and oneshots.

Author's Note: A while ago I started this thing called 'Skip Ahead' which was a bit of fun and character development about the children of the Major Case Squad. Since then I have expanded it to be called the 'Skip Universe'. This is pretty much more character development about those children. Please note I am still trying to find each characters distinct voice so yeah - any tips and so forth are welcome. Also this hasn't been beta'd.

This is the first oneshot/drabble...

In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning

Characters: Maxwell Logan, Maddy Goren

It was freezing.

Max Logan switched off the radio and got out of the black SUV, his body involuntarily shivering. He had to wonder why people didn't get killed in the middle of the day. In the spring or something? Why did everyone seem to get wasted in the wee small hours of the morning in the middle of winter?

He tugged his jacket closer and locked the car when he heard the passenger seat door slam shut. He walked around to her and watched silently at the spill of NYPD officers and techs that were swarming the park. Luckily the media wasn't here yet but as Max saw the residents from the surrounding buildings coming out he knew it wouldn't be long.

A cool wind tousled his hair and he shivered again. No, it wasn't the early mornings that were annoying it was the fact he couldn't see Will off to school. True his kid did know how to scream for help in five different languages, not to accept lollies or help find the dogs of strangers, as well as if the perp is a man to hit him in the crotch (Max didn't feel to proud teaching Will that but when the situation calls for it...).

He knew Will would be fine - his school was only a five minute walk away but he still wanted to see him off. It didn't seem right to leave a ten year old (though a mature one)a note telling him to have some cereal, brush his teeth, get dressed and then go straight to school. That was not right.

He'd only had Will for four months and he had to wonder if he really was doing a better job of raising him instead of Will's mother (in blood only) Anna. Well at least he wasn't a drunk with anger problems. Still he should be at home helping his son instead of preparing to look at some dead guy.

As if picking up on his slight unease Maddy Goren said softly, "He'll be fine,"

"Doesn't seem right," he said shortly. He sighed, glanced at his watch and looked back to the park. Well if he got this initial part done quickly he could call Will and make sure.

"Let's go down," he said heading down towards the corpses, pulling out his badge as he went. They crossed the tape and headed straight to the homicide detective who seemed to be in charge. The other detective turned and acknowledged them.

"Major Case?"

"Yep," said Maddy, "Detectives Goren and Logan - what happened?"

"Bill Murray, owner of Murray Extension,"

"That developer whose builing those apartments out on Long Island?" said Maddy, frowning slightly.

The other detective nodded, "Yep, shot dead and his apartment" the man gestured to one of the buildings on the other side of the park, "was ransacked. Murray is also good friends with the Mayor,"

"Right'o then," nodded Maddy.

"We'll take it from here," said Max to the detective. He turned to Maddy, "Call Trent and tell him I want a rush on all of Murray's bank records - anything in fact. I'll talk to the ME,"

"No fair," said Maddy shortly. Max grinned. Maddy loved the ME, well she loved (trying) to do the ME's job which kind of pissed off half of the ME's save a couple who found it endearing that the young detective took after her father.

"Hey," said the detective shortly. Max and Maddy turned to him sharply. The detective swallowed and asked tentatively, "You're Bobby Goren's kid right?"

"Yeah...?" said Maddy slowly. At his expression she rolled her eyes, "Oh come on..." as he continued to stare she flipped him the bird "Go jump off a bridge," and headed off to dear Mr. Murray's corpse.

Max sighed. Looked like he would be calling Trent then and then he'd have to go and drag Maddy away so that the ME wouldn't kill her.

"Does she - ?" started the detective.

Max nodded, "When it comes to my partner it's better not to mention her parents on the job,"

"Right," said the detective. Max felt the urge to smack himself in the head when the detective's eyes widened and he started to say, "Hey your Dad is Mike Lo -"

"Same applies for me,"