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Wait, I'm gonna start from the last Chapter Heidi's POV, to Chelsea because Heidi knows Japer's name, but Chelsea doesn't.

Chelsea POV

I was going to go to the airport to meet the Cullen's on behalf of the Volturi and Aro.

I decided to please the Cullen's newest arrival, Alice and someone else that we haven't gather up on. I was going to go in a Marc Jacobs sunglasses, to cover my blood red eyes obviously, (My fashion skill is better now (; I know what I'm talking about.. sorta..) a blood red gown, just cuts below my knee hugging all of my curves in the right places and a black coat. Yes, we're beautiful for a reason, to attract prey. What's wrong with a few snacks?

I walked into the grand throne room, walking up the aisle to the four massive wooden chairs at the very end. One held an old bored man, just.. bored with his long immortal life. Aro really needs to tell his brother about Didyme.. Poor Marcus… Then Caius, oh dear Caius, what word can describe him.. well now he's more intriguing. And Aro, oh how can we explain Aro. He is just so.. so.. so full of life. What can I say? If his 'beautiful baby' is happy, why won't he? (No, Chelsea isn't a paedophile; she's just quoting Aro)

"Master, I am leaving to the airport now." I smiled at Bella nodding to her silent wish, Bella smiled in return. "Chelsea, remember there are seven of them if I recall correctly. And don't make any stops on the way, remember they are vegetarians." Aro smiled at me. God, what is up with all the smiles.. dude it's getting creepy just cut it out… "Yes Chelsea, remember." Marcus said in his monotone voice. Thank goodness for him, without him, I just might go crazy. Just might…

Esme POV

My baby girl is growing up.
I looked towards Edward sitting by the window. He's looking outside the window and listening to Bella's new CD. I can see the look on his face by the reflection in the window. He's… enchanted. She really is growing up…

I smiled up at Carlisle as he held on my hand by the armrest. "How do you think she's like?" Carlisle hits his head back on the seat, a smiled etched on his face towards to roof. "I don't know darling, but whatever and however she is, I know that she is still the little girl we once knew." He turned his head to me and reached down to capture my lips slowly and passionately.

I smiled once again as his head retreated back to the headrest. I looked at my family and I knew that I got lucky. That I was saved from somewhere, somehow, and was brought down here, with them. I was graced with something not many people can experience. And I have it, forever.

As I watched my family's silly antics I laughed with Carlisle. Emmett and Alice once again arguing about what they were to do in Italy. Emmett wanted to go see the Annual Exotic Italian Car Show. But Alice, well obviously Alice wanted to go shopping.
Sweet darling little Alice, when will she learn that not everything revolves around shopping…

Then I look towards Rosalie and Jasper. Though, Rosalie seems like a cold hearted women that holds nothing but jealously and rage. She really is just… just simply misunderstood.
I guess no one other than Jasper could understand. Rosalie seems to be soothing Jasper down and making him feel just a tiny bit better. Muttering soft calming words in his ear (Dude, not in that way, they're like sister and brother. She's just trying to make him happy (: ) I could see that it's working. Jasper is smiling every now and then, chucking inbetween.

Jasper POV

What am I suppose to do… Can I jump right now? No… there's too many humans around… Maybe I could slip away when we land. No… Alice will know…

I turn my head to Rosalie and said softly, "Thanks Rose. I'm just so confused." I smiled. "Jasper, why don't you tell me why? It's better to let it out… I'm you're sister, you're twin " She laughed quietly, putting air quotations around 'twin'. "You'll soon see Rose, soon." I promised. Then I looked back outside. Wondering what lies in Volterra, Italy.

Alice and Emmett finally quiet down when Esme cut in and said, "Emmett McCarthy, Mary Alice Brandon. You both have nothing to argue about. We have no time for anything anyway." She said with a smiled. But her emotions were sly and annoyance; Annoyance for their yelling and having heard of it too much and sly for finally telling them breaking their hopes. Wow. Weird emotions from Esme, I guess she finally just… wanted to be 22.

Rosalie lifted her hand as Alice danced towards us. "Rosy, could you please sit with Emmett? He's talking about the car show." She knew that that would make her move. Cars' her passion, remember? Well with the exception of Emmett. "Sure Al" Rose said with a fake smile. She didn't want to leave me in this state with Alice on my back about my relationship with.. Be… Bella…
it hurts to just think her name… My beautiful baby sister Bella…

"Jasper, baby what's wrong?" Alice pouted her sexy lips. I can't tell her… I just can't… she's…God I don't know what to do…
"Alice, I can't say." I looked down shaking my head a few centimetres each side. "Well why not? I'm your wife Jazzy. You have to tell me. We can't keep secrets from each other…" I close my eyes tightly and sighed.
"I just can't Alice…"
"Fine." Alice was radiating with anger and rage. She then stalked off towards Edward.

Bella… I don't know what to do… I have no idea what to do… What should I do… Bella Bella Bella… oh sweet Bella…
I should have never gone to war. I should have never left you. What if I didn't do it…
What I could have done…

Edward POV (You know, I was dreading this… I kept on putting it off, but I just can't…)

God I need to know who she is. I need her breath, her touch, everything about her. Just hearing her voice isn't enough. I need to see her.
Breathe Edward, breathe… in a few hours you get to see her. Just 5 hours 24 minutes and 41 seconds.

(Happy Ending – Mika)
This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending,
No hope, no love, no glory,
No happy ending
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever,
Then live the rest of our life
But not together.

I paused the song. This song was different. I was more… personal. Someone close to her… maybe someone from the castle… I growled as the thought of a mate crossed my mind. I shook my head and I vowed silently to myself, if Bella Volturi is happy; so will I.

"Edward" Alice said poking me on the arm. I quickly turned my head "Alice" I responded. "Edward." I thought we've gone over the formalities… "Alice."
"Edward." What does the pixie want.. "What Alice? What?" I gave up looking at her. "Edward, I think Jasper's lying to me…" Alice told me, she had that look on her face. A look that could break a thousand men, a look that could make a grown man cry, that's the look I'm talking about.

I smiled sadly down at her petite figure. "Alice, I…. I don't think that it's my place to tell you." I shook my head slightly.
"Edward, please… I'm losing him…" Alice pleaded with all her might. I could see the sadness radiating off her… image what Jasper is feeling.. poor him…
"Alice. You will never lose him. He's your soul mate, your second half, your other arm and leg, your lifeline. You see Alice, nothing can change that…" I finished with a smile.
"You better mean it Edward." Alice said teasingly with a smile.

Carlisle POV

Esme held onto my hand as we landed on the runway. We did the traditional clapping of the hands as the pilot declared us safe (I'm not from America, so this always seems odd… but traditions, traditions. (; ) and got our carry on's.

We walked out of the plane as a family, sibling by sibling, husband and wife. Esme and myself lead the family with Edward, Alice and Emmett in tow and Rosalie and Jasper. Edward, Alice and Emmett just seemed to be laughing and mucking about. While Rosalie and Jasper were more… intimate, more personal and emotional. Rosalie was comforting Jasper, their bond was inseparable.

We walked toward the Baggage Claim area. When we arrived, not a moment too soon five pink LV luggage's came out. Alice. I smiled subconsciously. After her's it was relatively easy to figure which one's were ours. Well… with the exception of Emmett of course.
Emmett thought that his luggage was taken by one of the human. Poor man, he'll be traumatised till he's dead… He's going to need extensive therapy for the threats Emmett gave. Poor, poor man.
But after Rosalie went up and muttered something in his ear, he stopped. I guess it was something very important.

We walked out of the airport, only to be greeted by Chelsea, Aro's personal guard. "Cullens" She greeted warmly. "Carlisle, Esme, it's been too long."
Esme chuckled, "Far too long."

We gathered in the long black limo and awaited the future.



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